WEEI>On Demand>>NFL SUNDAY with Pete Sheppard, Chris Price and Jerry Thornton -- NFL Championship Sunday is upon us!! -- 1-22-17

NFL SUNDAY with Pete Sheppard, Chris Price and Jerry Thornton -- NFL Championship Sunday is upon us!! -- 1-22-17

Jan 22, 2017|

Pete, Price and Barstool Sports' Jerry Thornton get us our championship Sunday kicked off. The guys give their initial thoughts on both the NFC and AFC Championship games later today. The guys get into some of the keys in the Pats/Steelers game.

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These music NFL Sunday and on Sports Radio WEEI. Hog complete preview of today's AFC championship game until I had against Pittsburgh. Presented by a complex. UCX. I've got plenty dot com. And brought to you by Anderson but Quaid architectural molding us. By Boston Volkswagen. And like AT&T. NFL Sunday with Pete Shepperd Chris price Tom curry and and cherries gorgeous on the home of the best guys covering Sports Radio WEEI. Well good morning everyone and welcome to it and FC championship and NFC championship tradition of NFL Sunday of regular Sports Radio W review guys. We are till 2 o'clock today yes five action back hours speech ever reprise. Terry Thornton here with you when studio. Coming up a little bit later rod Tommy Cowan joins us at 1030 GS and Andy Christian Fauria at 115 from middle and peppers and gave Marie into 130. On sports rates to be a deference he has wide. Guys have Phillip we should be playing on Christmas is like Christmas he for me I think you guys kind of through the same way Jerry's got a patriots knit hat on looks like he's about to go tailgate the start grilling. 'cause get the dog's going to at 9 o'clock in the morning hi guys don't go out of our government. This is at this and when we talked about this what a couple of weeks ago at the start of the post season era which reminds me that Parcells ran at a this is why lift all the way to despite doing it goes so it's like although he shot it went over the burgers these these are the weeks. That meek sitting through training camps and into the for a pre season game all of that worthwhile for for weeks like this for games like this part of. You know I just yesterday watched the rat Rodney Harrison football like awesome and that was a great quote there from Junior Seau who said. Bit Harrison's at the practice so I'd look like always one Iran I hear he says I get paid to practice I do the games for free. I. That's a duplicate it a look at it and sure same thing you you'll watch that giants' fourth pre season game. And you I know Chris you have to write about it it's the job and stuff and you do it because you know there's a date common in January. Where it's gonna be the stakes will be high there are four. Really good teams in the playoffs is not a flawed one and then there's not some Cinderella even if you're just a if you're de Moines Iowa. This is a great day to be a football. Try these guys once the last time there were four great quarterbacks like this in the the conference here Richard games something akin. Though I've. First thing of pop in my it was 82 or what it was Dan files and Kenny Anderson had a great year for the Bengals that year and then you had obviously Joseph Montana. And and Danny white. Yes you can probably find one of those and it went back in a row about something like this a little bit earlier in your you can probably go back to the mid nineties mid to late nineties where you had a really good run. A veteran quarterbacks. Guys were plus 35 you know the Ron Amadon Cabrera. Randall Cunningham was still you know put bombs viewed before every like a member knows well I agree with I mean I've never seen a group like this in and it says something that. The guy who is the odds on favorite to win the MVP has the thinnest Reza Mir before when you're talking about getting to this point in the season this is. Look I predicament see it right now the matchup that we all want to matchup that we all need to matchup that we deserve in the near the quarterback. The two best quarterback Colin edited in the super boy and a jumping hit a couple of weeks out I'm a party put Steelers in the reviewers for an elegant apartment for five hours we champion today. But well yeah yeah a little idea of an idea of regularly gets the righteous yes. I do have a radio Roger's match up is is being natural. Sequel to the breeding meaning drama that we had here for the last. Dozens plus years are so way in the that the eight at peak point to a vacant and that. I cannot remember specifically. Where we've had. JPG weekends where it's been four great quarterback really old all four of them you can or you did their due that they are at the. But I don't approach and you know the bigger picture here you know as little as he continues to just calm. Right rules such that that benefit quarterbacks and I think they tried to make it so every quarterback can be really good people what they've done is they've made you. Have to have a great quarterback in order to be successful like. The rules of cut off any other path to success other than an elite quarterback a running back can't get to there and no law. A defense that yes I'm gonna would meant everything I say the one I'll wire. Is Denver last year that that disprove that theory but overall. Look at it this way in the last fourteen. AFC championship games so that's 28 starting quarterbacks. 23 of those spots have been occupied by Brady Manning Roethlisberger Flacco. 23 out of 28 lake you can you have to go back to 2002. To find the championship game that didn't have one of those four guys in. I think it's fifty or is the Rodney Harrison sure coming in today. Are trying toward the selling of yes rod was just a tournament so it was today was great he's gonna have to be on the sideline today and that's to chip it took him by the way. We're cavern cooler and James laughter but. I think a natural this morning fifteen of the last seventeen. AFC title games that involve either the patron to the Steelers and think about that. I mean it's it's like it's like how the by the Beanpot used to Buick invitational. The AFC championship has become the patriot steeler invitation I would I would take that a step. Yeah on future we will talk with a record of those are all. Very stable franchise in in its all kind of from the top down as the ownership. You look at all four of those teams they've had a a run of success with over his head coaches. They've had the same system in place and so you get that quarterback coach relationship in the quarterback is part of it it's a huge part of it. You get a positive quarterback coach relationship. You get a stable front office you get a stable ownership and it leads to good things eventually is just a matter of finding the rate comedy subtly named their person didn't leads to include the. Want to go by the power of the people I said yesterday I picked an automated oh good dirty rounds lately as a Watson background wouldn't. I guess is that it's being added to the quarterback anyway. Brit I really when we're not when I was coaching kids. My that was like nine years old he's on the team in this little girl it's situated. The high false subtle voice she sings the National Anthem and as soon as it's done. I don't push him down on the sidelines passed all the other kids to find my kid and he's pushing through the other way to find me an ice he looks having us. What luckily all that Clinton and nothing that I've done I've done my job as a parent that movie by the way just in general and know when we went kind of far field last week and happy days. They've got the best opening scene of any all my god. And in the best scene debt scene when the stadium is blowing up and trying to work its highs and also is phenomenal but except there's a little Google Florida and if you notice if it was slow down you can see the real Heinz Field underneath that some of that. Some of that stuff that blow up you can actually see is some. This some with a call them. GI got a job and Tutsis he concede. Article in the cups in the yeah. A video games to pick a coach royal luckily tablets and edited by James wonder why you're short term all the a valid due to that we also is the only movie I can remember where there is music in the background of the entire movie start to finish the resume one seed in that movement never know whether it's not an undertone of mutineers undertone in the whole entire movie stark difference from the from the beginning. To the end. Okay now I'm just and I that I would have today forget this is typical Tea Party. Anyway rilya really terrific stuff out. Breaking news not slow but some way. I'm surprised it's not leading ESPN right now or NFL network somebody. He went to the Pittsburgh called Elvis more you know which one over Logan. In Boston for those of you don't know. And all the fire alarm at 2 a 3 o'clock this morning. The everybody had to evacuate the Steelers did not evacuate obviously they were worn quote disturbed. But did not so somebody somehow got wonder where they were staying with a ball of fire arms so they five year old. Boston managed just from my grief that has been charged a disorderly conduct disturbing the peace of pulling the false fire alarm at the airport hotel in Boston. According to sources the man pulled alarm and a stairwell near an exit at the hotel. It jumped on to a waiting car with two web amended fled the scene but it's quickly apprehend I police because you know it's like. All the airport is patrolled by law enforcement at all and so so this. Ass clown decides to pull this on puts first responders at risk who knows if what could happen to a hotel patrons or whatever. And get that okay output. Please dear god I beg you I did see chew on my knees don't. Find some connection between this guy and the patriots like god forbid he once was like spent the season has appeared and it's good that Kevin. Pick and roll now I don't you know we haven't heard from Matt Walsh a long time. A daily LIZ on the mentioning guys who look like he's the applicant at Duncan knows commercial I thought that's what I'm looking at that that's that's that you know that's the that's the body Republican for the guy who pulled but Jerry all right what do you tiger robots and canceled therefore that eliminates. Hillary don't take credit back at them Jerry Jerry's right though because you don't Kirk made it look to play that they're Kevin Bacon game which is burger that. But this is going to be electric Bill Belichick you're right this could be. 8000 times removed from Belichick someone's you know distant cousin that came over on the mayflower and make a connection with and that's how bad your right. Somebody will dig. And dig and dig with this and try to come up with something I guarantee before kick off. They'll be some little nugget of information somehow this guys went to the patriots he's got season tickets. Our babies that or somebody babies that form that was a distant relative of politics something will come out and I gotta say it. You don't just go pull hotel fire alarm without heaven somebody is as your intended victim. And the worst time to wake up out of a sleep 3 AM it's a ball right and in. Gloria just means yeah you you work morning radio I mean a lot of people are also at a hotel in your disoriented uniting your how hosted you know you're probably shorts and a teacher and debris and their pajamas you know in Europe hallway with a million other people to. It's a weird environment you know if it's never happened me but I've had people tell me but it's situations like that which attack no it. You don't want it to happen under any circumstances. This this what this but now and and Joey Porter was. Probably still drunk at that point so that that's caffeinated doubly hard no question after an exhausting night of of assaulting a police officers and threatening tormented buyers. But it's it's currently and this is going to be jump there's gonna be added to the pile. I love everything that the patriots do is sketchy gathered to. L a little bit tired there wake up they get there at their sleep in the grand old game is not you know for others of seven hours shook his what are they fall back on they would say there's a pattern here. Well to me the pattern is I I. Com you know the helmet a community college system going out head or a form of matter that he's on holiday gathers every on this scoreboard being screwed up on and the ravens game against the patriots a look at the TV that's and Gillette that's positions so while yeah as those which issue beyond an attic column that said. The bit that giant TV is is angled towards the patriots sidelines and so they get a better view of whether to throw a challenge flag won it isn't like coach like coach Emmitt got her Adams and what it tedious problem I don't think they need gap by. Yeah this is gonna be added to the pilot Hank. Fields. Read our back thing right they they thought. Our back was messing with the heat in the you know as though they show our initiatives to not being there let's and it's modern art on eight under and on looked beaten before they even got to the idea got to the floor. The that's got an ending though and gonna dissect and analyze all aspects of this gave me in the if CNN and the NFC chip to two game as well but. An op are pro I've set my score ready Friday when I was on an out this. I think it's 3423. It's close for awhile but in the end effort breaker called out I just think the patriots are gonna. Went a little more comfortably than people some people think now Torre thinks W blow up. Like will receive 38 to fourteen for December 14 something like that that's the biggest score you know I've heard. I certainly I feel this way Emma repulse him saying this to me in the press box of the Shannon Sharpe game. Back in the day where we really are killed paid to remember for the game and the Pritchard who played pretty well. A full set to meet the Broncos to block the patriots but the patriots can't blow up the bronchos public and what not that's when he was like. Competent I don't know yet you made sense. That's why couldn't believe it when that what actually happened the way the way happen I threw that way today I think the patriots ever going to be a blow up there be a patriots still is not common in your blowing up pitchers I'm. I agree on that point I think that when you start to really break this thing dale and I think that the pit for front haven't really talent in and they've done some really good things over the second half of the year. It had better pass rush to win these two teams first met back in September. But the packed into that Pittsburgh. Defense is just suspect all over the place and and I think it will bullet I think that's an area. Where the patriots could make some significant gains taping did that obviously goes out of the ball. We talked but it every week the focus is on stopping you opposing team's number one offensive option that's Olivia bell in yo U brown is going to get his numbers he's gonna do we're gonna look at the box scored the editing he's gonna get you know six for 95 I think the First Amendment. It was like seven for over a hundred. 170 yeah touchdown Obama played Butler will tell you can play while McCain but he did yes get an interception. And the touchdown pass that brown caught was great coverage of remembered by product it is in an industry and be a Butler yet but like his have been immunity in the day I don't think it's going to be enough I think knowing that I'm. But it trending toward you know I'm going your direction of Peter I think signaling that the blood missing. Is it by about ten. I think it's gonna be competitive is going to be a little bit Dicey at times especially Pittsburgh decides to move some guys around. I think Houston really kind of started to you know be concurrent dubious we have the brutal pat versatile pass rushers. If they kind of think outside the box a little bit out of keep butler's that maybe rioting in the to begin may be moved budget free. Over the center over one of the guards and you'll have him generate a little bit of pressure up the middle. I don't know how sustainable that is they don't know Pittsburgh's graduate because as we know all we've heard all week of Pittsburgh they do with they do. In that has managed to work more often enough for them but it again that the candidate I don't think it's gonna be enough for the three guys agree tingling with resentment and you guys agree though that the one thing that was floated out there. Oh well I know of they can just don't to David cloudy keep doing it commercially you know. James had a pistols will James are not enough harris' knocking a dual climate and last week than not stick criminals back what would the wild card guy that is but Dupree. I think that is going to be where he's going to be absolutely he's not you can judge Dupree is the kind of guy who might be able to move around a little bit. Who might be able to have been you know spots some deficiencies in their offensive line at this point this season. In he would be the guy more than Harrison really think it went ultimate defense who would be moved over the middle but it it I think that. If Pittsburgh wants a chance to slow down this New England office. The half to present something like we said in a couple weeks ago pay happens in both in and it and think of if it's variable that won't do that I think they're gonna objects we're building big group. Clearly something in the Steelers don't tell and really never have right at a news this is. A slightly you know I'd tinkered with version of the Dick global defense that got him in the hall of fame and that was you know Belichick always said about any of the genius fears he's been doing the same thing forever and just. The hard thing is stock but he he does because it's effective and I think they've changed old little but it's still moralist that fires don't blitz and you are dropped back six of the coverage and send that extra guy you don't know where he's come a prompt. And Brady pores that stuff on his pancakes he hit his numbers not just against. Those stairs are turning against the half. But stripes. At the we dividing these are credited good at his numbers against Mike Tomlin defense is speak for themselves. Nineteen touchdown zero interception this is in six games. Average in 33 points is passer rating is 118. He does phenomenally against this units so. The patriots don't have to do things different even though they do then did their nature every week it's a different game plan put the Steelers have to. Bet it is your photos to a lot of out of market radio this week and one of the things that. Kept coming up was the idea of the Steelers do with they'd do and it's not a shot at them because they executed a level. That probably 25 other teams have a problem with. But the patriots their ability to overcome that their ability to X to know what's coming. You would have adverse it'll be a little bit multiple shows some different books. The other thing that really jumps out to mean going back and re watching a bunch of old patriots Steelers stuff on radio is really good and we know this across the border reprieve meaning news reprieve really good at speaking with the defense gives him and when you go up against the Steelers. There's a reason that settlement as has twenty catches on 22 targets the last two times these. These these teams have met it is it the ability to go down sit dead zone 67 he urged on the field. The world. Swing for the fences every time you're getting jedi you're gonna get three or four shots downfield and you know did each and every game but don't swing for the offensive attempt bite off little chunks. Totaled thinking and dumping down the field 670 yards at a time. You'll be able to meet from. Together before we go to break my theory regarding the Steelers as this or orbit patriots that matter. I think the worst thing that happened for the Steelers. This week or last week is at the patriots play the way they did. And still won by eighteen but a prevent it was almost like a loss. The best of them the best case scenario. Would have been. If you know what they beat news imported and nothing. In Allen and pitched for the comment all hide me but I I think it's really bad yours for the Steelers are top of everything else that the way the pay to play last week they are pissed. They are upset there's no question. The paraded out in oh would this editorial that story about a Tony a brow locker room with race for life is. Seems like months ago there's not gonna matter and notebook that nonsense but. That's the worst thing to happen for the page for the Steelers this week is superior to play the way they did yeah I'm not. Suggest then that the FaceBook live gate thing with it has a name yet is you know got to take care vote the locker room apart. Put to meet each it was a glimpse into the real world that showed that this team they would they would. Mugging for the camera and preening in this weird fifteen minutes of just making faces and after leading get in the end zone these squeak out a two point win against a good team on the road I give that there's reason to celebrate their but. But Chris you said it last week the patriots locker room was like a wake. After the Asia one but by they covered up seventeen and a half point spread the and while Bob playing the best football put up 34 points on the number one defense in the league that Timmy speaks volumes that that's trouble for the Steelers on bowl fans. One thing that I took away from FaceBook live video is that and a couple guys said this to me in the locker room over the course of the week is that if you need a feasible -- video to do that you artificially hype for the UFC championship game. You're probably not a really good player to begin in you probably need to find a different way to work quite frankly because this is the game we talked about with the joked about it the top of the show. This is one of the biggest weekends of the year in the NFL there nor slap bees. Left in the league this is the best of the best if you can't get jacked up to play in this game. There's something wrong with you was a player you need that to get artificially hyped. You might wanna think about different. It's NFL Sunday until 2 o'clock greater exports raider WEEI that it three point seven of them across the WEEI Sports Radio network. Both copper championship games Renee right here on a sports really don't Riyadh today right after NFL Sunday chemical james' lob the tone of the selling other call. Of the Packers in the falcons and we'll get into as well today the if she chipped to game obviously right after that one Kevin Harlan their thoughts Ross Tucker. While the call. For you there also I am happy to be saying that after the shell and headed out to a Chicopee now will be hosting tonight a viewing party from 68 PM. At rumble seat bar and grill and that is going to be an absolute blast that I can promise you that and we have to have a lot of what some comport to. Battle over the great job other side of the glass with the back. More medical study we continue to break down the Steelers in the patriots and also get into the falcons. And the Packers that a gutsy move by Jordy Nelson to try to play today will tell you all about that it's speech Shepperd Chris price from WEEI dot com. Jerry Thornton from Parcells sports and also his views store employees here at W as well. Glad to have you on board topic combo to its attempt the Christian Fauria 115 Gabe alrighty 130. All part of NFL Sunday until 2 PM break your Sports Radio WE yeah.

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