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OMF - Reports claim Trump has had some golden interaction in Russia, and and the Celtics can't play with Toronto 1-11-17

Jan 11, 2017|

The guys start the show talking about the report of Trump being compromised by Russians, and get into last night's Celtics loss.

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All of you read it. Fort Wayne were moaning and 48. Tonight my spot tonight. The feeling more. The. Political and Lou when Christian awesome people are the most reasonable people on -- they really are periodically are there's a term for people from Massachusetts which ends in all sorts of mass bristle at this feeling like the universe does not get them they they can't even enjoyed success if it's if it fit their fifth. Let me now on Sports Radio WEEI. Tiger. Kidman. The success. Of fun with six. Don't put it shy away from. Everything being who you know he's talking about we don't like it when people say you think you're racist if it bought your community go. That's always his get a little pissed off with with that. Okay how many different ways can we talk about. Without actually usually easy exact phrase how how can we do this throughout this and they want us to do before our radio show. President elect is gonna speak in and I had a shower this one will go up missile shout at him. Now trading at some eliminated this morning I that I RIA was going to have some golden orange juice I was not allowed it's not on. It's Australian tourism official day of year or the guys they too but they ones what they want relieving Kaiser fat load he's out here and now you realize this. Were yesterday seemed like another day to make you really I don't know rolled in here already creeks. I had already cranked down to the irritable and quit smoking you're just giving up pat pounced on the south lecture you know I don't. When you lecture you show explaining my today. Joining me today Amber's great comes in goods and went hey orbit this will be great and still went on for Papa there. Senator or Saudi terror group footer who routinely did you hope that it may be a nephew might get a free can Kate feels like you're just like are you feeling that somebody else's material. Here Jolie say that earlier you really show you would be here without. All the judges don't like to tell you what their skin is very. Lot of limitations are you as man and O'Malley does it ever been in our office that much of a game you can say what you can't see coarsening and I bet. But nothing like this you know the worst thing for Joseph because Joseph used to produce the show and no standard the worst thing for Joseph he's he's got a wakeup. Before 6 o'clock to listen to the first app out I eagerly worked out into the show. So like when we get we also own management and Oregon he listens to listen to the show from even if he's doing jumping jacks whatever it is he's running sprinting he's listening to that show. And then every now and I got to stop or does not put Balaguer on the phone at the Texas Sally at all but god I got. I really. God I sell the president elect will speak in an hour and we will try to work around the conversation. And yet engage in the conversation. For at least up amid if you read summit. It's pretty funny stuff now I don't how true it is maybe it hits and could very well be true. Billy bush does he make trips over too well. To Russia anybody check. See a Billy bush is part of the that party. Bugs and nothing really surprises me with with this whole campaign mechanics of surprises me about any of these pipe in but it's just it apart was like I do want this to be true because part of it's like refund dislike laugh about it electric. But it but I think it's a president elect like regardless of feel authorship. Of the job the president. Of the united paid Christian you deal with the sitting press with cigars and an intern. And the blue dress as guys even in yet I know these aren't asking us and we artists that didn't. And like emperor and it is going to be you know I just think we're having this the first president to kind of you know. Did little freaky was you know to be we should begin freak you out. They count you know little naive to think that one and only one of these and these are these are deplorable Stew or there are no immediate. Any pat working girls and out and that deplore. Their idea or uninteresting people accused of grasping on to this you know on Twitter like it was. No question of fact they would never even think of questioning at all I don't have an hour you know like it was that they're out there. Bet that he's got to get my Christmas but we were looking more gay. I hate to say it because in this is knock him though you don't think some fuel presidents like our fields and John Quincy and general that they remain freaky. Eleventh so but the terror it was going to. There was no social. Even where's that we get a pigeons would have to carry information you know I was I was missing and of solace not Amy Schumer. I think Haiti paring they're going to be marching on Washington and he got more Iverson what they say they're going to Canada. They only can't possibly utter alpha Amy Schumer do a little Hollywood though only eats said that they were going to get not a single one of them is only as of yet and I'm single. AA you know just a dollar and honest summit like simplicity you look at last yes last night she some of that little blurbs of the whole thing. The Russian regime has been cultivating supporting and assisting trump at least five years. How did they know five years five years you know running for praise you said Donald Trump might run for president. Let's start collecting info so weakened you know. Manipulate this guy blackmailed this guy would. According to write my five years ago so let's start doing that now because this game to be president so I just words folks it's just words added that five years with little trop so popular run for president. There's a V they must of us seeing you know reruns of the apprentice asserted that looks like. The next to leave out of every delegate dirt right now it was. A good car outings. Who are now. I'm thinking OK guys and they probably get like the show mostly five years later and they ended it and they you know. And they're probably watching Igawa powerful Mac fives. He sits in front of all of these famous celebrities. You look at that probably love all people rather be listed as if I wanna. Just pitching so bad. Away. Lance Ito though ten months ago if you remember there were a lot of people who thought this that whole thing was a scam that he wasn't. He was running just to get publicity for Salmonella have been much. I mean the first some actually heard of as those houses and Howard Stern and he and Donald fumbles on there. And he was like discussing again I am feel like every four years who would discuss either running for mayor governor president I'd I can do a better job. Members there was saying. Really want this but I got a pretty good life right now do you really want all this attention and I criticize them paging really what you want digging. At that time and things weren't there it's yeah. But it's not surprised at that I thought act surprised. I mean it's not like it's gonna just destroy the whole. Thought process of Donald Trump to finally get pitched OK let's just be honest I may rarely all the kiddies is gonna be more probable. Bobby no Nagano definitely wanna get us no one that would have everything that's come out and as you can and I fight back right that's my final straw that said. We just keep throws up against the wall and hope police one of the 11 thing we'll stick like one out of all the other out of everything else. Every public could see this happen in the I hate Obama I hate this guy or at least in this battle let's get real dirty. Now you know you don't you'll be sold off at all. Terry leakage and he's an analyst and eat things I don't. I got analytic and please. Some terminology worst management weren't able lawyers at fighters of Canada were I think the committee here and actually tell us what we can say when it comes to those of us. Get ready for a you're gonna get a daily happening when he's sitting in the White House you don't think this thing is going to be bizarre. You don't think they're earth is all Saturday. Absolutely material he its ordinances. I was young let's start with us and him because she's coming on at 11 o'clock am and we'll talk a lot about media Olympic park. I was whose feet. The soon to be all in Britain the united you just do not wanna see me crazy I don't off like. No management I am still waiting on weren't receiving a fight and in Canada trumps her whenever you wanna count. A so I want to quote the Celtics in the bruins' last and you tell me if you guys feel any differently. I came away from those two games last night. And I said to myself the Bruins. Look pretty much. What I think they. And that is that they're capable on certain nights of going out and playing fairly well against a fairly good team out of the road as they did last night. And yet I have no faith. That the Bruins are going to make the postseason this year. Mainly because you look at where they are right now what do we have for the picnic doesn't what you know I don't on them I don't care I am looking at the beginning of the games in hand I mean it. You know. Teams have got four games in hand against them I mean it just. And we know what they're going to be down the ending a look at their schedule. Down the end and see who their plan to get Pittsburgh again Washington right at the red at the end of the season and we've seen this act the last two years. But I watched it. And I don't Marcia and edit goodnight Carlo had a better night last might score a goal is up and playing well lately and of course it's been a terrific season overall for two grass. Who to be is the guy that's keeping him in games most tried really changed my mind on that team. What is it about the Celtics if art is change your mind on the yap because we're I don't know osu would think they were well. I thought they were a team Lou. I didn't think they were team that could challenge cleat I thought they were a team that could actually may be challenged Toronto. Get the number two seed. And then avoid Cleveland as long as possible and that leads at least have an extended playoff season. They can't play with tomorrow they're not as good as to run. We'll see about hobbled induced fires and what you think they work. Rea thought that they wore a third best team in east. They can't beat Cleveland unless barring some kind of injury. And the next step for them is to prove that they are in the class of trial. So to me there's still waiting to sort of prove this. LSU thought that they that they should you know of the that he should be the number two seed lot of people felt like they should they should be the maybe your opinion has changed of them but. No we saw last night. You know and we seem every time they play two earlier nearest wall. As it was I was if that all the five minutes to go seven point lead they wouldn't it seventeen to two run. A seventeen to two run. You know to go up by seven down whatever area was just. What the hell just happened at a can't matchup with think they don't have another guy and that's that's we've been talking about for awhile and you say what you wanna Motorola for. But they don't have under the guise of you shut down Isiah which with the quality teams will do what's res weathered a struggle and being the quality teams. Teams of the record of 600 a percentage or better their all intent against. That they shut down this number one option they don't have another guy you know Toronto DeRozan just took goal but still Lowry is there with him Alford just isn't that guy. There's no reason why they should've lost that game. People have gone has every reason there's no reason it merely. As selling us out and now I'm not look at Nassau I got that that all these Avery Bradley Avery Bradley plays and it and it's a different if ordered Bradley plays he just picks up some of the minutes and the points that you got for Marcus Moore park is part of it had a terrific game last night. You're not get that out of markets more to favored Bradley's big announcement. He's not to Serena you so you're saying that based on the way they were playing the entire game they play great game again set. The end of the third quarter it to an end of the fourth quarter they were out there it's command at two to anybody again this is as they gave the ball to the wrong guy to. This is the is a microcosm of the NBA you know why is you can't win in the postseason. Right. Does it it is the game you've always say are the only matters NBA games last two minutes three minutes rim you wanna call you can scrap you can do your thing you can get up eat in the first quarter he can be a nine in the second. You know halftime started you know it's at that chip into and a little bit but with full five minutes to go. This is why you need to superstars. There's an a playoff basketball are a big game like this. This is where they come out and they got they got a couple of up there a couple of them last night it was DeRozan maybe next on a player be Lowery. You got at least 57. Adam what is Horford. Well paid well or read a couple of real nice night out tonight points and they really what are you looking for he's not he's he's not your style he's not the guy that's going to go and take over games CI thought last night was eight typical NBA game where you learn an awful lot. There's there's a barometer. So you're right the Celtics played well in the first half. Okay they did. And a lot of times teams will do that and he'll do that out in the road and then that team that home team. That usually better. We'll sit there in the third quarter but it takes its last five minutes of the game in the fourth quarter it's usually the third quarter which that team wakes up that team suddenly wants to plight. And guess what they plate they did to they did two things in game one they went to their hot guy true. They. Enveloped. Isiah Thomas. They knew was right. There was nobody else that was going to score and that in that situation and Isaiah. Upon taking the ball right to the hole they doubled him we big bodies and it's easy to put big bodies on him they enveloped everybody but he couldn't get a shot off. That's what you gonna get a play out within a bill. That's until you still like I watched that entire game and I just. I knew I liked the the national champs of game I was like right of first Catholic guy you know Alabama's gonna smoked and I raised is that they're just too good. And then sat out his watch the rest of the game in the morning wake up realize that Clinton actually wins. Gave this game of like he'd after Gerald green's not value compromises Isiah Thomas. That seemed to be like the end for them like that was about is as good as it was gonna gekas from then on it was just they were struggling console while Russian and you're saying look I played well more must say I sedition among the game. Hope they should've. Vigilant and thought out and I got a card that I have nothing like deepest of guards on the eight relative monopoly but let's. They don't test they don't have analysts are now but they don't drink sorry knowledgeable but sort used to have a lead my point is. Put your star defensive player on DeMar Rosa would you know he's going off don't have I think it Thomas on him. Don't have him guarding him in the big and I can also rebounds. The big going to treat it if somebody else and harassing but Johnson. In the air Avery Bradley is is an elite defender we know assess the gate also played last and they lost in two rows and won 24 Lowrie went for 34. But it was there what's the difference between. Avery Bradley and market Smart defensively. Huge no I don't think it's cute. Not say Avery Bradley a little bit better only on an experienced. Chalk it cannot Marcus points came lost and hit really good English so they look at DeRozan goes off and it came in rallies or maybe its Larry that goes off the bottom line is they have options. Right. You know and that's why we talk about no one superstar to use and you need three to get that mega star you know whatever might be but. You've got options so you don't a great job defensively on on LeBron James victims carry everything in Alameda it's like they have those two guys in the back court yes that. The Celtics have. They can defend the perimeter Smart Bradley can defend anybody but they just have multiple options that they can attack you with. And I just they're not in their class. The only other than the other announced that there is drying there's some going to be sensible war we need to be bored the just that the maybe it's the mental hurdle maybe it's back that Lowry in the rose and both are. You know olympians and you know they've won games in the play out they played against their better players will get but they also have this I think. Don't go through the gauntlet means something winning means something I. Just don't let one guy go nuts like OK so there threes trying to. May David hit threes like crazy Canucks fan than you know it's never gonna it's never get they can't sustain that I think it's more frustration more than anything. For me because you see that. It's doable you. Compete you could think you can compete with the best team you're you're living in the Toronto they can compete with some men they can't finish case of an all out the last I think it out of frustration because it's enormous and there. And any fuel so we could keep playing this this game. In just the average. Could ER. OK so they lose the good teams they beat that they beat the the average once every so there's their record is their bowl game against teams ahead of them in league standings so that the caps. Good Toronto Raptors. You as that okay with you. As this though yours. To tread water the entire time no stunt are right with them that but they don't have the play and my Ticketmaster have not Toronto with a they're not around with the draft drafting players hoping that this guy who works out of shape and hasn't that. No outs and use your draft picks and now to our course while still going to do that no way and treasurer and hurts when I got out when is gonna happen it's gonna don't look right I'm you wanna ask you how many teams there's an easy thing going to happen probably in the offseason they won't make another red up there may go to the violence there you go again let's Lackey waiting penetrating and water in and you wanna trade. Want Millsap not a and join us president you know is gonna end up getting Millsap Toronto. At the trading day at Atlantis is gonna treat immune. I don't know who. Aggregates silence is golden I don't know I don't know I. Now I don't they build it at every point every time somebody's big Goldman and threatened to risk because he was. They need a superstar. Isiah Thomas is a really nice planner. He's undersized he can do an awful lot I get more credit in the world. Eight it's difficult to go into the land of the the bid to giants there. And being able to get shot off but notice what happens when they finally clamp down wrong when they game plan against them. Which you don't it was much during the regular season. You'll duel in the playoffs and they get in the fourth quarter last night he'd get a good shot off. That three he took was off balance we got file that was a miracle shot okay. That's what they were able to do if you're of another superstar. I can help heal the fourth quarter. That's when you walk your team that posture arrest every single night you play hard you give me your overall you'd take a sixteen point lead on the road against stuff up better team personnel wise. In the Toronto Raptors and in the end you're sitting you're sending a plane right I wanted to lose. Finally I like to look at his seat in the NBA use units is fast forward to three minutes left in the game to game was tied. You have the talent to beat the other team has announced the vote's going to be about superstars on the stretch right I mean three minutes ago you game is tied for good. The eulogy are your options he can you beat three minutes ago you're tied with Cleveland you feel good about that game it tablet on stage for a gun. It's a new element because those are bad Toronto you feel good note or more optional we are cited the record of what their record is against teams that are better than them. They play to their level. They played to the level with there's a team talent wise that equal or lesser of them. Those of the games and win that Toronto team is kind of what you're looking for for the next up when we always talk about was this boy here in Toronto levee in Boston when they need. Aren't you role player who's the guy that can rebound. Now well what they're big. How's that guy watch anyway you know this did you 123 rivers has a more importantly he was physical yeah a nice little physical role players and result is seven feet you know what else do you need you need to secondary school you some legal Isaiah. While they get someone to go our tickets and wanna go to rose and get those two guys and have a situation senator that just clean up the boards. There what you wanna beat. You know when you're not there yet well without David Bradley game it imports drama. Oil on the fire. Herb defeat Gordon Hayward last. Like I looked like Larry Bird I don't pretty I don't game. Why go hey I'd also be able to have some people involved and since some people and lawyers who had pretty good game I think the first thing they do is they look at the white guys I look harder and I don't. Some guys in Austin all. Game written out of the 29. Save at least. He looked around there you think he's that store movies he's the number aren't guys wiped down the totally due to move to him and eloquently of military. Do you think realistic about him to sing and trials that the two scores and got the big. Trying to get there and I don't march Sarah's pretty differently isolate is that what you okay. Isolation isolation mass and pretty end a year of okay you say so you Debra regulars on Tuesday and no DeRozan is about a knock is anybody else going to CNN as good. Season as Isiah Thomas is adding it is still personnel short of them yelled out yes Eunice on this team you get your rib protectors so now you needed DeRozan. Right now I need a second score at a news about the players and for. Public. Was a cork. Ticket where it's almost as he does. To do yesterday I mean it's a roaring rally where you don't you know I mean yours authorities about their not exert. To get some criticism but it was shell while it was in the game like that last. Christian you can you can beat up on Ainge and all you want why aren't they doing anything right now and it was a huge mistake. For were prospect to come out and use that word fireworks because unfortunately when you say something like that people here in the bishop that you literally. And that's what they did so but to be able to pull that off right now. And if you look at teams out there and try to tell me there are so many teams that are still in the mix right now. You wanna do a deal with Philadelphia we regret any one of those players and you give up an awful lot for MD for an example. But those players still aren't going to teach you where you need to go. So what players can do it I've mentioned Paul George but if Indiana. Is looking at San wanna move when we're still very much in a match the year in trouble what worries me is. That if you don't find that guy you've got teams right now on the rear view mirror like Milwaukee. That getting better than it right now on your on your on your tail and they're going to surpass you because they've developed some of these players the picked up players to the the draft of the Greek freak is a legitimate player that. Two years from now. You could say to yourself maybe he is one of those superstars. So you gotta get I was gonna get a lot of calls right let's take a break and we're gonna bang he's out. It's babies out like that eBay knows that we all recent prevails in recent bank bail on this May Day bank bonus OK we have. And we have a familiar chemicals how. A little and a little JD imagery and little did write it down in lieu deepen its security shooting usually. You're MT down you know of the but you don't want a look at exploring in the you do advertisement now know that from a dock. Doctor okay and Lou were watching standard definition television you know it's only the magazine that I simply don't. 61777. 737.

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