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The Real K&C - Candyman Thursday, Whack-a-Troll returns and Sean Spicer love 1-5-17

Jan 5, 2017|

The Thursday Kirk and Callahan post-show podcast with Ken Laird and Chris Curtis breaking down the audio action.

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Thursday January 5 edition of the real KFC Keller Chris Curtis Christian market can't get appearance today. Demand and. Shake up buck more normal routine right now he's getting his electoral light drink from Tom Brady to get through the big days. He had just let them drink it would that would put kind of electorally it's. Because revenue should. Restitution of Suleyman to develop 35 times I just don't think anyone has ever done before I mean c'mon Christian hearing here before ours it's we got guys outside in twenty degree weather you know building and into balance for wearing stunt that ship before much Stiller show and on combat six and one of plaque I figured that maybe would have been something that was up on you know plaque somewhere maybe if you want it all the shift Christ. The comedian talk for hours at a time is more serious it was resting his voice policy has rear admiral on the only four hours and a week is that by his own doing it kind of gives you want he elects to have the rear and. While we Zsa is a veteran vote YouTube must have a deposit dvi out when you you know got to go to a couple lemons and around the house certainly about them and you know you come back and India play and then you can just fassel or through all the commercials. All of you know for the rest of the duration of what have you watched the truth you know and if that I hate commercials that I absolutely do not watch them. Really airport would say kidding it was the focus of the show today were the headliners that would be of course 830 well designed by Chris Curtis job Curtis Randall Miller of NJ dot com beat Curt Schilling. When I talked to were believed and I talked to executives MacBook air and of people that Tommy was the worst teammate. They ever had. Speaking of a frenzy was we were friend he goes on the line it's the man himself the scum bag Curt Schilling a current. Probably people like people don't have this fine. To stand up for the things that they say when they did confront it on them. Yes that was outstanding and I like everything in this building. The credit begins with Turkmen him for crazy feuds naturally start right now it's 27 minutes after we think that that it come back to it and yesterday he sent us a note I don't know mid afternoon saying let's get the sky and so. Reached out to room stick to up to Randy Miller for green become law and yesterday I was complaining that these people tend not to. Which Kirk went on his way during and after the you know you'd give britney's props I read you know we appreciate coming on and and fight for depreciate that talked used to shore. No it's I mean it's great what they mean. Oh gosh she got yelled at on the radio rating can go on Tuesday now you know whatever so at least he came on put coming your iPod once we got going. I don't wanna have both are at the start. Because then you know rainy with sort of feel like it was set up or something so we let rated sort of dig a little bit. Call load Schilling a true scumbag should put the opt. Who come back we are chilling on hold. At the ready to pounce lulled to be fair Schilling said I want here for it right so showing about a minute entire two minutes and whatever I called Kurt. And he says it is useless and interrogator in the back I got a slug. He needs of punch and throw and and so these are the element listen for another minute let's have a stud dig further and then we put him on about what four minutes and performance into the interview for those who. Are aware of what we're discussing of course Randy Miller's yet another. On Schilling Baseball Hall of Fame voter based on character claws are like votes character clause in this case a little different from the others different Shaughnessy different from the Mike Carey and etc. although he cited recent behavior but really. It seems like when pressed his issues with scumbag behavior ones player which he claims other players. I would say all the insane rationale to keep curt out of Cooperstown Johnny Damon's dog Thanksgiving story is still the leader in the clubhouse. But rating Miller today made no sense well eat. If there were legions of players and executives who told him all these anecdotes of bad behavior Schilling I guess. Again it's it has nothing to do with whether I like him or not not think. It when I talked to were were believed and I talked to executives back up airborne people tell me was the worst teammate. They ever had. And I think of them you think I should look for a ball fame and they look at they know and I hear it again in the game again last year you need to -- to think. But he voted for him knowing all of this it's not as though Schilling's reputation as a Philly in the ninety's was somehow recently tarnished yet he basically said he changed and Milan Reese hey he did his job he wrote something that read I'm sure we sent thousands of people that website to read it short he came on to debating. When when. Chad Finn didn't like too much talking over one did you find it to be irritating. No I think there were no other way to do it because you couldn't have the money to kids take to be yours it. Yeah. Just a phony I mean if that exact scenario regatta on any other show and any given day apartments market when inventories quadruples the taps. So whatever nobody knows who is who is irrelevant you like me on FaceBook and yet you face as you do. When there's two people on the phone through our our board. It's hard for them to hear each other. So it's not as though they could just have a conversation. You needed to have Jerry and Kirk sort of red green and a moderate right and so I thought it was it could not have been handled by Damon fade away even as he shouldn't write I think became into his role there and he was also resting because he has another and radio show up at 10 PM tonight at a. Prepare for that will look. Pick up some steam. We picked up this afternoon. And I was the focus of 830 prior to that 8 o'clock we had a little bit of a drama filled Tom Brady press conference that never happened. What's going on it and never tell right around what's going eight. This was I could sense that today because I felt good this morning in the worst thing you can feel in this job at the show with these people it's good. Because I didn't do something should he was gonna happen today I woke up I do I was out of bad I got here on time at the you know everything was. I was feeling good to have you in his unit it. It's not that I like the show we had planned everything was coming together and I completely forgot to mention to them the Tom Brady's situation. And. It. Which was yesterday afternoon I got this email chain in discussion about we have the Tate. The Brady press conference because. It's happening in the morning and not in the afternoon and there's a sponsor it slipped my mind. Forgot about cell car paktia and we're now going to the top of the hour and you mentioned you know we got this coming up and I just during the Kirk's here that we have Brady. At 810. And yet no cooler side that it is oh you've got to do is here. And he said we'll (%expletive) talking break and I told you before the show what we've talked about the possible conflict of rainy Miller in the radiator right. And you said don't worry about it we're doing Miller interview. I guess in my mind that I was hoping that the Brady's situation would be during the rainy Miller used we wouldn't have to deal with that that's sort of how light stored in a way in my mind amenities. For a minute these yes now I've (%expletive) up because if I just told them this morning quarter six like K we have to do this Brady thing. In the 8 o'clock hour they wanted to impress because they don't. Disliked the Brady oppressors are going about it relatively quickly I assumed they were now and and I just forgot this morning so. The worst thing you can do with Kirk is not inform him about something. But you don't I don't knots first I heard him. I wouldn't win I noticed archivist who wireline by the I never know these things W worse that you commuter Kirk is follow it up and compound the situation by giving issued the answer to that are moronic stupid idiotic I hope he's getting divorced Chris Curtis. Producer who just saw that's why don't jump up a freaking cliff. Came in there's a. And well all the budget epic would that get to the press conference. And I did that in flying colors today because the people that have contacted me about this for Doug Weight and Paul started collier. Their hitters army and it's like David Field dug away in all started. Or are they were instructed to the telling me to do this but I assume these are bottles so I just sort of went so in the break when Kurt demanded my presence in the studio to give me my lashing. I told those names and match has said it. Off the top our new program director polish RT annual. When this examine and assess blame the top of the 8 o'clock hour Wednesday a well deserved beat down by Kurt you rattle us two out. While he used egregious lash. No I just I was pissed at myself I wasn't mad at them I was just mad that. I couldn't believe that something so simple. A bit then of course two minutes later I got a phone call from dugway and saying and doing a press conference I think they does that Nazis not to be in jail if that's true. Those that would've been totally avoided and not even been a story. I somehow managed to (%expletive) up and make it a topic which is good for the show in terms of the you know some energetic back and forth between the guys in me but. I was just frustrated that I just hadn't thought. Also does today of course we had to borrow money Jones. Though. And at dole and Israel Gutierrez it's Boston Gordon Hayward looks more like Larry Bird and other players and I'm making some veiled racist Boston references yesterday. Well their respective outlets. Our conversations that the violent city I would say other stations have blonde on this of course to going to be big talker today but we had the money Jones audio rate at a gate we get that about 630 small audience and nailed it for a few segments so I thought. Open it was fantastic included everything that we are getting into and it had that Omani sound that we grab this morning and I think Turkey Jerry work. At their best on this to start the show that these idiots can just lob bombs call people view worst thing you can possibly call someone you work. Beaten them. No not the yeah the and you just so no it's just that the it's amazing to me that they can just go on TB spelt these apartments and go unchallenged or race leading one note how it was. Equity means he's this and you know in Beaumont jones' made it you know entire career. You though and had to dole. Actually why Gordon every gives those glance in Boston. You know these shows pop up where. Honestly no matter who the third person today was it was going to be a Jerry Kirk dominated show they had strong opinions or honest. A throw around the accusation of racism and and they generalize the whole CD so cavalierly it's like. Talk about someone's funny haircut does something Tuesday that its. Racist racist by the cardinals family parents their roles and we don't like people it's a mile wide hole it would come and I always thought white people game of course we all going into good point if it's the crowd it's a pretty diverse gritty person he's going and you cheer for the white guy because right because black skin is something that we hate. A topic right up our real analysis of as a show and it was you know it was something that would have been a serious talk or no matter who the third person was and that it yeah like I think our candles fine but it was not his data shine necessarily based on the subject but I think you get a good job staying out away routes and Tom Brady yet issues to get cute we did a feel good 930 segment where Jerry was appraising top for his hand written letter. Go up a feel good story and then this. This under armour pajama thing was its road and what are gonna read what they're gonna react to real some days like a print something out and offered nothing of it in the lead the show that. And other days offing that story is going to be you know how you gets out real talk to review and turned the day isn't really getting ready for this they never talked. But today read before they got and I found a story on Tom Brady's job. The technology behind it emits far infrared as far as thread when its get your skin and without reducing inflammation. We initially used in about sermon with certain acute injuries and shot that this would provide an incredible benefits if it was embedded in this week wearing. Printed out. And they during the show leaving T stumping separate priest clobbered for something we're gonna rip them for some bright under armour athlete recovery sleep where. Powered by TB twelve to grab a couple weeks we Wear and they actually the picture Brady sleep thing is an entire scam. It's a money grabbing. I would love something that helps you sleep I mean I'm Jessica help you sleep John I know you love Brady so why you put up pajamas hasn't helped sweep. Epic Kirk is right that your that Brady at some point is gonna get in some trouble with these off field promises and and and the merchandise Cecil. Willing tease our guest tomorrow is her party now by the scenes Chris has been working hard it's more trolls would you say rainy Miller natural for patrol. It's not a flake gate whack patrol but it's it's a black neutral silvers was patrol earlier this year Hungary. I think it's as anybody that it just is it. Absolutely wrong has no fact to back it up and comes on anyway remark. You know we have Jake O'Donnell from sports grid tomorrow. 940. That's some serious negotiations with them after the show. Was he doing UC. Sixty different excuses then finally he wanted to do it now only can't the guys are obviously dark 940 he wrote apiece. Calling the city of Boston racist. Logic router situations so you'll wanna miss and our week with a nice whack patrol at 940 tomorrow at the fairy. Frequently visited sports I would pro football sports OK I never even visit with the guys talked about this in the sixth air Mallory today and I hadn't I'd listen yesterday among the shows there was talk human laden was intended at the time I -- can't play if I ever been to this website short sent play traffic must be loading he had the EOs this. He said obviously who's tired and we got about a bit this morning. Hopefully you'll be ready to go tomorrow should be good Kurds a mossy type is that namely he actually heard you know Mario Kart playing in the background. What else going on all we get some look. Good news for the guys they're bitching about the microphones yesterday. I can't I have to slouch in my seat this studio was designed for or way. Right not for small steeple if you notice they'll buy said there's two there was no other sound device like a normal so that pretty good this does not go up. Microphone in this in this state of the art studio. Right and today to some extent. Has started to move the ball slowly up the hill. Engineering is going to replace their mics stance they have said there are based changes its work. Kirk Jerry bitch they get there and know they get their due. No they did this. A couple years ago arriving home the the nasal can be the other but a couple of years ago I think our studio was. Filthy I mean like. Inches of just dust caked on the thing that seat to take pictures and it's you decry it just crawling off on that guy I like to get my hands dirty and so 1 morning on somebody. Notice that are brought it up again and they just went on a rant for about fifteen minutes about how disgusting the studios were. Asked idea. Bloom next thing you know they were clean professionally and epic that was the last time they were a motivator studios Kaman but at least they carry the carry some weight. Yeah not when this happened this will be you know pockets cheap I was told a little hobbled when he seventy the at does that excite. For being critical of Jerry's three all of my god great god will bring this up gutless. Oceans Kurt the past looker but. This bothered and handed it back room that we come on the air and boy you know it's doesn't dare challenge Jerry on the air with. They are critical view for only getting three boxes of its growth oak street which I had no problem free what's that Sonnen I had no prob. A red light Kirk either red light and it didn't wanna go hard after the game Olympic Kirk wanted to delve too deeply I think he felt bad that he should all listen beginning girls are producing for sports Dino order penal but a several hundred boxes now we know it's indeed a tweets make it appears. Dino has been a Bonnie media lies tour it appears that his next journey in life is to a being media. Political coach or eyes once Gillick the Nick Saban a media. Your court burn their brand host keynote speaker pro sports based entertainment. HTTP. Colon slash slash. Data as we OR. Is dot com. Incoming white house Press Secretary shot Spicer deal has been reaching out to him. As we found out down the famous DO tweets more. If there's anything else shut up agreeing elderly and insurance but I'm. Show and item former co host of WEEI's. Dennis and Callahan Show as well only for direct message. I have something important. Might not seeking access. So we got a chance to listen to one what are the up things that I did notice critique of market. The beauty of the Dino tweet sometimes it's very inside if you don't really know show and its history you're just listening publisher with a Dino tweets are. But I think Kirk in Jerry's reaction to them is just always priceless. So what I like is when the Dino tweet ends. There's just silence and their laughter our kids stepped on to detail if you notice that both. Case you needed to only be viewed it as the door was open for him finally it's because they rise they both were speaking anybody and that's no mistake access. You may remember me from such mourning this rookie mistake at bother me as the two moments that the that the canning him out you got to let those things briefed as we actually had a speaking of coaching. We got a game plan for the Dino treat cynic as we multiple ought to double barreled Johnson vice so our plan was. We're gonna play the first one yes well at Emory act as they're reacting and laughing from the again three to Sean Spicer from the you know. But he he's got a relationship now which on sports and so I think he's got some big things going on to. Though to eat and that is sure Spicer. Leave for an important and helpful direct message I am seeking access to sluggish Arab. Hash tags socks. To. Hash tag your it guy. A it's the. Like a good color analyst you don't step on the play by play guy right after a touchdown it'll look the natural crowd was brief the world candy man. Jumped all over EP ruin the call. Now part of it may be is my fault perhaps I should have instructed him just before it is to take some blame in this likes. Zero boy we we take away what it's like reporting early plenty of blame earlier this podcast tonight deserved every ounce of it. In this case the blame solely falls on him like I couldn't easier it's a market shut Allah don't say this is finished but that's a little invasive. Yeah I think that would have been rattled. It was it was pretty good execution but could it then I can't say it was perfect date for some reason at 930 we came back in from break in was just. Did there debris trying to play the Brady. At visited orphanages. The whole system crap news froze with a good. When will wired that there on the sausage and used it is absolutely loses by but I saw a Buick play cardinal before capitalist system is an opera and a little bit are working on the processing of our news until. I (%expletive) that I don't know what happened. That was not a good. Icrc were out here dinner last night when Welch it must all Dumars saw absolutely delicious actually ended up with homemade mashed details slow cooker. Malicious and so rights. And a wife was very happy not to lie I'm I'm moved in to be up Steelers coach salty little establishment over itself. I've yet to his horse basement and Anne Kane. Superman cape on this man you apology to stand on the through route that we've been hearing a little mini fridge and you know microwave just the plans tonight and and I play tonight at my age I have one job today it is to harass his many years PM personally personalities as I possibly can't get the show. So. But part of torture that it's accurate balls document come on in repeated she gets paid them she talked to Kirk missed podcasting in the choices likes Tony. I don't think we want reality economy product that's wild card but the thing with real reality is he was talking agree Burleson on Twitter I don't think I've figured just come on says just ask the question where you go from there. What point it troubles I guess they could do little bit I mean in my appeal feisty. And the and the others to silently Sarah Spain was silent severance payment volley which he was he would agree with frank missile. She was agreeing with no because realities as I know people wanted to say something anybody wanna chime in about race or govern and she was. I don't know my sense was that she was agreeing. Gordon Hayward which you say Israel looks bullet Larry Bird than like libraries and other guys in the league did this does that ring a bell is anybody's head that they will take on Iran they would take DeMarcus Cousins don't look like Larry Bird. We've been Olympic break right here flyers goalies. Okay we'll take it that police we have. One of patrol tomorrow Jacob dollar discuss another idea for many parents with a multiple trolls tomorrow I think it'll be a a troll friendly Friday April friendly Friday and now Mike. Much nasty and a free form should be story for us at. What how is the overall Vegas experience what's good Rea Rea. Also in your thoughts are my low moment Jerry was Saturday afternoon where I bet. On harness racing in Yonkers, New York that was a low moment from the truck that for anybody it's college football and sports books is an awesome which spirit something a lot of fun as a adjourn. Steel.

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