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Enough About Me Ep. 46: Kevin McHale

Dec 29, 2016|

Kirk talks with basketball legend Kevin McHale about his Celtics career, as well today's NBA and the current Boston team. Kevin analyzes the theoretical clash of the '86 Celtics and today's Golden State Warriors in addition to how C's heroes of the past would perform in today's game. Also featured: a podcast intro from Kirk's children Cate and Harry.

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Our I tape via podcast with Kevin Mikhail. Which is a big deal for me to get as listened to the show at all you know grow up blow themselves in the eighties so this isn't our neighbor but those close to them and again. In Antarctica McNeil performances did get. We'll look forward kind of running its o'clock or habits or felt a little rushed for you pretty good job we give an intro that liked to special guests before. Get Mikhail even bigger jets camp Mikhail Harry meant handing came in right to drag and he would take this in my daddy use what's going on. Not my. Snow. So and EC canyon the producer my show. He had a thing you won the mean mr. Callahan talked about the things we don't like you vote each other couple weeks ago to work out that well because we get along so. I was wondering if YouTube you've been you know hang on each other for the last week we'll stir crazy I'll start with Harry Harry what is driving you crazy about Kate right now go ahead. A treasure crazy. Yeah matter ever. But you get along OK are there. I'll pay you more problems you driving Nina a big problem of these issues being Rubin happen. It was the. Okay good solid Kate which are proms are there. He always been freaking want a fun night means you. I. Right and we have the big news we're gonna break on the enough will be podcast I decided to hear Harry minute hand has a girlfriend Kate yeah is that right Harry. What's her name. The merrier. No which you do lover. That's fantastic that's all that. How hard it is probably get the lot B program only to. Actually to a more between you two drive and that he does have a good fight. That a bullet that statute. Area is if this thing. Not my no hang onto and say well but out of it instantly but daddy. Said earlier in the anal buying your whole life that's true removed to me I would by force is doing with the main obstacle and Massachusetts Harry you wanted to name. How come. Which used DM on right now. Mr. issues. When numbers messy. And for bars Monday and that's how you feel laments she's a total Harry Burton can't McCalebb toy talk to mr. McNeill today in the pocket he's one of my heroes growing up. John. Is a fascinating. He was in the podcast. You made me ask you may be him into it and reducing the show and all I have patents on my film. When. I act. You never listened to show. I. He. Oh mr. tang went pretty good show. Yeah mr. rob is here to they're god father he'd stick goes up some TV. Yep excellent excellent so it's Kevin McHale and daddy. And a podcast and usually sometimes I'll do this would bend my producer for the show that you guys are filling in as my coast. Leading into anything else before we go. Yeah. And Kate. Name me. Your thoughts. In. Our. Harry rogue one Bittermann. What. Good night. That's true yet double teamed. For a new car right now so. Everybody is tired yes. Sorry costs beyond me and just find funny thing and we're. A. On that note will be in the podcast with can Mikhail turner sports who's. Kind enough to come on to talk about we're taping this Thursday at Thursday's cavaliers Celtics game on the 29. In the week and send. So that's cavaliers tonight you've. Celtics fans are here now. Who's your favorite player in the Celtics. Exactly. Who they're playing the patriots. Tom Brady. And. Excellent to Kevin Mikhailov turner sports. I I told him I mean he's the best power forward whoever lived best defensive mountains of combination of the longest career was the best in by far the most post up player. Of all time Michael again how to grow up and. And he on now about the. Pretty exciting. I think both of us systemic tales the greatest we'll post players in basketball history growing up the Winchester Massachusetts in the eighties I was the best five foot four post player Kevin in Winchester it was unbelievable. I had to I had to drop step by the fadeaway the the open under and will. That's that's one thing I was sick growing up here. You know I guess I was in the eighties I was you know ninth and them it will result if you watched liquor youth game basketball was Winchester Lexus at any count. He sub buy tickets trying to do what you did. It posting up and he said but to kids trying to shoot left candidly bird did so it was some weird basketball you watched. That's a yellow that would that was I wouldn't recommend that bill Schneider always well we're advance I think they have got to wait to get in the senate would do that that that. There's two left and issues like Larry. Did you. In your post play was was so different you know I would say for me. The three best post players I've received are you Olajuwon and Duncan Pritchard first did you. How you learned network you watch that growing up was that something that just sort of you found in your home. Well you know Mike coaches we had a lot of just very basic stuff Lotta a lot of admitting a lot of you know in the ball sitting low. They're not left foot if not right foot. It was vivid vivid vivid chopped it that it is in the absence of I was smaller back that effort they're playing at I love the later I think it's a lot of bigger guys Adler nugget. Under them you know try to trick from a little bit in all really came possibility this state load if they'd have balance and like I kind of just to just develop a lot of that stuff they're drawing up against bigger guys in and sort of been you know more in college that lady in a different level person and got an MBA news same thing he had it. As tricked some people yet we all over people's slowly I really do a lot more in. It is in the pros in the college of you know being the biggest I issued over the top but in the pros you play at that are lakeside or bigger than new. You know you've got to be able to have some movement is and stuff and so they just edit it's kind of you all over the years the start of a young yet. Did you when you watch that between you coach in league executive in the league when you watch over the last 152025. Years since you retired. Amid must be some guys you've watched over the last that that quarter century and you must say this guy's this talent the skies this if I can work with him for a day. Parker worked there for a week he'd be that much better I mean there must because you watch right now it's a you can't she just learned two or three simple post up moves. Yeah I've really learned one other Butler Butler and auto attack it is shops. Look like right in their idol attack get a shot up like last and that's really that was the come you know when you don't oppose that deal with it down there. Negate your back the basket and be able to go over your left shoulder right shall there are vulnerable we you've got to deal with gold and one Ruble but it's it's I got to look at that are now in the they're there's very few guys that you would rather keep them. Laid out there more McCain you all so much and everybody's distressed or but he shooting. From the outside of playing nation from the topics you'd hear big I is huge now I think that's one thing that the Celtics. Our plane better you know they need the being to have all their big guys out there are for you know in the event making plays in the top. I think he's part of its games. Whereas when I played is that a big part of the game was to dominate the paint all but about you know who is the most effective team. Jamming inside in the substance site points they're being rebound of all blocked shots tech program. But the game has changed now you know that the team with that leads the league in in. In shot blocking it Golden State and you look at them and they play. So that those artists that are 9% of the time so the game has really evolved and changed but I still think there's there's there's. This spot in the week for for no gain in those points sell low and slow all the momentum but the other team I think in Italy all around again reveals it is some big play in the post but right now that draw. Of playing on the perimeter. Shooting threes and being playmaker and take all the big guys of the post. Was wild and you look back at the stats sit in on Byrd who I think is you know is good shooters anybody in history you know in in a big year for him. You know he might take a hundred threes are 123 semi now you know curry will do that you know in three weeks. It is intimate and backed him separate Utley. Three was only used kind of late shot clock if you are a position to reach. Or more if viewers. Them where it was used mostly. Late in the game you're down nine with the men after going to get it in threes but intake and throughout the course the game Larry would have. There it was a great you archery as missiles from being at those extra rest but he just flicked the ball. If Larry replace today's game and he'd be he'd be living on two I think you know. But you get that just wasn't aware of the game was played and so it yeah yeah I agree it's it's it's different in. Had Larry at let Larry impede their races so that I believe will arrange. I teach you to use the three point line lately it is dated you know there's that all of that. It is a pretty good three point shooter attended his career was Kevin McHale. Well I think it's issued a furor over the Mike to run a practice shoot in the. And last for years and it took you took you took some last couple years. Yeah I did it take I took a curious as yellow older people up with these easier to come out and not. Back on that post in fighter but he got the whole game at the magic if you trees while but again you know. That was just that would later on in my career and if you play like I've become a little bit more you know it used a little differently. Back then but still nothing like it is today it seems completely different and when he gets it yet still has those same thing but on low post. You know try to try to try to treat ever try to treat double teams right into the team well trouble but a lot of benefits in the ball in the paint. You know that that you don't penalize a light years you'll watch your genes not play in either one will be in the penalty. And a quarter. And I are predicting what we've tried again until the it was it was huge hit in the penalty it was six minute mark it's been more than half the panel app the period. In the penalty. It's just it's just put some pressure on the team not follows two free throws an attack just so. A different game but but you know it is that I hydrated in the it's different but it's fun to watch. Until you're given to your dog talk about the Celtics or cavs game tonight and we'll get that obviously bland subject dispute given them from here I grew up here in the eighties Celtics were. My life it's Harpring not test at least a few questions were you look at that the it's sheltered questions was debated last year. 86 Celtics for save the warriors or say you know a team like that. For me for my money I don't think is a team in history that would be 3660 minutes past and your biased but I I'd be curious what you think. It would be so different but you know we just we just one goal to go small like that they'd be kept hounding. It would be. In the Klay Thompson would be guarding there. Lee Miller on the post that he. You know prima re would be starting here Robert. That would work so well for his ball and but on the other hand they're shooting three muted regain. But I guess I just think at Bob and said you're you're gonna during have more bad gain. 23 feet shooting 24 feature on trees and those guys in the league. And you are from three feet. You're never held a lot more success. From three feet. You are 23 feet over the course gain so we just kept pounding them in the inside and in the thing and everybody forgets is that. A lot of that inside action but a lot of free throw. And the game gets slowed. Indy gets muddied up and you know we read you're you're an eighteen rain now in today's game. As a hard time guarding all states three point. Raj shooting that they have. Which you're just gonna keep in front and that means that in just figured the odds are that you just keep on what I'd like. I think we beat them justice because I think we're much stronger rebounding team a much bigger team and let. You know if it would it would be interesting view music clashes. But it is filed a searcher. Do you think it's a trap like I feel like is I get older I do this and I wonder if the generation before you guys you know did the west in the Russell's felt that way. I felt like basketball was better I felt that the players were tough for a film like this appellate dad is that. A simple generational tricked cores or some truth and it was basketball better twenty or thirty years ago or is that just me being missed out. Well I think part of a lucrative mr. illegitimate thing a little blues actual. You know I think that. There was there was more that the the rules were different that lot from work for the tell the largest you know open our votes based word luck luck you know old pushed more. It allowed you put or or some other people on the other team physically wise you don't see a lot of that rate now and a in in today's game but you know I think. This spacing and the ball movement on the good teams like you know there's the bad teams that vote and that. In the ball all that it's all want one but that would that there were bad teams back when I played need to. That didn't have ball movement but did a good team has really moved the ball between move bodies they're cutting their losing in you know when you watch. Oh I I've watched it was all of these the world put a highlight said highlight film of that. Eight Celtics in this kind of out of montage of like the 86 and it's amazing in the auto ball body. Right past it was unbelievable yet. Yeah it was really really fun to watch. Ice CR IC's seven that you know wouldn't budge. Dispersed they're really playing well labeled the ball popped the ball you know bold statements some of the better teams in the Celtics have a lot of this note is in. I'll play and so you know I think the best people always understood that ball movement body movement really Arctic are currently and but I did but so I think that the Baldwin body movement you know I'd you know there's always been bad teams that went a little. Well more physical belt question but the that the rules dictate that in the rules about the Wear and now there's there's not a L a game. If you take if you did today right what you did to it Rambis you know in 84. Know be the biggest story in the country for like three days people we call in feel to be kicked out all week. Yeah nine I didn't affect it and. Did he get it to you Ford in Paris to knock that I don't think Parrish got a technical. We punch landed her in the face I don't think. Got to go to the economic rep read. A goal in the couple showed Kayla is ahead right and a no more places though like Billy the rest late. Addition if you see like if you walked in a room today you just walked in the room and you're waiting for an interview or something and rim beer was the other guy in the room. What would you if you talk to him would you talk to your birdies do you actually still hate him thirty years later. At that. I really don't let nobody out. I don't have much none of but to say all right I don't. I am totally ambivalent Hillary now that most other badly as it comes and I were friends and before. It would be trade them. But then kind of you know. Series and all the fight he had with those guys but it isn't as they've now it's good to see a mildly Joseph do Mars in. You know them let them look at I just don't see and it doesn't bother me that he deliberately take that. It but that that that that rivalry that was obviously but particularly tense probably I would say boy I look back on its funny growing up. You know when I do when people say Celtics lakers. Those are right over the eighties I understand that it was no question with bird magic valley guys. But the most intense rivalry that I remember was still the sixers before you know eighty force 81823. OC you need to be the most tense. And out of throughout the first pro rivalry ever got involved in the end it was sixes open that was huge that was like. Yeah before you got there the fixes that beat them in the conference finals that lotteries fringe I mean I guess site account thrown in the middle of that and there was. You'd rivalry back then. There are less teens and you played. It's seen here divisions six sizes in the play them all late years we've replay actually offer following labor like three or four exhibition it's bad move. Which kept other regularly you know the more you play you get chosen where you dislike each and no replay of what. And ended the season in that we Plame as a player out LT I agree that that to me would buy a first test our first case the MB in the rivalry that was really intense and the lakers Celtics over the lakers Celtics really hadn't started. In the Indiana State Michigan State remains Evans they got that would Larry magic thing. Yet Billy. Just turning with David stern turning leak from you know begins with the inside any lawn. The finals were tape delayed and started you know start at 1130 right and in in boxes intensity back in Minnesota back I was back there. Is dead if you know Tokyo and third are watching negate. And then David certain divisions will be and Larry and magic and and the Laker in the top. That was all just huge great V you know are kind of storm. Of Islam. A lot of stuff. Stemming from that 79. And yes state Michigan's state you know that would which was amazing you know gain that so many people watch and that was really the start at least salute in my in my mind Larry and magic really resurrected the NBA. Turned it turned into what it is now that they've they've really started that in the Salt Lake lakers rivalry. Which future. Cover a lot of talk to guys like Bob Bryan or away who I know about your relationship with burden of always seem a bird the you know the the the image story it was purposes super driven guy. And you been laid back guy and I wonder how much truth there is too that means that sort of in a narrative a myth there's a reality that. Well we were different subways are very similar. They're is the difference. You know I mean Larry Larry was more quiet and that was I I was I was. You know you know movement. For the games Larry it was Larry Larry had to retreat at my Irish team that you know it it that they were different but. In my Richie united you know and I never shared a bit and ending up fighting and never shared much painting that I did. Privately with the media is and it can MO thing. In fact it wouldn't but after shootaround Indies I mean. I would sit Derek but every every there everybody on the team public guarding me or are ignored them know what was that they've replaced apparently you know outside checklist that went through my mind all of the gains. So of the games started I I it really checked all the boxes ready though I had a I spent I spent you know hours and hours and hours apparently about Biden you know those as well the thing that is what I did but that. You know Larry petty and Libby was more quiet you know after the game but. There it was really fun guy that can definitely forget that there is there it was just really a fun guy to be on what she knew he is funny. I'm very sarcastic agree that these humored. So we we like as I've told many people we've been many many nights in on have a few Beers at La collapse. It's great team meeting. You know legacy of National League conference Tuesday. Is a feel strange to you that neither or you guys are are members of but the self organization I mean that you that you that you haven't been spent. This and you you be back in Houston even Minnesota obviously birds in Indiana that feel strange you've never been in post. Playing career part of the cell disorganization. Well. I'm I feel like a part of the organization is any yeah I think ultimately picked by brittle time and technical attack any site that went in. I suppose Celtics and so it has just it is just one of those things where you are or. There you went back in the categories from Ireland back to Minnesota votes from and he's stayed there were cases along. I overthrew itself over for the acceptable for a long time went on it was Houston and in the jeans jeans that stood as if you lay it just JC different places at the end of a wonderful job and rate. As Celtics you know really it's fun for me to have him there running the team. You know I ever wanna talk fast ball or ought talks Celtic on monopoly in. Also is it is it really keeps me. I was sure firm but really I have more incentive not with it and he has the as the GM to just you know watch anymore at all or so. When I come out in the when a wreck demonic over the opposite. In any exit row type basketball talk rafters like bunched up. Do you do you get this the the feeling when you when you watch them you know talking gains last couple years. It does seem like he's done about as good a job as you can do building a team without superstar player that makes any sense. Yeah I I mean I like thirteen or scrap it goes starting back to playing kind of the Whitney played more last year you know with bailout big guys in the in this their offensive rested and not need those because it's the only place from the top to default. Then it from side to side and I. That ball movement on. But I average average like what they're thinking that a little Isaiah Thomas becomes an unbelievable player in putting Phnom numbers. I just hope that goes somewhere along the line. One more move that anything music is can bring a guy in there and take all these really really good pieces and turned into. That next level like hey they've if you take what a joke where they compete. You know with the Cleveland's fourth. Easter cup championship which is indeed the whole team but. They're not that far away it is that a great job is so Lotta assets so that investors pick the Brooklyn right. Got a lot of assets I I do believe he's trying as. In that type players that he probably needs just don't come on the on the market all that that much but when they do you rate though. I'm curious you know he said you're friendly with Isaiah before the before that rivalry stardom sure your friends other guys. If you see in these guys all get knocked forward now you know LeBron did Miami into reacted. Do you think if you had that opportunity say you need for 85 in the league was set up then like it is now. Mr. Chang should of called Isaiah Thomas if you're free agent called you know some other star player or another city somewhere and say hey let's go to the city together and try when the title. Well you know if it if you're playing terrible right that's like the cubs you'd want to. And now you play it now if you run a franchise that he is to hope that's not yet I. I think that. Our ally yet keeping quiet about it can be done something. Need to play a level. Players championship. Mike suggested a leveler too lower than what we need to be it. Help right I think you'd. I Agassi I keep people's I know what options for us but if you were on that team. And unity engine you're putting up big numbers now winning year. That and then there was word on numbers. Is it. Her numbers are. That you know winning is the only relief fund. And be waving it is fantastic. You know these big games go out there. You compete. Is if you know the winning winning it all goal is so joy winning like capsule. A strange situation in. Help walk me through this so in the eighties there was a year we Yuri restricted free agent the knicks wanted to sign you but Redd put my ball forty poison pills. In context of the mix is not right. Yeah the first Saturday can create you restrictive it's very different. And for me was part before it was it was 83 but summer 83 and out. Legacy trees foresees and Larry Fleisher who was the head of the players association. You know it had told you lucky boy he uses system to change. Teams it would be great start all all rule out how opal. The clerk of odd that right and so that things started getting cut all built up there and I really in I want that in Bob Casey Jones had just been named. Head coach in. Of KC news news mr. ray guy and I don't there was there was never I did not want to leave. You know Boston but I you know part of that was. The new system up in the activity I've talked to the team I mean so it. I was kinda Guinea pig in this system back in the day I think Larry flesh gentler apartment and they ought not only out. You viewed. We'll talk to seventeenth of this stuff just say let's look at the system it was very very new back in buy dot ended gaelic in my apartment and Bob I want. What kinda like having obvious you were around for a long time. How we're red dog back due in two days. NBA with the with it was star players with the BO I mean listen players have changed a muted system George Karl talked about you've Dell for the guys have me players now. That would egos are bigger or not there are there other things going ala social media how we're red are back today in 2016. Almost seventeen. I do running a professional basketball team. I do great read read the justice straightforward no yes that's the thing. Is that if Gregg Popovich it is is it well that's true. Like refugees to be semi regular soldiers the truth if you do like that's a and so he just challenge you you much you'd better he told you what he. But he what rent was able to do it started you know. With his ability to get all the guys you know Russell and cousy and Jones toys and in. Hochstein. Honda he got to look guys the play together by Ian read at a greater ability to put team first explain it. And get guys that wanted to be easier routine for guys and guys that would come off the bench BS six and not worry about it is winning was the only thing. Read that's written really does want it and I came across them. Redwood do online entity you're ready view on those guys that you would they well. It is an out of what I wanna hear retell what he's thinking. And there's really no BS read in his loyalty and is. All of all of the things that meet rich are still there. With not a reader today's game and you would see it. And and you would have no problem I would have no problem about the bass player from our back nine Butler. Obviously a sports are different and their personnel is different put it is telecheck reminds me of our back and probably should know that. Yeah I mean Belichick. That just straightforward as what it is. I don't have religion my agenda is to. You may have a million different agendas which is great for you. But when you come here you gotta you gotta you gotta get mine you're you're you're you're hearing on my time now in my times. My time as a put all that so in this besides just it is isn't cut the stuff and if you're doing things don't want you to on the telly yeah. And it's going to be. Blunt is that I am not but it's not myopic and you're all so happy for you mean you know he's not gonna get figure to get the real truth really fast. This year and get up in here have a decision that you are part of the team are into its writers into a popular culture says that you do that we win. Are you enough. And the answer is no the new going to be somewhere else it is not really difficult. That. Read at that down to routine. Did you have guys who came in during the eighties and an obvious he freaks who was his big back then. You have guys come and you just didn't didn't fit it didn't didn't fit into them Altman were gone. Now we had a very very strong team that's you know we came back 31 and if you look right facility in the in in the conference finals and wanted. So that the nucleus of that team keep in that came at a really really strong personality. And whoever came in just kind of calm. Just really kind of hidden and there was really never had any issues bought that up with with players it is slightly I think I think the collective strength of that team and in their personality. And all of their this is just kind of all hallways were just over wrote in one person that came and try to be disruptive to what they're doing Ager here here to win. These are here. This is how we're gonna play. And if you don't well then you're just not gonna play. And everybody want to play back then and so every everybody everybody but him but I you know a book full circle I don't see any problem with red. You know being being involved in it in the being ultra successful. If he regrets. Physically or would you shorten your career playing in the playoffs in 87 with a broken foot are now. You know and no I mean it as the bothers you will it be bad for an aide later on it at really bad sprained. Played and you know I have but but that's just kind of what you did back then and now I don't have it I think. If you like if we keep a lot smarter now they're in the talking technique and com. The amount of immodest staff and they Hulk is certainly our votes you have you know physically life. Is completely different now than it back then that. Not I don't know I don't you know I don't have it does it it is what is at the time out ahead do over again he told me that. We had a great up Jews it was championship in 1987. And I would have fort chip which is that a tree I'd do it again. Do you miss the guy I Goss himself but schemes and Bruins whatever I walked in the building I still think that the old garden every time I walked in there I would imagine you must feel the same way. Yeah there's other news though there's no comparison between you know the old guard in the Raleigh quality. The new millennial and everybody should you know in new art it's fantastic play each other but there was nothing like you'll color and the ideal garden I'm you know what a lot of room. In that are fun to watch. Of course I played my whole career there and it was just that. It was really expect cool old building agree. It the old organ player out there and note dancing girl known nothing. But he did an unbelievable life during aids it was really really on. If guys friends of mine become. Around the country they go to in and wow. It is a cool place they want to ask augment the active it's phenomenal but. Not imminent but you go to Philip they would like on Chicago's stadium is nothing like you'll cut a lock in the field. You'll battles and ask that you lock in blocking all of that thing at authentic character is that what they're all it does speak. Very the united in the senate tight big big buildings or other abilities a lot of one character. Do what you want to coach again a member of you know bird talked about you you wouldn't hire you said he too much respect for you which I thought was kind of baba also understood it. You wanna be a head coach again the emir or you think you're done. Mean. I don't if you'd have to be almost as for situations that the and you know it it's just say. It's a lot a lot of work to do a lot of personality in a lot of stuff and try to get to the system basic. When I talked earlier. Elected this we using. Winning is the most important thing you either in a row. That's hard as part view that party in nineteen I think I think mr. Jean I think that. I think the guys on the warriors they thought they play it I kind of left earlier this summer they're saying well where he'd be joined Mateen is going to be friction. You know how many shot this plea in the comedy shot that it. That you don't determined probably shot you get August streak in the December at the Indy terms on the shots yet you watch them play. Hot mega ball that way that's where it's most to me that's why they're fun to watch. They've been to sell the sultans play a lot of players. You know rate now and make the exit of the ball flight they. The right of all. It's hard to get teams play like that and and if you edit like that yes it's on seventeen career fighting. This year with each other. In place for each other's. Not on. But TV is fun ramat I decent it's just it's just easier regularly DTVs in coach. That he vehicle bodies approach and that it did to Indian turner people are fantastic though. Idol also has some happier right now. And Celtics cavs tonight in a cue said it seems do the Celtics team. I mean I hate to say go to the spurs are playing well we know that. But it does feel like on a collision course for gold state Cleveland again I do not see scenario. Which the Celtics team can beat this Cleveland team four times out of seven matches what happened. Yet I agree I think it currently. Constructed. The existing indians' other really dynamic player in the acute lately in ethnic and your team ultimately. On the run able to take. Cleveland lot of different. Ups in dollars and in any gaming keep them competitive in the chest Whitley. But I I really think that. But as of that cut recognizing again that is indeed. A trumpet team I think they give that a final and then you know what it's accomplished while everything. Everything changes but he be a great test again I'd like. I first. The students started. Does that look like the old topic of Lester because they. I don't there's something there's something missing it in them but doesn't it may injuries hit and guys out. But they didn't have that same light nine to start the Viet you know they think I think it doubted 38 and throw yet. You know smarter and Jae Crowder Bradley out there trot but two's three. And is holding grad Ian Beecher a little bit there they're getting there faster loose ball in the coming up all wrapped up. Harper sitting in all they can or for some guys in the top in eight plays in it I opt. I eat is the other their depth their team and kind of there's strength in numbers which they have and that team started show again that that's all they have to play. They've clearly batting keep playing this way tickets in the playoffs. A major missile playoff run but again I you know. This being just being truthful. And if you think I just don't see that the league and I think we look level level. Is Brad Stevens is gonna coaches is people say is is is the national peoples of local people everyone Leo looks and is when you'll be coaches in the NBA is that a lot in the post season yet. Which you put him right up there. Yeah I think under the bridge that was you know I think Brett first jury it was a huge move people from Butler. A cup Abbas that it indie games situations there's there's a stuff that you can just keep your arms wrapped round if Europe. If you're Brad in the it's complete difference different game in. I liked a lot of stuff I thought he grew tremendously from this first shoes that there really did in and I just think he's drawn from there he keeps getting better. He wrote some really interesting site. It's stuff I just I think he's very creative. And it seems to mean that. You know he didn't put himself other bodies like you and not the read the potential bought out which is part of it. And his pal lot a lot of players on the bench in the transcript fit everybody into rotation. In making sure that they play in upland nightly basis to keep there rhythm its top I mean it is you know that he'd have a need job a lot of guys have very similar like guys that problem we are very. Equaled and there are ability policy view when you're injured when your out. Your team is four. You got a superstar got a really good second place. Third fourth visit in light light adult like that everybody knows that rule but is that a good job of just you know with this team and that's fantastic. Think it's too complicated now knowing you played in the eighties your idea to assistant coaches now you have you know five or six of a video guy of director of operations here fifty I mean hasn't gotten too complicated. Well you know I I I think that. That the players are so specific it audit work out I mean you know public coach for a game like coach pat in one or two players. They have restricted condition the guys that there there there there's there's there's your. You're time when you come if you commit. You know and 9:19 am for 11 AM practice. You're Titusville from. Strength conditioning for nine and stretching it and the training the training table disputing your body right. All the way up to a left in the practice from eleventh to 12:1 o'clock and after it issues of individual work. There's a lot of stuff that goes it that we that we get well letter and sorrow her own. Programs together for what we want to work better all work out partners which candidate only do today but it was all we all did ourselves. Now they have so many people there forum that. I think they're wrong if but the players just go from one person to tell them what to do to another on what to do and adoptive and a template. I can I would work with the guys it would work on this and and I never did that game. I was a lot of work on how to do that went on to work on things they do in the game I'm never ended. The Whitewater goal you know and I see these guys have these really broad based. You know com rod based. Development program and I'm like. While we have an idea that like you know that he's terrible that I got news shoot it they're terrible at something you're 21 you're not commute and be ready to do that at 23. If you're good at something at 21 you'll be and be ready they'll wait a year to. But I CB broad based programs in back there. We got federal program that gently set them. Really east or well we used to do the plane and be gains and so I. I feel a lot of I did they do so much stuff a lot of wasted time like you'll see a guy like. Like Keith Smart will be in the week. Why in the world legal and await. A guy's strong I mean yeah I mean you might go in there to do some stretching is that that guy. Not part to a mark's marks. Yet now I am back in our department. Market archenemy that guy's strong Jake Trotter that doesn't little. Those guys eat very little. I'll wait time. The eight is need to work so I guess said you know guys like that. You're you know back and it's a lot of liberal special that I don't have any problem if you don't have problem pushing people around or with blatantly. It would view. Used basketball so I can't say that they're there for five or six hours a million different people around them pulling and pushing them. And as a lot of it is really really a lot of it at our church just killer for that I'd be in the best MB player that he can be. And I think when we went up will we get it we looked at it and we're Odyssey that one leg out of work on and that's appropriate you do those differ. Yeah I'll let you go this I may get around with where when berg retired he said that the one game he thinks about when users peak was at game six. Against Houston a clinching game in the 86 finals. I'd be curious if you at a game we looked at peace in the second watch if wanna watch can Mikhail play one game it's awesome kid. You know here's Kevin McHale what do we Richard Bastia the game if you think ABC while on every barrel that was then. I don't know quite epic deploy one but you know it was just for being. Which is a process of just getting better all the time work yet my gain and you know at the Kim and as a rookie in front earned MBA and you know then by a few years and got in MB aid down you're UP. Physical beauty or beat up with the injuries of that but now I mean I think girls are a lot of periods where you use that on the floor. And you knew you were you know you just as you're in the spot where. Mentally and physically and everything that you just knew it Dominic. Dominic I play in. That's really relief from when you walked out there with that. You know and I and all of the job done disease is it supreme competence that. You know you're going to be able. At all all your site on this floor and be able sell your line due to achieve gonna win and it's going to be fought in the it doesn't like that feeling that that this is that supreme confidence that the as a fun feeling that's why we all played and that's why my my memories lots of those special because they're the budget guys at that in mind that one gain. And I think it your best and through the best power forward ever I don't guys have longer occurs Richard best I think you know offensively defensively you're the best ever and you could say for ten days you held the Celtics a good game scoring records seated at that as well. Got tackled. Number I guess I like throughout Europe I tell them they talking you guys he. I appreciate banks. Thanks again for listening to the enough about me podcast. Actually know what I'm really not think of all he should be thanking me get this ship every week he's great podcast. Totally free do if it was you go to iTunes. Download Dakota stitcher do the same and the parading leave review that's he can help me out this podcast is going to be number one again I guarantee. You can help me along with the process so for that I guess at the end may have go thinking is why I think he's going back and forth here's the point (%expletive) you.

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