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NFL SUNDAY -- Pete and Price discuss the playoffs and what lies ahead for the Patriots -- 1-8-16

Jan 8, 2017|

The guys chat about the Pats, their weaknesses early on this season and what lies ahead for team. They take a bunch of calls on a variety of NFL playoff topics.

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We do about lead on bill. The last two years in the playoffs with the Denver last year without Antonio Brown. You know we've been Super Bowl so we'll put out more he's LC. Good to have him. But I inspired me. Our topic of the Pittsburgh zero's that is amazing that every young fellas this. The last three Stewart playoff games though because of injuries so. And he Russert took a three yards on the Big Ten carries last time it gets mired back in mid October. It's amazing that and toward him orcas Roethlisberger was not having a great game you know until we go bankrupt America and to. Those teams that we forget about was blasters to Google well in Denver between the Steelers. And how close the Steelers came they should want to knock it off that they had it. In that game in it was their there are a couple of fumbles it was just FitzGerald who salt. Let's play the act for for Pittsburgh instead Olivea bell unaffected Becky and it was 2316. Is literally right down to them with the Pittsburgh was up thirteen twelve or. And they had shocked. Against a weekend's. Denver team. Come out of that game with a victory and knows how that would change things are we segment of the patriots deeper way home field down the stretch last season Pittsburgh had. People knock off. Denver last year in the divisional playoff game is still would have been back you know these two chambers are being would have been back in Foxborough so it. You do look at who. Pittsburgh had and has not had in their lineup when it comes to these big twelve games for the first time and I do I think it's going to be interesting to see. How Bill Brown Roethlisberger how all of that comes to government offensive side of both parties have what the defense in a it is in May be you know quite championship defense that they can put appoint them. January 8. Is today. These three playoff events happened on January 8 courtesy about a separate will be the starter earlier. Music City Bowl miracle could phrase of music city miracle multiple music city miracle could forget that what that the last bills' playoff appearance or was well yes it was the beast mode Ron Marshall went for the saints I think both teams were 79 you remember. A playoff game. And then of course Tim Tebow overtime touchdown throw the most all raided over hyped play. In NFL history why Dick LeBeau has a brain fart and decide to go cover zero. I sexual broker completed that pass and then of course they came here the Denver Broncos came to the patriots. The following week and got absolutely nightly okay Fuhrman colonists now it's Houston in win next week and yeah. Is that game going to be closer than that Tebow Broncos divisional playoff game. Yep probably. America thank you for the 4045. And the last yep the last. Four times the pay to play Houston they've averaged breeding them 37 at twelve and outscored in my 150. To 49. So no letter react it's not exactly. 6177797937. Backed report ago it's the nick in Weymouth a waiting awhile I'd pick her up next on at a thoughts on repeating Chris what's up. Having unionize and to bring it but no problem yeah it's it's the most of the fun of pleasant for the show. Not about me it's okay and yet 33 quick things one is my Super Bowl prediction of who's going to be there. And it's a rematch but it's not a rematch in everybody's thinking about. OK so Pittsburgh against Miami I think I need to know about that one was Berman Logan pat Logan Ryan pass and deception last week. Where was right into his left and he had to. So he's kind of right balance he decides to give it. Pop balances short. A horrible interception he should be done about it tells me they cannot win that picky about when nick games they'd still have a quarterback that's where the packets ID it giants can beat them if they stopped the running game of rebate making beat them. As for the Super Bowl I think it's connected the I think you're right because I think the packets could be Alice in balance. And I believe that will be the matchup rate according to the standings. And that it is in attendance six in an attempt by the went to Seattle but Seattle I think will be going to the Super Bowl if they beat the giants. They think they can. We're going to be able and a first next week in Atlanta. I on the debt problem. He had to get wind is gonna win a lot of winds can coming in lot of points going out night. Routine nick well like where you had them for. Eric thanks appreciate it but. That's he's a media and I said I I that can be 35 to thirty usually next week Atlanta and Seattle but. They have the firepower of the falcons at home how the firepower to. To beat the Seahawks all askew Davis I want to ask you about this coming up at 12 o'clock AM I am all in the CX. Real moments ago I am just at the Seahawks against the that the falcons I'm. Right here's Tim out of orbits or WII Annan opposed Sunday with a AP I regret it looks up to it. You know you're from different people in the media a couple of who while. On the dial like the patriots have. Easier schedule in the league strength of schedule. When you know looking at the standard Lego last week. Most of bears in depth and maybe the copying or the cup team but the patriots and dolphins are unpopular and well. Back last week. Both located near 500. It's like. You know we played Pittsburgh that's what you're good to be put under saying that. Most of persons are pretty current and equal except or maybe the bottom team sort UP goalie. Most teams. District it's scheduled to be pretty calls Obama leads and units this year is like what they want it. Parity don't closeness of teams stormed out of the final weeks do you get to. It is thanks everywhere and we know the arguments not just on the Guile but the ones cigarettes are paid to throwing faced a note to real quarterbacks now a lot of times forget lack of improvement that although the quarterback they've raised with Russell Wilson picked them apart. It did was after the bye week it was surprising it was a touchdown game they're couples are. Agree that was also how many weeks ago. Eight by. I mean I think it's patriot defense has improved out yes. Have they got against they've gone against some of the worst quarterbacks I agree and some bad offense I understand that but there is spin and attitude adjustment as far as I'm concerned. About how they play the first half of the season offensively and how they played. The second half of the season and I do think it will carry over as usual a lot of these guys who spew to stop because it makes headlines and it's pouring bye week and have to come up with something different integrated and to play it's it's a legitimate point I understand it. But to not recognize deceit. The maturation of this defense in this team is so what's different than it was last year they are going to be up here who they're playing they're going to be tough. To beat the rest of the way. A lot of these packer quarterback played a lot of these other teams that entered it is well for those that week and like you say keep up until they have to feel like we got role in. Probably an amateur or go from Philly but he might even middle of the season and a lot of good people that we picked up you know you look at the game. I think it was. Honest and might be like for five games ago we started pulling up these plays off and so we have seen Malia is slightly kinda like see what they got so a lot of them. Adding stuff adding stuff until at the end of the year and hopefully curriculum and also what is the what's kill left in the captain's. Injuries that's been maintained good blog post on this guy goes down last year but the wind was in shambles. Would. Well not oriental rug in reality of getting to intimidate and going to bring it up to because as a really good piece today and he has in Boston from Mike res talking about how this team. Is the healthiest. Did Bill Belichick has ever had going into the post season in his career here in doing so I think that's worth bringing up the other point to attempt. And when it comes to strength of schedule. My argument counterargument to that is always this doesn't exist in a vacuum you have to look around the rest of oh lead. And when you consider the rest of the league in the teams that they faced particularly in the AFC. I can kind of understand it in the NFC because. I think they're more quality quarterbacks in the north I'd call it what you look you see exactly but you look at the if seniors start to think OK well. Tell me some of these other teams would be. You'll look at their strength of schedule. I'm not saying that the patriots are a group of world beaters but again when you put in the context of this year in the rest of this league I think the patriots are the best of the porch. I. Dexter thanked him. It's 17779. 7937 of sanctuaries. When your thoughts on before about the phone calls about the you know Danny Amendola decide he's back to practice yet. Could he be available next week yeah I think he's going to be available when when when you start to consider. In the treaty injury. The rehab time the recovery time the week you vote this week walking around in the locker room talking docile little bit defectors back at practice. It certainly seems to appears that he's going to be on the field next week and he will be it would do you view some sort of boost when it comes to special teams the furry beast. You'll be able to bring some clarity to that position announcing the WW guy who's going to be threats that could dikes every time. But the questions won't be either the same sorts of questions that we've seen over the last three to four weeks won't necessarily be there when you talk about the return game I'm fascinated to see. How it impacts. You know guys like Michael Floyd in and and Malcolm Mitchell actually at that depth charge battery is really for me. It's going to be fasting you know all of that sheik's apartment passing 61777. I'd severed on a 37 back propose we go to probably an sequence of that here and posts under repeated interest Andy what's up. I want to Broadway done and to steer it in the and the icing on that so you're like the bench. You are erecting machine I always remember over the years that when this goes on in Europe. I mean you are rushed around and you know much that your neighbors come to you received any please help me out your record you know wrecking machine in the blizzards. And I and I and I ran I ran at lunchtime how to read on problem at all much. Russia's big show on regular listeners shall while a mile award Palm Beach County are clearly show you say what was the last time nobody checked played not pollute. I've been brought up the Miami game message that was it and it backfired on a big time that was one of lament that whole last month of last season I think you can probably. Say that was the case from the super. Could I mean I acting like we can use Rashid we have that obviously and sort out what I just pocket. Each support the law school I had the biggest mixed in light in the biggest don't check logs blogger on the planet he's the greatest college district sort all arch. She actually decision making sock. I'm Neal. Well I did it stuck its shock that he gets the every game but I agree you. Tightly I don't I I can't disagree I I don't disagree he did not yeah I don't disagree I got a whole last month of the season I I was not happy. With any of the way the last two the last two utilized in particular but Hebert the Andes right before that there a couple times there were the Philadelphia game I hated it just there was a lot of I. I can't stand because the base happy and Egypt and Indonesia which we took a neat to see initiate out. You know I mean look first England and I want to outline. And all the way down to 1 o'clock so the teacher actually sort of defense and stop odd. She's our problem backs and then a couple of touched a sequential. Oh. Did did you and you and I know our kids on occasion. But I grew to completely out throwing a feed from on the on the one yard line is huge I totally agree ditty but I can promise you this if they had played Seattle in week sixteen or fifteen is supposed to win that they've played them. I think his game plan and that would be a little bit different I think he trusts his defense implicitly now they've grown as a union granted against. Obviously not great offenses that they phrase sports still you cannot deny they look date. This isn't a different attitude with misty fresh doubt particular last five or six weeks in the was. Play in the Seattle gamer that's still can't doctor African touchdown in your rights are very questionable coaching in that game I don't disagree about. The only reason why bring it up and so passionate about is 'cause it was so uncharacteristic. Of bill you did you catch he's just always been a guy no matter what. Touching it was honesty all he would never worried about what was gonna happen. Established is that what we're gonna play shameful edit chicken meal that are going to have to I want you. I haven't seen him do that last year I I think he consummate what she brush in a minute wouldn't want to anyway and were you when you were bad great shot at Aubrey. It's. Your right I don't and I bet statue now. Dan deal LaDainian you know what's interesting on the context this conversation remedy and the half of the year the first half against the jets. Majestic a timeout in needy kids into it and that I think that's. What your goal I think that's what you're going for years in my immigrant he was kind of had to do you. Thought it was. And for the school and and then action it did call question call time origin and time on the clock an age limit what you do I'd never seen anything like it so Egypt's. We knew and when you asked a rhetorical question why I shot when I'm like wait a minute I saw him I mean I got to be sure. Well I sedated then that's a call I I've said it Chris and I will back Chris back yup I've set a time and time again this whole year. Is that the last month of the season last year I I I under I understood. What he was going at times that's for the Miami game I understood what used to I didn't agree with it. Police demanding I agree with what we did run on the ball when it it went but I distorted because there was basically auditioning having tryouts to see who could run the football. I it cost them the home field and that's not the only game deferring to the jets remember in the you know over time that was there are a lot of shaky decisions and you go I don't let. The year the Phillies game two was it has to be part of that conversation and that the special teams decisions the pooch kick what you know is just. Totally at their door numerous coaching decisions that were me down the stretch. By Belichick and the patriots that were export we were not quite used to sing but then you look at the context that some of the reason and opera but the the portrait of Miami objecting particularly. There were some reasons why can understand that same thing to what degree back in 03 when he took that saved against Denver and then give it caught the touchdown pass late in oh. People were. I would lost their minds if they lost that game but he had a reason for doing it worked out what he did and and it worked out but last year was a little question was just there. Or are really odd year despite the success pages. Coming in extra a to point diversion away from tying net gains sending in overtime. It was just it was a weird last month of the season and I I think this is a 180. As far as the attitude. And Howell. The way this football team is playing right now. You feel you feel very confident I doubt we all topic it's get a deal Lester the playoffs the Dem go to Denver I still thought they would win. Despite because I just didn't believe that Peyton Manning went on which grew up royally kinda did didn't buy a great game by any stretch of imagination by. This year is totally different orders and. Reasons why you mentioned a couple of the top acting to seeing them this oracle you're asking now that was at this last year. You have guys in the lineup now we you do not have at the end of the season. It's older. Deal Lewis accurate wanted and on and on as there's a handful guys were there now or their last of the running game is far more stout. Far more key group. A centralized and maybe to what they wanna do now is opposed to where they were last year and I also think to again. The way things ended last season. View we did not sit well with this team and a lot of them that shifted in and they are using that look we and we discussed this on number of occasions the we'd regular season ended. That's one thing but the waive the post season played out I I don't think that they are happy were particularly happy. With the way things kind of felt ago confident down the stretch and into the playoffs mayor fueled by that memory going for we have the benefit of hindsight. We know now that that 2015 team was not a championship team for a losses. For the six. Last games down the stretch and the European losses the loss in the AFC championship game that really was knotty championship count and I think this team. Look again you can make an argument to it and I think it's fair or we agree that I Carolina blow the doors all exact despite the lack of running against Martin with the 2016 it is there able to get out the guy you particularly hope. Big can win machine but this team last year was way back in 2000 exactly but this team right now I agree reviewed this team right now going into the post season. Is far better positioned to win a championship the molester Reche Caldwell is not walker through that door thank god. Ed Kelly and Mike and Bob as you guys all lined up Protestant banged up all the calls. Before the top of the hour we come back after this at a post on the continues beaten Chris until 1230 Sports Radio W yeah. It's talked about room table. Get to the playoffs. Obviously it's it's win or go home. This focuses. People on. People went into the sitting near it focusing its. Rogers who I give credit applicant for a about by the table. Even more impressive but saying that is the numbers are brought up earlier which is the last six games depicting touchdown passes I believe it's eighteen over the last several rate. But last six games no picks and no picks in the last 245 attempts radius type numbers. They are very similar a lot of levels and including the fact it looked. In Brady could that Brady's come close to doing this. Sometime really the last couple years when considering Roger's comments it lacks. This is all good it's when you were all OK don't worry about this we got this under control in anything it. You know there's some similarities there when you look at breeding you look at Roger and you look at their leadership technique of their ability when you look at their ability to. Brees the rest of the team up around them to meet everybody owns around them better. I do think that there are some similarities there when you talk Russian part. Of the way to go by the. 6177797937. Backer Padraig gulp beaten Chris and NFL Sunday here's Ed in Boston up next they had. They guys which is like you were called great job great doorknob. Not too much so I'm sure all the wrong on the the guy a year ago. The last regular season gave the patriots like Jared he. They would win doubt in my entry to get them at the Pentagon. Well I also and expect them to go with a game plan May Day which was run twenty out of 23 times and basically have as we just talked about before the break the tryout slash tradition for running back you know different set of circumstances and so don't quit don't you work there you were not alone had trust me. Thank you so here's my thinking of Miami today. So they they got there or all of pitchers last week at the end. While I'm not suggesting an active club play hard today. It's got to play into their mind that even if they win. They're gonna come they're gonna have to come here. Year end and it beat it in attempt to beat a team that. You know they got beat pretty handily by last week. Yet yet but it put out by the said the book I don't think they're thinking about doing at all I think there's what I think what they have to be wary of is. How much stock do you put what happened October 16 when they make the steel is pretty handily thirty or fifteen in Miami. You know how much stock do you do you put more stock than that as far as being used in their heads or were you that he beat their look and had already through. Two New England despite the big task they have today in Pittsburgh. Now you make a good point I think I think they probably feel confident that they beat Pittsburgh. But it I just to I have to imagine have to play it somewhat or maybe it's not a material amount. But got play at some level that. You know pick my out of displaying great you know they have their hands more than full. So what what to see Capital One other question gotten where is Saddam. You're call its Houston. In god now you're like all right I'm not trying to secure its use their predicament here where. But assuming it cheers and but you were called they had the one defense back when they went the patriots. Yeah tonight I eat I don't know if he did but they're they're pretty close to it they did on that Monday night game. Now they were aboard covenant to Foxboro Thursday authorities it is not about this year or talk about in years past they've come in with a note your receipt is talk about third the son of this year. I don't think they're number one difference back then at that time. That's all based on their yards but they have common to fox wrote before. During the regular season and during the playoffs for the top record quote top notch defense in the pits and got the blood doors blown off. All four times that come in here with very good the fences on paper at all four times have gotten black spit Thursday night game. I have been numbers here twice W other British what he's done nothing team this year the Texans defense. Came in to fox for their first NFL in sacks third and third down percentage of total passing her the leopard and fifth and opposing passer rating. They were at or near the top of the league in most major defense of categories coming into Foxborough for that Thursday contest and they got to doors close as you said 27 nothing. Going and a win mapping relatively easily I think that went out to operate without Tom Brady exactly trickled 2%. Had because the guy had a out of had a phenomenal game and I think you know. You take all that into account and you wonder if I just I don't see away Houston barring something weird happening between now and then if you go to Houston wing when playoff game here next Saturday. Houston being able to put together enough offense to be able overcome when itself. They have to put up over thirty and Althea I don't see him put up unless something weird unlike is that unless something strange happens between now and then. I don't see the Houston off into being able to match the patriots score for score. Forgo the top they'll brackets that Bob up next the car next to an NFL Sunday about. I was reduce redundancy. I I and I feel the support. Oh. Colts game with your art. The raiders are great great game there well not true but so much fun. The question guys. Look at sporting. On. A lot of attractiveness obviously there should cornerback. Not much you can do. You. All slow sure. My question at the moment something urgent so there's no pressure. From us awards. And producer. You look like this. Well at all. Red Chris Bob I I think departed that was a concerted effort get the ball out as quickly as possible and I really do I think it was one of the things accused of wanted to do in house while other as much as we kind of goof on him think that he was it would do that more often than not deliberately do some things to be able to keep that defense on its toes a little bit but yeah I mean. That was not we talked about pulling good complementary football before that was not really good display of complementary football on the partly. Now I mean back at her his name a few times by. I thought we have a bigger impact in that game but he did was looking for the Nokia now. Axel rollback at eleven tackles are tackles for law yup. Abuse are you knew it was going to be league but in saying he's Hingis single quarterback now. That was amazing that that's what I mean it looks like. Diplomat eleven tackles these okay great but sometimes I think you get. That in games like that sometimes in congress has sold a Junior Seau fact that you get credit for all these tackles sometimes it. Really what's significant one did you. Any Republican Bob broader before bruiser. I don't tackles. No sacks no tackles for loss. You had Mac show up in yet had you know is data Max W shortage that didn't know there was a great place at one and really start to me the change of direction and it will be be tackler with more Miller in the backfield on a screen pass anomaly you know and a stop and could not get a top hysterically knocked out yet they just could not get out while in and again I think part of that was because. Are squarely concerted effort to the ball as possible final half hour Kona give a ritzy will join us as well Killian Mikey can and not try to back up those calls as well beaten Chris. At a cost Sunday until 1230 regular sports reader don't agree yeah.

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