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Bradfo Sho, Ep. 3: Jackie Bradley Jr.

Jan 15, 2017|

Rob Bradford is joined by Jackie Bradley Jr. to discuss race in baseball and in Boston, along with the importance of Martin Luther King Day. The Red Sox outfielder also dives into how he never really felt comfortable in a major league clubhouse until last year, the approach he's taking heading into 2017, and why he's not playing in the World Baseball Classic.

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I. Adam Rose show. That might open definitely probably would have brought that I don't. A way where you don't know what you're. Brad boat show. That's delicious. We're very fortunate to have us. One of the main man in the Red Sox LP field the man dude who helped invent one of the greatest celebrations. Of all time post games Philip. How hungry are you good man are you us or you're down you've got the pat down in Florida a year and down in Naples Fort Myers or. Yeah Naples yet it. Okay so if what are you look so good so these are you in that sort of rhythm now of Horry is forbidden in for awhile of the you just had on noted jetBlue. He sees whoever pour sell low there Bobble sin of well over there I don't know wells like Travis we we. We we talked to him about a month ago and I said hey listen I'm really really sorry that you bought a house in the got traded so I don't know if he's hanging around there too but. Is there you just go there into that group. Yeah yeah definitely among them in the routine the Bane. I've been for the past two years it seemed like. I think that that. One of the advantages of having a play. So close were myers'. Not only being able. Did not work in and to see the trainers and staff that normally would eat throughout the year. I'll like. In baton to extra month that they have mapped out and work hard every copy it and let and they Utley out and get a plate in Naples because. Other ball. I got to play with that we actually enjoy it then and it eating it and thought that it would you agree cedar ridge apparently it. Well you said it works out the fact is that I think is Vick Rodriguez the assistant hitting coach he still there are a pretty regular basis. Yeah absolutely yeah there yes though. No listen if you ever get traded you did that you have to be like Travis in and have to do you know be there. And not be allowed. In the jetBlue complex you know they put up the gate for him he can't get in anymore he he's gonna get a face pressed against the glass announcing guys that work out right. Had yet but the liked best. When I was there you go figure everything out and Travis. Scraper in the mind and you know he was in there early this year working real hard and not about the pollute forum and I hope not and what the best form. Yes are you guys are what you were you watch in the what were you watching that was the national championship game. So Bob. Play out at Ohio State. That there is your game hit an eight years yeah I went over to his place. And round and out. Yeah well. Well it goes so you know I was going through some things you know week in and we've known each other for a few years now and I'm obviously you try to. Try to. And find different angles and different things and interesting stuff to talk about it has gone through some paths often one thing that have never ever asked you about that I just found out today. I had no idea that your related to Michael Jordan. Yet. And I actually am. A little different than between he probably doesn't know. My parents and now. Mean who knows when I was younger and and actually funny but that found his grandfather. Came you know. In the country you have like the giant like and we were union. And we were out like a little. Com big party it up like that were there around with it hang out he. Have a good time. Have been probably about eight years old. Went on that grandfather. Came I got me am. I'm adamantly. Statement like that and is it. His grandfather. And my grandmother's. Grandmother. Our brother and sister. With a or. Blade by you have to are still eleven madness right. I have not met her Tokyo by here's the thing and so are related. Two up one in the first pilgrims governor William Bradford. And this got me through. This gave me the street cred to get me through Thanksgiving in the U city and your thought there's like eight years old you found out that's the right right. Yeah yeah yeah I mean this is only as good as the governor William Bradford thanks critics Thanksgiving street cred is being related to Michael Jordan at eight years old. I mean that is that if that is the coach to write are you must've. Been. Put out what ain't so. Out past the other crops yet. But I will it wouldn't let it doesn't matter it doesn't matter because the the good the minute you walk onto a basketball court. It's they don't know if you knew that automatically it soon that's that that's and it it's that's that you're you're going to dump me gotta be at a all the tests. Acute tripled you've. But I knew I found that pretty interesting. So. The did that to talk a little bit about the here in the now one thing that one that been meaning to ask you because of the year that you hadn't because of what you've established yourself in the world of Major League Baseball you were going to be in the conversation for the World Baseball Classic are you planning on playing in that. I am not. I was. They reached out bombed apple aren't much interest. And it got hurt you know I'll be but the net. Be there into it and then wanted to be a part. But then about you know product that back in. I'm. I'm still kind of you don't jump start my career. I'm have a little a little harder now so if not I hadn't think it was going to be. Worse. Those two the two and a half three beat a time I would get in and let. Quit being in spring training now more Obama a routine. I get to come home every single day at buying a player in the World Baseball Classic. I won't be able to do that. And both their travel it. Confident. On the west. Oh. Know at the beginning at the end of last year when I harder it was born. You know what a lot of long road trips. So my dad I got an entire twelve and thirteen day that a and but it is it's important for me. It stayed here for a couple months maybe next time when asked if I hopefully get that opportunity in an air rises and now. I'll be at a different stage in my life and career. Yeah well I'd Newt's. I don't know how many times you talked the were so low about that we're so lucky we're talking to him earlier early in the offseason abuse right around when he won Cy Young. And he said the same thing I mean not about the daughter but the same thought about it. About hey you are mighty what what works for me last year in the preparation and everything else. With the Boston Red Sox in spring training the ranked team. Worked it worked for you last year right. App that absolutely and it it some I'm not going to be a go to work out that way I want to Vietnam doing orbit are classic I mean it's something not. Been able to establish and not feel comfortable with Tom. I got out continuously get better round not stand it I couldn't. But the baseball classic but. It is. Where I wanna be right now at. Home with family. Yeah every you'd do the home with a family and like you said I think that also you're in a spot now where. You'll have to I mean you're always trying to prove yourself I get that. Bye bye we understand what you you've proved yourself enough as a Major League players say Jackie Bradley is a center fielder for the Boston Red Sox. And that also buys you a view that time in spring training. To do what you need to do to get ready for spring training in other words for you'll have to go out and hit like your usual 450. In Fort Myers for eight. Aren't exactly exactly and that you know with back. It's bed. I'm I'm glad I can just focus on in my work and actually preparing. And that. Thinking about something and I can't control. Yeah well this is this'll kind of be the first real spring training I feel like that back conversation is out the window. I even last year was a lefty righty thing and everything else this year already ill do you feel that way. And I do I do. You know it's not up I'm up a comfortable but at bat at a comparable. Spain and no one can take back my position because. You know any time you played it you know things happen. That's not somewhere where I wanna be I'm always continuously try to get better. Robert. Have you talked to have you talked to some your teammates about. Though the World Baseball Classic in and like move for instance move keys in its gonna play I know. But they're in there was a real possibility there was going to be a lot of guys missing but I think. More guys are certainly the pitchers are taken this in the same approach you're talking about but he talked the mu Q about it or anybody else. Actually haven't I haven't. Pitches that get that it would be a little different. You know they're. Thorn program that I get to be a little different and I think it went up a lot sooner than they normally would you that it each spring training. Get everything off. Geared up and doubt being blown out a pretty much have to be ready. During spring training in order if they compete at a high level at the world as well but the. Yeah it's a distance as my bio it that I can imagine. I I can imagine I gather it in in I get that people and represent the country and people were excited over when it happens but you know it's more exciting doing well in the regular season. Anyway are the little guy right up wrote it yeah I mean that's it's. It. When it really matters in that. You know obviously revenue country the big being mean not definitely enjoyed it went out and college being it would have been clicking like dale mark. The chest. At this stage in my particular career. I do need to you know get things done that for. Picketed at that step. Yet now in the league says you have a routine and you've the routine goes back to December January or February and then storming on and to to the regular season speaker of the regular season had a good one last year. Com the first question I wanna ask you is. You made some adjustments heading into. This past year. Have after going through a whole year of it in that putting up the numbers he did. Is there anything that particular one thing that you say I want to do this better I learn from this past. 2006 season and I know that I can use that adjustment to be battered to them seventy. Think about it booked our consistency. As good as he with apartment. The work that I put in with very consistent. But you know it is going to be able to compete to perform at a high level. Every single night and one thing that always had a bad stretch in the past couple years is. Strikeout less yeah you know each year so far mind. Strikeout percentage has gone down. I wanna continue that and the next year I felt like you. Struck out last year there's several more opportunity. If you will look bigger lead put the ball in play or make it up another. Did you feel. In in the playoffs when the narratives going around the playoffs way is that. A lot of the younger players would be in the playoff for the first time who is that the atmosphere in. Everything else took. Your group of younger players sort of out of your game and I'm not saying you're in particular. By Eric everybody right I mean so it's is the Pedroia and Ortiz thing we're not playing like ourselves we have this go out and play our game. Looking back now do you sense that that was a good experience in that respect. I'm I don't honestly doubt I agree with the whole. Accurate bearded and indeed be too much. We just that you now or. They beat us fair and square on the got to give credit where you know credit Duke. You know sometimes you go because it is at all about how about getting hot at the right arm and Cleveland that you can see what they were hot then. Overall I think anytime you get to experience. In playoff baseball you're definitely learning. Year. You know looking forward to bet the next opportunity in game and you know did not implement sight excitement about it I know going into it. Everyone is partly that just soak it up yeah and it. Dead I mean that's pretty much enjoy it that there's not many people get to get this particular resist. Yeah yeah I mean I Aden in. Now what do things always fascinates me about the playoffs in the post season is how everything's micro manage in im not going for terms apparent tension. But in terms of scouting reports. And all of office in I don't know as a player if you feel that if you feel. Even when you guys sit your own scouting report if it feels different that we are going through every little thing in. Every pitch is so bored if. Actually agree acting you know. I think to try to do less. But then there's others who are gonna over ink or not I'd be too much and I understand it just. Trying to prepare. But it ended today that all comes down there in between the lines. And not thinking about paper out and everything paper wind though. You know I'm mom all about. Let the let it go to game do the. So that that's good news because they sent on paper the Cleveland Indians might be the best teams about the economic and it's a don't know are you exactly paper that. About it before our. So. You you know what one bit of paper which I want to congratulate you on is the first paycheck that you receive this year. And and it it listen I mean this is. It's it's. If this is the evolution of a baseball player but there is the bit there is some sense of accomplishment I would imagine. For being to get to that level in the major leagues number one which you were super to write for arbitration oak. Yet there okay so you were you will you would have been eligible for arbitration but you settle in on the contract numbers have now. Next year you go in again and if you can settle again but you settle for three point six million. This is. You know me you you worked hard to get to this point that's a lot of money in I've talked other players about this there there is in. But besides actually getting that first paycheck the sense of accomplishment of becoming he millionaire. Me do that that you at all. Yeah yeah definitely. I went from a distance away from by the way it's this that if I come Fasano that might be a millionaire and they keep. I have not generally promoted at all. You know but that's actually signing. Signing bonus. You know it is obviously the most money did I seen it mightn't like. And so. Note to be. A multimillionaire. That's something that you'd you'd I always dreamed of as a kid. Ever develop a little boy and I apple my grandmother at age. For Adam Everett molecular yesterday. And out watching TV with there and I would always stellar. Adult or watching. Baseball that. I'm I'm gonna be a millionaire. Out one baker I'm on I'm when Appleby off. And LaDainian that I believe Ukraine I believe you and he supported me. One day warrant and well. Signing on my. Contract. I think about it out of college. Well that first step in order to accomplish it and you know what I dreamed of at the little boy in. Won't cut it it's not that look back trying to keep moving forward and stay focused. When you win you so what you agreed to this deal. Problem. Is at the first thing you thought of is that those sort of thing that goes through your head of oh what it took to get there or what you said you're Graham mom anything like that are. Yeah yeah I'd bet on bet going on. Both boasting about how they're actually working out at the time. And I got the phone call and you know with something you're very excited about but out that'll work out but it's a bit wanna. You know credit he sort. So a kind of waited. Held my round wide and apparent is that that not. Think about. You know the whole situation. And now it's something that I never for it and I bet that elude definitely excited. Wells where that you bench press 400 pounds that day. Because I adrenaline coursing through your means that it's actually you were there what they did off the lifted if I agreed to a three point six million dollar contract. I would be I knew it would be I have the most insane work out of all time zone. I I would have great work got to promise that. Little consolation I'll still. The throw last things is that you'd when this is going to be published this podcast is going to be Martin Luther King Day. And I remember going to actually talk to you a few years ago about Jackie Robinson and and we actually saw the Jackie Robinson movie together you had no idea but we did I was in the theater and back. But. But talk about what Jackie Robinson meant do you win. And in so. EU growing up when this Martin Luther King Day and in what it's what it means to everybody in the country what does what does that mean do you mean for for somebody both because that means a day off by four but it took effect but it we shouted like recently you know which should drink that was veterans' day Lucian the ticket for Memorial Day what's it wasn't always meant for you. It's not more than just that you look up the right leader on our role model. He's he's definitely helped. Change. A lot of change not only. And nick hit his state is speedy but the whole country. I have a dream speech is. Been laid out of like a platform. And obesity is definitely what that that role model. All African American kids are. Kids of all the races as he is not a everybody Thabeet between equal yeah and that was the message that he preached and benefited day. You know I'm here. Everyone will want that or. I know I laid back you. Right railroad in terms of that does this go to baseball was live African Americans in baseball and I think we might have talked about this before too. Have you noticed any difference. In in the acceptance of I don't know oh. After all of the African American community of saint baseball is the place to be because I can site you the numbers from a few years ago that the percentage of African Americans playing baseball is down. By deep do you notice any difference. Yeah I mean I knew it down I mean we are. We attacked a the American players. And I know that the numbers and percentages. And I think I got my apology before it's. It's there it's at now it's a numbers game. And it it comes. How can you be successful the quickest. And football and basketball con how loud that they don't really have that. In between step process with baseball it got a minor league you have to. Partly make adjustment is it grinding it it's a lot slower process. So that's why everyone. Most African American Eagle. You know played a basketball football program Arnott put it away. But. Now but how are out I wanna say it on the incline it live look on the decline yeah I would see some. Yeah without the bullet on the incline on. Right now. I loved it I'm always. If it ever let. Anything stripped away from it. You know it's. We week there around Boston recently there was a thing about Jae Crowder I don't know if you helpful but you fall this about the down. So so basically Jae Crowder the Celtics the he said he was upset with the Hanford. Cheering for Gordon Hayward is Gordon Hayward of Utah was loose with white. Who is going to be a free agent but obviously the faintest wanted him as a free agent like the ones that Kevin Durant. And and eat some people took it the wrong way they set help how Boston look at Boston cheering for the white guy again in. Take Krause and that's ridiculous and everybody else that that's ridiculous. And in most of people said listen you know I can only speak for myself but this is of this hasn't been a problem. From your from your perspective as an African American professional athlete in Boston how has the experience then. Its the overall overall experience I have had. I think. I guess it terribly negative said about me I like him back only about my experience. And now. At the hole I mean you'll have some people here in the air but then at. Assist some people. Not at not a majority it Gillick everybody and a majority it carefully. Oh definite adjustment period for me I. And I'm from the south so. The weather for one but you. Went what adjustment and you know just. People doubt personality as well. Certain times. I felt like. Opening it like opening door heard. Curve for people. And not here and thank you you know how are always say you're welcome. There at the gate in the to have a response but like I bet that not that bad everywhere. Others that you know I've. I've enjoyed my time. And Adam Bostick I don't. Nothing negative that it is. Say about it. I know my wife enjoyed it though. I got that any doubt about it very well. And I haven't heard any. Being parked me directly. To me. Bit negative. Right and it's in the you know what I mean David Price I think there was a recent article. On the Boston Globe and he said yeah I got that you know there's there's of their business random guy people here and there but. But overall it's. He's he's a said the same thing basically use that I think that they can only speak for himself by you can't control they are the the out wires and and that's just to recap that's how you feel that it's. Right yeah me ultimately get social media I mean. And erratic and write something. But. I don't think people are probably the same people who were irked the line you know Biggio get an autograph. I want it. Take it how it is going it. Going back to business. Yeah maybe I guess my last question in this respect is that. Did you like you said you came from the south it is totally different rate and everything else. Yeah well. Was it was before you got the Boston was there any. Perspective or any perception. Of all of Boston isn't going to be welcoming place. Coming up hurt I've heard a lot of different things. Knowing that often let the last. America only eighteen. Now have a our American player on. MLB. On that. Knee. Every they're a little bit about yawkey. Com. And how. Outlook I believe you're not a slave owner calm. Back in the day. While he was he was up did you he worthless and he was a racist guy. He was slower. By nearly. But he was he was a ray of in this and that and the fact you said it pumps you green. He was the first African American and good for you for research and looking back because it's true. Mean you can't just this is the conversation right you can't we can't help what happened we can't ignore what happened. Era began so well and then coming out mom amateur look at it coming out out. Really. I my mom definitely able to you know. Beat up there banquet and beat my mind about that comparable. Was talking about current situation where I mean other thing you know coming in and down. But I act I don't like that kind of up distract me from. The goal at hand. I'm area. Compete on help my team win for back from my family. And so I everything else's. Everything O. I'll spoke it and I wanna win and that's what are out or dump it. Write him in in like you said the you say you hear things in in new research things and everything else but. With the with the premise that the here in the now when you did get here besides the sort of the the random social media people and the that's what the the impolite miss of the northeast. Brad wasn't bye bye it was it was the other stuff wasn't what you thought it would be your or. Did did Boston does seem like another place another northeast place. Ahmad Al what they would have anything I got that there LA compared to. Not yet played. How are struggle and Tom. It out of fourteen. I think bella. Probably the most. Great this type thing that were directed toward me I'm Garnett. But at the golf growing pain. You know if you don't know work on. What someone's been through on paper they've been through. In a and I hard to make that judgment you know they aired. Judging solely up both performance. And my my career which by the way it was just getting started though. You know there is that we a lot of room to grow and improve. And if they're not willing to put the work in and I feel like last year was. Stepping stone in and so now. Well I think that the fact that you have a Bobble heads at all. Of view with flu with the Lowell spinners Bobble her abilities. Needed ski jumping you don't yeah yeah yeah today. Dog does the last question I have to ask that and thank you for answered all these questions honestly and openly. And but the last question is is what I think some of the Red Sox Nation people wanna know which is are you guys gonna continue to do that thing you do at the unity. I don't know I don't know we haven't we haven't the that they sing him. I'm sure we'll all pop up we will look to build around. Well it's regret that this that's a spring dirty floor right every you have so that's why I'm sitting around and and you another view will be finishing off games until maybe the end of march anyway so you you work didn't right by the time gave these games and you guys are out home in your living rooms on the golf courses talking about. When we actually finished a game this is what we're going to. Right or not do you don't know we don't like little like the mix things up and I feel like I'm not a polite some not. You know their mark answered the call call so I'll look out while the whole got a kick Tom. But you know hang around you know. Rock and in it and being. Market those other really young for both the you know it what brought order to me Brock order in the let. No we live where we're deadly. I get a younger group. And we would make sure you eat while art. Yeah all made this is your clubhouse now I mean I I honestly it was your your group are not saying you individually but you're part of a group. That it's this it was Dave Ortiz is club hosts in to a certain extent Pedroia about it. I got that sense last few Jackie that. Now. We're going to put our look at the only Killian. Darted I don't know I don't the come. But is that this is your club this is your you ice here is how different right. 2015. You guys are all trying to figure out how to be major leaguers and Europe in and last year you are major leaguers you're successful major leaguers. So now you can this is our clubhouse it's. It's it's. That's the vibe I got an. Yeah I had to play like that they're they're all you know most guys here in actually believe it or not and there really had it. Told anybody. Around but this year was the first year where I actually. Felt like I was a part of a team Tom. You know in previous years he had stayed up majority a year out of fourteen but I didn't really feel like pat. At it and I was still trying to you know work and being. I wasn't sure whether I don't know not be out there a particular time I am and Hillary don't lag. Start 2014. There it's a shame Tom got injured the last game at spring training. So I didn't get silly nit picking and he got them working even though a lot of people might think that it. So just karma it'll find myself and you know no on what I need to do on. I think this year we're actually. You know develop it'll very strong bond been close knit relationship of people not and that didn't happen that before. But at the hole. Now they put. Now put everything together. Right I mean you're at it's that's sort of natural where you have to worry about yourself. You what you're doing so he can stay in the major leagues now you're in the Major League aren't right now you're the major leagues like OK you know I'd. If if I go by have a bad week and still going to be in the major leagues in knowing that. Like in like him were talking about the I can help out my teammates and not feel like what are you doing helping me out help yourself for a so yeah so I don't know fine art it is that well but whenever I tried yeah. It's as if I'd Jackie say thanks so much. I guess we'll see in a couple that you coming up you're coming up for all the festivities this week. Yeah I'll be up there okay awesome I look forward to target the ambit thanks so much in and I talked Houston. Problem but it brought.

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