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Former Patriot Heath Evans with Dale, Holley and Keefe

Jan 10, 2017|

We check in with Heath Evans for his take on the wild-card action this past weekend and for his preview of Texans at Patriots.

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Our effort to own dale and Holley with Keith Sports Radio WEEI this hour the program brought you by AT&T mobilizing your world. Every patriots Monday at this time we talked with former patriots fullback current NFL network analyst. Heath Evans he joins us on the AT&T hotline babies REO. Good morning man. Home team dominant I guess maybe that you looked smaller but it doesn't good picture sure. Pretty crummy weekend a football overall though don't you think. Well me the hat I got I've got elected Texans raiders game you get to the how confused you know try to balance deficiencies and injuries and you've got your sport although there because he beat every year bill. You're only finishing meted to the other coaches try to scramble and replace you know all star players and so. I look at the game difference but as it is spoil all that everything is on the table and ended. I can still tape like out playing so. Mrs. So what should remember you know what it was like suits you being in that meeting room with bill dollar check today I doubt. Yes there have all you let you go but you know did you find out that. The Texans are your opponent and you are sixteen point favorites what is Bill Belichick telling these guys today. Every decision the that is be who has. Every bad play will come up. He'll remind got stuck there were that bail them in the pre season. He'll bring up turnovers that cost them games. He'll probably show them the the Philadelphia Eagles game from last year when. They've basically dominate Chip Kelly dolphins put they've used it on special teams. You know couple weeks back they had the other specialty mishaps and so. It'll be a constant reminder. The leaders in the team will know the third and don't let people know that there. The better team hands down. What the tone will be set. What. In how the game half. To be played to be open display the fact that they're the better team so. Bill that data. You walk out of those. Feel like you're getting rid of play you Reggie White and Dan Marino. Walter Payton air at any other you know. Great all favor that you can you don't throw throw in there. He didn't injure your watching your p.'s and q.'s all week you get to the game and you let it go in. Most young people have. He approached said the Houston Texans biggest ranked that is. That defense. You know it and then known commodities was in the bill bill notes braves and then Romeo and bill Leo and it'll all but if it is that that stuff. I'd probably say build those all of them better than they know him in the sense of how they think you're just cadets of his get to this. But that defense has been wiped out and it is number one for reasons obviously bill and masters you have the number one scoring defense which. I'm more interested in. The number one scoring defense have a lot more to do with the production of your offense in your specialty to back turnovers and so. That number one deepens over there has dealt with up and up all in the majority of the year. We've put some bad positions turn over lies and yet. Six especially late in the year. Romeo got a great job of getting guys in position down and down out to make big plays. And they did it again this weekend. If you talked about what it's like in in the patriots meeting room with Bill Belichick today. I'm curious. How bill O'Brien is handling as well he's not handling it with a team get a gave them off until tomorrow. A Kabul when they do sit down for the first time tomorrow what's he going to be telling his players. He's a grinder you know I think you of the personalities that are maybe most similar bill in the sense of well some of that coaching tree that left. He's probably the one that is naturally. I'm sick ruff says as bill you know they they go about it different ways but. You know you talk to the for the players on the team but even that the coaches GOP he's got to grind you guys it's got up. Look and taste differently from the way Bill Bennett. But they'll be a plan put in place. Where his Texans team on Friday is confident there would go to Latin beat the patriots. And I think. Even trapping him Beckett couldn't state he made a a lackluster team that was short in deficient in every way possible. Believe by Friday afternoon every week everywhere they want to ball games and so I've always credited bill for beard. So good it. Taking individuals and in being able to look their mind to to really breeds confidence in doom and get a great play and then collectively as a team do the same thing. Bill has a lot of that natural gift in this as well and that's what. He's gonna try to do this week. I know you're a master breaking down football films a wonder he got the realtor debut in if you going to be showing up Mike Vrabel around Los Angeles because his name is come up. As a head coaching candidate do you think he's ready for it. Do I really do you I spoke I had an opportunity come up. Had been three years ago now. Let you know obviously build the first person I called him. And so the question I was asking you know. Mike's name was the first name out of out of bill's mouth and you know if bill. It speaks glowingly of the he's got the Braves in action for all those years and I got beat the intelligence the transfer to the field and he lives in the they got sharper as they come. I think he's a master motivate her I think he's another guy that unit leader on this squad knows it's a small Florida. Knew how to push the buttons of grown men and whether that was an opponent on the opposite side of the field. To get them to do something stupid to give them clear the victim Italy and up for the rest of the game. Or whether to push my button it pull back to make me better for oil rod or whatever it may be so absolutely but it becomes got this way I'll definitely government Mashhad. Had beach for sure Saul Soviet neighbor. He clergy come down on the O'Dell back over in the giants' receivers going down to Miami for the day it was not a big deal not a big deal where where to stay about it. If you. Like I have bill ringing in my dear. Kick the parties aside from the go win the super mobile Internet Tea Party in Miami will be ten times bigger than it ever could have been on some stupid wild card. Played all we can when you should have been wrapping. In a book trying to figure out the next edged to beat your opponent. So all you analysts. That are super freak of nature talented so they have their job because god gave them count that no one else has. You know. Don't know that they're talking about I watched jedi the other day have to view of the not as obvious he had it and they asked that you know would you do. And he said no and it was an emphatic ago. And then I'll walk and talk to other guys who like probably would've well you know what. We're not all freak of nature athlete in the best teams are the ones that are willing to sacrifice. Everything put a ring on your Figaro bill in the indoor park. Take your February and march and go to whatever the heck you wanna do instead you have to weigh an opportunity. He dropped touchdown ball you drop another ball on third down Sheppard dropped touchdown. But in should've been totally different than what I had Erin and in the Packers and panic mode if they would just showed up comply. And then they doubled down on their stupid boat trip took about that would assure us all look like idiots. It took me if it's the dumbest thing in the world you get what you deserve in this league they deserved and Elena Vega. But do you think they lost because of that trip I don't. I act I think their minds in the wrong place but if there's no way I I don't pool for ping he's got the playoffs seven times. And it every year got more more special. And the problem is about young players they don't know they don't know until you get you get caught up in all the just relax and wanted to do me sometimes you astute. Adult you. And any. Leadership on that team I give Eli probably took the high road today yesterday the soundbites I sure hope. That behind closed doors there's been a manned up conversation between. Everybody you'll want the most gifted wide receiver maybe to ever play this game we're not gonna put they're the great yeah she got a long way to go. But keep your head out later and not let this be alerted that and never let it happen it didn't matter that that'll go between these young players that. We're gonna commit to everything that X. Because these times dot com. They don't put guaranteed to get the playoffs next year next year they're gonna have a much more difficult schedule mapped it is going to be in his second year everyone's gonna swallow and digest of all their tape at all and isn't that good to be. Begin wit. Their defense supply carried them. This team was lucky it happened after games so it's just stupid to me and what I hate is I imagine my right. I did everything the right way. Mike wasn't super talented. He he had some god gifted natural ability to play the game with leverage and strength and does not take anything away and athletically but the guy I was crying and so. When you take guys like myself that worked gifted. And then. You UPS opportunities await the other upsets me. And yeah bill formulated my mind at all that yes shot patent drove home in different ways but being good to support our opportunities to paste it. It is that you you take advantage of all your other teammates hard work I think it was a huge part of it it the demeanor in the mindset that call them the game not enough not necessarily the truth. What's your expectation that O'Dell Beckham junior is gonna have that come to Jesus moment and come to that realization you just talked about. Most adult. Most who do you and ask what that I feel you get out here all these great players and actors to do you just beat you put you play it was Clinton's. I played loose but I played on Sunday could build a braves in Bruschi and jr.'s stay out Brady here in. The list of great players that I had the option play with Tommy had a proud. Monday through Saturday not take a triple on at all day physical mental. But I blew my diet so that when I got the subject of poems could I knew little come Sunday and I was impressed my body was freshen that there was nothing about the game plan that could. Possibly there will be a purple because I do everything. And and that's the deal like all the just appoint for a war. They listen I would get an hour to discuss this is is it it is that important and great teams. You can get away with here in their right mind your own safety no not wasn't the most disciplined of cruise. But you ball signal back to consistency. In an chasing them or it's. Whereas the patriot. Every cricket here the right in the mix in the voice wouldn't dare I even thought about much less little. After watching the Packers room to do that game and Aaron Rodgers having another terrific performance. Would you say they're the team to beat in the NFC or is that the cowboys or is it somebody else. I I do whatever Seattle I love experiences and I loved it seems that. Flip the switch and we've seen Aaron flipped the switch to mean these last six or seven games and he's just been spectacular in on that note turnovers the way the defense is. Take a noble way you know there there their peak at the right time which makes it scary you know I. I refused to put a vote of confidence in Dallas or as defense. I know. The offices there and know how to do things it is what it is but. Aaron you know if I gotta ask yourself can get back scored thirty points. Is the way air plan right now that was gonna get. And then Matt Ryan of one playoff gave him. You know whatever you want playoff win. Kitty DeVon that often. People there and the pressure that's going to be placed on them in World Series. But my answer is no. The Matt Ryan was the outburst seemed AP all pro selection quarterback. Tom Brady second team do you think the same things gonna happen. In the MVP voting. Probably as people are stupid I mean I. Think both. It's really feel pleased West Coast system is built to create easy passing this three step five step rhythmic passing game so people look. Completion percentage and a lot of stuff that just. It's just fool's gold doesn't really matter there's five losses on map and that America is stellar here but at what we're just comparing apples to apples and we're looking at. Degree of difficulty of the dolphins have to play them. How old they coaching staff balances out a given game plan to best suit the whole team and not just go trade spat on and off the side of the ball. Let him bat is is a stellar quarterback if he's. Probably top I don't know six or seven in this league and he's shown it this year. But do away the past do offer. In one loss want to Brady's been back. Winter all the matter in this business and people scream three and one without. Anybody knows anything about football. The way they won three game without him. In the one they've won these eleven Wickham. It is like Foxboro high compared to Alabama beat in Turkey in order to beat tonight on an autograph national. Small stage and it is the difference of the style all the way in. I assume that would probably get your BP contracted him. Hope we Brady will get to a party. Final question before we let you go assuming the patriots take care of their business next Saturday night. Who comes to Foxboro for the AFC championship Kansas City or Pittsburgh. Cool albeit this game this week in the news I was just trying to stomachs and build on both these people we chatted. I just can't really seem I think. There were exactly the same as they were last year. Which I read kill this Altman has become slightly a bit more aggressive because of vertical passing force it hill. I think it's forced out at the comfort zone a little bit. I I think I think it is pretty cute as well. I think the more complete team. I think of them more soundly coached team from top to bottom special teams offense and defense. I don't know Seattle to the weather report exposed to be like you know. I see you re peacefully pixel. Good luck throw the ball and doing all that nonsense and that and so. Low CO it turns out but I think the home team get as well. Hate we always appreciate time we'll talk to next week. I've got spectrum it. And I thank you Heath Evans NFL network analyst and former patriots fullback joining us as he does tape every patriots Monday. He does exactly leave a lot of gray area does not have a lot of stuff but now I feel. I was ice fired up about the you know we discreet and I'm on the back I guess I guess it's just yeah I'm with him and you guys know this because I've said I think it's a bigger deal and yeah and some have sent impact on the game where there let's say their minds are totally out. No let's that is just completely not into the game. The entire received a mistake. The entire receivers group. Even it Qaeda and I don't work there I didn't understand I'm gonna pay that and that's why their didn't do as I would but yeah I always got to click I don't think it'll write out what conference. Now even if that's the case. How explain. The Chinese defense and game there's no way I don't think O'Dell Beckham Beckham's situation is gonna affect. The entire team like that given the wide receiver group and I'll say he dropped three balls yesterday because he wasn't focus enough I don't believe that I'll play along that. Spoke yesterday and I suggest that there's a big talent gap. And that it was a lot bigger than what they'll Beckham junior and friends mind not being in the right place. Obviously it's an easy comment to make and it's an obvious comment to make him and he said it is well. Erring no way on God's green earth somebody on this team would be doing that on a day off on a game. I don't think anybody did it on a weekend off on a bye week so there was no way they would do. Yes they would there's rich just brought up the example. Had it last year and a General Jones a Super Bowl champion. The guy who done yet he was here by the city county property can do they aren't here yet they won they won the Super Bowl the year before. He's out here last year he knows better he's been a member of this team Eddie was not focus before playoff game against Kansas City it happened. He's gone. Or is but he wasn't gone right out no mistake they couldn't get him gone right after that but. Technically they could've. Right that was that the big deal they could have said see you later but they were like a business as usual then yeah in the offseason they're able to make a trade. But if they really hated it so much they couldn't just callables. But I think cutting him loose at that point would would probably about a bit shortsighted but I don't two over on to say I give if that was the worst thing in the world there are so upset galaxy has taken to the extreme I didn't say it was the worst thing in the world neither did heat he's probably did but it's. But it's wrong I did hit it did he got the worst thing in the world are already view because Michael body languages. First I've does that. I think well hey my job body friend but yet but he is he got out I thought I now he he was really upset about it but his points it was. Guys have not the most skilled. Ito work hard all the time all the time where's O'Dell Beckham. Maybe doesn't need to do and that's right go towards George Michael's point in the grand scheme of things and tell you ask a question like will. We'll look back whomever decided needs to change things. Wolf he's put up a hundred catches 14100 yards and twelve touchdowns every year what does that he really needs a change things or is he is he doing all right. He said about three of these instances this year where. His quarterback and his culture of talk Tillman said. You can't do this we need you you can't you can't be like this and you know what he's basically said screw you are there you go out and are off to ISS did he start I'm gonna do me yeah. Listen I would listen to you got to listen to the coach because and coach even that coach he's even Ecko got arrested him. But the quarterback Eli let's say maybe I shouldn't be saying anything right now what do you I'd be talking to anybody. Eli has his share of of bone headed throws in and maybe he's put in a prepped and so what church pews when they're hard at it you still look like you're not prepared during somebody's game. Last week but he did try to you know who pulled the holes ago without those those today talked about why he did and it made sense that the cars were trying to calm things down it's kinda like crisis mode we didn't want that to the but it overtake the whole week of preparation part of the giants' offense and I didn't watch all sixty of their games -- see the highlights you're watching red zone it's basically. Nothing nothing nothing you don't go back tomorrow slang he brought it yards with a touchdown that's that's all they did it pretty good defense are okay defense. And owed about pumping out those all they had now he was not good on this weekend. I don't think it's because they want to Miami but I'm certain I think maybe it was. Concern realize this is a bigger deal I better play well and a navy put a lot of pressure arms. 6177797937. Its telephone number Tex lines always male 237937. We get time to take calls between now and just after the top of the hour that's when the coach is our starts and Bill Belichick stepped in here will talk to him but she's but I can already tell you. I've read some of the quotes out of the locker room. I know what the narrative is for the week Michael said you pay attention you could figure out what he said to them. We'll talk about that when we come back we'll get your calls as well 6177797937. Sports Radio WEEI.

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