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Do Patriots fans really want other fanbases to love or respect the Patriots?

Jan 18, 2017|

We discuss the Patriots haters out there, led of course this week by Steelers fans. Michael Holley wants to know if we really need their love... and we come up with a better word for it... RESPECT.

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I think that's often that why you see. Great players move around from team McCain and are definitely don't want that to be historian I'm sure he doesn't want that to be his story pushing me great play as MVP. So I got an end and no practice. What I am. By the way earlier today on first take. Okay cash they ran the results this is they're this that today they'd all they did was report out there that aren't they read the results of a hold by the public policy polling. I don't know this organization about it is a lot of peace it's called the truly policy polling. They listed the five least favorite quarterbacks. Number one Tom Brady this I don't know where this is going to court to Tim Tebow. So not even active quarterbacks are all tired of quarterback as well that I mean that the point and it was he's been an active he hasn't played since 2012 and evidently you still don't like it clean and bravery at least favorite quarterback and everyone Tom Brady. Number two Tim Tebow. Number three Ben Roethlisberger. You know number four Cam Newton number five Peyton Manning. The five most popular some of those here's the thing I most the five favorite quarterback yeah number one Tom Brady is. Number two Peyton Manning. Number three. Aaron Rodgers number four Cam Newton. Number five Tim Tebow. Lop so a lot of guys they are polarizing if you're the quarterback they either love you or hates you except for Aaron Rodgers and the people that paid him Mars family. The term death threats I've always Bob and I run into woman likes three years as a satellite of their rail flex him. Because he's as good as it comes to write about Iowa there's a reason really hate him on opening. All the other guys have a reason. So I'll set aside the fact that America was too dumb to know Tim Tebow doesn't like quarterback anymore or paint or Peyton Manning gets a quarterback anymore. But it always baffles me how you can have the same guy. Beat both the least favorite quarterback in the country. And the most favorite quarterback in the company before they saw him do I don't know the end I don't know anomalies and had I I don't know yeah I don't know that. But if you say if it's not that many people so some number like all I hate Tom Brady it's like 3000 people I hate John Brady all our Tom Brady out. And that the responses are that strong in both directions that you can. Be in the top two and each column but he's also one of the guys he's number one in each tablet ever wonder now why does everybody can name him if you just walked on the street after awesome a thought a great example if you walked in the street Chicago elect. Which quarterback do you like the most. Currently at the big firm and it's not Jay Cutler said it again and I am one of those and iced out current and what do you hate the most the top grade is because they know that's an answer that's an actual quarterback. That's in the NFL cabbie can I can beat your therapist. Both you guys gonna what you're therapies and their owners are my feet to pray here blitzer rate are no not gotcha well this yes that you. They're trying to you have prozac come back out. I met by Jennifer I can tell you that I Smart talk money with no regard to what he thought about your soul look at creditor votes in the event. You know as a patriots fan. Do you wanna be loved. He won't be long now. I have no doubt there's trouble if you don't look at what would you what you think of one dollar note just. Us that our group yes with a New England yes we wanna be loved by patriots stands now and I'm saying by outside outcomes and are now. Of people think Tom Brady's he's the most hated quarterback in the league in the north the patriots have just cheaters and I'm gonna dismiss everything that they do. Do you is there a small part of views you know I'm yeah I can I can give you the and give you my oppose and say. Screw you can what you. And look at my rings now let LeBron did less like McCain and in and San Francisco Oakland and an OK after ratings Internet or you as a flop. Dad yeah I'm pretty sure he got shot by slitting her with the kilt. Yeah I bettors. A once in a hall of fame. I'll let you kind of a hall of fame and dug up and if you want okay that's what you can pose with a few of her small part of that once this operation to be at least recognize your party legitimate you don't need to move to legitimize you yeah recognize. Let up in love's not the word perspective as the OK but to be respected yet Shannon Denny and I attracted irony to be our colleagues saw Andy that's a pretty good job. So you'll want. Chicago. San Francisco. Atlanta Miami do you want them to respect you. And is it possible that it's possible they have. You deserve the respect actually respect what you thought if because again you're you're the New York Yankees are bitter and basketball you're these teams seek to understand why your hated due in Pittsburgh to respect. It. Which will he. Look except for the city of Pittsburgh because Joey Joey Porter right now PubSub on the east how glad order wildcat disappointed he wasn't talking. When Antonio Bryant has been a reporter I I got in the federal witness our pleasure and Joey Porter is probably since the things about the patriots a lot worse than Mike Tomlin probably. Is a guy like Joey Porter I Hines Ward Jerome Bettis would they ever. Respect. I think they should date you may lost deal. Agents by day right now I don't I don't that they probably should respect you lost you because he cheated let's that's a great thing as of the beginning of ciller's one. The view on if you wanna hang onto that shirt I think the patriots not stand up at night saying comment was there a lot of that is you would want that this is kind of play that these are paying for it like it but I I don't really given a second thought until we're you know we're we're talking about legacies or talk about how all the teams deal yet but for the most from rock on man. No these teams respect the patriots spent a lot of them. Probably do it and there are the one right gently right after you but then there's the haters haters ball hitter overall it rates and out of respect not room. I think we're I think you know I think would have tour which just can't or haven't got a we can't there's been a candidate to do I don't what else July and to a lot of darkness of it like it's like Hamilton. I. So I tried 77797937. Is telephone number tax minus 37937. I promise right back to your calls coming up next. Dylan Hollywood keeps Sports Radio W yeah. Fourth and final hour Daylon Hollywood keep Sports Radio WEEI. Needless to say the week before the AFC championship game. We've been primarily football today and a whole bunch of stuff to talk about from Antonio browns. Off face off live video but he posed that out of the steelers' locker room in the aftermath of the playoff when this week and now you saying keep during during the break. That Chris Hogan's said that. The team apparently addressed what the social media guidelines are yes that's it from Andy Hardy says and Chris Hogan says patriots team was reminded of NFL social media policy in the wake of Antonio browns FaceBook live post notes that was addressed the give detailed how laws but he can mean nobody nobody FaceBook live doubt out of the room when when Bill Belichick was going through the social media guys are back thanks. But yeah I think it's not gonna happen. For the team ever it was never got out here Reverend Wright got Belmont and other. Matthew Slater said earlier today that they have a team policy of the team policy is strictly enforced and everybody knows about it they've had. You should know what their team policy is the Ochocinco was here yet. A Twitter sensation when he came to New England epic you remains one of I don't follow many more but I think he still ice. Up to it was wearing me and I think he's looking pretty Big Brother that it got there they are locked you Dillinger criticizing him when he was here when his Don't Ask Don't Tell us how the big fan of his I mean a bad joke home. In the midst of remember when he was like wanted these kind of on the wrongful economic a today Ehrlich looking for him because our domestic violence incident Brad and I said something like as you know write tweets all the time as that something along lines of you may wanna turn off his Twitter location thing to that would oversee. Popularity is all right that night and I never thought about it again and then. He came back up a year later in the carnage seized suite I wasn't authorized search it it's as you were blocked from following an hour ago. That's tough but the tough thing as law. Well what he was here he he Williams millions already enrolled and when I was it was Brady. Bland. With the patriots all reply so I mean that's just tells you Ochocinco. Wasn't gonna do here and that is the guy who had been fine before. Because the NFL policy when he was with Cincinnati. And it wasn't an insignificant five meter to look it up I think there's like 20025000. Dollars a you can say raise rich that's not the but that's a lot of money. Even if you're rich a lot of my putting them if you're giving up because you tweet it most expensive X most expensive tweet ever 25000 dollar. So yeah the policy is pretty clear. And then these guys they and they know even if you don't have a policy in place there's. And that's our atomic I guess I got no common sense even if even if your team says I don't care what you do. Yeah do with their. I don't know another coach up after the end of they. You're going to AFC championship in your excited so your round your guys you guys who made it possible. And you're just you're getting are a recap. Of the game. As a matter of fact if he had been listening I don't know Tomlin mentioned it. But if you are if you're that selfish and you view that. Impressed with yourself until listened because he might mention how you won the game with a great third down reception. The players if it's funny you should say that because that I was looking through the Pittsburgh media. About what was the reaction in Pittsburgh to this Ron cook writes for the Pittsburgh post is there. He wrote and I am quote and I quote. I got mad and Antonio Brown when he took excessive celebration penalties against Washington Kansas City and Indianapolis. When he nearly was thrown out of the New York Jets game for lowering plates honoring Mohammed Ali against NFL rules. When he jogged back to the line of scrimmage against Miami when the Steelers were in their two minute offense because he was unhappy the ball didn't come to him. He then called the video silly and unnecessary. But they didn't give Mac has it made him laugh when he saw a guy who was having the time of his life. The Pittsburgh post gazette Paul's ice thought it was great. That Mike Tomlin called out the patriots. He liked to hear Tomlin calling out the patriot Mike Tomlin proved Sunday night he's no different than roughly 89 point 8% of the population of the world based on my. Very unscientific polling data it turns out that Tomlin told hates the Bill Belichick Tom Brady and the patriots. So I'm not I'm talking to him on Thursday. By all lies in Varnado ultimate. Lazy yeah well yeah. It now now what are apparently small world he he had in mind the video cameras could turn on whether it's out there is a lot of history. Paul. I don't I do think it looks worse for Tom and for Antonio Brown. All I know yet not even a little Avi does doesn't look bad for Tomlin app. It doesn't look like politic or you can get a bad it's I don't I document well on the big deal I don't know how he said I thought I was in Iraq I say Belichick never happy with Belichick right at it and there's there's reasons why it wouldn't happen with. With what a what they've Belichick team and not solely because of Belichick and looked and forced I think enforcer up. But their other guys in place who say. Write and talk does have one of those guys Tomlin says it was selfish. Of of Antonio Brown to do it any basically said keep doing that you'll be here any longer. Yeah Ben Roethlisberger. During that little speech that Tomlin had a today let's let let's let's chill was below profile occupy a social right yet so he has the same thing that that. Thomas has the same thing the Belichick has in place. Guys who don't like it yet it happened. Right and those guys listen to both our belt sick in the leaders on the team. We when we brought this up a couple of weeks ago when sort asking about you know. We Kara asked surrounded by about don't take trips and to and having him in you know during your your days off. He's there hey we have we have good leaders on this team we can't trust everybody. Says the same things are that you as a coach but it's also a year your captains and got the paso Antonio Brown. I don't think really respects Mike problem that much and I don't think you respect Ben Roethlisberger that much. Birdies please do diet and Ben Roethlisberger said today he was disappointed is that sort of a brown and it. But it can only go so far with a grown man right. Right now college football that we're we're reporting college football standards are there college football logic on pro football. At his college football coach and the psych guy is lack of institutional control that the linemen in the NCAA. And and coaches have to live with that you should know what your guys are doing put a football. You are talking about the U three guys you are talking like guys who you think are professionals. And you would never imagine if somebody would do something like I'm not really gonna put that on Tom and put them on and on Antonio. The fact that it's happened throughout the year and what did he Norah don't get and I'm not questioning about it where to find out doesn't regulate as the stories that I was reading about him I can I didn't know that he was doing it either but the stories said this is somebody's been doing it. Del you found today that he's been paid by FaceBook it is this is part of his need a lot of laps later Michael Phelps paid. I Antonio Brown has been paid to do this. But but I didn't know. Like doing FaceBook like post is one thing. Doing it while the coach is speaking in a lot from is even doing that all season to see that or I even posting videos on pay our. Posting on FaceBook live and other times I think he's been posting your FaceBook live on other times and in the locker room and other times I've got quite does not like not like what we saw this week that's why I imagine they got the most attention was because Mike Tomlin got picked up men that write another headline -- -- maybe that hasn't happened but if you know that this guy is so active in all of this you need to probably. Circle back around and check with him and say just make sure group were followed all of our policies right McConnell got beat could be a personality be a character go on this thing with the stars being in these commercials. Do you that's fine. But there's also certain rules that you need to fall and just sort of respect for the team that you default. And got a didn't say you know once it has that was Mike Tomlin and it wasn't me it was still under state. That aside. That voice it is just projecting. And over and whatever Antonio Brown is talking about what Antonio Brown was really see him much of the but I just after I got there today you're out there revive. So according to the media today there was a contentious meeting between Carmelo Anthony and his boss yet. Now Carmelo Anthony's got a no trade clause and supposedly his boss was asking if he wanted to be a member of the Nixon he gets to decide these things. When Mike Tomlin meets with a Antonio Brown will that be a contentious meeting probably. Or will that be as simple look you're right Mike I screwed up I'm sorry it'll never happen again what are the chances that half. I think if Antonio Brown has since Huber who going with this fall I did not kick your match up a lot of meeting here I am there are hammered the coats. That don't don't believe what the media tells you what happens in this meeting you gotta see it all right here in coach Thomas can coach. Giving here's my form relied. We have forty we got 47 K. We live. Certainly look quickly at some of the I guess after the wild card win over the dolphins. Brown showed off the media's from the fans so that's the thing Perry's I don't but he did that. Fall in the team's win over Cincinnati in week fifteen. He did a live video from the team airplane side at a conference at the same but but so he's done a bunch of these videos and again I don't I I doubt problem's been picked up but you know he's been doing them right after these game. A boat mechanic and adds I've mentioned how certain things is it's hard. Excellence is often underrated. And keep you said yesterday several times during training now but I think it just doesn't stick it doesn't take. Some New England Patriots are only playing in their sixth consecutive. AFC championship threat. And they're at around here or to think him and okay. Well I yeah I forgot now that's not normal. I happens and who was six years old after a series said to me is it that went to the horses Super Bowl again here's the not that easy the bad but Purdue did you don't break it makes it everywhere every year though it's like they've been one game away. From going to the Super Bowl actually just think six years. And and you don't even think it didn't sound that long but pictures at Pittsburgh but with some things up earlier six years ago it Charlie Sheen in the hole. When he was six years of years ago and tiger blood knowledge that six years ago you had a a wedding. That lasted a little longer than Zdeno Chara ship that was Kim Kardashian and and Chris Humphries or Celtic great. Execute six years ago. Three former Celtic what. But apparently a good night when everybody is there any rhetoric. I really think about it the better swimmer than Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte at that needs. He beat its bloggers values that are available those guys in a way more about that and has rubber gloves that anybody should know. Now face up and reformer how how time flies now over six years. Guess who's six years old now but secure that coming up on six years little Blue Ivy. Really yes because six years ago beyoncé. Said a Twitter record which she announced our. Aid Atlanta baby hello baby bump a little baby bump I remember that are not notre. Well you look opportunistic years ago today pitchers are six years what have yet to bella and it was a Twitter record I think. 8600 tweets per second. On beyoncé now that's what about beyoncé. I have pretty much that many guys don't settle a camera and a so it. It's amazing how wow time flies even let the patriots paying six years ago. Who was on that roster with their defense was. Talking about their defense. It's amazing how that transition how they've just re imagine the team the defense and a got to the Super Bowl. And that's when Milosevic giants. About how bad the defense was it sterling war. Are on their defense had Julian cattlemen playing corner in an AFC championship game. I'm Matthew Slater playing safety. FC championship game crazy because your defense was this. I became fixtures and he'd cancer is now. And it did that a week running back then beds are and if so we're gonna have now. Was bidding there. Beneath the abilities are as it was either offer their prime back in 667. Yards. Well. It's a BenJarvus green and back here yeah green Ellis at eleven touchdowns. We've got to its and and you well to guide you out eleven the that the with my number who's on our roster six years ago. They know he was on here at home you can you I'll I'll. Or six years ago or general manager. Was not the very astute. Very shrewd. Old Zachary. You know it looked awful act on ice. Tea. I did take the guys took allotment that I ever get a horrible happens that you guys rip that off me. Tactical Hugo young bill was working for. You. It. Ever been came into the interview you know I'll say there's no way since I. You loved me hole. One. Is drug testing everything here again again this broker said jobless here it's how pleased look on your face in the back. Some people look like nice guys that are not. But some of the battle all the nice that's because he knew you hired before you into all day that the rest of the story. We had that look you look at his basic leader. By the way why don't at this text to point at six years ago was chicken and beer. Now what does law should. Just don't count and knowing the patriots have come through yeah. What they've gone through. Mark over the years at all they do is win which is why the rest of America. Hates us Charlie's team trades away. Jeff Brown fades away. All this stuff. I was at that Charlie Sheen concert on August it was a comedy tour de into the robbery no he was that. Ed EU went up tutors that began a Serena. That's where we see who is an absolute train was there anybody there it would react what is paktia it was a big deal. He can I am Wednesday in Atlanta just I don't know if he did actually in it and every parent watch it would. The patrons were match and at AFC championship game sixers are gonna pay the ravens right yes since the ravens and that's supposed to be the great rivalry in this team has made the playoffs the last two years. So just the consistency. Of that stat right there now you got to pay it off to go to six treaty AFC championship games eleven. Overall for Brady and Belichick. I think this one. You've got to you've got to knock this one down and win the Super Bowl otherwise that's what happens that's the byproduct of getting to twenty championship games right until I. As you know some organizations get to a conference championship you get excited. Give the Super Bowl we get excited not not anymore. Act one closes 6177797937. Davids out in Springfield. Hated I you don't. Hey Michael usher. L. It caught me would do it guys need it anyway but our I think our last week you're you're really writing lately Africa. Got curry comment and I wanted to take it to help all you know what he's done and what else about you know him he's such a patient runner. And our. You know it apart that we played doing in the playoffs since two dominant or. I mean public got to do it godly gut instinct I'd like you know how much is that. You tell unless you're a Steelers fan club I would say hi to answer. Honestly we. Know. I'll open the obelisk. No gimme nightmares and I just think you'll late elbows. You know opened up in park in if you like Roger black and brown you know so I mean we can core point. You know can we and it strikes that you know each spectacle that gonna cut and I think. At that particular over yet it. This market went so. Other obviously electorate is a championship game ever shot how are Obama let him go he's great great running back. I just I was amused by the changing the game comment. I think stepped curry said of himself that I'm change brining people upset about him this way just it looked so we'll sit about a point four. If your what is it people will tell you about it. I don't know what to tell them know what he could do William bell to you if you're running back right now how do you change the game. They're like we've never had patient runners before I read page are we gonna Oregon are straight passes to them had great running backs before to have that. And then they bring great running backs and his organization a key point is that not what they're not like him though. But you know Franco Harris you know pretty pretty fair running back knows this guy was Boston and can't and so is Jerome Bettis you know two good backs. In Pittsburgh Steelers history. Yes so we'll soon see and they may Ian and five years I'll say hey let me on your absolutely right you change the game and look at the whole running back position a different about a a because of what you contributed what do you date non. 6177797937. Lewis is in Pittsburgh they Lewis I don't. It our yeah well thank you. That's legitimate comment a couple of minutes ago that all they do all New England doesn't win and that's why that is why there is. We're talking about the as the six year period yes. Well let's start one for how many years and then I did not Eragon. But it is because you win at hated because your arrogance. Who's arrogant. Ballots sacked Brady. Everybody that deals with that it it thought it it's not a situation where everybody's Chela because you win a lot of teams went. Continue and and I I am I'm not arguing a lot of time a lot of things don't don't Wear light fabric but I just explained. Thing and that and that the that there hated because they went their hated broader reasons not column that I am just didn't. I never call and dealt talk you can afford and you keep working Pittsburgh. But. If you didn't know no I never knew it. Party I always sort of what he had an arrogant and Pittsburgh what's the arrogance of of radioactive probably guess what you think a Belichick Lotta people say that what what what do you think why do you think Brady is Eric. It. And talk to describe it arrogance probably went great word here for Brady it hit the hole. The opposite of its target in the and to get money like very jumping out the screaming at the wrap up and falling down and he got that kind of bombs out. And note no quarterback has that right I saw I saw that happening. I saw that happening throughout the playoffs and that's all. If it'd been the NBA out of its regular what should continue because. I'm not to let you off the hook with a common that you wanna change a word from target to something of them dual agenda and done a good job of describing Brady's arrogant. As in the it if it did in the NBA the Packers cowboys game guys would have been given technicals for going at the officials have thrown out of the game they are constantly. So. I mean to give me something else Lewiston Maine if it is Brady's arrogant attitude. Pretty pretty. And and that Brady never wanted to behead Brady all that carried it right argued to make the joke that people go. He's ducking out of the way don't wanna get propped up at all. Yeah but that and then wanna be yeah sure doesn't wanna be hit he's quarterback who wants to be had does this Ben Roethlisberger like. They like you said. Erin Crocker opens up about dogs are whining and crying and all of outlet to bide. Brady do that every time he gives every time Brady gets hit he doesn't. To get straw poll you know we get troubles. That's got now that's not what you said no you said he gets open and lines in pals like a child when he doesn't he does every time Brady gets. Does he do it all the time. And it got you there and get a ribbon applicants at. He gets there ought to start getting really upped. Yes he gets upset when he gets hit with the busy berate the officials every time. I thought that many people that gives us want that won the cult. But I can't really wants to call on all that can't be the reason you has since made the pitchers because that I like so. It opened and now you're defending Al that. Well. I'm not defending gala Obama up I'm gonna move on from a Brady is that I don't like I was great answer but what I have a Belichick's arrogance where's where's the arrogant we're the patriots are again. Think Belichick there at all. I know I'm just asking our eyes and food gut guy you you've got. Married so. All that's all I want to go ahead to the floor. I. Just want. And there are all wrapped up to one. Or arrogant. I think they're on earth I think if well listen I think the frustrating at times because we want him to tell us every day so I ask you about the on those the return I don't know handled that does not Lewis you you might be right in some people might agree with you. I'll be glad Britain which he didn't offend you got a resilient very special your work. I think it is the winning I think it comes down to the winning them within the winning you can. You know point out things like that Tom Brady scream at officials with a high pitched voice yes I can see you lie if you weren't a fan. Doubt drive you nuts you see Bill Belichick the way he handles reporters and interviews if you already don't like him in the team you can use that there I don't I don't like that part about him if he was the exact opposite if he was Rex Ryan but he was still winning you'd say -- like how I was joking around volatile leader of find ways to not like them. But it all comes back to winning. Non stop winning yet you're here say that's what do DNS and apps and what an annual look for a reason why that team that always wins pisses you law well. I'm surprised he went to Eric route because most people in Pittsburgh was saying she'd. No goats and give him credit for being you don't say anything out Eric data yet. We don't like the patriots because they win it is not as their arrogance because they cheat. Now we hate that about 61777. I get ready for Thursday I guess god help me out about somebody you know former ultimate good luck Thursday. 6177797937. Is telephone number tax lined 37937. Dale and Holley with key Sports Radio W media.

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