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Hot Stove Show Hour 2 - Hall of Fame candidates losing and gaining support

Jan 19, 2017|

Mut, Rob, and John are talking about some of the Hall of Fame candidates who gained or lost support within the last year. Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds both gained support, while Curt Schilling lost a chunk of votes he had gotten last year.

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He's the hot stove show on Sports Radio W. We got the Red Sox offseason job earlier manager would be about seventy featuring WEEI dot com. Mastermind rob Bradford rat coach. That's my hope WEEI dot com columnist John too much work. There aren't Red Sox studio host Mike mud Netscape. Yeah I hot still be struck by 24 flyers hockey mad. In my heritage plumbing and heating cooling electric worse than probably the business fails it's time for the hot still. The Sox Sports Radio. Our few months coach Joseph not because. Seven WEEI Bradford mossy and not what you would filled by the clock your phone calls your thoughts on the results of the hall of fame voting tonight at 6177797937. Headlines. Aside the guys getting in the steroid. Headliners bonds and Clemens up. Manny Ramirez 23 point 8% his first time on the ballot and Curt Schilling down this is not a surprise for Curt Schilling losing it. 31 votes from a year ago he was up but we're 50% last year now it's 45%. This year. And this'll be 888. APEC cause of mind is even before. This became an issue I thought a year ago two years ago. I've always thought Curt Schilling was a hall of Famer as regular season numbers. You can make the argument are not good enough when put in comparison with the eleven into post season record the ridiculous starts that he had the ERA. It's the post season numbers overall I think what's of over the top and if you're considered the best Posey and pitcher of a generation maybe of all time. I think that can add on to what was already not eight at. Netflix spectacular but a very good regular seasons so I thought it was all Famer before this year. And I'm certainly disappointed to see him lose 31 votes a year ago. 31 people thought it was a hall of Famer and at least 31 and argue abstained from voting. Our formal together or to sustain for the ballot as a seventeen fewer were finding out during the break here. That he's not this year apparently because of things that he said and accentuate on social me. Yeah B you know we got across we shouldn't lose sight of the fact we focus on the social media aspect of it which I get because that's frustrating and it's not a legitimate reasons to take a vote away from him but. We shouldn't lose sight of the fact that he's a borderline candidate if he weren't a borderline candidate. People are looking for reasons to either say yes or no one him so the social media as a convenient and easy one. Personally I look at his career and say the regular season numbers they're good enough like that's supposedly would holds them back 3000 strikeouts not a lot of like fifteen guys or a strikeout walk strikeout to walk is the best and actually it's behind Chris Sale but Chris sales gonna have to maintain that for better than me some evidence smoltz wrestled his area the best in history. So first starter anyway so yeah I mean. He's got the numbers and he's got over 200 wins everyone's allowing only went 216 games like that's that's on nothing and it's only a few more than Tim Wakefield won. He got to get a hold of Rambo now. Can you carry once again juxtaposed against the deep that'd be that I do find it and trusting which if I I know for a fact and any panic comes up. It's going to be the the New York bias is going to be the Indy pad it's a really good guy and look it. He also won more games in the post season than anybody else why having a really good career. Went through Satan. Top six in Cy Young voting having five or six times. But when you win you get to that point when you're pitting Schilling against Andy Pettitte and people are saying morals clause morals clause world clause if you put those two up. Which one do you think it would pick in terms say you're out because of morals clause. It would be Schilling primed for you know I felt like I praising instead of the guy who with. For. The you know next year and applauded zero and on and Jets earlier now it's going to be a I'll be I don't think he's it's going to be viewed as favorably as you three all star teams you have had it's highs for reference page of their active. I wanna compare. He Schilling real quick. From the east as a starting pitcher of care are looking for. I was looking for his career war and is is seven hours career war is about sixty okay schillings the 79 point line. You know what a war is this is par out to number dude she story war is a semi junk stat. Bill James hates at a lot of baseball people don't use it that the reliance on ward drives me crazy because. There are people who no matter what they say. They are basing their votes on wore a matter of you guys and we talked about this earlier but Joseph MVP vote right now as deft legal it's all the arts it's stupid and so. G opens and ask you wrote a great story about. The Cy Young vote and for a Lander was like two wins ahead or close to two wins ahead of Marcelo in the war race in when he broke it down in this is someone who doesn't even know the numbers but he just just knowing the basics. Of war. When you broke it down you realize that those two extra wins that Marcelo. Didn't have a bad Verlander had over Purcell bio war work completely related to defense. The fact that the Tigers defense was bad in the Red Sox defense was good there for Verlander must have been better and imports LO. And virtually the entire difference between them was shocked at defense and he then broke down Verlander starts to see that the Tigers barely made any errors he barely had any unearned runs. And you know go down Melissa this was based on things. That didn't even impact his actual starts so don'ts Vick to summarize don't call me war Boris what about Erie Paulus. I like battle ERA plus four. Which is the just relative measure of the error rates of like the league average but it includes ball park effects and stuff like just so it takes into account the guys who pitched against in that they're right up their fair to say. Hockey the higher the number the better in this case ERA plus 1274. Schilling. 117 for Andy pat yeah that sounds right some pretty significant increase there and I wonder what mussina was them now on to. I can only have so many a chrome tabbed them the nets them on my computer your backs on crow or just poise and I'll here. Fact I certainly am on the picture drastic look here during the break but the point is at this. This will be the fun debate about that is the baseball side of it Schilling mussina. Kirch Schilling mussina pat well I go back and well the problem is that. Usually where Schilling is in his candidacy. You go up the way Tim Raines does that gets me more bus for you and that inertia that you mentioned earlier goes up. Schilling went down because of again he called borderline. But plenty of borderline guys don't drop 7% in the Miller Khamis and executed can't find it. More than a handful I think maybe and with the middle that candidacy or borderline organs some buzz. All we're trending up. All of a sudden think that big trajectory down alleys I think and remarked on it. What was one vote follows I get a mussina is ERA plus it was 1231. Point seven for nationally so but my I think with the when I'd why I brought up the chilling news seventy's I had when I brought this Schilling patted thing was more. Was more because the perception of them which is how fraudulent people are going to be and they will be. When you're putting the team together and you're screamed about the morals clause workers feeling. And you're knock nobody's going to be screaming about it nearly as much about Andy Pettitte. Which should be exactly opposite and if this comes back to what I was talking about I'd agree talked about last show. When you have to Schilling conversation about this morals clause in the the me or whatever. Talk to me about what happened when he was playing the game. Carton because when he was playing the game short writers didn't like him some teammates to like him but there wasn't this morals clause thing he was doing. Charitable things. And it wasn't till after he got out of playing the game where his credit it was why he was playing the game. Now and I can't record you rob and that is becoming your new light. World Baseball Classic and all star game had a feeling podcast coming next week to Brad boat show with so I'll guess that if via the exit to get this thing after the Duchscherer dale. They can move this is story forward and and when it comes to. When it comes to Schilling it didn't happen on the field to robs point and I brought. My wrong you'd I don't think I don't think the push for Pettit is going to be what you think it is an IR I'm talking about. That and I think when we're we're talking about the Schilling is fully forgive all credit yet. This chilling thing about the morals clause which a lot of the people were leaning on. Not a lot of conversation was about when this happened when the they had the problem it is yeah I think it's out of control but I also think I mean lots of guys site steroids for reasons they go oh no no but again with the Schilling thing. The everyone's pointing to the tweets in the means in those things yet he was not. Throwing a baseball I know it's it's inconsistent and and it it doesn't make any sense to me honestly I mean if it's. You know if it's an Aaron Hernandez kind of situation okay that's different you know maybe we can vote back claws are buddy Darren Sharper situation yeah I don't know if this guy is gonna get that on the ballot Peter King has talked about it's doable for potentially good football. Doesn't address that in baseball you do it I think we've all agreed that. The that the character clause the morals laws. Is that huge gray area it's sort of dumb to begin with and it's the Baseball Hall of Fame. Hiding behind this on the keeps steroid guys out this point they leave up to the voters to decided pick and choose. What they wanna use that clause sport has put in a place to keep Shoeless Joe Jackson on African hall of fame. And I think guys what really offends me about it this time around why I'm so anti BB WAA one a lot more Bradford and less. She ailments in that group. Is the guy guys are using it because of their political views on of Curt Schilling you don't they're saying it's not Johnny Damon. And that's that they use and keep Curt Schilling from getting able this year a guy who in my mind. In and out on the field. The Vienna baseball I've said this before I'll say it again lynching is not a political issues so I think that's a little disingenuous everyone's just like it was a joke it was this it was that. I understand why people are offended by the idea of lynching I don't think that is limited to the right Torre also said you don't think the Curt Schilling wants to which anybody. I debate again we're not I'm not gonna go down this road again no I don't think he wants to do that. But can you understand why people found offense. I I for the beginning I didn't understand the guy I've I've tree all that I don't I don't find offensive win David Portnoy. As you should spit on Roger Goodell and dad sees as satire and he's says it's like Hitler ago and so we talk trailer in my last 5% as a that was a 88 clear very sarcastic joke from the portrayal of the guys I I didn't take offense to Arizona it was in portrays that silence I bay and in when to cut case maybe maybe what Schilling it was important days. Was it on that can analyze both are automatically vote Hornish. I raise it and I mean listen I've I don't believe that I'm with you I think I think it is not a legitimate reason to withhold the vote for him. The problem is also within the wrapping up the you don't. Do you believe that all 31 people. Are truly offended by that or does it varies day a big group in there. That because of what it was pointed towards one it was tied into and what he's a represents now for two hours and M primark radio. That many of those voters are used in this instance to. I'll let either political view and take away that both from shall miss Marty I mean I mean I mean maybe that's part of it I think. Some people probably go back and forth on him I think that's a small number I think for the most part I would guess that that one particular team is what offended people. And then there are other people who say it's part of a pattern of behavior that they find distasteful again I think we are. Twisting in distorting. The purpose of the character clause but I think all of these things are reasons it's not just one. The problem is the 131 votes he lost correct yes okay when when you have 3130 last year one that I and we don't know why all 31 of those people change their votes. But when the people who do come oh. And explain why they changed their votes and they are things like think Thanksgiving dinner. And the team or anything I don't know why and and and the Nazi memorabilia yet and those sort of things which don't make any sense at least in my eyes yet. Then that's the problem is because. Until someone gives us a good reason why they changed the voted Curt Schilling that's all we have to go lie. And and did have you guys heard of anybody who changed their vote a good reason why Curt Schilling. BK it was a hall of Famer last year it is not a hall favor this year other than what we're talking about well. I indeed all of those the the only other what was the guy came on for Philadelphia and I must on the morning show. Who already Brad yet invoked the character clause coffee cup when she was a player like showing treated him and his team but they could not back it up you ask him on a rainy Milledge couldn't. He couldn't back it up and eventually. Really satellite many of these guys and it eats he's variety your brain when Mike Schilling came on and admitted. He didn't do enough researches that he could've done more will the ballots RD in. Like I put those guys all one group and not analyze I'm not seen any. I've not seen any. Thoughtful. Here's why Schilling was hall of Famer last year and up this year in my mind all seen the best run only as title are you showing on social media nothing baseball that. And that is the problem and and these when these. Guys have people who come on and whether it's this radio station or on Twitter on stories. And they have these excuses or these reasons which are so bizarre leap parable. It's it's in John you said at the beginning we shouldn't paint the whole thing with a one broad brush right but the promises that dude. There's too many of these people who are coming out where ridiculous. This too many evolved is not just one or 20 there's act as a flawed these people whether it's writing stories or whatever. And I can't and that's why have a problem it's just it's too many of these people who. Are saying things which I thought one or two people. Might say this too many of them or became popular vote for Tim Raines this year became very unpopular hope for Schilling it was a I think in both case it started talks to the TP Twitter wave now in 20161718. Going forward. I'm Hollis is going to vote that's why I hope. That make in the votes public does clear sign up because you're not going to be able to say put your finger on a winning guy. I'm not gonna hope that kind your your name's not tied to it right well names and they are beyond the Dolphins today and you put your finger in the wind and you say. These are the guys that are acceptable to vote for I'm just gonna check their names outside don't get any grief I here's a thing if it's so 14%. That's 14% of its my weight right budget the nature 14% of the voters did not vote for Tim Raines and John was one of them. But at least joy it John rude historian digs are. Intelligently. Explaining why he did it and it supported a good case when we have these other people say why did you vote for the of this Schilling's of the world. I seen one. Story. That. Release it is intelligent. It isn't. Other then I know I can't make any excuse and I'm trying to think of what I would take as. See I have a hard time with your hall of Famer one year. And not the next and Anderson were ties into normal for ten guys that's the only reason like if you ballpark and every year. And you get to a point where you just new guys come on the ballot say you are chilling on the bell last year and you can make you you you think the rain and do you think that. Vlad or some of the first year guys pudgy therein somebody got to go awful showing borderline for you that I get you water for ten at. You replace two guys got to mix it up. As of showing off the ballot but if you involve pretend that. Not putting for Dan this year and your ballot just might yes no yes no year to year. And you are shill on is guys saying wall. I'm not saying it won't Pope showing again the same this year a knock in herbal forms he values and character clause as a personal penalty for Curt Schilling because. You don't like the way he doesn't social me you know I had a little damn what you say and the idea how can you vote for someone and then not or vice Versa but I think it's an oversimplification. To because. We. Baird there advances in the way we understand baseball largely statistical. That. At the beginning of somebody's candidacy we might not know about war is a perfect example like I happen to think war is a little bit of a garbage that. But a lot of people don't and war will change the way you evaluate players there are Tim Raines is a great example. Tim Raines is war is like seventy or whatever was. 69 point nine and that. So weighed a lot of people wait a minute this guy an award this time now we start looking at other left fielders and base oh. He's the ninth best left fielder if he goes in and of all the hall of fame left fielders. So that's how votes can change so I'm not one of these people who says you can't change your mind you can examine it may be their new ways to look at things maybe just. Your own understanding of what a good player is changes you know as you mature. You know jaw and Johnson so I would never mature drugs that pastor Terry attitude heart you know you're gonna drown in the chart at river is an artist talking about daily fantasy. Kidman can get out like it was awesome but it Texas Sammy so that a it's about him are Reese the author of the the soon to be award winning book down get jealous often. But you said earlier it's. Also many people now are voting what they think he is acceptable and which is the cool look where the cool kids are rat yet Tim Raines with the collective vote. War when we go back to the Cy Young of the umps are the MVP voting. War was hey you know what I I can prove to everybody I'm with the stats and the analytic. Unwinnable war Mike Trout is going to win because he's the ultimate war guy yet. And and lazy is yes. Yes that comes packed and I'll eat my problem it's a job Jon to mossy you earn the right to have this job. Don't be lazy and too many people are just defaulting hey you know what war. We talked Ortiz at the end of the year I remember saying do you think that you have a chance MVP. No because the war. Like court and who dat you know it's so to be fair it wasn't the MVP his own team. Over this is our this who is when he was like Ron and the thing is if I had an MVP but I would have voted for Ortiz over -- Over book yeah I would half because of being in that clubhouse every day and knowing what Ortiz meant to that team. Every day in what his presence meant to that team his presence been a lot more than move keys. And put it behind you and say that's crazy if you watch because the stats don't back it up Boozer tees didn't save any runs in the field. But to me Ortiz was not only an iron so he's the best player on the team that's it was an elite offensive player group was and also this year in the league defensive player my husband's great Carolina moves it was great. It would be it would be a tough call for me but I would have voted for Ortiz and I would not felt bad about it as you would use short that locker room presences the big reason why and does that mean his offense is offense is not the best these past the age ever yet and it and we are voted the best offensive player in baseball Hank Aaron ports and it's not like. He didn't have the numbers to back it up but that's a different is 61777979837. Is your phone number your reaction to the hall of fame. As three new guys get in Tim Raines congratulations Joan a carry company got your guy in Jeff Bagwell thank you Lou Gorman it. All to get in here as well. It'll pudge Rodriguez first town about he joins Johnny Bench is the only first time on the ballot catchers get themselves into the hall and Jason Varitek case of to beef either vote shorty got two votes this time now I'm looking for defining elite few votes tack on one vote to Tim Wakefield. I'll come back at your phone calls and that also talk about does some mild Red Sox news here today and included some non roster invite p.'s. Rob makes the case for. Allen Craig at some point making an impact I'm sure. And these guys will explain it because I've never it's spring training. I never watched an offseason work out rob goes out to Arizona and does not. So you guys the baseball experts capital. You're so passive aggressive and outlast an hour and so every way you what you guys explain to a dummy like me. I'm Michael Coe packed. Trying to throw up miles an hour Todd Phil fare in January. For the season will do that take your phone calls hot stove show WB yeah. Think it. It's not a thought it was a song. Players. Honor our Asian. No authority says nothing gets hot stove show and ID 37 WEEI Bradford mutt and the mossy. It's a lot o'clock your phone 6177797937. Text to wait 37. 937. We have the great the BBW a dinner tomorrow. And lost and tickets here we go Benson deal will be there and Tito will be there. Bogart's pats who knows Bradley hit the big ones nor Ortiz parent. Of focusing on the people who will be I couldn't memories. Yes and negative job science iPods and my idol and I think Michael. Nicole fives either drive might be yes. Speak a little bit I'm not having not once not quite from I don't know whether that that you put the phone the square that you could swipe credit cards argued and I didn't get one of them. So there or else was voted I thought I was actually it would chasing Steinbrenner righty. The days of taking twenty dollar bills out front of sunny McClain and Santa Monica. Giving out blocks that's why you're going to the the hot stove winter weekend right. I'm books are exit assurance or cards that why not. That's why are you were starting to get closer closer I sought posting Corrado said yesterday yesterday was like the halfway point. Of the offseason what would closer to spring training betrays very rarely though right I mean lady if you count if you don't count over each day I'm talking about two opening day and you've noted and just a couple of times Johnny Ras I mention that because the World Baseball Classic portrait of the longer this year. So getting it LIP more boring process in fact spring training 2017 so we're halfway there were closer to spring training. On a month ago or so. Holland most people be down there it's spring training. So we're starting to get towards that and today we had the non roster invite tees both the right guys are inviting including Allen Craig. Bruised nick is DO. Roth yelled never select guys devers that's OK that's on who has the other interest and wanna for Kyle Kendrick Kyle Kendrick. What about bogus analyzed bogus savage who was picked wine selection after Jacoby Ellsbury to 2005 that's in this. Kenderick Kyle Kendrick is 32 years old. And he's made thirty Lou he made thirty starts actually. The last three years thirty starts 32 stars 27 starts. He's starts as being good. Mays starts. San Travis too that goes on by dad he's there on us and it's okay. Unless your mom and it's not about Jordan procession. Who. That don't don't forget about junior lake Pizarro who was thought previously signed. If funny is I guess. This I don't just call a bomb the pro scouting director whose responsibility is to really is guys and it's not that easy when you have when you have actually young players who are already slotted in. It's not easy to convince the guys say they come money even a guy like Kyle Kendrick. The he signed very late in the offseason you say all Kyle Kendrick of course he's going to buy a guy like that who has made so many Major League start two over the last three years. Probably wants to go to a place he thinks he's going to crack yeah and I mean you only have six starters. But then you have Henry Jones and Brian Johnson. And even ruinous only us I think you just named why he's here yeah but I think you digest list and said you know that I can write with a shot O'Sullivan made four starts last year we never thought I'd be possible. Cup yes here's your over under when we do over under is yes we did the Red Sox not so special section previewing. Over Islanders more starts this year Kyle Kendrick. At four all also I'm part of that this year include me on the email list back for cool guy out yeah Reebok yeah that's right. We've I know people know it terrible answers some organizations don't like it went via mark their special sections pricing but not so special I like when you guys do that Rico it's quick it's illegal it's list warm it's it's not. It it's been a lot of lives dingle we do all year yeah I'm like there's going to be more I I don't know seventy I tried I attempted to put yesterday and thought hey I found out that I couldn't do it. Because I couldn't do it and B it's illegal. It's. And at that second one's bigger reason not to do what we're talking around the big name I was forgetting the one at a -- an important now. Sam Travis. Now we know he's probably going to be invited anyway. But Sam Travis of all the names on this list of non roster invite tees between Rafael devers and Kyle Kendrick and damn ball or bogus savage and Allen Craig in junior lake. Sam Travis offers the best opportunity for guy on this list of as my prediction last week 1115 guys. Was it to make an impact this team as their predictions in Travis was gonna make things uncomfortable body and altering we all did. You do we've talked either we talks him Travis as much as every player cares what your prediction now my prediction was at the deep bullpen is the enemy in rough shape yeah that's my prediction yet okay so I'm Amal I'm agreeing with what your take was last week. By pointing out that up this group. He Timmy is the most important name honestly Raphael devers pie and here until. Next year at some point Sam Travis given how shaky third base is what they could do at the corner positions. If he repeats his spring training for a year ago rob your right he's pushing for time is an impact player on this roster this year well. Yes it in him he he won't be out of the game unless someone gets hurt. By there's too many that that's their problem I mean that's not their their biggest problem we've talked about their depth and everything and we've we've talked about junior lake and bogus averaged. And here's the weather problems. The outfield depth is nonexistent. Which you can mark the bogus average size. By. This big I need this guy's Russa just TO and Bryce Bryant's are there backup outfielders rate I think Brock role as a back about right. Well brought Cole is there fail safe for every single position. So at some point you have to say a ball outside help other than Brock Cole yeah I mean yeah of Chris Young so there are gonna I don't know but I'm say by the okay the pot Sox outfield this year. Is junior lake Rambis bogus averaged ruse they can steal him Bryce Bryant's. And this isn't exactly hey you know if someone gets hurt slide on N. Unless you really really like reprise Princeton on their load at the Major League level which a writer Ben and candy Betts. Bradley got hurt. It's a huge drop off many Chris Young could do it for X amount of games and you feel okay about it but after that. Rob your right there's no there's no depth there. But I still think and that corner position in May be Sam Travis cannot convert over to third to knock in a play B Kevin Youkilis Kenny played that position game. But they're big need some semblance of fact I'm Josh Rutledge is the opening day third base back up still to be. Ospreys have a huge issues so the flexibility sand trap as potentially. Could offer you. On is still a a big big time necessity in this line up on the roster yet if there's something happens to Hanley Ramirez of the World Baseball Classic off which. Is inevitable. Then if the land yes not a fun way. Then that that is going to happen I mean that is Tim Travis well not only to make things uncomfortable in terms of forcing his way on. But he will make things comfortable because he will force his way. But it it's ego goes back to what we're talking about last week is rising in John wrote about. It's there is a very real lack of depth and they've tried signing some of these non roster guys. But nobody's gonna jump out and say that's the guy who's gonna help and they never came in with the Trevor pollute. Or someone who was going to make you feel a little bit better about if Josh Rutledge and Pablo Sandoval don't work. They overcame that gap. Now at least yet I mean who knows maybe this time right now he's still. And and you know we've talked a lot about rumors Naia and about Allen Craig and you know the financial implications of putting those guys on the roster I don't think our critics but resonate. Could conceivably be an option if you needed an outfielder. But you're gonna have to pro rate his salary for how relying he's up. And then you run into luxury tax implications which the reason you don't have any of these players around the Steinberg is if you wanna spend on anybody if you're right up against it so. The odds of seeing either of those guys to me are very remote. I just for batteries if they up against that salary cap is they wanna stay where they are. It's gonna make it tough all know that that it would ever depth do you think they provide. John's right the financial aspect of the pie keeps them off the roster that was the only two players or guys the hope they play well. And they trade them right needed opiate something in return a bag of balls or something let me ask you this is that of the guys who are on the Major League roster and the guys. You Bogart's you bats you'll Bradley the state and that is very bad intent. Forty Fink who do you think is moral most likely to have a drop off this year. I'd. I don't think Bradley. Guys Abram I Ben intending first full year at the bigs will be a jump yesterday it's they're but it's huge penalty you know understand. He's lifting machine I'll say great excellent just base basing and I smoky bats his first full year here after show the blip at the end of 2000 whatever laws on the sock. I'm gonna go Benton. As the I would probably just a I would kind of agree with the I hate to do but has yet there's a book out there with a guy gets it did that when the ball gets out on these guys their first full year. They seem to Scott Lee and they flash the summer before I would agree on that an easy. Chalky way out rob I mean Tomas is one outside the box about really Mario M Bradley I almost feel like Bradley's the safer choice just because he's been so inconsistent. And basically. His numbers two years ago where aided by that crazy August where he was like Babe Ruth. And then last year's numbers he had the big hitting streak but otherwise he's been you know kind of he's got power but he's kind of like at 230 guy when he's not on fire you know it it. This is the target Bob Bradley and yes I'm going to be self serving in mention about the podcasts and Izturis on by. One of the most entrusting parts of it I thought was him saying that he never felt comfortable never follow part of this team. Entail last year and we Brodeur on the team and we knew this means he was sort of isolated. These isolated for the first even when he was in when you in the major leagues he was I as a manager shipping him back down up the tuck it yeah it by the end and anything that was like you know I was gonna figured out himself the coaches were frustrate because he wasn't taking coaching. And he was on an island by himself and then you go to this year or last year 2016. And he said this in the podcast which was it was the first time I felt part of the team I'll. And that that leads me to the conversation about well Ortiz is gone. Who's gonna lead his team. This is is not a Ortiz wasn't Ortiz in 2006 team wasn't Pedroia it was that group of guys and that's why eight Jackie Bradley felt comfortable. Bookie bets placed wide art Travers shot Christian Vazquez. That's the group that's already there and Bradley saying that on the podcast the other day just reaffirmed it. Which is. Yes is the first time I felt part of the team because. Everybody was in this together that wasn't a class system and not. The class class system but it doesn't make us. Francis gets. Which the baseball clubhouse hole ecosystem is is not may be what people would expect there are definitely clicks whether it's pitchers and hitters aren't Latin or non Madden art. Derek Derek cliques all over baseball clubhouse is in last year. One of the biggest ones for the Red Sox are as a young will come back make fun Michael called back and wrap it up here for the hall of fame addition hot stove show 937 W yeah. On a couple of minutes hot stove show WEEI should note for a Red Sox fans to. Enjoy Jerry Remy on the broadcast NASA and announcing during our show tonight Jerry Remy has agreed to a new contract and Essen. As red sock color analyst we'll do 150 games. It sounds like so phi you do not like the rotation a year ago and wanna just ready back in your life full time that's me you're not getting that you're getting. Pie smacked grossly. Heck is Corey. I thought fifty year it is more of last year's 150 yes yes last year I don't think even ask it here in pro rated right around. That's so I think forty some odd games I don't think it's going to be B I think it's going to be 115 I think is going to be almost all pac man and little made battle lines yet I it's the excellence is a good I mean that's a good break tan lines is better in the studio on the broadcast. I think you'll make the ivy he'll help Dave Bryant of it is having more games in the Randy orbit having more you have two people. Yet. The three man Booth I think is something gave likes and he said that on the podcaster Kirk. For me I and I barely deal. I watched a handful games all last year beat them sitting next to those guys are as humans studio you area I got Joseph until I got to make shirtless and with those guys sings or keep up with. The radio side things. On the games I watched that were three man. Did the the visual or the Cubs are. The optics which like this and now. Not great with the three man Booth with cool and comfortable with the three guys sitting out wasn't as good as the threes and a boost that I did is. Tom Caron Neitzel. Mike that was the day yet absolutely it was as Carcillo and Jim Rice they were the Constance. And then I did three innings Mike salty three innings in top cared in three innings. That was rearrest camera Philly power rank them idea shore Villa I don't know out of power I remember I was the best yeah. Of that group there's no way you are not there where you want about. Of those guys I remember ever I remember distinct we talked about Carl Crawford of people play left field wall that broadcasts. And I also remember enough bright and threw it right says when he played nobody walked by the mail program. If so what Randy back 150 games. Along side Dave O'Brien on the call for all Red Sox Angel not be. I'm coming on Michael cope act we will. I'm out the White Sox and help this tweak. They are so excited about having these two guys so as a background Michael Culp packed they pitched four Red Sox he would trade in the Chris Sale deal is on Austin for one of the that is in the most forgettable observant of you all around would you agree rob. Now I think we've had we've had they won the you knew what you had a bad attitude about it McCoy had Michael Culp came on he's on a go ahead ignited a new people don't care ego it. Go who is worse job. I got it about him so he threw a hundred might threw a hundred miles plot a hundred miles an hour possible is a big deal radar gun accent trip novel. He coasted this spring training would you call this rob. I was a mock it was for what I don't know what this is always. Yet his team more and more you know he makes mini camp mini camp as the best weighted. And they have a radar gun and they post is video Michael Coe pack. Making like this. Running start sort of crow hop role. And he throws a 110 miles an hour and they're bragging about it and all I'm thinking is. Hope all this he's a picture and you let them treated Edgar rob I your examples the best player caught double. No it's easy exactly what you know what they do exactly what you would do at the outfield fair and I've done man it's at 42 my head that I Wear on on where you take Iran because of our guns when you take a running start in the a crow hop and then and then throw as hard as you can. And I guess there are saying you guys whatever training facility was I don't know there was. Was if it was up the White Sox might have been his own sort of other training facility. But they were bragging about it and they'll say all the Q what we've done. And then how advanced three yard whatever we've done that allowed just got to throw a 110. Loose at a I say you guys said there is no reason why this guy should be throwing it is none. Zero. It is exactly like you would do at the fair and just what I throw my elbow at the fair. I did. It's I believe it it is it was so bizarre in in the dummies so I remember I saw somebody to read this about the flow wells this other pitcher did this exercise and it showed that. They could do this and he has size and had a good year now now is running and throwing a baseball as far as you can. That's it. And Michael he's an early twenties he had his weird career already weary gut. Out pop performer enhancing drugs he had an issue Regan fight year I don't blame him though but eat. Wow he should be Smart enough not to do that though rob he's guys up thirteen years old as a right handed pitcher who's going to be paid out on his arm. Him doing the car of pops it barely hear you but here's the thing it was January makes no sense it wasn't just hey can I do this and go out and do it. This was part of whoever was also working out there the other pitchers this was one of the exercises they did. This was like whatever Bob Feller did you know. I I don't against a motor side exactly and this is laid it doesn't. It's it's dumb but you do it and everybody was doing it so I don't think Michael co practice a non sit this one out of the everybody was doing this exercise. And I guess at the beginning. The White Sox are so excited about having these guys and again but they had them and caught a video of like oh my goodness like no big he isn't. He's hitting bombs in batting practice in and you of the coaches saying like they he's the next this in the next that. What ever happened to this real event a little bit these guys. But they kick it they can't because they are basing their whole future on what they got in the east. Trades also trying to sell their fan base right on exactly and I want to base in the future but they are. It's a sales job and wondered yes we traded Chris Sale maybe the best pitcher in the American League. These of the guys to get back this why should still care about our team in a city where you're dealing with a more popular team in the Cubs. A World Series winner in the Cubs you are fighting for essentially survival and trying to keep yourself relevant now account for six months and a fortunately. Your results and things like this rob not to agree with you but this feels complete like 88. Were relevant please don't ignores the facts are both. Honestly do you think that the Red Sox would do I know understand their different situations the Red Sox do something dumb from a sales stamp well okay it's okay. Don't know but there is even if they did how they have them do this exercise. Would they to read out all you know 110. Sensitive about all you on my kind of has his own logo and as these five or 2000 dolls but cars and and they try to pump the brakes on a lot of these guys don't you think I am I mean much right the White Sox have to build excitement about their teams somehow miss is the only way to do it. And so you've got a bunch of people. In the front office there whose jobs hinge on what these guys becoming might not even be around. To see what these guys become so they have to hype up the Red Sox are in a very different business there. I mean you and we went through this what Bogart's like bench Arrington was desperate to tamp down expectations for Bogart's. I and aired there and that business because. They're decent ball and also we can say when when they find out these names for the guys the effort Chris Sale and because they know you got a top prospect in this I was really dead. By you don't have any tangible evidence that if a guy came out in says he's gonna be really good Brees throwing 88. That's not gonna sell anybody won ten below one time it a is got through a 105 and game and went behind us on field fair. So video every Rolen garnered throw that hard we broke his arm now sit for instance is it as it did with one shoe. All we gotta get out here so next week level full recap and not only the baseball dinner. But also the winter weekend where rob is gonna have a podcast Booth setup. It beat and like trainee Tomas he for a good four hours right. Yeah and yes I unless the stomach bug ripping through my house claims mamet's Ol around those Fulton. All I was always I'm all I'll always anyway but tejada was stabilized had a day say this 9 o'clock on Wednesday. Tomas you just plant the seed he's not feeling well to go to box I will feel fine I and you know and I'll definitely be there Friday and Friday night. In in the casino and then got that and see it's. Will be elicit little miscue by noon to four eleven to three loss is loaded eleven to 3 on Saturday morning rob podcast as well or back next Wednesday. I'll Wear your till 10 o'clock switch gears in a football for the final hour Patriots and the Pittsburgh Steelers AFC title game next Sports Radio to be re yeah.

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