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Matthew Slater on Patriots Monday

Jan 10, 2017|

We check in with special teams captain Matthew Slater for a report on his bye week, a scouting report on the Texans, and a very special award he took home last week.

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It is time to talk with New England Patriots special teams captain Matthew Slater. It's brought you by shots Matthew joins us on the AT&T hotline hey Matthew I don't. Two great thanks congratulations on what was say. Huge week for you last week first team all pro for the first time in your career the Bart Starr award is presented by Bartz wife. We just talked to bill about it him a moment ago here and he talked about how cool was for the organization to do in front of the whole team the way they did. Oh man it was really a special moment from Egypt is one I won't contribute this. Very humbling honestly the thing about that award in in this installer and the kind of man that he. That he was that he is. It really means a lot not only myself my family. To see each other or me. What a debt what your dad say when you told him about it. You know he was humbled I think you look at the game of football on our greatest into our family the good lord god bless assuming you know coop on. We always pride ourselves on Condit. Do right by people we couldn't intuit human element of football on building relationships in use in our platform. It is truly homeland the deal literature that what you call social. This special time toward. I was very funny just read the story and in the hearing you talk about it last week. How they got you and how you figured out through getting this award at one point you know Jackie Stewart these phone rings and you think it. Obama got tightness up and this is vital step in and buckled and can you decide you don't it's got to walk us through. What you're thinking going into that room and what actually happened. Who either hit car it's sort of cool one evokes the the day after the game and Michael and hand. He nearly two hour. The ruling was able in the aluminum or panic and EC coaches in the and missed cramped. Tomlin in. So holding an eye opening and this is a great opportunity we have is it possible. In some good fellowship pier and those cameras in the back that Lynn it Elena. Playoffs would be in mile city sort of saying listen that he is better. Goal win win Jack's phone. Started ringing in the middle while the real thing you know a lot of mail wanna let support jacket side. Afterward it. And Havel ordered to. Only in the allows. It. You know from the air you know in the NASCAR. You know Milan maintenance. Let me know that I won the award. Is really emotional for me. You know I've always. Believe it we are also football field goal will be remembered far longer than what you awful all feel that. You know I I think it just means that I have naked people in my corner Romley is people that invest in my life. Allowed me to the the land and be in line and then and I'm really thankful for that. Matthew obviously it's a team game in your your goal assist to win another Super Bowl but. To be recognized as first team all pro once again for the for the fourth time in your career that's got to be pretty specials while knowing that that is given to just one player in the entirely. Bullets he and it's very humbling and it's. There's people it. Acknowledge our work you know certainly ankle where excited for. No need sooner. Dean as well franchise for the wrestling again that ruptured yet one analyst. Local journalism decent check in. The test and and you know I'm very humble and thankful and honored good. Now that's something illegal to ask is he in the folks now how to proceed now he's content. We're talking with New England Patriots special teams captain Matthew Slater I did not know this until I read it in the paper today so must be true. That your dad Jackie Slater didn't want to play football. No actually not. There are number reason you want it played football. I think you don't want to New Orleans you know all the little. Look scrawny kid and he won't eat and you're out there on the field and secondly I want my brother and I feel pressure. Colonel who love to this later name a few little. He wanted to be your own means and sound to me. Indian articulate Wii and indeed look in there or should use of them so elevated. You know trinity. Swinging a baseball fan. Run and contracts somewhere. So yes there he had a potential to play baseball your baseball game was that good. No absolutely. I beat Lehman indirectly. At the. Setup let me ask you I believe see the intersection may have happened four years. Larry Izzo. Was here in your rookie year is that correct. Yes he wants. It. It what was it like to have him as a teammate and what do you think of it's noted that he has now with the Texans. When you tiller is the only because alone. He looked at with misty has captured one of the all time greats. To ever play the game and this source Visteon is concerned. Anybody orange feet were so. Loose privileged enough to be eighteen in Israel learned from him. It is teammate rookie year and you see he unit. They date represent him model is to play hard for the right politically Smart they're alert. Com beauty he can't. Pull any fast loans so eat there really out there and older to own a well coached or played disciplined and that's reflection label as a player and I think. We can't look special teams in the NFL. I think you two guys readily. I think its key test and I think Hillary is so and I think those Lee got immunity at all. Started off and a lot of the would those two holes and I'm. Not to both practice like last week and are you guys have dealt with by a weeks before the great thing to have but it's also the only time that you week of practice for you don't know. We your next opponent will be civil. What was that like. Is similar to training camp rookie award with a purpose. And crew who want cleaning crews immediately. Are things that we can do better although Lou fourteen it is acknowledgment from crude for one thing we want to coach Scott Hoch. And tried to improve in that regard. And hopefully. We did enough to. Leave our children in good position heading period we didn't care for the connections. Matthew it's always fun talking football with nick congratulations again on a big week last week. Best of luck on Saturday night we'll talk again soon. They very much I really appreciated. Take care attractive that is Matthew Slater. New England Patriots special teams captain winner of the Bart Starr award last week named in all pro first team again last week.

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