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Hot Stove Show Hour 2 - Injury risks in the WBC and Joe Kelly on his new role as a high-leverage reliever

Jan 5, 2017|

Mut, Bradford, and Tomase are talking about the World Baseball Classic, and players choosing not to play in order to keep their focus on their teams and the regular season, and Rob talks with Joe Kelly about his new role as a reliever for the Red Sox

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At 805 here's what strutting on WEEI WEEI dot com Patriots practicing this afternoon at. Their bye week divisional round will come up next weekend at. Week from Saturday in fact Saturday night at Gillette Stadium at practice Danny Amendola was there Tom Brady was not wild card weekend at. Is first up on tap this weekend here all four wild card games right here. On WEEI beginning Saturday afternoon with the Raiders and the Texans quarterbacks for that one of the Raiders will start rookie Conner caught yet the place of the injured. Derek Carr and Matt a glowing Brock costs while I was start. For the injured Tom savage for the Houston Texans attacked the Texans. Have ruled out about one altogether. Celtics host the 76ers on Friday Bruins off until Thursday. How's the Oilers at the garden today Bruins legend Milt Schmidt passing away. At the age of 98. Weather here in Boston could see a flurry in some spots overnight Thursday clear with a high in the mid thirties that's trending now I might but Nancy our too hot stove show. Would Bradford and Tomas he next. He's the hot stove show on Sports Radio W. We could about Red Sox offseason job earlier manager for 2007 to featuring WEEI dot com mastermind rob Bradford wrapped. Coach. That's my hope WEEI dot com columnist John Tomas. All right Red Sox studio host Mike mud Netscape. We young hot still be struck by 24 flyer hockey that. In my heritage plumbing and heating cooling electorate was probably the business fails there is. It's time for the hot still. The Sox Sports Radio telling you. Our thoughts go through or not it was seven WEEI Bradford Rocky Mountain View until 9 o'clock your phone protect against the wall. What what. Eight days away two weeks away from the Boston baseball writers' dinner. Coming up the and it January knowing. I bagel this year in fact. Really yeah your event I've never been to my all time you should gas used to have my buddy Alan Greenwood on to promote it. That's on a New Hampshire governor gone to great look like this year saw a Tim Britton a couple of tweets about looked to be. Pres operation very good lineup this year at the up Boston baseball writers' dinner and then on the couple days later gonna have. The big winter at Fenway extravaganza. Which the three of us have done shows that the issue the last couple years that meant those arms I've seen the yeah we did excellent show with the Bill Belichick press conference we held station hostage for a couple of hours and a snowstorm. I'm the following year after that we're Tomas completely. Was stealth I still don't know how you got home. I have no idea how are you yet it's called driving in the snow now I've driven in the snow all the time I couldn't even my my car couldn't even make it up the the highway when it was hill. Why and have a card bite. Yeah I drove you to find interesting. Partners no questions asked is are you going to win weekend which the Puerto Rican will always be. He's in the week you know all these tablets that early on with on the web site you know he might be alone member of the week to week he might be. Capsule. The I. I've literally home opener myself oh yeah the stop after like three miles go buy the equipment or non. He's not going this year and my minutes seasons ago as well now I public that the schedule you'll forever be like I put the but in my calendar while ago lights I've looked at the programs schedule here and and will be lost interest. In the house now fox that's the new name in this Tomas the Cubs are Chinese democracy to Wear a UB part of choice it was well I would not be he settled out that he was going to be desperate I will be I will be competing with bats ago at the table right next. Is out of the office where it went after. Where it. He's like he's really quite sure where I review bear with right brave new logo it might reboot of the podcast the brat who show without a W. View or Matt scandals and animals you yeah we're gonna have could be why it will be a very structured stiffs. Sort of standing with the track needs a mossy oh and then three Whalen who vetoes. Really knows he's there or the jackets isn't Easter right next come on over at T shirt cannon which is weird because he's gonna fire at vehicles from like point blank range is at the Al open bar rule that the Bradford yeah it's funny guy is like that probable after hours now bartender on nicer going to be Andy Colin and oh man it's. I'll answer questions he Brad approach show you the road it's all be listening listening fuel the cupboard we obese all the post. Post chill podcasts afterwards I live coverage from. Odd idea. That life it will be good show he's gonna make and layered goes down with Curtis and there and do post broadcast of the Brad show I'm you know a two iron rod have been down there it is and we learned this the first time I think in the snowstorm. Paul is not all that and they get the the take over the entirety. A fox like 3000 people like and in the get virtually the. Hired team goes well they get that entire roam all set up and they do all these interviews and then on Beagle outside that room. And is all these different exhibit two games against you by I I. It it's a great event if you're looking to in the middle winter. You know keep the kids busy for a day really day and a half two days and you wanna go play by did you go I don't John Farrell apply in general what do what he played. You're when he left of it something there he would tell us what he's playing the night before as tricky Kelley been out late at the tables but would not admit to what he was playing. And Joseph Kelly I he'd just gone to bed a second ago. And still smell like you've been out the night before. Disinterested as players said he underwent messiah yes it was very close that year. As this team for get back to the phone calls the only real I nugget of news that pop up the last or weaker ten days you guys were here last Wednesday. Is the injury to report Rodriguez the only thing that that brings up. Besides we get an opportunity for rob to rant on the World Baseball Classic. Is the timing of the buckled straight and I the only question I have when they traded buckled guys was. Could jewel waited and sniffed out a team do get hurt. And it doesn't happen a lot. But as it what's the possibility that every starter in baseball. Of could competitive teams everyone stays healthy between downs for just he doesn't area like it doesn't work that way the first all of not a lot of guys get. Hurt now I understand we have the World Baseball Classic that changes things a little bit but teams don't make trades they don't make trades and spring training they've already set their rosters they've already set their budgets. You know they'll do stuff in season on the I have to but they're always gonna go to the minor leagues first deceive vacant salt something internally may be they have a swing man in the bullpen whatever. There's not going to be a market for Clay Buchholz appear the Red Sox. You move him when you can't miss is the time to move him. They're good thing when the buckles conversation the biggest thing is that they can get the interest they thought their running yet and really we thought they were gonna get as well win. They picked up the option I think it. I thought this I think you guys thoughts same way thirteen and a half million dollars the pitching market's terrible. If you went to the free agent marquis would be in the second best pitcher on the market probably after trio. But dating get the interest either teams were saying either will pay the entire thirteen and happening give you a sub standard player. Or will give you a better player and you're gonna have to eat some money. I think also teams recognize smartly and rightly that the Red Sox had to move them so there was no incentive. For the red you know you you have the Red Sox in a position of weakness right there because they needed to move him they wanted to move and made made it clear they're gonna move a starter. And he had to be again ago so you think they give themselves enough time to evaluate the entire market in was it two months that was a couple that we had a couple of opportunities to meet with teams. You get into the new year there's not some chances some tears decides that it's okay. They're a much more about it I'm gonna ask why you think you're gonna here's what things got a little spring training I think I'm nuts but I would've waited and trying to imply that would play volatile. Entering here's one thing yet to pick who considers the thirteen and a half million dollars which is did they feel like there was going to be another opportunity. At some point in the next month two months for a team who's gonna come in and take that hole thirteen and half because that's the big part of this equation. For the whole luxury tax thing right. So maybe fell pay we're not getting enough bytes the Phillies are one on the albeit maybe the only team willing to pay the whole. Break so oh maybe I think that's a big part of his. Conversation I was our record is and ended up trading two pitchers with Rodriguez knee flaring up. I'm probably gonna be wrong about that they'll end up trading buckled so we'll keep everybody else and somebody can go to the bullpen and some will start the year. On the DL and they'll try to manage it as best they can but it feels like this group right here. Is going to be Dak group that you see and they'll let the the back end of it. I guess play out some sort of competition for the fifth starter between Steven Wright and Andrew Palmer has really is what it feels like at this point with the backdrop of is this Rodriguez neat thing which there around the team is saying no big deal. Is this going to be something that bothers his entire career after missing a every injured his spring training taking forever John a comeback last year for me in. Yeah I mean I'm not gonna go to is to that extreme like as his career is this is going to be career lung thing but you certainly have to worry about the start of spring training. And if it lingers there and and you definitely have to worry about us our season and because of what happened last week because of what happened last year and just it just. Highlights and and it passed the baton to rob on this month as far as preparing for the WBZ. How pointless it is and how counter it runs to be best interest of the Red Sox. Before I get to abide WBZ take my read but they moved I want to remind them about the Peter game streak from December 29. Which wise post stocks traded two of the three best pitching prospects job. But double best depth starting pitcher let Rodriguez off knee problem pitching winter ball and WBZ. Peter gave missed shots fired across Dave to browse he's out. A guy that Peter likes that guy in Chicago on field solved the act look at. So thin line as of the letters WBZ were in that tweet I'm going to continue that conversation and it is mind boggling. That these guys do Davis mind boggling and do that the Rodriguez thing is this the first gas not even close. To a second guessed and Rodriguez is the conversation is well beyond just you might give her. He's competing for jobs. Competing for a job at it in and these guys wanna be around their bodies they're countrymen I'd get it. But why can't more people say exactly what recourse fellows today. It what I did last year when by the way I won the Cy Young. That worked under the continue to do that the Red Sox paid right. Side my paychecks. And there is this is what I'm going to prioritize. Heading into the season not representing my country representing my country. Does anyone remember. I guess he remembered Dominican Republic won last but so what so what. Who cares well is it safe so what but somebody pressures these guys to play me ball while this board mutt this year. I think there's more pressure from. The guy named may have read them in any of the year because you and John can attest to this in years past for the Red Sox. They went out of their way they found ways to get gassed not apply right Alia. When you when you asked people about that Manfred putting a lot of pressure they want these guys to play and they can still say no. And when it comes to the other countries I think it I think it will always b.s this way were they there is a lot of pride for the country I'd get that. But still someone Handley or Maris. This forget him era merit playing winter ball is a good idea. No it's not a good days here helped me get ready well last time we did that with a WBZ 2013. And I don't you remember he missed the first two months of the regular season because he got hurt in the last game of the WBZ. Yeah I I'm with you I've always hated the event I hate the timing of the event I've tried to make the case that maybe do with a middle a year. Every four years every two years whatever it is but even that does it make any sense. And as much I wanna blame Rodriguez. I've blame rob Manfred Major League Baseball for try to pressure anybody to play in an event. That takes away from the actual regular season it doesn't make any sense to such a miniscule little specialty item. There's no way they can make enough money or pop off of that. Where makes sense for guys to play a potentially get hurt that's why I put more blame on baseball. That I do Rodriguez from wanting to play because they put this here and they're pushing guys. I brought Rodriguez he's a human being a goalie should be smarter not not the play. Is for him that this is the only question BB for the knee injury but another thing that drives me up the wall this stuff is. The in the NFL the blame for this do we're going to expand the game we're gonna expand the game we played the way you have Red Sox yankees play in London. Why stop at that was like the Patriots going to China cry while the Hawks are playing evident in you and Lucie BA. It'll be Red Sox and Mets and Red Sox and yankees there next W Wright is dumb and it was dumb when they play in Japan is dumb when they had NFL Europe it's dumb. The way you play baseball we're gonna play baseball what's the point. The game and I I'm probably in the minority with this because everyone wants to see young kids in the Netherlands continue to play baseball but. It's not worth. Messing up an entire season I went to Japan that that was a mess. Absolute Max he's you're not the minority make you find out more than a handful of people in this country that care about. The World Baseball Classic the teams that care about it RG said Dominican Latin America those other countries that don't like countries aired about it Italian Chris Kolb LO Canada yet. Remember we had a error or Canada and oh yes yeah we worry that we John and I that was the most crowded I had ever seen skydome until the blue and I hit again here's what's gonna happen we're gonna get wrapped up and write it because I know. Believe me what is going on in spring training has is gotten boring every year as someone on the B you will I'm telling you out here it will young ace back on them by any immediately based not. Will be talking about it on the hot stove should not that it definitely you know whatever it's called spring training. But. Did there will be some buzz because like Johnson at the stadium get full you get a little excitement spring training pouring in. Like the Red Sox play team USA that's going to be an interesting game right. Is the Red Sox are playing really good players. And so there will be some buzz but we have to take a step back. Sunday this is down this is not the best thing for Major League Baseball because we have. This isn't just gassing. Act guys getting hurt these guys always get are always and John that is sort on this earlier this year which you look at the guys the pitchers who pitched in this thing and what happens to them at all ice Cammie you're down the list of guys. I've just spent some time researching something for you. Come back for an exit. OK we hear it's our good reports in the team's Japanese York on the hall of fame discussion at 617779. 79837. Hijacked. I played on that Jeff Woody got. Hey you know I I got to a point about Schilling and and got a question about the writers motivations so. The new York Red Sox ran. You know it's going back to 2001 and a Diamondbacks series you gotta think about Schilling beat bank corporate him. You know killing the Yankees post 9/11 and keeping them from being America's team this is gem in game seven. They won the series it was a co MVP we just found out he'd take awhile means. That he pitched for the red fox smoked for a seven were not happened there. And character issue. You know the analysts saying I think gives and gives somebody's over the top on I could care less about the stupid politics and his moronic. Statements in the morning show but this is oh I think you know I knew about it but I don't much more about it after he brought attention to it's I think like the whole thing about the writers. Using that as a crutch that. Get attention or whatever they're doing so my question really is about what he's and you probably can't say specifically about people. But about like they have. Rather it's getting attention and let our social media and trump. Getting attention by saying crazy things maybe they just to Tokyo that hey you know if I can I give up my PR value up my game. By saying crazy things and making stupid comments about Schilling's behavior. And you know attention seeking. So called journalists from the globe. I mean getting into the harping themselves as a joke and I kind of thought. While the guys in the hall of fame it's really a joke by using this kind of excuse for the club to get attention. Many think that I think this seems to me as a motivating factor. Forearm. Somebody's right as we've taken by the way I didn't see Joseph Kelly. Running around the art class summer. Flaws because you are noted for extra days on Electric's reporters going fart youth yet it really is so I can't speak every writers. Their motivation I can only go lot of guys are written about it so far Johnny Damon just sounds like a like you lost old man when he's going through reasons why I voted for showing in the past now I'm not voting for Mike I ignored the fact it is he and his dog rule and Thanksgiving he sounds out of his mind. Buckley wrote today he was offended by the lynching thing but still voted form so he's able to separate but still say defended op Shaughnessy used as I. At this point I'd I don't know he's gone back and forth these sort of form now he's not. He set a cup least go and he might bowl form again this is nice ex tiger does anybody want to hear my nine year old one year penalties are now using our hall of fame both to decide what we like about a guy. On a social media so it's up and down Jeff to your point. Bite your right date these guys like guys show on C a payment. Are getting a lot of attention for the way they play this thing out this year for better for worse well about is their goal and our Rebecca he's done is he's a columnists that's all works well. Or hand now I would bring up something that brought up earlier in the show which is the playing career. And then the post playing career all the stuff we're talking about was showing it after he played except. People not liking him for whatever reason this there's personality but nothing. It correct me if Iraq nothing he did his playing career. Suggested all of this is going to affect the character clause in the hall of fame voting right. Now he's a blow it and that's the worse you could say about him and teammates that loved him when he LA but that's and I anarchy or yet again so. You remember anybody else ever who had had been labeled this I'm not voting for this guy because of the character clause because though. Not because of anything he did. Is playing career for everything he did outside his playing career a Pete Rose obviously it is not even on the ballot so I don't know I don't buy you this this is what I think people are overlooking. Which is that they're leaning on the character clause if not even more for when he was. Flying Jets absurd it is and it's absurd and that's I think panel Clijsters needs to be stricken from from the bylaws and that's the apartment it's it's which camera this before when the past but it's a fair point to bring up once again the hall of fame. Uses the character clause as a scapegoat date they get to put it on guys like Tomas Ian. Guys like away now rob. Not got it now every now qualifies my past they never drop toppled forward who have votes and they don't want decide who's in and who's out steroids or else. Okay you guys guys go to solid us it's oh stupid because you're I don't know out now so it doesn't seem like fun I would trust it was pretty good thank you not for you would trust me with a vote would you trust with your child in a vote yeah. No actually the is that one incident that he no adult leagues yet course which are you my child thank you can you babysit Friday yet. You got that on wreck I do that every Friday with the UN as I but needs from seven and I got here. 6177797937. Is the phone number but Osce Bradford review and Tomas he's promised. Some information for a that he was able to research during the shoot pool. I'll do that next you're not there. Back at it hot stove showed ID 37 WEEI. Pete on Twitter says. Pro athletes sometimes enjoy playing for nothing but bragging rights somebody. Likes to WBZ that is directed at me. Yeah I write and there are certain people that do. I think here in North America United States specific well I won't include our our friends the north America's top pack Canada. As they seem to like it but in the good old US today. It's not a speck it just isn't in the teen USA back outs for solo springer except for a are good example of why these players are more concerned about their teams ended the six months of baseball. Burst of the three weeks of the WBZ yes it matters other places. I don't think it matters much of the old US presence as we move to isolationism. Is a cut now and missed hop and stop the if at an epic that if you player WBZ you're not invited back. That's what it is let's talk to Matt in Binghamton on the Red Sox lineup a look at the John Tomas sees research that he did. At some point there while I should have been -- that's okay Matt you're up next to WEE out somebody. And I hear you guys talk about. Only other Cooperstown. Most in the food type potential trip for you streak on the seventy or New York. Aside I hear you you've extrapolated a little bit into a trip I don't know if we discussed our trip we just we've all been revived right we vote but yeah I'm in 2000 kid I would lot outlook to go and wanna know what's gonna show live at us now our right is why not like some cozy bar in downtown Cooperstown. We'll get about a hall of fame guest on what Schilling call Manuel brio she'll he'd ever again here I thought I should it ever going to be Cooper's that we're here. Or we're gonna be their guy you set it up for. I thought maybe their command gets coats who will maybe. Holing actually goes. Well anyway. I need to mileage it's Brett so we can do pregame show for it amounts based talk your trash about the and I. I'm more worried about or are certain line appear that you reminded me of wind. After they won the World Series points thirteen and just Chavis said screw it won't go over the line up on. Brett toward its not a. Not a bad it's not a bad analogy. It's not a bad analogy because remember. They went and Grady Sizemore we can do Grady Sizemore will be okay we'll get by. If we could reject some of these other guys might car. And did there's a lot of projections going on we talked about this life show when I wasn't here and it was is if if especially if something happens they Hanley Ramirez. Tell me much since you weren't here. What are you gonna do love to fill that boy you're not going to Philly born anybody you're gonna pitch a lot better in the offense is gonna minimize that he does reluctant. All this you move have been hurt itself with Joseph like. What captured live like one of those where it's happened we've got to work out. Then your you know your cellar at at the trade deadline because you take care of your lineup. So why if you wanna go for the World Series this is not for that now talks. And I just go all the way that you know. Because luxury tax that they they prioritize this year thanks for the call from Binghamton. They prioritize not only being competitive this year but also getting out of that luxury tax number I knew even if we acquire Chris Sale. And we trade Clay Buchholz we are gonna be a better team and beyond that number so I get that there are some hesitation about the offence guys but. They didn't replace you know Ortiz there with our car seal their place with Chris Sale and they expect the scoreless that you are sure over they expect to give up fewer runs and your place the innings from a what's I'm forgetting is Dana Scott she Sean O'Sullivan. And I'm sorry just there yet those are a bit older guys sailing world better team right there at the act of irritation yet I mean yes but. The I think the lineup thing is a legit concern like. You should be really good with Pedroia and bats and you hope Hanley is Zander. I Bogart's any Bogart's was mystifying really night and nearly won a silver slugger but he was not a particularly good hitter in here I finals and gas gas. So you've got sandy Leon you know only gonna get there Mitch Moreland you don't know what you're gonna get there a problem you certainly don't know what you're gonna get the Ellen that's all of the real quick you're getting power but he's never gonna hit for grade average or get on base you even know that I mean I don't know you'll ask what. Bonds and your era you play them against right he's which you he would reverse splits against last year in and them to me the bigger thing is. You'll have. Backup plans I mean your back a plants are probably the worst backup plan you've had along time. Because you'll have guys in triple A or birdies step up when you claimed that Josh Rutledge that sums up where there won't that claimed him with the idea of having him on your right is going to be an option to play third base if it it it is take Brock Cole who is gonna solve all the problems every time this topic comes up. Out of the equation. If Pablo doesn't hit lefties which he. Did last time we saw him play then Josh Rutledge is the guy. If Josh wrote it doesn't work out then what are unit did well have Devin Guerrero is the same thing goes down the rope line and in the biggest thing that you cannot replace. Bizarrely. Is Haley were marriage I mean you can't even come close to replacing what he can do in terms of having that dynamic bat well he's not. Harder got to replace then smoky bats are or rob and that's no dog darkened apartment are not talking about oh the outfield. I'm not argument bogey Betsy bookie bet you Jackie Bradley. Okay whatever. Milwaukee Betts is a special place right yes that's fine. But in terms of the guys who we don't think move he Betts is going to breakdown we don't think is the even a possibility yeah but the guys who are hey maybe this might not be as good as we think. Everybody else does Hanley Ramirez. If he does if something happens to him what's your solution. Not Brock Cole told Dave Brock Cole. I'm not saying Brock Cole and this is what the one reason why did not like the of the Travis shot trade is because you've given. Pablo Sandoval agree went at third base there is very little competition at all and on. Of all these things were talking about and the match point if I had to say one thing I was concerned about it's the confidence they have shown. In Pablo Sandoval would do that doesn't work your options are I'm fortunately. Brought Colts slash Josh probably too which is. Crazy for a team in world less serious that when he unless they get another game they could. The boards or habits are right now yes I'm right you're right they could blog today than ever prove to the world they've left themselves enough financial Rome where they can still make a move at third base at some point or any place in the in the team. And not go that luxury tax write they have set this thing up where they gave this wiggle room to make a move or both guys. Cost nothing you know why they Costa I think it's enough soccer players and yet so this is funny is Tyler Thornburg better be yeah. And we can crowd out overdrive show right. All day long but he presents keepers and you just that much he presents. Beat the value on this team especially when you don't know where you'd get from probable and well and you really don't know what the Smith before won't go. Was Canaveral them. You did research during the Sharia that's right I want to circle back to yes so you're asking why not hold on the Clay Buchholz and trade him in spring train and yeah maybe trade of runner off third baseman so yeah I had a great. So I just look the last ten years the Red Sox trades in spring training. The last sentence or they're not been a lot of giggling like Saturdays ugly at the end of spring training they bought senior Leon. That accelerated growth nice job I'd they got Mike Carr late in spring training in thirteen networks out into the day off that's how for a very well. I'm 2012. Chris Carpenter. The now all Crisco that would go home to hole I BO thing like today financial advisor Braintree I believe that's right that's right maybe he's listening and also Gary there's friendship channel seven. He has that yes you know so much about these guys that's disgusting and knows that. The right now trying to financially I apologize for my knowledge gap you're gossip. Who had and then people we basically haven't heard of I'm 2011 Tony Thomas whoever that is. Michael and Tony the Tiger Thomas who don't know him Michael weekender actually became it's somewhat of a starter I think with the Pirates they got him but he didn't stick Kevin Frandsen curriculars of the point is is they don't make trades and spring training. The from the year 2004. Drawing a boy the infielder at the guy they traded away at the end of spring for in Saint Louis Tony Womack. Tony Womack with the guys. Who they traded 2004 in spring training ended up playing against him in the World Series they did they get for Tony Womack nothing they got it's not tough. Matt oh so we're looking out this amazing. Website oh that's when they released Terry Shumpert to keep the C announced but people let's do. The the Rose sports transactions dot com office website Malcolm Kelly trade every DL stint and all of the sports. It's dropped a real quick word to San Travis that in Dallas texture that's a good one the that I like a number of options there is some depth there was sand trap and he's to me is the wildcard this year in and he might become a very important guy's gonna go to spring training. He's going to be full participation by all accounts and and but that's a pretty big leap of faith thinking. This guy is going to be an answer in terms of run production along lines and we are mare's even though he's never played a Major League and really hasn't. For power wise hasn't done in the Miley. How will come back we'll talk to you and we hear from Joseph Kelly and rob Bradford part of the Brad Fo Sho podcast next here on WB yeah. Next week Costello show live from Cooperstown myself Robin and Donald either. Are going to be outs gonna hang back here lot of hitters lined up Pete Rose will join us David Ortiz out there that are tees Curt Schilling Jon Heyman John without be good one. We're gonna be that I don't know Bob I chipped it it's McNamee graphs. And I like smacking mcdougals and that's where you're at it that and bets on the market for us to Irish for Cooperstown let's. Robby set this up get a chance to speak with. I Joseph Kelly had it who was of guest on our show a month ago apparently not good enough to let that's that you got to on the Brad Fo Sho SHO. Podcast what about the here for a couple and we like a little long form conversation in this is a little bit. A little bit of it in what we talked about this segment is. Basically his new world of being a relief pitcher and having no shot at making the big money. Anymore by being a starting pitcher so Hughes. So. You're going to be relief pitcher. Right. OK but he got your head around that area. Around okay. Because you were very good in the playoffs by I'd told you you actually if they had an award. For MVP of the losing team the American League division series but you whatever you would probably want it you were the best player on the red sides. The lake and it no I don't know odds better incidents. You know it's it's like the fifth place team you get the MVP but. It's the ultimate goal or it's PS the much like that where much like the mythical creatures you're chasing around in Central Park in the Millen night yes. But but you're good you're very good I would I would tell you I figure Freddy thing you know I I I tell you when your bad correct. Our entitlement so right in I think that you handle it pretty well you have a pretty good way about you in terms of understanding that I can say that your bad or you're good and you're you're you're good. And and so do you and I know that you want you you still before it's all said and done you want still wanna be starting pitcher correct. And at some point your career. But for the Boston Red Sox in 2017. You are being classified as he high leverage. Relief pitcher. Yes. It is that the term for good literature. No I leverage it means I'm trying to trying to give you try to make you feel about better about it. Are you to pitch him up your pitcher to mop up games in the fifth inning. Think what everybody needs everyone needs a hobby. But the but I roll everyone needs a role obsolete. But I think that you know what you did O. At the in the last year year and a pretty good position to. Be a pretty valuable part of our bullpen. But once again also ask you once again have you got your head around that role because. The problem you know as wells I do you say you want to be a starting pitcher what do you want them guys wanna be starting pitchers in the major leagues. Be honest ha be on us. It is to be honest not great on the there aren't but it could be on their record York or group that. Does have that many of who makes the money. Every putter maple who makes more money. I don't know that I'm so although reliever Leo. They are pretty good money but if you're gonna if you're good starters get paid more than more than relieved a really good relief pitcher. Their record yes all right. I'm just under try to keep it real. By you you our new way to being a really good relief pitcher for next year if if I'm basing it off of what I saw on September. When you were running around chasing Pokemon. By yet still managing to be a really good relief pitcher you are going to be a really good relief pitcher having an this year at least they think so. Tell me why gimme gimme that top three reasons. Why you were so good at the end of the year and why you think YE. I should draft you for my fantasy team heading into the next year. Although I would never draft for my fancy team if fantasy teams don't miss a eighth inning relievers don't make him a difference. Yeah yeah you sit there. What don't we give me three reasons that are there is yeah why why. Number 10 lead. After one. On that are the way I tactic here Whitner and they were. Born and I've pretty much got written there's a pretty much start all four years. At a proper round county in the that are or suing him records pop up or follow he. There's very yours do you know you're a cart are all on the upper ninety's so that was one of the things that aren't simple art. You know. Went out for way and focus on trying to grow and I'll be there arm which was. The purple. At the same arm slot. Dumping them on race for ball so it is calming him before here. Your kicker or so lose more the curve ball in the slider right. Epic and gonna play out there all quieter of their country the Florida Brian Bannister. I think it was the person Berry Cleveland. The we kind of held the same grip but it did something with. Might risk the way I talked a little bit different and I wake up to them you know. Borman. Or batting practice for about ten minutes. And I like coats on and you like about fun and I went straight down and appeared. Kind of like the Chris archer I slider. So you know I got the game and sit there and that's about. And got to get treatment on like Erik you've grown and there's one point probably my third apparently well work through. Probably ten out of the thirteenth visit their role players. And you know I don't wanna throw them much but it. Kind of Cuomo with a because there's generating some swings and misses in summit so all we contest. Like that and found that I learned you know and prior to game one that's crazy incidents. You know that why not. I don't want personality but this summer you know works or I think we'll work it some and on the track and and it didn't work then you know opera. That's not that's not the mean that was a playoff game. It's another game is that they thought it was them that you know I know that they were. The greater burden on saying aren't I. I opted not arm problem and baker all ago. You know by bring out of there there's a paper they. Are in the video. There was some that I thought that our heavier than a zone there hitters because I do early prior to well. And that it. And working and I thought some growing. That screen and some really bad timing and you know guys are trying to apple like that that that's. So some might suspect or except drawing that there's. Just because of they're probably Logan's error or and they've got more tournaments and I thought it was. So when you go so when you go into this year but obviously you tried doing that when you when you get back on the mound for Myers. By by many years but you said you don't sort of bag the two seamer is it I'm gonna go in with a foresee were. Big curve ball that you says sort of deceptive because it looks like the fourth seamer but the arm slot or whatever and then this slider is is it that simple. It's that what I'm Smart game plan in terms of market for it will be okay what's number two or. Do you know the months ago. The outlook on what what is the deal with the did did you do this before where the two of the leg thing the timing thing with a leg kick in the yeah but in the that they. Law. Earned cougar. Never. Hurt the you do in Morrow. I do a bit more equitable. And because I was strictly out of the stretch so believe that you're here. Two metal hitters because you know that's lepers I don't know beyond arm over you're along holders like for quicker. Because obviously not our. When nobody on base. So it will be easier to hear that or are. By maneuvering it's a different not mechanic with different calculator loan in a alright Missouri the LC did. Learn to look at and a are over. Younger it was their network and kind of hard to explain my backhand. Lot. So when you're outside of that they also true. And so you know downwind right as well. Little bit easier muted than it was before. I that was Joseph Kelly on the of Brad Busch show without rob rap community to hire podcasted WEEI dot com on demand put on the podcast sex UC episode one. A bead re revamp the rapid boat show SHO they left the W out for what the hell was Joseph Kelly talking about during much of that. He I'm not getting it was it good listen about his pinch the year he seemed to not be considered all talking about baseball's the Pokemon stuff you have exhausted by move. To that it. The reality of this podcast is the road keeping it real made the the the stuff about inventing a pitch ten minutes before the playoff game I find interest. But them though meat and potatoes of this podcast the first ten minutes as him talking about racing around Central Park. And on electric skate board and chasing Pokemon and how David Price is funded him an obvious sell with the count. And all this and this is that you drugs talked to Joseph Kelly before. I think he'd much rather talk about that sort of stuff. I am now I anyone who has spoken to Joseph Kelly has been on the so hide out like. So is you know is it fair to say that you would prefer to be that eighth inning power reliever and yeah. Okay well what is it you know what is it that you like about that rule. And you know. Pitcher see I extract the more you did it did it surprise I've only talked to him in on air situations starting with the fox with the and he seemed to be in good spirits and I was expecting not a bad guy and it. He wants he wants openings to be witty and clever well and they're not there and also it's a year ago are cast these managers are cast that's that's the that's exactly. Yeah I don't think it. Now it translate to this podcast. Well at times on the radio it does not translate because it is very sarcastic in dead pan analyst talked. So anyway that's enough we're trying to defend my podcaster. Is trying to point out that it's. Think alike probably not all. Not it's gonna got a drop hogs are not your era on night or your guy in the big hug and I don't have got to get that Boston ma I wanna I wanna address all listeners not youthful I want to go Lester. It's day. That you're welcome for hearing Joseph Kelly talked about it it's him if you are. Capital are riveting I want more Eagles in the Pokemon part of my drive home now this is episode one of the revamped Brad Scioscia everything you know reboot when is episode two this week guys. The second part Joseph Kelly on now that. He's got it got past three games and he probably thought yeah you've done this time to time with certain things where you you do it starts up you know that is that you started yet we all do that so I'm guessing no I have no real and so. Here's a weird I here's the plan is to plan when the jump when he blew yet. Which is every Monday I mean definitely going to have. It about having a podcast and I I'm gonna contemplate why Sunday at quiet you got you a lot of passes and when I was supposed to be doing it by at least at least at least. Every Monday you'll get the revamped brow approach showed no W. Read through. Revamped whatever you're on this day and I enjoyed doing it I don't care if you look like listening to it but I enjoyed doing it and that's all I just give your chance to promote it while it may not like listening to. I'm going to scan I subscribe and IQ. Yet yet you'll you'll be able that I will do the easier ways just to go to John Tomas is website that via comments or listen there. Thrive Hannibal website. It was against this one. Allen is spoiled an area. May not OK to me I believe that I've been I've been out of emergency Brad show your body cast gas yet that was the SHO WB he's is now and CHO. Did you think about adding a W to brat. And oh yeah it's Brad Fo Sho Busch show show but you have to fly the W you have Cubs players. Guillen now now. Is a good question though patio right now we feel the Sixers David Ross has been off on approximately ten times that it's a good question he's got nothing to us it's a perfect I'll let you guys get out of here we will talk Q what next Wednesday 7:9 o'clock ready RWE EI I look forward to it it was spirited show my you'd east lead right back him welcome back. I will try to be better next week we'll try to continue the conversation with the guys Ron hole would get few calls at 6177797937. And once again. Boston Celtics fans in Boston fans under attack would get to that next.

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