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Ep. 47: Sean Leahy, Boston Herald sports editor

Jan 5, 2017|

Kirk Minihane wants to sit down with both sports editors at the major newspapers in Boston. Only Boston Herald sports editor Sean Leahy took Kirk up on the invitation to join the show. What you will hear is a great conversation between two people who are very interested in the newspaper business and how that business has changed over the years and what the future holds for newspapers. Kirk and Sean talk about the ongoing and longstanding rivalry between the Herald and Globe.

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Originally I want this to be. Sports editor of the Boston Globe coastal sports boss promptly to solve what not to do it turns out many times in the past solution on. As I chipper did pretty good discussion on where newspapers are right now. What's gonna social media now why he's not immediate Comas which I think they have to have a body of the tabloid in 2017 how are you running sports department at seventeen. Where the newspaper business is is it dying is not it's kind of stuff pilot can sort of insider shouldn't want keyed you might not like it if you do like that stuff. I think is a pretty good conversation with a good guy and destroy the microphone right there restore good department from all anomalies we talk. Sean Leahy of Boston a really good guy came in answered all the questions. Two nice guy for me tribute to be a tabloid sports editor in 2017. Of national unity I don't know but it's a good discussion with a good guy and if you like newspapers if you like media stuff this ago Obama Sean Lee sports editor. Of the Boston. So originally envisioned this is due in Jerusalem companion. He hates means those two ago you don't really know me eventually at some point. She says the common. Do you view the globe it's competition if that's a stupid question but Joseph do you do you view it you know if you look at every day you think of it is we're going against the globe. Cancel cancel one beat them via you know and do it. In a friendly. Local friendly stance and I don't animosity. Especially right our cooperative but yeah I mean I wanna. Put it. You know bluntly we wanna beats those guys everyday you know in a professional in all sorts why it's so for an shouldn't be uglier your tablet should be should be some shipping it back for public it's annoying if I've heard that before I and and I don't know I mean. Where not to. Where into media awards you know I mean I'm not. You know whenever I think. Think it's kind of a motivation for eagle on Imus. And entities not me personally. Agile personally. But I think it's you know differently because it's. It's just the way it is people there. Professionals. And and and I'm sure there there are people in between both. Like each other and right. Lights we try to keep it open Bullard and in trying to get into name what do you do better in the glow with better in The Herald sports and ultimately mr. Nelson judge but you know I'm biased that your I think we do patriots better. It's better. We do everything I think the globe as. Maybe different goals you know I think they polished too little more nationally than we do and I think we the cup high schools better I think we cover. Pretty much everything better I think on a day to day basis cover in the city of Boston and everything about ball the sports scene in the city of Boston. We do we do pretty good job and I'm here those are you mentioned national and I look at it now. In 2017. Defied your job or. Sullivan's job like the idea of sending a random reporter to a World Series the Red Sox are not in as an eccentric MB finals Celtics tonight and or two Wimbledon or to the US open to meet just doesn't make a lot of distance I don't feel like. Readership is there for that yeah I don't think cure I used to we come from and down I think if we were going to report simply on the royals and the Mets and what's happening in the World Series. To be a lot in involved it did then make a lot of sense Rangel answering the gamer for right right. When we go to when we send somebody and we we covered the World Series who covered every year and I think if you we did them both LCS two. We send our guys out there saying you gotta get Red Sox doors it's been stories of Boston centrist or context to. Yes it's certainly didn't mean those things you know I mean you know we've been some of these places there like at a conventional doubts. You know so that's how you meet agents and anyway even actually you know I mean I was talking with a one of our reporters about Super Bowl Hussein's you know. Referred back to a story that we had last year that we had broken forget whatever was. But there was sane that came from contact me it simple you know so that's where that stuff comes and wood onto the wood into the silica files went to the NBA finals if if a Boston team is involved right. But. An and you know the the other sports I mean you ya and he has go cover Kentucky Derby well like I should say we have a freelance does that rate it was believed weren't coming in five under applicable Wimbledon. Unless is it giant compelling reason. With the Boston connection to do that because it's too expense 1 why am I getting Borges it did fights in Englewood new aegis and you mean that is the appetite Boston's there for that yet I mean on the boxing expert in all nickel back a long way with two with Ron I'm not sure what actual. No but it's something that you know rot runs of no. Foremost boxing the funeral. I don't think that if you know if we had another writer coming you know if if Ron aside and excited to retire you know and and said guy oil oil left to score for somebody else we have some health command. I'm not sure we would continue to do boxing at the same level. But that's something and I think rock has earned because throughout courts does Korea is their readership for the rest. There is hard courts boxing Kennedy you know I'm not sure hope I'm not sure I mean I'm not a boxing guy tell that Iran you know but there is people out there and run and I flew to Ron including debt that was on last year and ask for the AFC title game and we're at the at the airport and does this guy talk you off of boxing you know. And ancestral home to me that yet there are people who really like it right you know. So that that's why we do. You mentioned you mentioned Borges I was and to come later but you know I've added. It's a complicated relation to the better option that I have like him I think he's got a tetanus or in this town. I do wonder and you know you're you're to be calm as you say here are balking and Portis. She'll you know these are not guys in their thirties and so would worry me particular marvel Borges is when the day comes and he leaves. The guy replaces him is not going to be an hassle I mean and a good way I mean these guys are kind of dying three yeah. That's a scary proposition I mean you're to be connoisseur you know. I'm definitely fifties a but just turned sixty. Yes as a matter of fact or Biden's birthday party whatever else was but you know that's got to be an issue for you guys are concerned I mean how do you replace. It is look. Those guys I don't see the young guys so I would say is that counts in those young guys out there yeah. Back in my mind you know I mean I don't I don't neither of those guys goes anywhere and we any time to shore but you've always got to kind of survey it'll landscape and say hey where's the next person come from. Nobody seemed. I I see potential open. You know it would mention any names you don't tip off of the picture to it but. I see potential. The the side is. You know these guys have been doing wrong and and pocket and doing that job. Oh yeah now so we yielded. The mean they've got a lot in the bank a lot of experience in just the stuff that they are able to do comes from spend a lot of time in the business. So I don't I don't know what the next one's gonna come from but I'm certain it's helped him in his book out replaceable your plays lever was replaced true so ups yet who will find wouldn't if the date comes will find an expert. Involve the public today for example today's physical Boston Herald comfort which Schilling on the cover the newspaper. How involved you in that apartment flips from the back page the front page we used to the U do you make out you make that call he contacted you your eyes on that how does that process work. You know another example it was. Two weeks ago we think he's a vacation Floyd. Yeah on the cover you know we should I buy Jerry and I talked on the show at the addition Adam the company before but the next thing you do I'm guessing it did well that's a good. Buzz worthy tabloid cover via a health you know. What step process to get sick goes to the folks over that was almost more interest in how does that work. So that the the video came out. Yeah the video video we can screen grab media age. Civil that kind elevated debt the whole story tune right now but I think I was surprised by anything that was in the video we kind of gritty details before but it's like. But the rate pricing actually seen it yet guides yeah to a new level. So that they had started to take on kind of big life you know at that point we com. We IE out Ron and I had been Rondell does the content that we main contact that day. He was interested in as he sat right in and we you know my boss is interest in it too so that it was kind of perfect. Conflagration right I mean Ron was right knee issue my bosses right now it. It was an iPod cells there on the days where you when we meet every day with my boss this month money berliners and and we can't pitch stories and you know he's he's my boss surveys what he expects the page one Tom and out that's how were yesterday you know I think he was interest in the Curt Schilling may yield issue did two columns exactly two people on it was it was easy call for him. And so that comes a Pollard I mean some days looks some days this is the good news it's hard news is an all right you know. Some days we try to pitch around sports a front that page one and and just doesn't work out because whatever is going on. Other days Isiah Thomas drops 52 points at 11 o'clock at night and they happen to have a need for something and and just so happens that. It comes together you know but it's there is there's a lot of in put back and forth my boss assay. Hey I'm looking for something for you from you for page on today needs to get that sometimes in the afternoon or something yeah yeah and in the days you're thinking should nothing yes scrambled some days it's hotter than others for a but you saw and some days you've got. You know you've. A bevy of content you just can't get to the front of the PP can't get it on page one right we're back page two that works fine you know it's always it each day's its own different animal and it's like you guys. Surely you hear us and as you get nothing yes absolutely and when do you feel like how soon do you know that that seed that Floyd issue. You know he sold them do you give you an idea that are now. On how many physical easily and I guess scriptures but yet does that mean this is your difference or. I don't get those numbers snobs clicks are now I ice I see similar to those numbers I try not to pay too much tension that stuff guilty to a treasure clicks. I do patent but more so that the circulation already dead in a it would pay attention the clicks and what's being what's being traffic that stuff you know. Because look I mean from mine and it really does matter to me. From that I'd data level how many newspapers we share and Stan you know we just you know we have to we have to put all the best part for camera Q where one day right here. So yeah I'd I don't look back too much at them too much. But his finishing time now is supposed to we're talking with the other day that your families and off the air. Which he really didn't know. 20/20 five years ago if you wrote something how much you got red and you had some ideally you could tell which Thomas who was getting or Obama's getting rid. But your basic you know Cecil schemes story. Some notebooks you're anointed nice you know I mean you have an idea and when you're laying out the paper what's going to get red basically and what's. You can tell this morning. When you listen into the radio or you look and at the web traffic metrics that industry crowd issues to go yet to talk yeah help people arrested right. So yeah and that can inform some stuff that we do each don't think you can I don't think you can let it it it's just. Like analytics it is an Alex right this is absolutely yes it's one tool it's it's you know what the same way that you shouldn't let. ERA plus determine everything that you do or you're assembling a pitching staff right you can't let that affects news judgment it's just one tool. And in it you know in everything we be doing but it certainly gives you ideas it is so hot issue we need to stay current. Mean when I wrote you know. I would apps who use the story of the day and sports for you some idea what's got to talk to the producers was getting reaction what is it I'm guessing I can sort of tell I mean. You know with to a spirits in these other guys I get the sense baucus well. They do listen and it makes sense I mean it's what's your reading about an obvious campaign you have an idea listening what's working what isn't yet. You also don't wanna you know we when he gets on this night get some eggs and keep short to right now at one of the philosophies that that we had is you know some might be caught on radio today. But you know. Maybe guys are Dumpty critique it yet to rights you know. So would wanna just put a wanna be dead horse we want to know are kind of philosophy is we wanna put stuff in the paper that is gonna. Set the table conversation when it's on radio people on the pop shop what are we doing you know. You want it to be forward looking you know and the not everything's fully covering games storage of color you know some sort of news of record but your aunt Connie columnists and yet. Opinion pieces to kind of postings for yeah one thing to we the ratings spike. The whopping it's obvious right now and I'm gonna guess you're ever in the same. Supper with the paper is any patriots I mean if it's patriots it's gonna get listened to for us we have numbers show we have bad teachers interviews in the ratings spike fort. He emblem with the website inning pages related right now is just it's just crazy who have an appetite fourth it's unbelievable. Back before they do idea that the for the lead the Astro turn out when a field turf down it in Foxboro in the east after. Now latest sought re if you greens I don't know I ran my father used to say you could televise the resigning from the field to a stadium drive higher ratings and improve as a result it's true you know after them. Yet look at the patriots. And well deserved you know for live sixteen year run here. Either that can attack you know pomp and done their baseball people who like to hear that. But there is nothing bigger right now in Boston and close its apps and not even close or do you. I mean is sort say for example. They need the win these two games I think it will. They go to Houston a big public as the coverage from the people peace and what is usually you know I was there a couple of years ago in the goal ultimately you know. 5000. Yeah we're talking about that in just yesterday I think our our level will stay the same with what we sent couple years ago which is. You know all told photographers to somewhat similar on fifteen. I don't believe she came to resonate didn't even started yet she has been there she was in that try to start India to. But yes so that the it will stay consistent with what we didn't Phoenix. And there's no bigger. I think it will cover all yeah I mean I say this you know there's no bigger events. That we collar on a weekly basis and a patriot regular season game pitcher you know I mean it's just you know it's it's probably similar to what you throw the resources we send to a page is great season gamer simply what we sent to a playoff game or in any of sporty difference ox you know yeah. Com. This the other thing as a touch on the you have a couple of things one thing is we talked I think the first time we met was at this book Hitler's aerial. Admission cute then and you've you've chemists know think about is you got to have immediate. And what is going on yeah doing grip eight or tablet in beat. Patriots is one. When we right media we talk media it explodes why the Boston Herald I guess I have a media card there's no doubt that sports media is just draws in insane amount of interest from people come and out so look I'm I'm with yeah. I debt why have a career effects and acidic enough else. It's something that. That or interest in we don't count right now and and that's really the only way kind of poured in order. Oh yeah it does not look what not and an American and personnel and edited the resource in the Persian you know it's something that we constantly look I think to beat. Well they too it is one we we do. Sports media type news to the inside track. You know we don't don't have like a critic. Com right but you know with this news will address that that idea that way. But I do think that to be a sports media critic. It takes a special type of person you know you've got to have really really fixed it then you've got to be able to. Be critical of you you know which is probably which means you need that thick skin for to commute to and absolutely the backlash. And other people you know the sports media critic you know and in a note Chad does it you know and and I think Chad's got that thick type skin you know. That it's it's not an easy job so it's not in he can't just take. Person axe it's social document with me via. But it split you would agree though it's something if you could find the right person it's kind of gold mine yes I mean if you can get a real you know I mean Jim Baker Padilla forever marsh nick I mean there's. There's an appetite I think you need you need to be if you're sports media critic you need to kind of be happy to be in that job. And not be moving anywhere else gesture you know route through you know that is true you can't beat. I don't think you could want to. Get a job and another at a radio station for example you know kind of done if you are being honest critic yes you know so that's. And that's why you know it's something that we kind of help we scope four just. It's via the penal the right combination hasn't come together what else do you wanna do that you immediately do. Well I think. You put in a newspaper together. Takes two minutes not work. You know and now we have people there really good about it but it it it prevents you from condos. Being quite as fast to the market wants as suddenly your competitors can be right on is ESPN and the guys who work for you spend a conduit terrific job. But they're not encumbered with. You know Lee now a sixty year nadir under page newspaper financed in Hancock unit sell newspapers the next day you know they've got all that TV revenue. Wit and that's true of you know to do he had a common and and everyone that we compete. So sometimes you know I wish we could down. That was street. Could be a little faster to market I think we've got a lot better than that that at that since I arrived at The Herald. But you know we also need to hold something back and give people a reason. 21 by the newspapers next to you can't just give the award given all late at night before it does seem to be constant battle. Newspapers rate whether or not to do that because it's tough to give a great story you have to get there if you've got a legitimate news breaking story you have to get out yeah I mean Jeff how. Tom today that whatever breathes out drugs whatever you can hold. Know somebody else is gonna get you'll get burns yet UW get burned and we've done it we did that last year we broke the the Chandler Jones story and not know we can hold it back and trying to you know make a splash in next morning's newspaper I mean in very rare instances you can try and do that but you know I think ninth and ten you need burned if you do that and someone else is gonna scooped. So I told our people your coming on today went to questions about what do that you you ons and the chancellor and yet have a before you finally got there a column. A lot of questions ago lot of one questions I haven't talked to guys who race for the Frenchman there. Is the is the app and you don't want line yet this still from east from me in issue. It will what's going so. The top it it is to the website is brutal I mean yeah noted right politics as a cigarette I guess that's fine in the app is actually so good it I think it was a story. Forget Chet was actually Jeff how story. This is a few months ago and in. Clicked on it it was the same thing tonight texted him or direct message him. Listen I just feel bad for guys from the brink stores like this and you go and you click and you get that stupid spinning thing we get that you know is it freezes on you. We get messages from readers fans. Team executives scouts. You know I'm sure he'll people right and they come to me and I wish I had a better answer for them but you know way and and it happens to me you know you clicks you click open a story on Twitter and and you know we get good stuff that Harold. And and you wanna click and say hey that's interesting read it and you immediately you're you're trying to school won't scroll and you greeted by the UPS had it right they SOS. UPS. So your reaction is you're your first reactions I've it's about wondering your second reaction is. (%expletive) these guys yes that's the problem Hampshire a mama don't I'm not telling some you don't know but you do your actions. Next time you see you kinda shot on ya ya know I it's it's so why is it wise an issue what's going on yeah look tactical. Jargon stuff element Sanders it to make. Lot of money and those ads. You know and it's hard to say no. To the money. Right I think you know not run that part of of the shop you know. But I talked to people who who do and I think they have similar frustrations hill right and you know the the mine's good come from somewhere in console thing. Shouldn't be so difficult to I I know I mean I'll I'm fine and totally understand that you got that you that'd be got to make some money no problem. Encompassing most tense second thing in and out and got Singler freezes and get stock in and that's. He was at something's gonna improvement 2017 I also. Also we we did the does like jog and an improved 11 that is like jog and I won't get into improved one portion of it recently. And and I actually was when I was learning about the fix I was excited I suppose that's sprays can fix that than it would a problem people in and out but links from. Twitter and dynamite my excitement had to be dialed down rice explained was actually happening. The look that's. That's a huge hole in our game and you know it was hole when I came to herald it still is now and you know what I eat like to see people is look we've got. Tremendous writers and reporters apparel that produced tremendous stuff. And it treated in the newspaper looks great if you read on the web site. It's it's it's a pain in the neck and that's frustrating. It and it's frustrating when you see whether you'll be in a story on FaceBook and those great FaceBook story pages that they have. The L other you know plus feet something. They opened fast they looked terrific pitcher. Those places probably a better rat. Creating fast Internet mobile experiences than they are creating content where better creating content and integrating mobile experience. Marry at the two. We talk to the salon. Within the show trying to figure stuff though. Do we in and our own little inflated bubble overeat how important quarters probably and you know what percentage of readers can go on Twitter GAAP and I want a part of an adult listeners sometimes you know I'm into you know I percent I think we yell at each other allotment on twit right it would be but just the collectively the group JA yeah I mean is it just sort of a thing where. We're so locked into an and you probably do the same things I do support my job of yours is among all the time for information stuff. Well you know looking out there right now in these guys are working on this building today on. Yeah I think I seem to reward about a two. Oh yeah without a doubt we we we we put early port too much. Resources and Twitter yeah. It's good for us I think that you know it's how you find news right. It's got scraped and only delivers news quite the same way and I think something I'm guilty this ago would probably give away too much in tweets you know we give away the whole story now in a tweet. And you don't really need to open opens stuff up you know Kenny but. I think I've seen the stats that say. FaceBook has much better be sure user engagement right Dan and twittered who has more people to. To web sites to two news organizations via and I think that EIA you know as I interact with my family and friends. Twitter is not something BI into a irrelevant probably password fun and made it'll go on at once a great while but it's not windy consuming you know who don't unless you're maybe maybe eighteen year old kids do but I think. Too his probably kind of uncool for. You know what age is the cut out for you you say these people this is a need for people physically are not going to buy newspapers. I would say I'm forty older I'm 42 I'm when they're 3737. She's young. So I would say I feel like our generation is sort of the cut off yeah Brothers is ten years and he would never hide things. Yeah I kind of feel like people in my own age and not sure it's close to write 540 guys right in the Haskell do we get the paper typical apparel every day in your post. Her office by love and love still reading newspaper about a solo the process of that but that's dying out so what. What is herald in the globe and do about what is Harold going to be in fifteen years but the globe. Yeah you excellent questions and anguish and answers to them I mean it's open net it's a constant am worried. Com that I tend to let our business people worry about more than I do I can't change shirts and we can just. You know is what I totaled two folks just do the best job can't let that stuff which are 37 year old guys in the newspapers and hopefully I'll still be employable if if if and Flickr dot net evident and Tia you ever think is indeed they were of beauties can wake up and you can email from Harold Purcell guessed right and this is wood on the look a person can answer that is pat but I think that's coming into the and I think it helps that. You know we do have local calm to not owned by you know known as CEO our you know publicly traded company. A historic USA today and cut every single year staff would be cut cut cut its you know. And local owners it doesn't spare you from some of that pain recently in the world has gone through. But it's it's. You know he had a guy who owns capable excellent paper is committed to it. And Harold is. Lean and mean for lack of a better term true you know. So. We think caustic cut to to a large degree to manage getting through this type ad time in the newspaper industry. But the big question is will that. Time of the turnaround I can't imagine being Lincoln Harold in the globe make a living strictly on zone on I know he's behind Q how does how does look the other. Look at the other. Organization the interview I know other you know it's free web sites just don't work right right. I mean what people interact with the Boston Herald online equity gay and pick it up in thankful that your you know I mean more people are exposed the ads that we we do those ads are not sustaining. Business the print. That sustain the business Leo. So for cars so we stick for. Yeah I mean look at something net down it's a it's the big question and answer to an all at a trying to. You know hopefully people in it into a new favorite no there are but eventually the people who in tandem by the newspapers. Probably you know that industry is getting older model that the compartment of societies get older and older. I mean you see. Hold with a match and go. Betweens. Him close to TSA troika thirty succeed somebody like that. You think you know geez I mean he illegally to the newspaper business I guess you can in transition something else that does seem. Hard to believe that's a business for 25 to go into it for those for the reporters its report. You know when you were and for newspaper you or confirms NFL network remotely something like that it's. You know you know there's a little bit of this differentiation in how you have to file stories stuff like that but. I don't think the reporters. Need meat does it mean that too much now if you don't feel like sulfur or me you're a lot of folks staffing of famine in the you know that thing you do need to be a little bit concerned yeah. But I think the reporters just it's all for them it's just you know. Go out pocket it would never in the office any real bright yet it's now I'm guessing that's why no that's so much Japan twenty years. Twenty years and never probably these guys never seen in the office right yeah very yeah I opened an office. Yeah I've heard I've heard them who their figures are circuits I what you what could have been shot could have been a and and do your because of my boss a rage at a what what is this what is up with The Herald radio was blown as anybody listen to this thing. I think I don't think to who EI need to worry well how much saying that that's that's an X it's easy media makes news feed. Is look it's it's it's a nice component in its a way to. Added and look newspapers are unique college industry right. Harold is doing something. You know say look we're we're not going out fight right and Il they hurled Wanamaker award from EP last year for innovation. Com and down because of the radio station and outlook it's not. It's not something that. Is is to barring you know millions read just Harold but isn't as good points two to The Herald and you know the they do a lot more news than do sports. On and they have field. And state senate president they have the mayor the governor come on. And they get news article are those of appearances he also for the new department is really nice addition yet and it seems to be it's a good thing not. Hugely expensive right a you know I don't think it you know you guys have. Nice setup here is multiple studios right I mean it's you know the the investment in herald radio to create that was an animal and that was actually Cardoza. Part of the pitch. That they when he when they won that award a frigate and analysts spent 16100 dollar set the studio or something like that you know. Com which you know is pretty good when you can turn around and who's the monotony of the job sort of bore you would drive you crazy sometimes there's a different everyday now an everyday really as I said I just it's so much here now I'd add jobs that really suck and you know we were looking at that at the wall CQ weekly interrogate him. Every day's different for me it can't. You know and is no difference to me between. Sunday if you're not working and Wednesday when you're working right for you would hand somebody you in this say to Steve Buckley would you write tomorrow. Work he'd just these guys like that team EM boards and what they want. They certainly write what they want to talk about the you know it you know Bucs were and when before buck writes a do you know yeah writing his disease violent you always talk about it via. You know it's you know. Those guys you know. Make their own decisions what to write stuff like that but. You on a given some directions Indonesia right past you right socks okay you know and down a what type you know we'll we'll talk about what's hot today you know what to which we go for tomorrow in our. And I would gently says settle on set on what to do. Easier. Laid back. A ball breaker eyes and I don't it is you know I'm a you have to ask other people I've nicely by talking to oh pockets injured or talk to somebody else who's maybe not but who's who younger newer. I talked to mr. nice castle keep that guy. I don't know I hope relaxing really I should say I don't think they would say that but I really you know. It doesn't doesn't affect me too much healing will we get that we all had jobs to get a deal I generally find though that I try to try to work. By consensus you know I try to. You know have folks agree. On page this is the path we should go down ultimately there's a box in some means to make decisions sometimes in and no problem doing that. But you know I don't like to go into something and they go to anything now what NCA you can do this you can do that you know I mean I find that. Collaborative process. More construct if you could take anybody in in market is not The Herald right now and sign them up straight for The Herald. She's I don't know I don't know if that answers. Outlook is people that huge debt due. Great work there. You know exclude people from the global that. You know I think. I think recent lover you know are terrific guys were allowed to lobby was here you know move we have either one of those guys we'd be delighted really simply go with Mormon opinion. Whose opinion guy as little Beckett and rethink who you like to meet. I would say. You would you what right. I take like let's say if there's one guy could have a say it is their carry Callahan yes you know we've talked about that at all and yet if you talk to him. Until now and you've talked before you know it would love them right but it does Jerry rehashing that they'll be Thanksgiving get its thoughtful wars and kids with concussions and yeah yeah he's terrific with a great right look at the -- com or by his dad after all costs and also so how did that indeed do you with you on Saturday aegis T. Call me operate Texan is sump and said he wanted to do it asked if we want to run it would be delighted to its Jerry wants to write these and standing invitation to I would imagine I think he's at the point is like for just isn't right yeah he's at I've watched him right he's a leader it's a process actually keep it takes like seven hours or something called to do more. Think he's too old to reach for but I agree I disagrees that he's a great later. It was a great writer Carol for one time it's a tough question is what we talked will be four. It hurts I would say like you know as much as he drives me crazy child is he still matters. If you could plucked inch on the sea from the globe you would you do it. Yes I mean I'm obviously it's me if the my derby mr. Wright Indian money and all that stuff you know it's absolutely looked it looked stands you know I worked with in the globe he's terrific you know he. And and I think a lot of people you know com names the column shank it to a staff but the people reads you know. Show Porsche though two of these guys are sort of the last if you talk to. He ever talk shows he's even their bodies he does is deal come up to be DB talked him at all. We we certainly to be talking you know semester is back and forth since I've been to Harold and tampering. If you know okay that's a I know sometimes it's just a member do and recommend didn't it some skid Toomey last summer some like that age take a look at this kid you know but. Yeah outlook come into wealth separate school you know but. If ever the day left there. You know people would wanna still have his voice is somewhere in the Boston it is funny names we singer Cherie being wrong on you know it will see it but nearly 1520 years now will be different B hole I'm sure it will flip over mobile these different people who develop attitudes and personalities and opinions and the nice thing I don't have an I've and to. Can you average talk before a vote you know somebody complained it's on the on the right you know and I think that or there is I would just say this I think. What to what I've talked was before. I think with Twitter is done. Has made some of these younger guys got you don't want CO negative stuff coming back at them and it's easy now to go save his heartache culture. And there's I forget where it was intro to call that the lazy river of it was it's over one of those guys which I think is easy whatever it's easy to say but I do think I see guys affected by this in there is sort of this. Team first mentality now where does not guys who they seem afraid to richt teams yet look. You you probably get it and like gave you say something critical. About it takes us the patriots fans I'd just insane military dimensions you know great. And and he's got a taste of mills yeah that passion is what right yeah you you can see that he'll look at that mentions of Dan and Ron Paul and those I mean it its territory I mean it's it's it's entertaining. Yet but I I see young guys on the beat now in the sort of seem. It almost seems that there so. What will we do is so they'd they'd like it dislike us so much they kind of go the other way if you like they have do you. Defend that side am I doing that the defense team that's their job right it is and they're jumping right into something which we charge them to do for a week you know hey you know we tellem food. Beat on the middle you know. And I think you know the the type of cynicism. That Ron so good that block is in game and is that comes from 3040 years in the biz you know so. Those guys think the younger generation will get although I will say I mean I grew up with Ron and those guys word and I say this in the most enduring way ass holes but some guys just castles on the younger too I mean it's just it's a it's a whether it's a gift or curse. Some guys just all you know. That night and I think it helps that they did it in a pre social media society of media now you are. I see people looking around looking inventions and looking Texan Twitter and looking at. No emails from Netflix and I'm just gonna turn off the times can do my age means. You have those conversations with guys you do get that sense from some guys sometimes yes yes we did exactly that turn off the mentions I absolutely said to some people you can't. Look at them you can't be flustered by them. You should use Twitter as a as the dean you can't just get rid of Twitter especially fears party job right. But you can't turn off the mentions sometimes you just weeks after the it's funny as it Twitter mentions are good way and I think as some boxing this wants to a couple of weeks ago. When you floats or an idea there Twitter you can tell by your reaction sometimes you can think what can turn this call this story can sort of the test. When did it but calm but did on the last month maybe Adam that did not putt on that issue but that rose out of something pay people are really doing all right talking about this he operates a lot. It's about now he does he does he loves he loves her right. Publish them he does he even ill last Thursday or Friday remember. You know we had an idea that just it didn't come together and it's like Friday afternoon he had been doing something candidates for 3080s I I only a common write something I was like dude take they hope it's okay back. So what what's the what's the next couple of big things and Steve Earl what's what's the what's the next big ideas sports department once. We assume you know so bull run but surely to come here come. And down in spring training after that. You'll continue to see us do com. For lack of a better word here we're gonna throw a bunch of crap up against the wall. You know you gonna CS two I. DMC stool a lot of video oh and podcasts and stuff on spring training. And none of this none of these Arab panacea that's gonna fix everything. But you gonna see us do more FaceBook more and Stu grant more snap Chad you know and none of that stuff alone or maybe even together is gonna fix everything that ails the newspaper machine but he got beat you know on because that's you know snap chat for example is that we have. Young people there and do all that stuff and if that's where it is T should you be there in front of them is it. Easier to tell Jeff Powell that in this still boards that gets it I miss her grieving parent or somebody who's sort of you know lingering in a certain way. Yes you outlook there. There are different ways that you expectations and management. Applications that you put towards everyone right re not gonna treat. You know Ron Borges the same way that you can treat you know you know and it was lower level beat writer and as something wrong and I talked about recently in all. And and that's probably true in. Not just be run newspaper inched who raced each injure or you know hospital whatever it right now. Three you eat you got that you know you have to expect really good things and and fairness from everybody treated unfairly but that doesn't mean everyone past have. It's to do the same playing and have seen level put them I mean yeah you know Jeff's gonna just going to be more social media friendly then Enron. You might easily feuds like I like affected. Jeff comparable each again you know in the way rate no. Look I think. Everyone has people at the pro America like much now and I think as you keep it fairly professional. An issue so far. He's been amounts you go there yet a look at the way I enjoy it that's some good old fashioned globe girl eight. There today I'd look again this does nothing wrong with it as long as you know. Coming to blows and in the man to get video. It's good for you FaceBook I was doubtful I'll recognize that for those guys so great need to step up we get to the nth degree. Right now which ago banks like oh go on you actually I actually a few months ago. And it's not not a big deal but it does matter and he mentioned the start. I have to think the one thing it's still delivers because I know people want to read parents worry kids it's in the will be pays any tension is high school. Like it's sort of it's that that's the one thing that only people look as much on line it's the physically habit opinions yeah. Right it's terrific in in you know what's good about my discloses certain we don't compete with the ESPN on it. There's no matter which after this though Ken Rosenthal coming in and break these major stories right so Danny Ventura this is known better that Danny's Kris yes. I thought it's bigger than college here with my I'll close yet and yet we knew who cares about anything goes on outside of being pot. His vote colleges are true right right will cover it but I mean it does no passion for ties was so much passion far you know we destroyed today on the album. That teens and an honor and those two kids who found yet kids aren't com and and that was that was it was great Bruins did it in all. And die tonight we're going to be down and comets to the first game of that staff found team on the on the ice. Look you can just make such a big mock the you know so you know and Campbell will attack that stuff the same way gates has videos gain is a radio show that's probably. The most popular radio show on submit trade yes for that's that's actually Portis to find that bright and it adds it's absolutely 100% I mean that's. It because we don't compete with. You know and a national pot and a national. Player on land is being got a bunch of local coverage unfortunately did the you know you're gonna be enough when even that long that he was just before football season ended they read out. Pregnant holly did a good job with that you know and and yes so that's eve I mean. But when they were doing that it that was on a local ski assured earlier in the week he alienated after you know. On some Danny's kinda like that Adam chapter of of the local high school community he gets coaching news right. Mean that's it and people love it people of the all scholastic who. Kids coming to Harold and you get hundreds of kids coming and Harold have their pictures taken her parents by those papers. And it's really is really popular it's. You know we're really committed to it and that's gonna that's gonna stay the same there was a take over the inside track that's the big question yeah I got an email free and now talk you do you Wear him it's been talked about the position no idea all I know is that it's got. And you and I was asking now that question is yesterday and they need to stay tuned for announcements at night and arch on what you go thanks laughter time via good luck go for banks. All right thanks again posting to the enough Moby podcast. Actually know what I'm really not think put all he should be thanking me get this (%expletive) every week he's great podcast. Totally free do if it was you go to iTunes. Download Dakota stitcher do the same and reiterating the reviews that she can help me out. This podcast is going to be number one again I guarantee you can help me along with the process so for that I guess at the end. They have total thinking is why I think he's going back and forth here's the point (%expletive) you.

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