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K&C- Portnoy doesn't condone murder, wants Goodell to show up to the game 1-11-17

Jan 11, 2017|

David Portnoy joins the show to discuss Felger, Goodell, and not condoning murder.

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Missed the chance to get incredibly fast 150 make Internet TV and phone WEEI. Yeah I think he's pretty much go on record saying that like you would like to harm. Roger Goodell a lot of equipment was pressed to say about Chile the post because if there's a gap that's a disgrace. That's a joke. And I like Dave but that's that's stupid. Grow while the really. Showing what he's written and if that's true that is absolutely that was an absolute disgrace. Cool shot support. It's that's rough stuff. Joining us in the AT&T hotline is. You know presidency himself the portal it was go on. You don't. In reactions and thoughts and that's real character assassination that's right that's fair couple and in America is there a market. Yet not all right art and all the blogging site responded yeah it says so now I was oddly calm until. And so you know whatever duties with this thing about it I think. You know obviously it's radio smoke like I said I would while we are among adults or about our. It is it's like that will be sentenced probably never recover park itself to that L 1000 content. Last couple years this thing that I think our country music at your domestic workers in the calmed. Yeah Saturday yet. Yeah so I mean I never written anything new. There's an old stops or he. You know I'll that we are there let. What seems there are search and others have said. But because of which who said among others said that its may be risky for to go to show his face and Foxboro next couple. Gretzky topic up because they had sent order any video that you look at jerk is not the make birdies. We don't. We're responding to him that's like you you know Hitler killed the book killing Jews negroes in Israel obeyed not great fought. Excellent that's Axel pointed at one point very good analogy what it would deed to Arnold and now all I know what could be good news do you think he shows his face in Foxborough ever. Notes here tonight on the ever maybe like normal and are in twenty years let's not like this now. Tried to set the break he'll be like an old man before you guys to make an appearance quite a craps I have a pretty good authority now the crafts don't want him here that's the other thing now they don't want that we want is now looks if you don't shows up he's sitting in that box at the Kraft have to click stooges too. Yeah it already they don't want American honestly would be such a certain I'd like to come in and I I do we get our world as well like art you know so mature and felt all right Brooke is not my last. You're a slap that up. I would not be a trooper I don't condone murder. You know it is like you are I can't a corporal and I do condone it. And it. Did you can don't approve hi I have suggested this is trying anyway so I propose a hoop high. And what what. And he codes are and how that's solidarity didn't make it. It makes Easter and Alamo. Street sort out who don't know who serve it you make it just like they did in the movie help. You think he's gonna eat something in Foxboro I don't think there's ways to get them into ways to be manipulators out the bad guys Idearc app stuff cook for a moment I think he's a pretty associates with him all the time is Nick Saban is that someone tastings food for us. I mean the guy is the guy is prevalent anybody movie was to the loss they never let him and it is now. You would never show up here in Latvia by Brazilian security guard nobody ever see him out which then what I don't VMware's. What what are your spies in Maine today and you know we hung out up there but I'm here and he's not shown his face up there much anymore either. Yeah I'd ever heard of but there aren't we do people aren't up yet. Particularly struggle and that appropriate people always say they send that address toward the main supermarket. In a critical myself part never let. Well you should Jill. Like I've always give you credit for that you deserve that where the windows where there were those Stew is who chased the Monahan effort. Yeah yeah they sent it to us again that story I don't know how it was but it yet. I know that he emailed and simply it is a little footage we get better read it it's I want last year. I had it on credible information or Democratic Party. Credible you're beating a quilt only three in Boston I can't slow morning to all. I would not Barack struck and he was not there it would ghost protocol I people's. Iraq or injured or well. We've got to try to get a trying used to shore right. I mean now all of a chance I'll allowed anywhere near the premise about all of us right it was slightly run broadcast on radio so you can't come join us on radio row now. No we and I I tried to actually believe in March are also so last year at our big. They had does like external microphone into the it restaurant part of. We couldn't do that we'll do that well didn't he got the wireless. Or or you know what is interesting and quite mean soccer I expect that all of me yet but I culture and the Evans in late. That your arm anything that you are incompetent that it helped comment. I before that you go again to get the rules I want the rules. For presidential. Team like you you said dude you're Mississippi if if if the press if this turns out to be true would trumpet peed on. He must be impeached immediately if he does the pain it's okay. Yeah yes I think that actually it's probably remote intellectuals take on the whole bank and but yet you you can adequately engine it can't happen. Tobacco I agree it's not it's a bad pollen move European on somebody that's okay right. Yet late. Yeah that's solid my thing but I mean I heard it again you're can't patrol the jury that people that age. It felt them but he's not officer at the Kennedy at least the president elect's though. So your your your buying power and Dubai in this bus fees story 100% this. I am ought to their noses Cingular bought it is blog like idol figure in the party. And let Russia rustling of Ireland may mean it is why we're. Like he thought triple B program or you're not what. Presidential. Power go how have they had five years but does just that you're bodily I'd like you are true a lot of great story. Few people more guys that we get as a ramp up. I'd be able we'll tell we'll see that usable or another we'll I would you should you're in New York east told a press conference in two hours that's true you'd be there. I. At trump on our power lunch hours I mean towers park. Our truck trial from doing a press conference is first in like 6 months 11 o'clock to trump towers. Melanoma. And because I just found out about a minute ago and I are now like. Yeah too busy to. I've had to do is eaten pizza you can't stop by trump. Our guard Derrick guerrilla or animal radio show how serious are I don't you know that's true comedy central's well. You know that that's immune from the economy would analog shock such cute I don't even know are basically all cute girl can't. That we know can not against the law in two. I will talk Uga. Are seeded David Portnoy. Like of course supports open. Out of Toronto and he can toggle the times story as a hotly fosse in the back idealist a quotes. It matters that that's fine words bungled there's no you kids of course it's tough guy did not know. It's just that. You're. I'm sorry Dave Portland who's advocating murder don't know we advocate anger he said he was against assault this season programs broken arms and I think yellow snow you can't exactly how. How do we suggest how do we characterize this fish. A it's hot you first got the run you can make the rules that you gotta give us politely waited discuss the biggest news story of the day. I measure is told us that we cannot use the phrase that everybody I'll I'll unless of course right now. Is there some sort of nickname for urinating on somebody else and in the sexual manner in bootable the tax we all noted we know what it is but we're not allow allow a second lien on out ticket promotional idea so called. Golden ticket golden ticket he's into the golden ticket so I am how many questions in to the press congress has come to good question I'm saying. Boat traffic control the first couple questions. But he does not bite is probably nuts and gets out of hand or five questions and yes it's about but they're also gunman's seasonal plans can Russian. Packing notions Triad in relationship yes Rex Tillerson the Russians is all going to be about Putin's press conference I think should depict. And you know sessions but as nominees and one doesn't give a lot of it here. Carrot and don't wonders of course they do really if plus he wrote a book that wrote about this would play I just said the first bunch of questions will be about Russia but is going to be. I mean if he's takes all the questions that they have to go for two hours he should be great that would be good he said his first press numbers. Was going to include regular people ordinary citizens. Rate at a penalty and ask questions that's what portal should go there he should these normal as anybody although he's a just to be clear reportedly did not say the conduct we murdered. He said you can spit on NBC to break his arm portal was thrown out tugs at him in oak all.

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