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Ep. 49: Chad Finn - Charlotte Wilder's story on Trump/Patriots

Jan 19, 2017|

Kirk Minihane brings Chad Finn back to the show to talk about the Charlotte Wilder story about the relationship between the Pats and Trump. Chad defends Charlotte for some of the story and her previous articles, Kirk still has problems with what he thinks is lazy reporting. Kirk and Chad also talk about whether a third sports station in Boston would be viable and if Curt Schilling will ever make it into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

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Harry came in here and available via. Preamble. Projections. I'm sorry it slums. They want me and people love Harry was Harry someplace. Here's pretty funny. He has your I don't give you Doug's does and that's why it's not a good things. Do believe he's just part. Star acre wood to the ladies love you. Notes that may continue not to 42 years later and so do you you obviously yours you do read the British girl while restore them. And your big liberal. Trump. I am liberal about it. You know annually your life. Who stopped watching the patriots were following the follow the patriots because Donald Trump as president Bill Belichick later. Not a single one know especially if they're being honest I don't that's correct that's exactly right you could easily played the so effectively it's portable should if your real thing and actually care. You're telling me 640. On Sunday night you know watching patriots it was because I'm from. By then action will be the president Mathieu in my pants which is weird at all trump will be president. I think at an ever present the United States I'd love of me and I didn't vote for you to invoke well but I can we both for what we do all God's. Your social while the wrote the story. We tweeted about it I try to get on talk to she would come on our show does which as you know. Tweet stuff out. And in particular even for us. She took a beating I guess onto it which happens all the time it would feel if you didn't like. He jets in whose media columnist for the globe. You know like the way we handled the knowledge the way that carrier I did it or the show house of Charlotte would come on Chad decide to come back on is on them. Ree months ago to three months and few months ago so as you repeat guest November Chris Curtis. It's did that happen. Housing for so how is Chris Curtis the first repeat guests all you know you can blame for that. Me no we yes and away and I'm really. I would blame whoever the porn star was would not talk hoping appoints Lisa and Lisa so I just came in here and basically took over their pockets which I like that you listen applicants desperate they don't good job and if you do. We should but the problem I'm a dazed at the time it is different and the problem with it is I thought about it as you mentioned it to rich as well. Or you're rich and we don't have the same kind of inner drama we don't create the same kind of passionate you guys do so it really wouldn't work as well. Because we don't have those irritating gas like bright and I guess that's criticize there's not much to talk I do think this on the theater of it goes up to 3 o'clock in the afternoon you couldn't do that next morning coming up well I don't know should give the test the overtures on with. My butt every which all hates. Yeah Holly's not make it right you'll Mattel would might admit that they of the injury. I'm Narnia tactics and policymakers is that and he might be he might he might be you. Yes yes he has he has so I brought chat on you source of the conversation along as. We found it's yes it's about 28 minutes here's one of the weather I appreciate you coming on we disagree on it I do you think. In I was kind of frustrated him during the whole process. Even nodded. Acknowledgment wouldn't a you worked there for awhile which is important and be liked and it was somebody else it was guy. He wouldn't do that and that's and I do think you know if you call someone in whatever and where you name the words we know them all. You should use your (%expletive) loser lenient for some guy with twelve followers call for a while this seaboard. Because she wrote that story forget. If religion that problem with paperwork I think that's told we will play. It works both ways you guys talk about the man woman dynamic command wrote this it works as it works both ways. They'll use the Siewert who woman and a college effect. Rats how works at the same but I think usage I guess again serve yes and yes now when you view on Twitter myself some people do. And likely there's a mechanism when you walk in and an historic moment in your dog that's what they should do it gets what they do do. Anyways are checking it while we fought about a buddy get a pretty good job I think. On this why did he said fights in the in the past last time as we fell accused in the right. I think he knows down deep that this one you've discovered for for adding that he truly believes it's I think he knows the guys are stories. That this was a shoddy piece of work I've listened to weigh in and this is Chad in on enough about. But back on again a lot of two time guests on. Pockets and Africa Chris Curtis as well of them and Chad Finn of the Boston Globe is the other one. Singer and high company. You got it just in its usual we're gonna do which will make this past just say. I work at this girl she's nice kid like here's the story sucked over that we can just move. Director say any of that and that's horrible company that you I don't know one million of Curtis it's Starwood era. I'm here as a public defender against the summit exist that. Who want to remain point eight you don't like the stories she deserves all the Karachi debt. It will help here's here's my point and you know my point very well we articulated it is she wrote a story. The story was really poorly researched reportedly written and other should not bad right in the store she wrote about the Brady the jobs that was pretty good so she's clearly talented. She wrote the story she paste this thing I'm people. I don't depict Seymour because at trump on her mom's friend in Lincoln and got sick. That's only example she gave you're you're a writer you're not a dummy you know that's she the report you don't. I like to sit and I'm not a dummy had never heard that the guys before. He Sanders you deciding issue with the story. And this sort of particular I would have liked to have heard from. Another couple of hard core patriots fans maybe somebody from your demographic not supported by the 64 that that didn't actually exist. It's certainly does and we're number one by I had great great margin. Do you tack on some more you respect it. All the people I. I think people who were 586 years old go to work now as opposed to twenty years ago that you. They do they also go to patriot games and apps might point though is. And then the person who is growing out burgers and you know a lot and a wherever weren't drawn jerseys. There are people out there it is a model that subset pit. Are really frustrated mood of the the patriots trump thank you know couple personally in my own life that surprised me. She should have some people like that that'd. I do agree that BP. You know who's a person you as those mentioned it's. Who appears that's Chad it's old person should reference the whole story was her mom's friendly holiday party. And we did where you know via not nomination musical play and what's not. But yet there a couple of people mention in the. Not not up people know she mentioned she talked to another guy from Arlington I think who. Still likes the patriots and like trump she impeachment somebody like that. But she said she got would rather talk all due respect rather talk to her she won't come on which is your. Remember. How important it is that WGC a motion motion your sort. Well she's gonna get she's gonna get the brow beating where you do the lawyer and injured chime and and maybe police and probably don't get a word in edgewise. Is on the defensive from the beginning which is a benefit. And you see it that way. It's gone on social media has been one on the soared on Friday and it's it's not now. It has but she's still getting it I mean I would respond through her you know graffiti candidates go vial and the way it sort of has played out limits is that sort of went out there. Your reaction to it she ought to pat on the back nationally she did you'd agree that. He led by people are going to regret the story I think they know her in weicker and I think some people didn't even read the story would you agree. That the Jane McManus is some of these people automatically gonna say great story that happens all the time. Jane McManus. Every you know I mean that the crowd the crowd. There's a certain group of people do this stuff about the patriots are and are related to women aren't like I I. Not it's not a vagina penis issue it's a it's it's a Twitter issue. Yeah social media issue but I guess what that way it went down ever it is. You think this or hold up before you think the stories. I don't know I do I do so we disagree about the go ahead. I'd I think could had flaws such and so and admit that that I I think part of the issue you guys as the promised that features and the trump the this appointment reminders included Jerry. You know it was kind of kind of had this work out the way I think you can preferred that it worked out that. Door it's well dug in just we sit here wiped out. Cheer artists are went out there it generated buzzed with the patriots strong all those things pretty prominent on espionage and are prominent web site. B you're counts. Kirk Taliban out so well 4550000. All this month that two week that she won't come on the show. Took a big jump at that point. Then the real barrage of you're at the C word you'll read this you're that. You know built suck Mitt go go do that. Started and there they didn't start it accelerated and group grew grew and its continued over the course of the week. To appoint a relentless and it's use and a big part of the responses she's gotten on this is because. Our home and met. Sort of spotlight that you got put on the story can beat the angle that's spotlight which is that. Get some horrible this is so stupid are girl won't come on. I sent her I just know we set our girl walk a Mets that was not stop our girl in the center. That he said that beset our girl he said our girl we'll get to the second set our girl about the Brady did the job mr. and obese are girl about this. And it could get addicted to get a criticize us for whatever if we help. Raise the flames the search I agree we did because I think that's who we do we find bad stories. We knock people for them. You I mean I really you would say. If big guy wrote the same exact story verbatim we will be just as tough if not half the story you've listened or show long enough we keep the show that these people all the time male or. There's the female element to a all the Rea yeah she yet that wild open pit incident inspired him and won't resort used not instigated it. Equated gay gets bigger because of you guys constantly talking about it constantly. Presidential president a woman did you listen to the flaky we kicked the hell are these guys for ever we have guys Chris mortenson. Chris chase that the fight would the usual guys. You think I care that's a guy or girl. No I don't but I picked newspaper magnitude that the PP you're talking about to hear I mean that is mortenson is the guy who you. It didn't seek it. Flaky with a false report about it is patrol bright day you hired by altering some. Video a lot of notes that it's you guys do these jobs. I don't think it's jobs to this point just in this story and it's got an incredibly want to meet its relentless. Why is not it is it is slowed that is not relentless nobody's talking of the new in I right now nobody's talked about the Charlotte wildest were. Alberto Beryl are some low bidder be used yesterday and she's so definite. And I don't know who else is talking about it besides ops and you guys so. Some sort of spin those games the. Agree with you work to do you were. You were to their boss in the cup. You're also an. Do you deal with one of the great. One of the great investigative minds in America. I know it's like from. What what about I mean. But should should be should she says that before you you know I know this girl I liked the scrawny that is a factor in your defense for UN be the stronger for some girl. From Seattle who wrote this with the patriots and for a. Or I know you've he Carroll welcome note of the fact there is absolutely it's a fact that you don't nor elect the person I know this stuff bitchy right. Comes from an honest place and if it's not perfect it's still trying to be perfect. Honestly honestly honestly snow on the ground in Lincoln on Christmas Eve. He's on he's honest is that. I'll buy you know I. You brought up bar in somebody's got to do the same same category really that's where he wouldn't come on eventually did but won't come on. That was not honest you I think it thoroughly review there aside I was buddy. It's certainly in terms of what he was doing there what he's motivations or a public's. Chris Chris mortenson did a good note problem you have committed to. You'd be grilled the plate gate yeah. Oh I would say I would say in retrospect with mortenson could actually talked him on the phone. This is like seven or eight months after matching got his number and called them we talked remember it was in the hallway outside the station. No women talk to John and Gerry after it said Manuel mortenson sounds weird and every scientists started sound strange on the air. Yes I think you start to get six or retrospect like you know not the mean this he wrote should historian in boo him when in written but by the time. By the tiger thing was rolling and its fastest you know in retrospect it was priest probably sick of what's gonna come on here but guys like public and we do this all the time in. We go but a hall of fame voters and of these guys won't come on. A series possibility I don't think it's their duty. But I do think part of the deal when you write some and this is you should go on a show or two in defend yourself I mean that's what I I would definitely do I wouldn't have a problem doing that at all. Yet just want to elect its coastal field and come on to defend himself you know alert where usually your Gary if you you're right on you believe what you wrote. Because you're overmatched right away. I mean you that you people who are both going to be talking and probably interrupting him if you have the point it. You feel as a valid one you probably don't you have a hard times meat and then there. Like I understand you know. I've heard it mentioned to me that you mentioned Charlotte and you know I know her like a person who worked with her body here but Obama. Camera count count tortures for that story you wrote about what it's like you're rating it you write a is you were. I was what you want that you know I I I knew him or took him and that's very drove me. Absolutely crazy because. It was the only to report and that are reported accurate or inaccurate selfless suffer said. What is that the Indian businesses are gonna come back in on me yet that meet your letter to be applied to me. Course me up to somebody who had a colleague spirits of he's sticking up for personal and so. Tries to do the right things trying to do the right thing wrote a story that got. SB nation has probably thrilled that it and my only issue with the story was I would like to have heard from more people. That's a pig or a big part of the story that's that's the whole story mineral premises. You know again why does she knows you. Once you can't judge in the immediate Comas for the Boston Globe the second biggest media critic in town after me and say it's a check back why why. Stenographer ever been more hits. Kirk Douglas. Appointees one day. You you would say what did you say to to Chad can hey Chad. I write this story have this premise how the TV ratings of any of the merchandise as Ozzie attendance. You know radio. I mean that would apply related to. To trump or bill. Just fans are bailing left and right as she claims she said she got this a quote from restored. Countless emails from people outlets which is to meet. Sort of a weird were pretty sure he can count them publish emails from from people stop watches pitches because drop its point. That has to be a factor in you would agree I mean you cover this stuff. TV ratings or TV ratings for locally for pitcher it's Pittsburgh on Sunday night what do you think about the shares in a 55. I mean it's gonna be a (%expletive) monster number eight Chara. In the sixties that you're right the re going to be the fifties share will be in the mid sixties right. It's gonna be oriented. Patriots Packers Super Bowl New England. I'm guessing I know some people don't like trump I didn't vote for either. Up thinking people in the put their hatred for trump aside I know all of you in Charlotte have your friends we know watch the patriots anymore that number is going to be. Small would. Not go for that game. I don't think you're recording group the majority and I headlines sent her. Taught certain issue to segment of the crop problems they don't what they have is a minority of fans who have turned off. On the two distinct minority and to turned off on most successful. Raw and powerful all in history because of the elections it's an interest in sport I'd wrote about it I wrote a piece of Bill Belichick political magazine this week and you wouldn't talk to me I suspect because I wrote about him and trump. So it is. That line is misleading the story of boat entirely fair but needed just a little bit more of actual hard boiled patriots since. Then certainly did anybody on in the air with the New Year's show but it is the real thing in an interesting thing to discuss something that is on the radar. With the patriots even though it's not gonna have an effect on attendance rate. I saw Phil Simms was quoted that story did you evacuate in the park patrol before you talk down to the finish is out sauce before he talked about story. As CNET yeah excitement India and yup the other. Thing is and this is what happens is Charlotte while there writes a story she gets criticized the got out all stand by everything I tweeted about it and it was a good story. I try to contact issuance c'mon tweeted about that I think that's part of my job for the show to let people know we tried to contact if she won't come. What happens I think inevitably is she feels he pitchers never felt like before. And immediately immediately defaults into they're doing to see because I'm a woman lemon tree about the tweet about you were dealer I've gone through. That's difficult for me too much to stomach I have to be honest. The other editorial and deny you I. And I seen him hurt you don't last week. Go beep bleep. Don't write about sports visual in my block that Huckabee just. Locked Dubuque or they're world should work another book but that's how the war yeah it's not a world works but that's not gonna change. People at buck and threatened to kill me you know he's block that you move and for that we should have a my kids I mean you just ignore. I'm mama mama so I'm mama six or tweet a picture me in my mom on just pancreatic cancer between them on national pancreatic cancer. A tree that would hash tag whenever I mean people talking about having sex moments thing that I wished they go by dialing. And dentistry that. They are ya gotta get cancer Europe for. Are you see just you know Judy just blocked from unsafe welcomed (%expletive) who cares a (%expletive) losers. Also part of your job I don't know its part has hurt us in the media of course it is. Is our Sports Radio verses and features espionage really did you would what do you do Johnson's Twitter feed looks like. Pretty similar. Should dare. I don't know yet out and I are idiots so particular. Locomotive at about insurers told to go herself quite well. Can see where it more in my life and I am hurt you don't velocity I mean as female driven it there it is part of the job but. There's no doubt because she's a female writing about the patriots that. People saw that as a weakness there's something that they could attack. I'll say this you due Mike you're right obviously they're not gonna call the guys see were generally not gonna do that. But I would doubt that she gets more. Hate tweets because she's a female and Kyra the same story in our show promoted just as much. They would get the same volume now now the message may be their republic the following is different. Yeah it they're bought and overwhelming and kind of hole which he does is. Consult somebody else not only from. You know this stuff I mean that that's what their policy at the opener secret now that they've you know some people saying. That they actually support trump. I senses you probably heard from those because after my view. I heard from people like two and again you know I have ornaments and then I have one other thing different and it's odd to me but it's the real thing and in. She's got overwhelmed. On this because. You know that is people don't think that's happened as people think everything. Every criticism of the patriots and it's your reacted to and I'm sober and potentially a woman at the factory and. You you know problems the star of the story we're she searchers driving through lake in the Chris deceive the snow there's no snow. And she saw a bunch of Clinton came science in the background was India was a patriots flag that can strike he was overly cinematic and probably not believable. I can envision it in the movie that's for the same did you pick that actually happened. I believe it happened on I had a court but they're really. There was this it's something I would have uses only eight and you know start I was there is no snow and under are driving along an art he empire Michael products. Orbit there's no snow on the ground in lake in New Year's Eve and we have a bunch of people treat pictures of us who lived when you know it's not tell truth. It I don't hear from issue Michaels well known Dick Albert tonight tweet me. What I mean you know it's not it's not it's not believable and the tombstones of whatever it was the not great rhetoric is more talented than that and maybe this'll be a learning experience a baby should be a better right I do question the editors. Jerry did you ever have met on the Brady thanks so that's. This year do you see I thought you were Dick on that Callahan was being talent as we purposely complimentary. I think all helicopter. On but he was doing what he does which is sort of he's mocking he's mocking the whole thing yankees it's a week he thought was a good column what's supposed to say. Hey great column you can do apps. I also tried user and has stopped I think you don't pretty deep into our library there. Point that we did Oscars it was it was actually a week before. Yeah it was a good story and people should do more stores like that the breed. Yeah actually done plus there's like that that's why she's there NRC's gone from here. Where is itself for the women to bear because she's had a lot of stories have done really well this what are their story by. Other reaction to its it was just absolutely are a thousand times what should abandon 101000 times more auto. I figure was a guy obviously if we can be the same reaction you're right words might be different but the anger be just a strong I've seen it I'm telling I came to a proof. I've seen us drag these guys. So you're not part of the spectrum public security yeah I mean restart about that speeders you're an antagonist on the on the one of the top 5 Sports Radio morning dressed sport radio shows in the country bright green twice the consume beer and sports right. Are so everybody is going to react to you out whether to let the expectation that it's the audience which you drive where it's what our. I think it was. It is it it took her back because that is not your reaction a future on espionage and usually get. Yeah welcome him and I would senator you know he DP derisively about Belichick and Brady and trump. If you expect to reaction. I'm EU and that there are those of the those hot button topics in in this market by far talk. Telecheck trump people are gonna forgive and flip that's just the way it is. You guys know that. And the other thing is she's not kid should not 21 July 18 to 27. I think younger than that. Hold an open door she we Carter at a college thank. Puncture which you're a college. Not the typical globe central casting higher rate there. Where did you grow Fordham how Florida I was raised in the arts and Winchester. The sync your place to connect to go to water belliard goes pretty. God she's starting to the global league the closest place dying general it. I stand on so a war that few other oil got to put up a neutral while did you hear the podcasts Sean Leahy a couple of weeks ago. I sure did yeah. I'm over. Well I want the tabloid kind of the year competition I want to tablet got to be hassle that's what I want I want a mother (%expletive) going at the globe every day this city unique view the war he is a wanna fight. Although I don't know a public that no doubt surprised that Cuba is. Shot then. It's gotten better when he left here and he gave at a right to be because or angry or frustrated as. I'm sort of a confusing story but when it sank split into two you know you get at a denied that ever happened keep it going old stepped on by. I'm getting same guy irate saying Gary writes the checks for both places that's our. That's true and I write I worked for both felt like I said but when it's went into too late yet been essentially the global hunt sports editor at that point. I'll more than they split two to somebody else that I gave because on the boston.com guide and a big Sean felt like you deserve that job I was surprised you can't get into that would you pretend. I think the bigger reason I mean you tapped out and the respect for the big reason why you left the globe. Well is because of that situation. And you know I if you heard about Errol hiring practice before they got charm. But it really gather they offered it to Butch Stearns you know they didn't I had no idea what we're doomed let's. I'm not kidding. And it started to affect interest and butchered the. He put it is technically literate and think. It's Jesus. How would generator a little under the weather appreciate you coming on and slapped around over this and nine you know wrong with the child honestly that you. You like her to get it to the whole thing to the Twitter applause receiver Micah. You know it's Paris Spain now like Hugh and Julie the car in Istanbul. At least they're staying guy answered that's well put out that some other than you. Yeah a bit more distant. All AMR I am going with I mean Jason master now the organs go I can wait to say hi to. Who's gonna be either tonight. I agree to gather here do you really. Things and he's the ago. Yeah I'm a bit on you you're you're better off away ago. Yeah Q what is actually let. Kara to those guys ignore me in Fort Myers in three weeks from the sit down interviewing nobody bay into the week we have same Kenya for the third time although I like. Alberto baccarat and he doesn't. That's true to the round table it doesn't make sense does it make sense to me. It and I don't understand which is except maybe maybe explain to me. The number 1 number 2 morning shows by I mean when I say by far by far sports talk shows in Basra Sports Radio number talk on the sports. Both shows but the rigs are huge afternoon one into. Sports. Overall wind to sports talk stations it was a country music station who won in two or a political talk station one and two or classic rock station one Q. You would see two or three classic rock stations or country stations pop up. Nobody right now sitting around saying. Jesus even if it's a small sliver of the twentieth. Why don't putting together a third sports talk station in the city. You might in my point two I don't know on the local local local. Vocal ala I think it's fear that the Bobble off you know that slow adapters that that not what Sports Radio but with the patriots beat street the other brits are swimming. Right but you can do you think he'd do a one or one half you're paying people what one and one half Brady should get. You didn't you can't I just it's bath I mean I shouldn't be obviously advocating for its part been a great business front foot. It is weird to me what you know he can put together there are people on the street weren't great. But there are okay they can post talk shows they've done it it just seems strange as it seems strange to me as a band in the conversation. At all. Yeah I'm not sure it hasn't been in the conversation I think people just sort of the year that first of all this whole adapters in that. Israel skepticism to stations are gonna work and after about three months they're both still doing really well. But. They did eight years ago when this happened feels like fairly recently the council takes forever. I'm actually job of that for people who I I think some executives not locally by. In nationally would have been making those also here. But absolutely I and I would like to feel the is that you know three Prius sped into the entrance of bank cities are right about. About globe radio I would welcome offending gas for show had to have with us the publicity that you taught him. You parked in the staying gross felt that it could show pictures and pictures and hockey six the time. Period it grew and would I like appreciate come on any more food great have fun tonight you were tuxedo. Yeah its annual reject it to be there with who were Red Sox legends are going to be the Jamal Borg. If you double. Can pick revealed and Chillicothe you think Schilling got (%expletive) over one. Louis and he hated by immediately. That you you are old person that he's not as. Not a not a awful person you don't know him he's not a bad guy NBC's flawed as a as we all are. He's not a bad person. Don't always seemed like one that made I don't know employment. I. I'm sure he has strengths and flaws. He's never again you know he's never gonna give them. He's not though. Not I don't think you're on the committee after missing element and use stranding or why. Yeah areas of Florida not appropriate since 2008. Yes it it's its third I don't I'm not a character flaws. What did you think I am sure you heard these guys the Mike shale and these I mean is a guy who you know you'll have a vote young vote right. Six more years so me and I grew up on a vote all the time and I'm Chelsea does that you would rob will have them Tomas he has won. Now you guys do your research that made up a perfect action though you. We have a guy like Mike Shea who comes on it's as you vote for commercially because he clicks Nazi memorabilia and India's give you any specifics and later admits he is doing your research. Or Randy Miller or John payment. Who won the reasons he misses because Schilling's dog was mean facility Thanksgiving. I mean it's it's like I take the whole process seriously. Hey I didn't military requirement and how bonds are priced. You both for Clemens applause because you know he votes from Basra comes because the affair were Clemens and Brian McNamee original bonds are so great to Greg Anderson. But I'd sure like that where it's like it's all the worst things we thought these guys over the years Schilling. Whether you like him or not the whole Schilling affected I think the trouble affect. His expose these people. Shaughnessy I mean if. This Miller guy. You guys they came alive and had a comment right now no doubt about doubt but yeah I would hope. Our goal usually I don't see the world the same way he does a pretty much in anyway by you can tell the pitcher and and really it's a no brainer that you should be had. And you can't you can't write a sort of how hot takers are winning a couple weeks ago. In not talk with Dan Shaughnessy I mean you give me I mean come on getting tell me and it be fair match. Yeah I kept out specifically to radio I think there are those mine. Is on are you. Chauncey vanity it would appear that our people don't know even though it went on you guys you got more violence. A lately he got more buzz from coming on that you guys and Ewan. Whatever is reaching laws to any thing that happened on. Podcasts through the years does that in a meltdowns in Europe. That's true seeding how takers of would have won the war. Actually not in the clear now who qualifies locally is a hot taker and very. Think about that week I was gonna be Felger Jerry who. Oh okay yeah absolutely no I don't think it Utah taker is not an agonized but it did not I'd take Matt erotic. Sure the reason that somebody is. He's a moron know that's that's different. Here is putting the moron was or like thirty year as the number one rating essentially. I guess putting time and again and not not a big fan am I here Tony mess right pretend to talk with the NHL it's it's laughable to subsidizing MBA. The other assertion of their parks open. I always appreciate it we try to get Charl Charl while the army couldn't get around so her own defense attorney Chad Finn Kaman and Davis. Gave his best that's of course right. Don't spend it any Mahoney and out Charlotte public. Sure Indian Charlie what are finally trail this week and was a pats with the pats peak is that it's called. Make it their way down there with all the fellows in 95 vote Chad we appreciate it again I think we agree to disagree and I'm sure will battle about something else against him thanks a lot. He'd get me out of that Curtis street I'm saying well you work. It. All right thanks again for listening to the enough Moby podcast. Actually know what I'm really not thankful at all should be thanking me get this ship every week these great podcast. Totally free do if it was you go and I choose. Download a noticed Richard do the same. And the parading leave review that she can help me out this podcast is going to be number one again I guarantee you can help me along with the process so for that I guess at the end. Never go thinking is why I think he's going back and forth here's the point (%expletive) you.

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