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Previewing the NFL's divisional round weekend with ESPN's Trent Dilfer

Jan 11, 2017|

We check in with Trent for complete analysis of the Patriots, divisional weekend, wild card results, the NY Giants and much more. Now mud-slinging free!

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Time for our weekly conversation with ESPN NFL analyst Trent Dilfer Trent joins us on the AT&T hotline hey Trent Dario. Or are. Watching get ready to watch our football team play this weekend. We're just having this discussion the patriots at at some point we are gonna be somewhere around a sixteen point favorite when they take on the Houston Texans on Saturday. Is that an indication of how good the patriots are or how bad the Houston Texans are. I think it patriot how good they are I I mean look I think the pages to win and I don't think it's gonna be super are letting. It will be a challenge but not. You know orbit popped out bloodied with sixteen lock. That got I think they get paid attention to the defense. Argued that data while I don't feel old but I love. Paid attention to probably see games. I think people leave the defense like I do. I think pay they believe he's got a very hard time also last week punch you in when they do move the ball to the red zone so there probably assuming fuel goals for the Texans touchdowns for the patriots. And then brought about why were probably played very well against Oakland. You know he is. DNA that took. After. Would maybe when you play against them so I guess but I never did that border it blew my mind right off first are. You're trying to wondering if if we're all guilty of being our our parents our grandparents you know it. And if you had a uncle or your dad sit around saying hey son in my day. All of Larry's Lanka was assistant Jack Lambert was that you always think that. Know your era was the best in in terms of games being played or the era that just passed was better that the Arab that your in. So I don't act I cannot reject that the league is down I think Kennedy even in the heyday. He had some terrible teams whether it was the expansion Buccaneers or was. You know the falcons used to be bad the niners excuse me that the the rams used to be terrible so do you think that's good that we just all romanticized. Our childhoods or herb or early adult years. I tried not to convert teenaged daughters in but it rolled right any chemical awkward brutal days. I think an up in the NFL terms uses a more hours try to articulate they out we. I have never been better I cloak. Of a quarter of athlete in the National Football League is. Are exponentially. Better they don't watch just ten years ago. Would be training all the sports science. All goes well at the bell and players. That the Ada. Wright is back but that actually more care. So the resource of the players getter better. I think Europe that layers. Are better than they've ever bit I think where the league has walked. Is the lack practiced hard. On the lack of professionalism. By bending of the players although he would pick outstanding athlete or not. Special they have. At that demanded of them rated title. In the last ten years he warned typed it more entitlement issues regarding aptly the never symmetrical up the NFL so I think up that seem like you know the bella checked Ian. Patriots are your bat scenes because he demands all school principals. From modern day aptly. Any feedback from the Andy read your right hand or coaches in this league record and old school professional. Old school. Development with new school aptly and use school. Technology. About wiping big gap is so BA between the vaccine or you double play at the question but that's kind of hard look at the week. On trader talk about that you know the good coaches in the league and it seems like there are few were great coaches than there are quarterbacks running backs corners what whatever else it is is there reason why you think there're so few. Really good head coaches in the league right now. I do like they could be interview processes are interesting. For me don't know what in Europe you'll owners. You muddy owners tax money business money the effort in the old school owners that were hopeful guys right. But you have news school over that interview Merkel is at tipper interviewee. Leaders further businesses so the interview profit that. The flash and sizzle a PowerPoint. Using all the empty and at all nomenclature. To make you look him proactive up putting your red meat together volley people you work recover partly successful are you're gonna. People were older full lock these and implement and indeed your program. Basically a lot of ball or salesman. And they get the job because they Ole well week in are you well instead of actually capping goes. I in current leadership qualities. Conviction of what what their belief system at their core beliefs. Are the visionaries. And they co coaches. Many of these coaches at becoming head coaches have been coached. Okay so in example out of that dole pull me these two games but Bill Belichick coaches and I've been given other. Another crow she used coal and broke career. Sold the coach know all the bill stuff. He's heard it he'd been told it been demanded programs he's learned a lot these workers stuck behind a veil cervical all will be another Belichick. Here's the gap. He never had a coach the other coaches. Like bill coached yeah. And the number one quality for a head football or one of the top oil triple or coaches talking and you clearly communicate. And demand or vision. For your program. Through your coaches because horrible ones communicating with the players the majority of the time. So currently fractured message. Between the head coach it has been Kirk at the head coach here properly communicate it to this has been Coke or bigger player. Is getting the wrong message like helpful double in the title game telephone. That happened in at a all the time you'd say one thing in there that little yet not a market. Called I had more similarities Dietrich the problem is. We're all dating ourselves with this game but I have yet to have a dog and all over the weeds is sure into a note to admit that we all remember the game. Got soul in an approach happens all the times the guy's head coach are met and helpful. Tape that the vision for our walk her down offense look this week here's the weakness as a whole lot of work actor we knew that. Goes GOP or peeking up properly and get those we will vote you get big dipper bat it's like the late 70% of met and he communicate to a quarterback coach. Record back totally get Seve percent to 7% so he built a quarterback's record rack room. In give passage and the quarterback yet of people that of the 7% of the 7%. Peppery who bumped off happens all that high. In the NFL. We and the head coach. There doesn't understand head up whopper leak coach is coach and that that being the hit bit in the fancy PowerPoint presentation. To be used school money. Owners. That. And it ends up making you make a higher or head coach guy total rookies some bigger now or the course department bill. We're talking to ESPN NFL analyst Trent Dilfer. What was your opinion on the giants wide receivers trip to Miami and did it change after their playoff loss over the weekend. My opinion Gordon into it what I wore my. My guys to do what ever they are ordered all okay so you wanna keep your light rhythms consisted. Of Bartlett on Monday night I don't you know what to go pick Bob Bennett. Cook dinner stories people walk but from the might eat meat or great players like for them on Monday nights were cool I want ought to get accurate. Other guard at the border go to movies whatever it played video games all right what ever it is you did all these long successful. Continue those white rhythms into the playoffs I don't know what those guys did on Monday I didn't open it will group would have biggest one week at a corporate go to Miami often. And I don't know that I had known that they usually use that day off. As day yet after day out one day loss seen if that was the case and I don't think it led to what happened in the game and we'll let that happen. Gain was cold weather the Packers have worked hard caps all cards to majority no wait it's erred on tight end dropped the ball in the first half which. A great thing for the Packers allowed or felt very. And there's another drop soul you know I I would watching it. In the war room all the guys yet here and obviously the whole thing comes up but I mean it was right after you have back to that. Shaft the head you know all the guys were sitting there brewers Riddick and we were more useful but a lot of this is more of the Weber ball boy did they open themselves up for a lot of criticism that it was this game. Are now headed to the Jimmy the skinny on on the other three games not the patriots Texans was but the that Texans won excuse me but. The other three games how do you see implant out. Well the Packers beat outward we gotta be off in the red zone earn have to be a typical Superman Celtics and he plays the tell where your court erred at all but what they do. You're an app they'll score. I don't know but possible a big Packers moved the ball. People locked out there are caught it in the Bernard C a long time playing the position if not ever armed the public key queuing outside of the system. But he now you're getting down easy it you got to get about fifteen. And we're gonna have to punch in court at Alcatel which form a bloody nose gets stuck with Gartner wrote play action pass absolutely begin again. The Packers don't have that luxury. Outside the Packers ran the offense would be addicting to look for back. Indeed falcon seahawk game. I. The arrival the PR quickly before. For years I I love Pete Carroll IP he's next they'll vote are as the second best coaching football pro what they did last week running the ball right all you 36 minutes time that brilliant. I think without Earl parliament. Big plays that. Our secondary won't give up big plays golf parole protecting their back and I think Paul Byrd will make enough big plays. And then now you're giving Seattle it will pass first offense. Where there are often the wind can be exposed about that how light it up way now what I would shock you know goes there has some incredible because. Orman but. Right now argued the upper hand Atlanta. And then why in my brain built its citizens against India tipper going to Kansas City are a bit like that make a lot of first batch of I dole and the pride that might Tony Dungy influence where. He would be sold pragmatic. A bowel batch up after we waited he'd been paid here is what happened in the first game. We did control we sure control we control it can be totally different or work hi my really crew were Matt appreciate. So I'd need in this city obviously in the region of really good job they paid out with an apple range. Third up better than to back were pride better than them let me show you why. I keep thinking that if he wins that game. I think defensively day out which you. Be to load army's explosive weapons such as quarterback and cover for the first who's second pass refusing get out from. Geithner can set yet so late Nobel peace rod Wright he kind of skipped shake jitters wrote that bull. While Europe guy setting yet. Questioner from the outside in the at a lot harder to do. There's flat now he's in better job cut in choose I think those. Outside Akron kind of density edges crush and then a little bit short space for him to run. Vick get a pat Garrett NC when the clothes on. Last thing for me Trent the hall of fame finalists down to fifteen Ty Law is on that list do you think he. Belongs in the hall of fame. I would do you mean. Think that at that he would adopt. Paid an air out there he doctor great player and a great 401 of all market observers might he might get the big call. Parched states are to be on the field. I think Asia I think normally should be in the article archive a year ago could you kind of can make an art and most. Especially now all the guys from my generation that I laid against. I mean you know it it's set because I was not a great player so we're here not a great player we're looking that great player you're going you know you appreciate a little bit more. So I kind of appreciate all these guys are coming up may be more than the next guy. But to me I don't know what more tight credit dot B. He can do everything he can cover yes it hit yeah which yeah it grateful dual use more. Not debatable part insulting. Or accused mobile reading your mail before all. And that you can't somebody direct it write it quiet because you know it kind kind of how my beeper I expect way to get tight step up about. French we always appreciate time we'll talk to next week. Are weaker thank you thanks. That is ESPN NFL analyst Trent Dilfer with some really really good insight great stuff we'll talk about some of that stuff when we come back in just a couple of minutes I lost get people to join us this afternoon as well. 6177797937. Here on Sports Radio WE yeah.

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