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OMF - The Celtics are still not in the top class of the East 1-11-17

Jan 11, 2017|

Glenn, Lou and Christian talk about the Celtics loss to the Raptors, and how this team is still not ready to be seriously compared to some of the top teams in the East.

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Lou is rocking Twitter before during and after they show at bloomer Loney moved back to moral or waiver ammonium 48. Right now much Sports Radio go. Closer than you could suspension. Probably suspension wrong. You only got one points probably careful that I can suspend his because we've right now during because you know football team. Going of the Super Bowl may be so tough time trips super shape and break. I try to be you know neutral let's go to Jason Jason is in Maine hello Jason. Hi there so I've just told because they have a really hard time understanding I watched up bite deeper at Toronto and is it that we arrive at the that the outlook or not a clot while we all agree they're not likely able clout. I struggle with YE. You were at the opinion that they can't hang with Toronto I think they're every bit go to Toronto I think they were without their best two way player last night. I understand about that it might Smart so you know. There's a way to get to that but. While pleasure got a great game out of Gerald Green amateur you get that. Out of him while we are on different are incidental to grow into their their 12 against them just and they lost here at home. They lost appear in Toronto and if you watched the game they played their ass off they took a sixteen point lead. And then that team suddenly said screw this now we're gonna play the game and look what happen and that's what you get in the play offs. That's what you get you get teams to play that for 48 minutes during the regular season what you saw last night what a better team playing at all. That's what you get they count. Hang around dot you know get into it much of them by the third and fourth quarter that's when they get serious and to me that was serious last night. The point about you know green you know being like to last you what opens are designed such that a different god like you should be and at night I would agree it is really what it. The other point I would make is that do you think the style that they're not done from a out of new player perspective but simply in terms of getting better with what are your. The interest did better last year I expect the scene this year YouTube model without it is built up a vehicle to get a lot that I don't. Oh we're talking about. With team we'd rather have moved forward. Oh well not think for this year when the playoffs when they beat in the Eastern Conference semifinals which I believe they will eat at UT will be at C I think this team gives throttle everything they want. And I had to get the real popped open. Probably at all said and done it will go as far as the three point shooting while opposite now. Now at that point then I go to UK but I know there's a thing go off like you know earlier a year you know you're in you are home against from the same thing happened when chip twelve from the the third quarter. And then they you know they're they're guys flowering DeRozan to sort of took over. They and that's gonna talk to bully the post season will they if they meet the semis. Well the effort either Indiana will we sit there and say you know you still love the Celtics team 'cause the effort but in the end. In the fourth quarter you know they'll lose in in five games maybe six games you know but they're gonna lose I just don't think they're good enough. TI and I believe laughed like the road without the mind much like while it was with what they played out the first thought so. If you'd expect that they're gonna do that every single I'd have to look no further than last year report by. Do you know what. I'm not. What DeRozan is averaging this year. There. It's averaging over when he did what he needs you guys are doing this every night difference is that he's allowed to go with and so when you say the Rosen Mike knuckle lawful may be at flowery what happens if Isiah doesn't goal often a fourth. Yeah that's that's what we're talking about you need another score. They're orders or and there are scores are better than your scores and that's motives and DeRozan 67 in your guy is 57 okay. It's here's thing here's the difference and why I think that they're not Toronto when they're not. Right now and then there are stepped down from two run to the right were they right where you see them as a number three seed Toronto was an older team. They're veterans or late 20s30. Years of age the have been there before they have gone through the wars of playoffs they get that they understand it more. Your team does not Deere yet chase. They don't yet they don't understand it quite yet they plan their ass off to give you everything they couldn't give you but they don't have the personnel. Now here's here's where I would say where Boston has an advantage. On that bench. Vs Toronto put you to tell me how big is the bench when you get into the postseason and everybody related 42 and a 44 minutes a game it's. What you put a bit. So overall I mean just look at the just how like there are guys have grown. Lowry DeRozan both olympians both okay what the Eastern Conference final loss had two good games OK so you're out there for awhile ago looking at the meeting gitmo go within the cap decided no we're gonna to end this now. And they had the better players. The growth and maturity of their two stars I think it's just your miles away from where they are act. They're two stars are so far away from where your stars are you keep your young play. They have one more I'm just say you don't. Isiah Thomas I have no problem is I think Lowery DeRozan might might be viewed. You know a few SP spots ahead of Isiah Thomas around the league but I no problems in Aziz in that area. It's just that he doesn't have another one in all mean Avery Avery can do his thing on a given night that you get those performances but. If one if Isiah is off do they have that other guy. That that's why we're seeing in need that other guy whether it's a two or three that score. That narcotic in it takes some pressure up Isiah Thomas. And then you are you probably like to upgrade Amir Johnson is well but I mean I think that instead that score puts too wanna own a different area that's all go to jail and cartilage and. Regardless Joseph. Well that's what it's a blow by artists hate to talk out of Celtics need that supposed. Out of the bill that they don't need a superstar. They need a couple more complement retreat. I look at the game. Always wins in the complementary piece who wins in the NBA when asked that their roster is complimentary analyst points championships in the NBA without stores. How many years ago was that. And you can't develop did you realize that three of those players ended up for those plays an up on the all star team next year. The other mixture aboard the that your work so that is if you outscored. Ought to get someone like Rudy Gay it would it staying a step but of course that takes over you don't like you have created atmosphere at a course that one note upgrade before. Portraits of all look into some electric presence ever Orkut a wrinkle could attract support. You'll get better and it. No way. No way you'll you'll be what you wore today alana I agree with him so you'd better in seventeen. How many how many games better to have that I tell you get better at some may be looking compete with the team you're Jewish played last night. But that team he played last night is still trying to figure a way to beat Cleveland now that they tend. A bucket it's obviously we it's right there outside of that is an additional Gloria creep up all over. We agree but that Doug you're going to get him in Toronto obviously. Got their guy in the in the draft and he's you know the building this thing he's a young kid and relies for years. You can find. Guys out there but you've got to get the score first. Because you've got to be careful what you give up to get thank god but you can find any rim protector. That that's what he does he has this the seats this specific skills that aboard the right thank you that brings it to the table. They're going to be careful everywhere it's on her left that I I'm rule whoever's meant. But you can find like I can't you Jerry is around. You can fire at which acute problem who also reached out and say oh it was great prep all and. I don't really care that it is that your big man and rebounder. Rim protector is a score over I mean most of his points and comfort happy and you know anyways you know miss shots rebounds offensive rebounds. You know stuff like that he's not going to be he's not going to be able to generate. He's going to be posting up at his back to the basket you know work around this fade away ours inside inside the key move. Simply Unita star if you wanna play with Cleveland. And you wanna play with Golden State and even the corporate you need a star. You needed a guy who you can depend on out there. Isiah Thomas has taken his game to the next level there's nobody sit here bitching about what Isiah Thomas has gone specially when you're talking about it undersized guy. We can't do it. In late in games in big playoff games when you've got big people surrounding a when that's the game plan we can just develop him he won't score usually last night take the ball to the hole what happened. Couldn't get a shot off. There's can't get a top five player which I don't think Danny consider on in week four Donald their out there. He'll with. Isaiah you find another guy in the class of these guys are DeRozan. He not be top fifteen on in that area you know anybody another top 20000 tougher things I think he's hired and they want to see probably top fifty OK but CNET. Another player of that ilk you know a top twenty player to go by Syria to go with Horford. You know it and sorry Jae Crowder but I'm staring at your position. You know because if you can keep. You know Avery Bradley and defended the guard position with the score at the three and a guy like Horford at the four. Now always say OK we don't have LeBron Wheeler stuff covered we'll be Anthony Davis but we you know we have three guys that are in the top 25 discussion. Now Ingle compete at UB 53 there's still showed that if you 5354. When team that'll get knocked off from the second round of the playoffs. That's what I don't know on if you surrounded you know you gotta. Beat with volume you know but it it is that we got stuck a boat people get a roll player this that's what the. I don't want to roll as of today are just there as we had a caller that all of that was talking about Brandon Knight Celtics need to go to it. Brandon Knight point guard out of out of Phoenix you know these guys they're averaging twelve points a game it was I don't want it that's that position just a redundant now with the Celtics got enough but the point guard who you need to take. All of the guards that you've got that's why I'm not gonna buy into the argument he didn't have Avery Bradley's last. I'm gonna buy you know because you have market Smart you've got depth at that spot you can play different guys you've got a bunch of guards that role pretty much the same guy. You need to take one of those guys and something else and something else in deal more light to get away score board that's what you need. About caused forget what you both know you can do both Oakland you can rebound and eagle you can have my I don't know nightcap. You I don't know I know you love I don't. I'm telling you I think he would be incomplete and you're almost at this point I'm almost a series astronauts only care all right that's a kick Tyrus personality. All right and I don't UK and because it's so much surrounding this individual. But it. Just first second. Imagine that he gets it right personality wise. Is it isn't exactly we talk about. That you're both you know rebounder to score take away that he's an is an absolute A hole let's say for a minute he comes here get straight. I wouldn't want. To rest is you and your job because he's not going to be important for you your words straight if he did what you are. If he did he would upgrade used tremendously as a great honor and Chrysler but you don't want. Rajon Rondo is a great players well who they log yet. Who is now on the outs once again with another team ever ever shown Rondo was like death and a Celtics team that was very successful. But she at this guys like him a good organization that isn't my final report showing up every single day because you play for the kings I don't trust those guys every day going to camp you that you worked on the offseason why because altered wind. 25 game here at the moment and I'll look it up at a rental with our workers' rights of you have an opportunity to allied dot. Take wish there were football. And you've got to the 53 man roster and I don't have to worry about him has been my main guy I have no problem they have no problem with a baseball as you can bring a lucky again. And it's an individual games are Adobe you don't take any offense that. When you play basketball you have five guys on the court and he's expected to be your number one guy he better BA guy that you can dump and picking get along with a coach didn't get along with the other players it's gonna go to college this physical and yet he noted accurately he offered every candidate dissent and and he should've warned. He's about a player too but that's Gergen is a reporter Lisa Robin asked you you can't have a guy like that he will destroy the team and then you've given everything why. And then you become what Sacramento become a day what are you much good you're not gonna get him anyway you know why is the owner of the Sacramento Kings. Absolutely these emblems. He thinks he's the savior. Good luck he's and I guarantee you Sacramento. Credit got a solid season after season once is I'm always do what is he ever had a outside it was at the games that you want him. Did these numbers guy Anthony Davis has said apply. The playoffs once. Right through the playoffs he's also it's a mystery situations nobody but in the playoffs he's viewed as a better probably better count cousins hasn't been in the event. 'cause is is a one and now you can have up I'll take a. Act ON math on WEEI. 140 characters of new England sports know how every game and keep up with the show on Twitter hack OM. Back to morrow poured wing rebellion four game right now. What Sports Radio WEP guys. Summer is this where you want to be. And government do Billy Bailey wanted to be here case that a little now. Excuse me if you want me to be here yeah. It's. OK it would end. And it was like buying it. OK okay well Paris would mean code words be able hump in the. Talking got to go and I'd gone anywhere I can give it to the palsy media writes it was registered a turnover could not help I don't want jets. I'm really I'm I'm I'm actually gonna jump on goodness okay do me a favor here this is the last six years he's played six years for the the Sacramento Kings correct. Okay this is the record apparent last place virtually every year 24 wins 22 wins 28 wins. 28 wins 29 wins 33 wins they only finished like forty games out. 38 games out 37 games out if you're superstar. Your top five player in the league. I can surround you with five guys from French like. And you can go out there and win more than twenty some odd games every single year. He's not he in this it in your right Lou when you look at it pure talent. The guy's one of those specimens that you put up in the top five top ten in the league when you talk about and as a player. In a teen context on a day to day basis. He's a vast under achiever and suddenly at his age a guy who was our proven to be very stubborn it was only ways you think that rats. Humans is going to be able to twins and AM. And today that the next coming of of LeBron just blocked all of you get any different way you've given away everything you know all the Portland next three of your article give everything and you'll be sitting here with 26 wins five years announce that they've all bought it we really screwed that one you have insurance gives good sound a year great post game press wires go back I mean anti games to make the playoffs once. I'm in thirty games last year. You know I'm just. He's a good chance to when he announced he Tony Asia 28220. Yeah 24 solo on that sector and a team with him we have some other players in college yet. Well if he's a great player well he's he's able to to win games awesome okay let's see you're seeing these other guys that been able to deal who loves to play with the we can go back and look at the roster but I guarantee you gonna find some decent yeah one name is pretty good Isiah Thomas. Curry pretty good play soccer that is steep and heavily and I mean he's out there with DeMarcus Cousins Isiah Thomas. Mean c'mon let's go after averaging twenty points last year it's I recommend you can't win with but because it's a winning play. With this Isiah Thomas guy. The right feel about it. I think there's a difference isn't it well the attitude wasn't an issue we talk they would land the plane in my position like that they do with him will they were plan in my position. Way to but it totally different position. And so she was get swallowed up because the they weren't playing him at the at the one he played saint Roberts and he is heads and probably been a point oh I like golf I account a year like them off the ball like switching on the at the other end of the Laporte but could have answered it's Isiah Thomas I mean uncle my great players that are on. Teams don't win and he put them. Did he ever really have a attitude. But it it it's you and better at it it's your era excluding the attitude it's just talk about top five play regional opponent is a lot of their opponent because it's their heroes on law as it's able to get back to the phone calls here's Mike at Springfield I'm like. And yet I don't go. Good on. Love Nikolay which orders from Orlando under control mr. arrears. Yong. Big rebounder. We Elmo and acrimonious superstar treatment Indiana all alert there that you are that go like oh last year. This about army. On the that rumor and when I get. When you have built this team so it can compete with Iran now. Addict you know at least give us some entertainment. I don't think Danny's gonna do my I don't think the and he's gonna do that. I think Danny Ainge is gonna look at it and say I'm gonna wait for the perfect situation. Draft guys this year he may keep the draft. And he made drastic simply to use it as an asset commodity that's what he done. Yep up or balancing my reason it is easy to be as early as he did nineteen years old and I mean surely you've got to. But I think that's what usual doing verses. Trying to. Just throw any guy in here to get up to 52 a 54 wins. It we still in the low post rebounder and now or you'd be out on applause. A huge finals that you can find those guys without giving up you know everything I heard done. Chris rants last night talk about Bogut may be can work a deal for him with Dallas Dallas has done he puts you renting apply here. So you renting them out he's getting on building is available at the end of the year candidate and I think it tougher got a fund is dedicated to the fumble was was available he was a bit snagged the combo he was available only Nazis. You can find those guys but how do you find it top five player in the league what did you tell me that somebody is thanks in NC in the San Antonio is done without stars. Yes they want solitude there anybody dialect guys why they have you know what they have done. They abetted stars two stars and that's why they're born. I mean they went through a period where they had three superstars three of the best players in the game Duncan's not a superstar it's super restaurant and real time dreamers and quietly and it shows out there they had film Tony Parker's. Right star right and then they add another one okay and Aldridge. I am pleased at. They they are following the the formula of you win with superstars in the NBA and that's something right now the Celtics lack. And the guys get very temperamental over the when you say that under the change does but now I think the players to run. A minute with those guys just again aren't available. An entirely. Paul George right in Indiana. Got up from the make them available it would what does that do for Indiana. We need to get traffic's. Epics like the site that kind of like the lifeline. There's a reason why second I was holding on cousins because again if you hardest thing to mine is a star heart disease start with lousy got to run starting a guy Anthony David. Now build around but. If that guy is just such a beast is so desperate to get our knees so miserable it is every. Every bad thing every bad news clip he's available Ollie says he does have issues. You know organize a Jimmy but they came out and later is now c'mon told. Millsap is not go anywhere Detroit and Chicago can mounted but is not going when it. Anywhere in unison or Georgia Rhode Island the world but they could very well be lining with Hillary's Micah cousins might be available is because he's a little bit of monopoly or they're saying it right now. If this thing falls apart Chicago falls apart is a possibility here they will. If Indiana falls apart there's a possibility they will. You don't think that things can be re addressed in June. You don't think there's a chance and I think he's will wait for that opportunity to get the superstar. I think you go through draft day you'll say screw I'll take the Trout are saying is that state it's you you were. It's at the bulls team was here. And you had Jimmy Butler let's say Indian union Paul George you look at him as top whatever you wanna put. Right 678 that whatever wherever you put mentally Connecticut that high. And things fell apart which is it is a duty at a trade Paltrow to start over again which it Thursday. You figure a way to build around Paul short because. You what do you do bill with prospects go draft picks in the years nuggets later clarified Paul George again yep but this elegant again but it did give added pieces in the last year to try to see if that works if it doesn't work and you get to the summertime. Who knows what parts thinking I think that's what change is gonna do he's going to be patient. He'll be patient with a but I don't think he's going to worry about yeah I don't think he's going to national patient you know again having overhauled Brooklyn nets that's I think he'll add all those guys draft I think he'll add a piece. Low they can help this team right now but he's not gonna do it at a huge expense he's not gonna give up. Those big time assets he's holding those assets he's or no. To get that big tea superstar I mean nothing you don't use them like six or 77797. And a Tricia.

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