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Bradfo Sho, Ep. 4: Rick Porcello

Jan 24, 2017|

Rob Bradford is joined by Red Sox pitcher Rick Porcello to discuss life from the moment when he learned he was the American League Cy Young Award winner until the days just before spring training. Porcello explains how things have changed for him over the past few months, while offering his thoughts on Kate Upton's controversial tweets following the Cy Young announcement, and the actual voting process.

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I. Brad road show. That might open up but he obviously. That's I don't. Where you don't like your. Brad vote show. That's delicious. We ever wondered what it's like to win a Cy Young award. Why that's why when doctor Rick sports fellow the owner of the 2016. American League Cy Young. Award in I want to ask where solo. Donnelly bow. Life since he won the award but that minute he found out. The moments leading up to that and the ball went right afterward to remember. Were filled with controversy because his former teammate Justin Verlander. Her girlfriends last year on a slash supermodel Kate Upton as a derogatory things to say about. Course yellows candidacy and and him actually winning the award in. In port so it talks a little bit about how he felt that time worn when Kate Upton had those suites and in what that man and also what it meant to win the award to have his fair on the around which. Which I still say goes down as one of the best moments in the offseason one of the most genuine moments of the offseason. What is family gathered around him and and really how life has changed. With four Rick. In the months. Since he won the award. And I of people recognize their own approach you guessed it today Q is he gonna guarantee another's Cy Young award. In the future. And just everything that goes into actually winning. Why it wasn't a war there's a lot of people didn't think would be possible for a personal win. And and a lot of people thought sort of came out of nowhere but as we sit here you're talking about the guy. Who had one of the best years read like Richard has had in the long long time. After year. Actually having one of the worst years of pitcher has had a long long time. It's really really an unbelievable story but the main thing I want to focus on when talking reports LO. Was. Just how'd you go about living life. As a Cy Young award winner so that's exactly what we talked about reports LO. On the bred for show for I believe the third time and believe and rhetoric. I don't know if you saw yours from the media probably you sensed it there was a suitcase full of at Bradford T shirts. There waiting to be had if you win the Cy Young. And your other Brad throw show three times that's when you get. Yeah I'm actually and sitting. At my front porch waiting for that she should do entire offseason and I'm not sure why hasn't shown up till now but. It's nevertheless some I'm thrilled to have to receive it and that's really one of the biggest person when I'm I am getting a Bradford teachers. Well I I I I apologize for that and that's not very good planning in my behalf because I know that if when you were sitting on the couch were waiting to find a few ones site on. To be only one shirt you be wearing bright. As it was. I did not give the teacher and time for you but you were sitting on the couch and I think it's a Steve before. One of the most heartening moments of the the the offseason when word did bogged down and all kinds of stuff. It's actually a year fairly tackle you. I'm on the couch. Palm take me through that moment if you could when you found out you won the Cy Young game and even like the moments leading up to. If you if you actually thought this happened or where you did the. Now I definitely wasn't a column. Ya I didn't think I was going to be nervous. Because. I figured I'm thrilled to even be in this position and to be in the final overs ams. Isn't aren't self. And then like. I don't know five or ten minutes before it was just because it is a Cameron and and shine brightly shining on me that it started to get a little lake you make upon. Now know make the putts on me that I. But. Yes so then I started to get a little bit nervous. I guess. You know. I thought aroused and noble format and make them all might step on and the joke was on me there and only twenty minutes prior and and they've already celebrated. Pound the that anyway is that true is as you're fairly new tournaments before you. Now wasn't on him whatever they knew before you go and knew before me. I think there's couple seconds from the form that. Yet you know it's all really good it is you know based on traveling around. You know have an option to spend time socialists with your parents your Brothers and you know you're close and rumors excess of two village Sarah moment. Baseball related to a ten and and compliments. Huge arm milestone I think for any any player was was really special. I would imagine that that's probably the most emotionally new York and we Everett got off of a baseball playing experience a player can't make. I don't know if fifth during a single up the middle and and twelve year old Little League elicited the say I remain as I guess that would be that you offer ice cream this is jumping on the couch for you winning so. I mean I'm as much as Angela disk emphasis that this was definitely is good isn't as it is again and you know it's just one of those things he he you have now. As a memory in and nearly all of out and you can revisited and that's that's the most special part about it. I know the most important thing when you're going through a moment is of going through your mind of where I was swim I'm finding this out and now I'm watching this. And I was watching on TV I saw a thing and immediately after. This awesome moment. Restart did in the controversy or Verlander Kate Upton. What's Europe what was what was the follow from that. Nothing really I. One of them a day like it normally would have. Regardless of what. Kate had to say and you know I think like this today and I am and I was in China among with my family and I don't think anything was gonna get in the way and then. You know it is it's added it's a tough decision and and there's three guys that are deserving of of winning the award. At same time I don't compliment when he picks were and a you know so. Whatever it is just one of those things where we enjoy it and then you know to expect and so they discount came and went Diana obviously the most isn't. You beat the year you were played with Verlander. You probably know Kate Upton and everyone's emotional everyone wants their personal way and but it has for you to Scott McCain won. Yes yeah absolutely. You know. That's. You you're expected to me emotionally and you expect. When you want when something there's those disappointments. And then but. You know I'd in the reactions announcement. Rose and kind of I mean it's you know. Wars focuses on my things and and Tim Salmon and and that sort of stuff so. That's kind of work borrows. Does this tell to the target but the writers it's not your decision so he is so I Ian Browne of B dot com voted. Voted for this and I think he might have voted freebies section I don't know what he did but he vote rates of which. You and if you knew would have put you first or second he might decrease but he was really really nervous. He is obviously he saw you pitch you respected your game in perspective you're having. When you look at what the writers how the writers voted in that is another guy who voted. A week before the season even ended. Do you after the fact after you saw the sort of process for Trevor mentioned you had paid no attention to before did you sort of look into a little bit more and where you batted Ian Browne. The cut I was I was not Matta gain ground. He's entitled to his potent I respect his decision. Yes I had never paid attention to voting process before and no idea how worked. Even sitting there and you know on the couch tonight. I had no idea how it works for. And and then is it seems to break down and how they accumulate points and and that sort of stuff and them. You know. I think. It's it's a difficult job frankly do it is to vote on that and and you know everybody's gonna do it the best of their ability and tenure oh he's gonna have somebody that. Questions it or is disappointed about something in and takes issue with a decision that's made that. You know that's part of it that's part of everything that's part of life. So. You know it was physical process to Palestinians announcement and really. You know actually understand how much pressure is on the Raiders and yet we have a lot of pressure. You know. Melissa M I still haven't been my teacher he has some different and nicer. Truth well events for all my mess ups on my screw up such however I try to mask it by giving out free T shirts. Arms so besides the factors besides the actual teacher which I will be pre presenting you shortly. Tom what has been the coolest thing often this offseason that he you said that you're just preparing you want it sort of to focus on 2017. But this offseason and any differently or different or or even more may be challenging because people are gonna pull you a little bit here and there. Dia palm. And it's all been positive you know there hasn't. Ups no complaints it's it's been. Incredible I think that is you know. What you'd expect us certain amount of attention it gets underway that wasn't there in the past and you know. People start to recognize two of the mormons sort of thing column so did you recognize more looser but it walking the streets of Vermont they three more times. Kirk. W you spent a lot of the Aussie well you're down and Florie. Mostly offseason fourth via. Jimmy would give either the most. I won the cy young and someone recognized me and this would not have happened moment. In the entire off season was that noodles Naples. No I don't go to minerals. You should know that. If it was on a plane. I was actually climb back up north for the holidays and Thompson anxiously inches they stitched on the ability and dynamic for twenty minutes money. That is one of closely clue what's going on there. And she finally trying to ask me you know hard to play. You know what position you players. Or what sports you played. Like slowly and reluctantly telling her head tend. And then CSU team. So what team yes my name so my name in the Mosley the hugely light went off in her head in and issues like. The siders so scamper and get something for me to sign forward is just you know I. Obviously she would have had no idea what was she didn't really know who was that she kinda knew what was so those away and and it is just. A cool moment you know issues she is excited. But the question is the so I was at the beautiful IP to listen you've been in mighty. My little world. I've I've had those sort of things where some of the in flight and now it on my tennis at a bit in the entire flight and I have to. Talked about breaking down things for the next three hours was at the beginning of the flight or where it. Re able to display your headphones on instead I have a very important book on tape to listen to it. Yeah. As a lead get away from below the you know issues respectful but. It it turned out to do it wasn't moved them time and that stupid site on. Is so the who's the fact of the matter is that you won the Cy Young. And like you moving on to this year do you feel. Physically mentally as we get here now all the other stuff that we just talked about is sort of a career premier. As we sit here but couple weeks out from spring training do you feel sort of along the lines of what you did last. Yeah I anxious. Being comfortable and in my mind says it and and what my muscles are in the spring training and you and you know Michael's the last couple weeks in the offseason for camp starts field. You know just the sense of comfort them and that I had gone in the last season. You don't go out there and start building again and get taxes they get that word was not to you don't applaud him. Collison years and spots in the next few pitches it's it's a process in. He would be mindful of that process and and you know whatever Patriots take that idea though it is eventually it. You know Vegas review cause for her and it is. Foreman he need to be handed Pete the season. Last question two years ago at this very winner weekend. Joseph Kelly stumbled over to my. My right radio broadcasts. And I think the exact words I wanna let all your listeners know first and I'm going to win this site on so. In the tradition of what are we game predictions I've while allowing you to if you like to predict when this idea on. Now I'd rather relieved. Focus thoughts on Purdue and Oregon answers to that's what. And that's why I was putting games. You guarantee a World Series. Did that. Mean. Just think you're guaranteed that teachers. What do what it one of those two things will come true rhetoric and yet ego and so I appreciate that time pace from.

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