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OMF - Lou vs Eli Manning, 1-10-17

Jan 10, 2017|

Lou crusades against Eli Manning's HOF candidacy. Callers debate.

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On you read each. Beats Fort Wayne were moaning and 48. With the coup and booing Christina and that matters is what takes place in between the lines Saturday night now I don't I don't really go too much to them. The Vegas betting I don't think that people. Really good motivational tool this week Vegas has put a number out that to me is amazed at what has its sixteen. Points now and would you take the. Boy you know why don't I don't think big vote patriot regarding beat them 27 enough understand with Kobe somebody at Philadelphia now. On Sports Radio WEEI. Golf w.'s Kobe Bryant. Scored 26. Twelve rebound off experienced you're gonna say if they cheer from the big cheer for me right that your. Everybody's making. Blight of the hole number. And that number might not be enough sixty might not enough and is that and nobody stake in the scheme seriously say that there's not. I'm sure the patriots players on the coaching staff will think it's seriously but the rest of the world is just laughing at this one and hopefully the three other games this weekend. Will be a little bit more interest in develop it is great hopes the right time trial was. Let's and if there's one game Saturday night Scott asked Epstein watch. I'm just isn't isn't a job other all the law I think it's gonna put it there mean well I'm just is always played out now I think it works out for the best as as a fair and knowing your opinion what adversary and a cheap shot you mean this Saturday you know watch the game right. But if you're you're still whatever fan and you like and it's Saturday afternoon you watched that football game and maybe you had out whatever it is and Sunday settlement. A sunset in abuse at least watched him all the. Fat people go out I think. Things to do and it's just came out of all of I think that's sort of gun I think you can make his case for any. Team in the of the three games certainly Pittsburgh you can make your case 'cause I like ants I think they may not be favored but I powered offense Seattle because of their recent history their defense against a high powered off legitimate case for them on the road. And clearly you can make a case was were Green Bay has gone down the stretch right now to go to Dallas rookie quarterback and maybe they can cause some. It if the patriots sort of lost the first game there but it little bit more meat on the bone loss for first. If the patriots lost a purse you know game against the Houston Texans all it was Federer no game if they lose at least the story line at least. Now Brady's back comedic you just imagine like terminator. It and it. You know everything else that goes along open and trying to sell it as you would still. I think the line would still be to say you couldn't score against the third string guy now in doubt the greatest quarterback and he's rebounding and he's a matter of an ever written or might be on the back 98 mile back up. 98. Get it is on the back nine is pretty nice play in the fourteenth fifteenth earnings like. Over time it's like he's any disease. I jumps at a clock hi Jim. You on the way we don't want to suddenly you won't need a minute so. I have a beer average every yard and what's really good point. I didn't get to overseas and you know. I mean you're inconsistent. Exactly and then there was that voting is you like that loading times against. It it and it turned the show little interest in Bluetooth version they go to Kirsten I mean the most based. Industry who sells local guy to this justice through the lowest. Channeling channeling Gilmore more but that's besides. And it Colin repute. Denish. That analysis. And you left you you great women and yeah. The football football dude over here agree with me. And that. Thing. For a her eyes is it nice here for a and I think it's too labor that security now I need to know way. It's TV land all the way to sound like duke like with your voice that I mean now it's I wasn't gonna sound like it's I don't know. Losing an off week is Al seem to recall you well Lou we I am weekly the rat. Yeah don't ask banner how Barack miles an hour that's good I don't know. On the voice is this you said the trust god wants a law yes I lost only high pitch now in a committed these non error as the voice and ratchet up lieutenant. I can tell you the boys and start smoking and get that you know back. I thought boy cigars or builder did a real thrown out cigars and you don't inhale most of the cigarettes and what it's ridiculous to you for later in the program as a these toys I think about all the journalists this cocky guy loses weight now Sudanese leader and what we're. Aren't good they're gonna want an element old and fat slobs two months and zero connect you can have been you can give them a whole new works well New York field where the mock sponsors can deny that even a closet trust you're gonna want to go out of style yeah I can't bring out I don't know if you closets I've got large extra large related to excel and go by years. You do I thought I'd ask ourselves can I realise what every drop some pounds. Always cold. Always cold there's always called. I'm all in this studio walking around all eyes turning off form like cold pocket in the numbers have always a little food. That has nothing to do the weight loss they have put thousands who have been put a million dollars in the state yeah OK at the end of the budget. Was heat. OK now I ran out of money on my head out of is that it plays right into winter coat. That is real eyes I don't know I was zero jackass but you know we'll look at the clock and trying to keep your eyes at the most beautiful clog your personal life and studios behind me. The screen or TV at your life every time. A social way. Can wait no I didn't behind but he doesn't seem prepared for 27 PCs apple TV is beautiful it's all about look at how she's beautiful windows so that and the way the windows were not for us you know why they the they opened a can chorus road where the circus for studio big island in the zoo that's what it is they wanna bring all the clients adherence decade areas you know how Romney at over there. I don't get it up a steep jump on the I don't guerrilla arrogantly and George this is a bit of course it is ran out of my. Funny ugly and order way you may remember him from certain bits as the Weiner lied about these phone calls the house call and they ran gotten paid I don't Lou they ran out of money because on the line right now I do I have five screens are not yet. You have a TV you have problems the TV. It just. Totally focused and I don't like when the temperature drops to zero degrees there is no heat in this lousy call they ignore political monetary union. Retinal so it's not just me now well now it's it's enough that I don't you winning. It's freezing cold actors know we can affect watch when he talks he concede a welcoming them. Hey here and she just blowing in this I don't think there's a clear and only through that does that lower your own argument that is all events series applied. Here's human or Roslindale here on on EI what's up Jim. And general and I don't play our other giant banner it was impossible for years now. I don't rely I'd been Eli and we don't get a semantics or at least been very good quarterback. I don't think he's all Kramer. All right I saw when you're not as simple all I may be but it is I don't know what you're talking about him retiring getting older. You know I was gonna at a major record not like I started something like 200 games in a row. He became the starter at right the rookies in a quote the current war hasn't this been gained since. But he like incredibly adorable and second could be all the leaders go to our it's opposite why but many were adamant regarding according this year. I didn't know what it's. I appreciate your slot biology but again already attacked an operative line. But are on the that we probably like they're. Actually appoint three maybe four more years. Well I mean the giants your giant. And the giants have something that probably twenty other teams would die for right now and it's a top ten quarterback he's got a quarterback that only. You know he's 48000 yards passing per 120 TDs at Caesars. Career completion percentage a 59 point 7%. 215. Interceptions took 303 touchdowns I mean. But talk I think you tendencies is in a certain class top ten not. He's not I mean talk if you stop Timothy eight lieutenant. I guarantee and I guarantee you if the patriots play in the giants in the Super Bowl this year the New England fear fans there was fear Eli Manning all to this. Okay apparent reports deja. I'd fight for your quarterback goes through in the post season but Lou we're we're seeing now. Joseph Flacco. And recently that's but that's the level were were were Eli yes except that. His career. He would scrap it is in your I didn't garbage wanted to accomplish. Going up and he's been adequate numbers numbers are Cory he's another one of those guys that that's very very good content and other times he's not been so. I think that Eli is right there I don't feel like he's like one of those guys like oh god needs another he needs a couple. Good years and it could be pretty good over the next guys yesterday they don't intimate he's got what is different today talking about a hall of fame. Okay because the New York Giants won two super balls and he was very good nose runs. But never. Ever. I don't think in any of the years he's ever played would you ever consider a top five quarterback in the league. You even possibly discussed that man is knowing what you know that there is an audience when you are going to be debate about. His clutch in this case and there's going to be automatically given up about but he he got her back now would you agree with that statement gives you ever. Many top five quarterback in the league for one single here here. Hopeful there won't look back yeah I think it looked like their fifth Lou let's get but I'd write the air you're right OK I think I. Elephant Amer how much deficit that re such a good question but I think there have been times in Ely is career. Where he has been very very good. In which we have sat here and said he's one of the top five quarterbacks Angela now again he goes in and out of that group it's stricker treat. He can be very good and then suddenly he we haven't you can look at Cesar Arlington. You can't have a twelve year career. Where and when you come in and out maybe for a year or two maybe three. When you're actually considered the fourth of their best quarter by his his turn out not because like the court of Texas are so good. If they're so good if it is Brady if it is. Rodgers if it is Manning if it is breeze. And that the drop off to get the Eli is like gators and dishing to be a fifth the should be one through for the arrest you know I. I don't think that's why the hall of fame talker Eli Manning yes he won two championships the giants win two championships and yes he was very good nose runs. But he was never ever considered a top three or four quarterback there's entire career yes that is not a hollow as an aggressive that's a big problem with a hall of fame voting. They are obsessed with quarterbacks yes and it quarterback as the host. And those impact all crazy and games. You know just some things you know plays a live forever yeah the guys to get slighted guys and you know he's commanding the interior defensive lineman. Of the guys that that really gets screwed and all of this 34 defense guys get screwed in this just people still don't understand it looking for numbers. And so what they do with quarterbacks is the numbers that there he can break down the math and you can make an argument for and I agree I think he's on the outside looking in. And he would have to have three spectacular years to be able to get himself ended up what he's he he would deal a conversation. If he is up plays well and look at the receiving corps yet he's got a much better defense with the offseason moves they made so the gonna limit teams next year scored the only pretty good. They can be pretty good he's got a chance. An outside chance announce such a certain point but they are. It put the advisory was another Super Bowl. Performer at the level of his brother. We're gonna sit here and and in. And say give it isn't a conversely I'm just sailor you know if you went to other Super Bowl and here's this great team may be pulls up a Super Bowl like Peyton Manning did. And we're gonna sit there and say that that should be the difference like this guy's never Bennett never been a discussion as one of the top quarterbacks in this league. Let's cornerback in this horrible way to good runs but he's never been consideration as the top in his during his time. Ever. Bar. Hall of Famer now in the last couple known not I don't know if he wins one more not that now notes you don't suppose he plays really well the next three years. And because he's got to receive an Italian or you order greatly he won a super ball I think that's ridiculous. Way to predict. It is what he don't have if you win would you rate is Drew Brees never won a Super Bowl he would still be considered all discuss his numbers were like Dan Marino asked. That's that's what would get him into the hall of fame. Read that very reason just as numbers is testament that they threw for so many fourteen yards. In an error where it was he's it's easier to throw the football personally they can play duke and who will be arguing this point when Matthew Stafford. Eight draw out this advice has no Super Bowl exhibit and a wealth of our problems and he's putting up unbelievable numbers year after year after year Drew Brees numbers. UB Arnie don't argue an apple in your hated but it's it's it's going to be he his name is going to be an admiral's Eli Manning. It has gone well it'll idea to donate 100 whatever it would have it like sixteen now it keeps going down negotiate a symbol on hand outs. The finalists. Or the for the hall of fame the thing is he's got good weapons cache so the numbers if he can hold up over the next 34 years. And let's say he comply until he's forty plus. That alone tournament. And that alone while all people maybe push him over the top field. They are and they want quarterback the only Arnold demise to that people have for Eliza hall of Famer is by throwing out past names of guys that are in their now. And to me that that means nothing OK so you made a mistake I put neck in of this guy in an actor. Well you don't photos don't compare if you want another quarterback will be built compared to look back compared and we got into the leak who got into the hall name whose numbers. I mean. Who is it down Steelers cornerback Terry Bradshaw and look at his numbers. As a whole and have very significant day. At that price ought when he played OK we'll know the Steelers everything that they won was he top three quarterback of the time. While it's yes OK that's all I put that I don't care about the numbers as the numbers and every Eric changes. Why oh is he up what you asked him Roger I thought about yes they were the top quarterbacks in the league their numbers are different I get it. But this guy's not even the top finalist on the quarterback should tell me if you rather have. I'd rather Joseph breeze Matt Ryan Ryan Kirk cousins. It appears okay Aaron Rodgers easy. Philip Rivers C a bill that's on the right we can go to I now matters staff and point is that even those got a good numbers haven't I haven't I haven't had that two playoff runs it Eli. That is the let's face it that is the reason why we've been talking about Eli Manning is a hall of fame yes OK because of two post season run nobody believed he could do better at. Do with the twelve year career. Investing as he's played every game. You know that okay criminal may because he played every game that he went up Ramallah at cal Ripken written all to John Amos numbers. John Amos gets him because he made a great prediction in 1969. And he had a phenomenal personality that jumped off the screen so he was bigger than life. But if you look at it purely on dual career stats. But it didn't it make you like. It's our biggest lie and doesn't belong to be and but don't if you don't picky belonged to be handled that they're assembled and election but that's what people will this be the best junior during your era and it's I think never close to with apple debate never close to a they would do to ever make by the way the Japanese league. All thing you ever get a vote for that will wield a beautiful season. So many of many completes one full season over the urgency of an opportunity to actually get to know he's even in there is not part of the Nippon league. Utley is Ian is independents that like softball. Is a big thing is playing in the Long Island ducks of what the hell we get up nearly independent audit threes goal seemed to. He can hit man. It does. Somebody and a bunch of money thank you how what is that like four weeks with the work in artists typically assign a bunch of money but if he went to Japan you know and played in their league. Then yes he could make steel mill a few million bucks. In the an independent league. Making the beginning cigarettes is thick southern Illinois if there are few hours about it. You know what it is that the cubs a publisher they have no testing moment. You must get acclimated as well I well I saw that halo it's your video of him hitting. A few weeks back stories straight and break the better they take that video compare that to free captain people all right it's a considerable looks to be so sensitive velocity of action that's Manny Ramirez's swing I saw its ill Tebow is going to be playing in the spring training game of the Major League team ego the size up what this year hope. City palms. Nets. You go maybe to date February really am out. February 23. That's the only reason corporate that the only reason that it's all bring Tebow is the city ponds but the babies and how some anything make any sense others and he just was globally based policy only play he can't find a noted let's close at all you know he's no White Plains. For love of the game. He loves it in Kevin Costner. Love the. And another thing it's. Love you fans. Just loves the game you'll watch he'll go over the hill ball culprit that you are Eli are the Jews accuse the Jews so there. And won't be sitting here during the summer talking about you know how he's well you didn't fit of 52 home runs ordered some independent Japanese leagues are we're back to the phone calls next. Experienced clay and 24/7. Follow him on Twitter right now. Now back to more board waiver looming and forty fox sports reading. I'm back in a phone calls it 6177797937. Years Steve I Steve. Big guys move on and help you know it. You gotta look at the doubt or make the argument like that I'm gonna tell you right now that you like it is going to be ourselves all. Come up. Eli is at war that's up 85. Up six yards. Not much. Two other thing that's in Chile all paper. Is due to global. Just tell that appear out. Per unit at their favorite it's all the etiquette that all. I don't it is a bit irk you just like it on but it. No not a bit. It's is not a part of some don't because I don't I don't I don't care where he ranks all time because the game is changed you agreed at the April the ball more now than they did. 1520 years ago so. Well of course the of course that's but would you could retire today. Get all. Is of the day my definition of a hall of famers during your years. You know one of the elite players your position. Lou he's playing key is playing with eat that's ever played it. Is or other operating. Group or you can use that up the. A man let me ask you this let me ask you this is as are my good friend sent me this this this tax of this stat. He's been the league twelve years the only time spent top ten in passer rating. Once. One what were we talking about one time you stop and a look at what. She ignored. Passer rating once in tech once in twelve years once he was considered a top ten passer in twelve years. Once I Hillis got all of Famer. Wrote six and got sick puppy cut out all sides loans passing yard all the arguing short of do you support the passing real they're real. He hears that he doesn't it well. If tossed into the microphone sounds. You know and adjust and he'll go the ball more now God's externally you rarely what they do. Would give the guys with them from the gas Brees. Rivers. We're going yeah Brady Manning all the current anyone's. Look you're accurate you guys. 49 of them would pay you like it I get a all of. Is Iran particularly because that last name is man and that's why. Come on I don't know forty I don't know forty I would would would say that I think it's debate. And I think it's still is incomplete. And at the point of bringing up the numbers is a little bit deceiving because of gonna compare the numbers today. Mean look just like a passing completion. Plus think the passing completion percentage is gone up what 10%. Averaged a 10% like fifteen years quite that easy it's easy for that Carson Palmer is gonna finish top ten in yards out. And Coleman. The amendment to talk trying to he was he was the top ten passer in the league once in his career. Knee is supposed to be one of the best. You know it and it's it's forgettable comparing generational stats are career numbers are cumulative stats. It's a boat during your period where you wanted to topple you one of the elite because it's not just the hall of good as the hall of the bass hall FEMA. Were you it would you only one time a top ten passer and a twelve year career. How the hell are you in this conversation we ask you that's where Susan have picked you as real as it might have been. One look at our men are going passing yards leaders OK I mean in the history of the NFL. This is just some regular citizens has nothing do with the Super Bowl wins. Who is the symbol MVP that year what year or the 07. He was twice when he was he was just too tired. Right now he's. Eight even looked time passing yards leader right now eighth with what 48000. Even though did you go a warm loaded 49000. If John Elliott 51. I mean and then Dan Marino at six so he's gonna catch Warren noted attacked John Elway. He's not gonna catch Payton his brother's I can catch. Opera is that gonna tech Drew Brees Tom Brady but he has good chances are of of reaching the top five. And that's it you have a good chance of catching damn reader depending if you play it's a different thing I know what you wanna put Marino into the game today. Let's go look at what does that I know but I came we were not planned that way. We are not only our plan now because you like I agree within his big pick Joni. Let's see him lose I'm merely take out eat yet he was here 810 and I are gonna go straight to the stats person and goes threats. How many yards the April 4 it was as his interception to touchdown. A percentage is going to be all whacked out because he is Dershowitz has just due solely interceptions. Then you look at his playoff performance and the two years that they went on those runs and won the Super Bowl and the team they played against that team they beat enough to bull. The patriots were undefeated. That I did it again no game was shot I guess who won the game. Eli Manning one of the game he's basically Joseph David running up appealed his finger in the air councils and we added. Those games I know I am not talking about Michael Strahan with the little run of the best criterion that is did you dominate during the peril only wanna know what the most dominant players in that period of time. And and that was the mistake that the baseball made with Jim Rice and had to wait fifteen years now part of that was guys didn't like. But he waited fifteen years because everybody's trying to compare his number to get about it during the period he played that and that deck eighty played twelve years whatever. Want to promote one of the top guy dominating hitters in that game that's the criteria right and you can make an argument right now. That that Eli is not that it is not that. That in and never battle Erica Italy can be your city's waste your time Super Bowl champ with two MVPs that he may play for another and they were appears got a big play for this. Why we can't deny care to generations you know valley Felix Hernandez he's a hall of Famer. He's the most dominant pitchers of his career during his career and then they'll say wolf he's in and wise and so and so when they get a 150 more wins and Felix Hernandez. Particularly in the generations cooler than most dominant pitchers now the winds are irrelevant Alan GQ. Like that the passing numbers of course the passing game is just out of control. They're passing all these guys that that I were better quarterbacks. That Eli Manning of their passing on. Because they throw the ball more so there's a different game. It debate tomorrow otherwise is Tom Brady all factors that will be our bill will do that and tomorrow here's a Mike in a car unlike. All of our I. From the contest to me the difference between them only quarterback in one who's not is eureka I can do when there are no running game. Brady going Elway. You know and and and mean banning numbers can be you know can look good also done in my gut it looks like Beretta between east. I I don't know whether it all checked out there you know. If you look at other Super Bowl MVP could be the first two timer three types of court and BP not to be in all potential. I don't know bought them in my I don't think she's at that level I think that's what you. The prior to that Super Bowl MVPs. Is that it's like it's an award that they have to give out their forced. So they sort of look at and say boo Eli went nineteen for 34 with two touchdowns and pick. At a quarterback rating on it was 84. Threw for 250 yards incident MVP. You don't really could've in the Justin Tuck. I think he would cut to a three sacks and a game so. I mean the quarterback is really got a screw up the knot when MVP of the suitable for team wins the open. We don't think the other give it to the quarterback and there are so many guys that elsewhere could date or date we've seen it before special teams guys because that was the difference in the game does. And Howard Desmond Howard I don't know is there it was their kicker allows and that was totally MVP goes easy but sometimes there isn't just a glaring MVP. Right but you gotta give it out someone's got a winner. And I won a hall of fame because we thought I know based on his numbers are gonna keep ticking up there that are gonna keep going out of it enough and he's going to be a head you'd be right would Dan Marino. And he's got to civil whether he deserves or not OK let somebody else in the end there in the deciding for him. But his numbers are going to be. Up there his passing numbers are gonna be up there look at the Super Bowl and I mean look they're just went look at the passing leaders overall. I mean I guess if you is he Philip Rivers without the without the Super Bowls as he Vinny Testaverde without the Super Bowl wins. That's both of the other guys Drew Bledsoe talked about just passing yardage leaders forget about wins but it what's the most important thing for cornerback. Okay yardage becomes important. Wins should be really be the most important thing. How how how many times did you help your team went forget about how many yards you pass for committed your offense. Doesn't dictate you throw the football down the field is probably he's going to have his she's going to be in with a lot of other good quarterbacks who are going to be no hurry and so it was today brutal history great he's a good choice he buries a good chance of reasons. Who else Aaron Rodgers final. That's a force quarterback Manning Brady Rodgers and Brees now. And Roethlisberger I'm sorry five. He's better than Eli Manning. Five. Those are hall of fame quarterbacks during this error or else is in that class. He's gotten. He's discriminated and he will he will he will get it whether he's he's deserves it the whole other thing but he will end up becoming a hall of Famer. The name the Super Bowls some guys gamble for a they're gonna stand up there and plead for their it and they're gonna discuss all the big wins and an article back in history. And say who had more. Big wins then this guy gets its New York to. I don't play and of course that went to New York any atlas and you just sit there and look at the numbers or say damn rain definitely had a harder time throw for 61000. You know yards and Eli did throw for 48. Here's Joseph province what's up Joseph. Start by saying I totally agree were low but Christian right she is gonna get in but I agree with a low key doesn't deserve to. X prize that we. I go to class the whole bit on the baseball community this year than being a phony money reducing its. Business as well don't that's that's law. Discount but don't beat him anymore. People talk about how the game has changed I don't think people even realize this school look at the scores if you go look at the scores from games in the eighties. And the early ninety's to scores from Gainesville late ninety's and 2008. It told about it a lot of games like that fourteen to ten. Remember the patent and the bills to read and not a browser kit then no games like that anymore scoring and yardage is just. All the rules at different show so the rules if you don't know if you go to rated quarterback if you literate quarterback. Let's go back to the old quarterbacks look at the year yardage and understand that you could mayhem handle a receiver can't do that in. And by the way you can't can't touch quarterback at first quarter. And making it easier for her a mediocre quarterback like you like to put up Marxist. Correct. Yes. You better than mediocre but is he hall of fame worthy that's that's a that's different story Mason main date. I got I got a are basically my brother is the bigot he liked and well it's so frustrating. Itself not to he named his son Eli literally there and I late portal I think it's the average the year he had. It's here for it either. He has pretty much the same exact stats that you Ayman lot of dinners career you know how garbage. Bags years and just. It's frustrating because yet the Super Bowl victories in yet then BP and and that gonna give him and even know what he's safe and I. Yeah. It's basically flooded his new York and he's going to get a lot of attention would you agree Lou that they could be a good offensive team more than definitely benefit the going to be good team overall. So he's going to beat in that mix but yeah he's gonna get a lot our retention so that's what it comes down and you've got to be with a good team I think that's all part of behavior. You know with the second team to your entire career you don't care how good your Uga got no chance. Six or 77797937. The segment to go.

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