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Saturday Skate - Khudobin to blame? Julien hot seat? Landeskog trade? 12-17-16

Dec 17, 2016|

Hour two of Saturday Skate as Ken Laird and Rear Admiral kick around the perception of backup goalie Anton Khudobin, B's coach Claude Julien, and possible trade target Gabriel Landeskog.

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Yeah. Bruins and the NHL lead came later for my career game Callahan show time hockey. Like issues York. Rear admiral from bar stool sports like your criminal we ought to be in jail that's always okay. Yahoo.com bruins' record tying and Anderson former Bruin in WAF personality when did fired his nine year NHL veteran right and we. Saturdays game it's Brock bond and AT&T and star market industry got a lot of losses. He's taught right. On Sports Radio WB yeah. I'm feeling that I. The criticism that sought to build an admiral it's two weeks in a row seriously going to beat up on the back of goaltender. For give up the probable why do you think backup goaltenders are exempt from criticism that professional goaltenders this supposed to stop the pocked. Too we can we examine the goals that rely on these games police and a last week you don't wanna do that he's wanted to. Blind right in the eye for an audit Andre Dyson said it wanted to delay said he couldn't recall my department head I'm three dates are convenient I'd like that was good excuse you. You can go play a lot Communists say. The senate is what it is what it is is and it's been terrible hole I mean this is he's played in what. Six games OK who save percentage in each of those games 833860. Till. Two games have good 931967. Than an 818 in the other 9852. That's unacceptable for any goalie in the national art what do you play a six games that mean those those stats are pretty mean slow to scope my percentages a key staff our goal is eight I mean it is 80820 save percentage is terrible it's probably it's got to be among the worst than in the backups and such assaults. Ample size of poems or say as the numbers are skewed look at last three games he's played. He played he won. He played Anaheim ESPN I game was a one out. All they'll before that now let's go back he played in Anaheim he played in Colorado the prior week. And and before that. He won and before that he was hurt so he played a couple games early and Erie got torts I think the Toronto game was one of them. He was forced to play against a Montreal early in a year when no. Went to do was out with injury. Then he came back to get a good performance. In. Lola Lola. He Calgary had a good game I was a one that was a game action. Against the Calgary again thank you to one. But actually they'll lustig yet they lost the game one why he's won one gamers Carolina he did deeply mentally Carolina game it very good which is the lone game they've had a backup goaltender when you're correct decide yes. Colorado last week they get dealt too low and and real quick it's. Spotter was flail all over the place of one of the crew gave it up at the Blue Line which a lot of on min break the other way he did have one bad one in the Colorado game the short side goal. Which made it three to nothing was definitely on Cadel. OK the other night against Anaheim. The cuddly and oh goal went off creek she stick it cricket mean critics even admitted after the game I put it in my own net that's on me. The second goal. Was among men break from PX are coming out of the penalty box. With that cross ice that horrible cross ice pass who was MR Sheehan tried to hit Spooner missed them by about. Ten feet goes off the corner boards and you got a guy springing back the other way. Now with no chance you played condone but for a given a break. Right and obviously a mark you know a mop blaming them for every goal but he needs to be better I don't see how I could arguably that he doesn't need to be better he scanner. Retool. In an 8820 that's not good he's got to be better and obviously a breakaway is aren't necessarily goalies fault. I you do let them stop while let's alive in deflection is right build those happen but. That's not you know he's he's played as some pot I mean I'd tell you could pick apart every goalless hockey should give validation game that well but. The numbers out the irony in you'll you know you gotta wonder is it is the ones are much on and I keep going to want this is the play they're gonna get from my wife just think. It's funny the first thing that people are or yellow lipped out after Kabul these losses what could always got to be better okay but let's examine the circumstances with. Defenseman all over the place their own zone Carlo coughed it up on the third gold and and I scored the other night we couldn't get it out. Turned straight over gets lost stolen silver remain a nice pass. I don't know how many goaltenders on the planet could meet some of these say it's almost since this is an all star goaltender here. But it's the backup yet a couple of rough gains after winning one. And it's it's like this is the made the biggest ailment the the Bruins are facing right now. I think you of pretty low standards for what a back up goaltender in the NHL should be I mean did these guys that wanted to do overs last three. With two poor performances and problem. And a bicycle he had a defensive group it by any measure he has not been. We know we can be bad I wanted to be better I wish she was better. But he you know it you know back up goalie doesn't mean that all you get you gonna get a crack performance value should get a pretty good happen from a from a guy who's just below a number one palpable and the and now you're in you'll look in the big games yet Zain backside they gave him a two game world earlier in the year. I he didn't necessarily look a 100% ready for any job played did show some certainly some signs he you reminded me it's him Thomas with his athletic ability and kind of you know kind of Lucy who she style on the net you know Tim took away used to kind of common measured in. You know limit in his movements where we're at Zain maggots that looks a little boy Timmy and that's not a criticism matches to a style thing. The you'll wonder I mean if Adobe gives you another game it to like this I mean. You know you what you want call McEntire. If if if you're backup keeps given given up three to four goals a game absolutely. You know what also complicates this though if the excitement look quotas broadest nail through so obviously he agrees more with use and an inept. You know my defense to death at a time and you've got caught on your side of something I mean. I think it's it's an excuse for for fourteen play around them but. Fine if he wants to go to maybe he would make the change but that complicates the Las Vegas situation doesn't because they wanted tactically to have a second goaltender available. So little left to protect right everybody. That is in the expansion right athenaeum what you can't let. Of of an expansion draft determine your when he got to win against right I mean that's obvious he had if you need a senate two years with. What a possible it has taken of the youngest you know at Las Vegas might want him in. You know we've we can expose and still protect got two young goalies but yeah you know first off let me out with bad Vegas and watch him this year I highly doubt it if they can track them would all the other and always got to going to be a bill based on what we've seen shall I. What true but I mean he would he would protect crew in that case to keep the guy you'd you would not pursue protect and then it would fulfill your goaltender. Require it's well I I I I again I don't output of note of franchise. Building with a Vegas ahead of point B and a bronze priorities the Bruins in winning. Are right now grade then art facilities we don't want a set amount because we co lows and the wave is. Percent of down exposes them because we need to follow you know all I see are we near San nobody would claim him off waivers. This year they said it. I'm not I'm not saying no I I don't think anyone would I because you know I think everyone teams are pretty much all set it's a possibility what I'm saying is that over the Bruins a factoring in the Las Vegas expansion into their thinking right now. If they decide to send the Bill Madonna I don't bigots like while we don't have an approach. Oh. We don't have him to protect on the expansion to and that's how I picked ages ago that we need to win games my bill does not help us in the back up role. Lets you met Matt and I give us some different I think I mean in Vegas it. And does that make it up you know I. Well you give me the phony baloney injury didn't put one injured reserve for for a couple weeks or whatever you can always accurate BA can only that Sheila. Regardless though. Goodell was not gonna be while they haven't. Actually have another back to back coming up I don't know how long you can ride Rask went Rask has been in their his numbers are phenomenal there's no doubt 43 games the series 155 and three. 19 goals against average 930 save percentage. The question becomes of the coaching staff believes. Agree studio and I think killed at stakes they just don't want plant how hard can you ensure Jew rides to cut the year for the next. Couple weeks well that's the thing EEE I don't want you don't want to you want out I mean you wanna use them and you know of the bigger gains source B I mean Florida is a division game I think that's a big game Carolina's a team has polio in the stands but. It's still in your conference and those are back to back Thursday throughout his right. I'm you know an imprint Rask you know any goal if you write to Heidi Dennehy got to see the effects of it like what would gain was it. I forum type deal I don't was the Pittsburgh in those what one against deeply wrestled the little balky aid it looked like a guy that played too much talking. Now just to start a back to might Zain that attack. Look at his numbers have you seen them down Providence sectional would 136. In a point 952 shapes and those type of numbers that. Tivoli that you of fuel in the in the big chill. And and that that's I should of that sort of reference and and that's that's one the reasons I think the the Bruins. Should bring him up not just would Goldman's sub pop play but the fact that MacIntyre is probably earned himself another look with the bridge with the big club and that that's you know in its. I played in the other game of the bill senator. Where he gave up but goalie played really well he did for like 1518 minutes in the Byron score of middle and right and I think that's mourn indicative of the goal years so. You know right now that the priorities of the Bruins to maximize point. Points get as many you can't and I think. You know I think maybe put in Zain MacIntyre Asia back them right now will probably you know he'll Jamal points only get out of hand Yahoo! go in on Google and right now. I wouldn't rule it out but I just think it's such a small sample size the people need to be just giving gaggle cheers here whose sample size adults six or names for could him. For yet while it's it's the role and really 33 in the last. Couple months of let me back up so how many would you need an seabed below the home team blow Primeau again as you pretty convinced that even go to games though those two games we're not on him in my opinion can't. But we disagree that the at 6177797937. This is a eyes looking at the schedule a couple weeks ago this didn't look like that typical of the stretch. But they do have Columbus can't put up Ed for awhile it looked like one of the dogs Italy it's amazing what the jackets have gone. Date and Philly have taken off in the metro. To the point where they've kind of eliminated. There are five good teams in the metropolitan division now admiral and Yahoo! the fifth kind of eliminated Jersey from contention. Not Carolina sort of reeling right now even though they've been okay. Which of the team to the bottom of that division they the islanders who have been a real disappointment really big disappointment and that's a gift on your schedule through the broached Tuesday did you get the islanders. At home you would think now there are no gain or no gifts in the NHL that's a gift as far as NHL teams go that's a gift but no longer is the trip to Columbus against. Although the Bruins have handled them the first two meetings this year and they've scored eleven goals against them. What are they for real they're the best team and hockey right now that. Yeah I mean it I mean it all until they do in the playoffs that the not for real and now go for any team. On the aisle I think it's kind of good because a lot of people on the begin the October or Allah I mean popular only taller relatives he's abrasive and it only gets violent. The inflated they were rooting against Columbus I I I like that I like that. He's you know not like pennies went in because people you know people didn't like them both silly reasons he's proven coach. I think he thought he needed bully people would try to bully media members around personally as well as if I'm I'm bully me if you're if you're in a media scram and a guy's tie it's like it. Turkey's I don't as a parent I don't I don't buy be and always mean if you stay and a guy he's talking he would be a Jack big deal is not. I don't know I don't I don't think got an and an adult and a fellow Balkan Beaulieu has asked question I like it that's we it was just disrespect yeah he's he couldn't go to Europe and a jerk there's no yep I mean as far as bullion now very well let's say is he a good coach you mean he won a cup you have to you can't taste very adept at this very good it was terrible day to. You run Abby you know on the iPad partly as much to do with the with the organization terrible team is it's in the toy Rollins Ali somebody came after him and one with that team roster. Those are. That was a bad team and usually we partisans feel that this year gritty struggled. But the ideal is what for the worst goes to bring in that situation it was a bad idea but it was a bad team till the Rangers got better without him. That would be one after all that's. But perhaps a little adage that exact volume but after after they had success with them I mean that's what happens when I like to at a rally -- load up the three of four years. He's Grady gets results early on and you know briefly as in guys get sick of them but if you can it get some them those three to four years and while we're at that. And Columbus is host Ian and I mean Sergei Bobrovsky has been playing out of his mind. He's given up ten goals in his last eight starts that's that's something I'll Ximian. In his car. He keep and I he did that he has had found some streaks like that that he's kind of reverted back to. You know. Ian not such a great goalie but he doesn't show any signs of doing that this year. They get group that set Jones deal and not be in a monster deal bomb you know trade now on. It's an Angel answered to Nashville which was issued blockbuster you trade a guy like. Right Johansson though you know a dynamic full wood to a and up and coming defenseman set Jones and it was one of those like blockbuster trades they picked because it was Columbus Nashville it. Mean out of reverberated as much is being elected as should be and she whether trade. But that was a huge deal for Columbus set Jones coming into his own dynamic young defensemen. They just you know what it when they won eight in a row are right now Kim to choose L nine I was one of the last ten yeah eight straight yet it it's been it's been impressive re in Gillick and at them that two points back of Pittsburgh for the most points in the NH on the of three games in hand. And again like on back to you said the metropolitan. Top five teams in that division all have forty or more points there's only one team in the west right now it has more than forty or more points Chicago. What did what it spells out for the Bruins and teams like them in the Atlantic and everybody's bunched up on me candy early eliminate the leafs salute the wings right now they're not that far back with some games in hand. But you've got to get the top three meant the this run that the jackets in the heat. Flyers had been on. It I it's not clinch at least a 60% of the season ago but these are the kind of streaks that. You know some people just tune in for playoff hockey but this is this is. Got a long way to getting a playoff berth for the four Columbus Philly made up the really collapse. At this point you give yourself ten point cushion around the holidays that is big and that's why the Bruins in the stretch they're just kind of spin their tires their fine. But if they had unloaded on some of these bad teams and Elwood got on a streak of their own it would have been an at saint situation. Yes they would definitely have a little bit more cushion room right now and and they don't mean they are third in the Atlantic and yet it's certainly appears as though right now they're only gonna beat three teams from the Atlantic in the playoffs given the way the metro has been. I'm take a look. The bottom two seats. Right now Washington and Philly both have 41 points in the early this seven and eight seats because. You know because the Bob penguins Rangers in Columbus are all ahead of them all with you know 4443. And 42 points. The other Bruins you know that they're in a playoff spot right now but there are only two points ahead of Florida who's presently in the ninety. You know on the plan this week and that that's that's a huge game that's that's a game like in you that you don't want that to be a three point game to what the Bruins get the only two points and and not let. Lose a point it had from that game does it you're right they're not stepped on throats like they need to. It's it gets in some cushion some Rome like I was seen in the teams in the metropolitan going right now. Because Jerry can have a bad week and next thing you know you're on the outside stand on the inside. Our buddy that's I Anderson from our web say it covers a brute force at W he had dot com said at the start of the week when he looked at schedule after the Toronto game. It's pretty intimidating stretch liberal as you had. 34 nights which they played much real Pittsburgh Anaheim's who's a perennial playoff team. You calendars weekend LA as you pointed out as a physical team and you've got Columbus and some other typical teams on the horizon. I threw it out there that this could be the stretch were Julian gets fired if they would go on are on a stretch where they just don't play well. And you saw the Pittsburgh and throughout the graphic of Mike Sullivan former Bruins coach who at this time last year came in and took over in Pittsburgh and they were on a run to win the cup it happens so frequently the NHL. It seems a little early. But other teams have done it and other teams have done a great success. Was tiled something you think Julian. Was in a precarious spot they took three out of four points in those two games I think and that and probably now the posture like injury has bought him some time. But the fact that they called up. Worked in a promoted last year there HL coaching he's sitting there on the bench Bruce Cassidy. These sort of have a guy waiting in the wings that button is there to push this year maybe more so than other years. And maybe ties on missile that may be doing this is a critical stretch. For Julian to keep his job. There ID you say attic about really any stretch of play I mean is is. Is nothing there. Warrant fighter and clos Julian I wouldn't do it either I I I don't like being busy and hang your hat on as I mean. Obviously there there needs to pick in his coaching you know like we mentioned would insured players on the popular not put mr. player's power play. Those kind of mine Mobil's in the overall thing I I don't see. How how wide clos drill responsible for you know while if there's even a problem I mean there in the they're at their playoff seed right now the third to division woolly offense stinks and at our place right ultimately do easy things the point they'll get a power play you can put. On a coach in but. You know roster of close doesn't construct the Ross and the fact that. They don't have an iron and other top six score on that roster right now but truckloads all these coach with woody as usual what are AT and you know like Ryan said on the would be sent a caller I mean he's he's great coach while respected he get hide it in half a second if you if you were to get by it I I. I just totally all well this I mean every all the argument for it is it's just a change for change sake it was largely terrible argument and on the right always there that it it can be as far as the Florida it was about that right now was the penguins last year. Right that they actually Florida hasn't been that that they've been okay. But Favre before it was up the pen does it make it change it changes it they brought and a guy would almost island hole moved. Outlook in all the weight of beatle they have players play a mean it wasn't just like all its biggest change a spring and the sky and and knows all a lot of thought process now when it's that it wasn't like a Willy Nilly but he was there HL coach. They brought about they would kind of put him in terrorism but it was a us all case of emerge but it was also oil previously established NHL analysts had a had a you know go back and football and a reason Mike Sullivan took a log trying to get a job at the Boston which is still the bonus and by and eight I covered a team frustration Mike Johnson again he fired a no NHL spears right there are big to big difference annual take your children in our fellowship and nineteen got was the reason wasn't my call it's let's make it change but. I mean you didn't you know I mean ID it's in any chance of us get on sale this is this is now on what they mean yet they do have. Let's see the next five games are all. I Eastern Conference games NC for them. Right freedom in the division by a couple aren't here I don't still I don't like to look at arched chuck again Zell close in the Clark I mean I I don't even think and it that's even on the front office is mine right now I would've brought it up but our guy tie up there all the time put it in his story that he thought it was the case so that they are in the right up tiger certainly is as a promise he Mello a lot more than Diana modcast in this burdens and reporter and I just. I just don't think that this down next said he Kansas any real. Major bearing on quote a mean and ended that the major issue with this team is its lack of goals scored and that has nothing to do with closed door wallet they think if major medically change the system it could. Mean maybe my son who's gonna young's score goals in the Steve if they change the system. What you would loosen the theory would be loosen up the the reins in. In terms of assignment hockey rated neutral zone this team is very disciplined and always has been and it's it's been a bigger reason for the success. Well would would it free up guys to be a little more offensive minded and hope like I want to like who you talk Ramones who was tennis that's gore and gore and Ross whistler or virtual CI mean but he still he's not kid he's break does not know sore right has a closed system right now birds are not going because easy. Her while many players got a expend energy to play a 200 foot game like Bergeron does. If you can cheat a little bit. And conserve a little energy to put more yes but to put more forth and be a more up tempo style I don't know until x.s and those hockey experts but there would it would seem to me. You could have a short term effect of coaching here with a different style that's gonna focus on offense more so than. Counter punching in some of the things a clone does so well. I mean it may enable up a lot of it would yeah it would be an Arctic bond but again he would desperation move. You don't can't coach for the for no reason I just don't think there's any reason to fight it quote I mean I don't even know why but it is. You entertain a thought again now if they lose five games in a row yet that would indicate an Ayatollah sump and okay but put. You know I think they've been bounce back pretty well I mean look you don't the other night Monday night was. No probably the best team in the end it plain old team both played great they went into a tough a tough spot near the top of the bonding going to a and they came I would two point self. You know. I would say they lose to the islanders. Florida Carolina buffalo in the back to backs that at the turn of the calendar. Takes him on a given to a good one thing you point out I greeted they've been resilient they don't go under. Last couple years they haven't had losing streaks. There have gone on very long I think that's the close credit he skipped the team together except for the hit the year which is big except right. Which they got a couple bad finishes the miss the policies. But if indeed Jacobs is significant we got to make the playoffs and they get in and for a rare stretch they get into a little fault and he's got cast either he says armed. I'm just gonna take a chance that a new faces gonna shake it up. It's possible right when you given a chance that they that it could happen. If things got bad how one guy that's got the whole caveat if things you know going off the rails with with a guy and I'll postured excel for couple games and that might hurt them but I think that actually is works the clothes that that the election be at you know an excuse that he could use legitimately that it was a couple body yet. I don't even like I am I sound I think he's there's any even real he and is always heat on it pro coach of course. Mean I don't get that sense that this is his particular extreme any particularly extra heat on cloud right now I just. I just don't see it and I am I going to be a public till I screwed up by I was reading is scheduled front of me I try to of the kings in the ounces before the five game stretch I was referring to insult. Now they they don't have as many division games coming up as I thought but in a way they're they're all important games coming up. I can set I I mean. Every game is a boy and every game's two points though obviously the division games carry some more weight by. I I have no issue with the way closed on things other than maybe you know probably dispersal. Yet we Christians and others and not coming up. You can reach us at 6177 tonight 7937 killer to rear admiral from arsenal sports this Saturday skate but you by AT&T star market wise snacks will take a look at. Some of the big hits and suspensions of the week in the National Hockey League including. Hendrick Lundqvist in Iran who slide that for the Rangers and admiral brought up the trade rumors trade possibilities. For Colorado a guy Jerome Iginla last week. That got some more talk and also some of the stars for the avalanche now we're thrown on the fire as they look like a seller coming up we'll discuss that next. You were listening to Saturday skate with the rear admiral and can Laird. On Sports Radio WEEI. Larry the admiral that would BD. Farce the wizard. W vascular Tex lines. Blair who has been at with the that is rear admiral I'm out of people unknowingly but you don't lark in late nights you've been all over the stole these days Jack not everybody's a bus full sports rewrite it I always remind myself that I mean we we have we have pretty well known but you know not everybody reads us all that's that's where I'd made my bones are growing legend gets a sport and its excellent today last week you -- did rip for the general McGill a suggestion that you haven't proven right on that actually see what happens Dexter and the six or seven says a small sample size African nobody is all the backup goalie gets the admiral is correct his safe percentages on acceptable. However if you were you're during the break look it up losing McEntire numbers from his time in Boston he had a three game sampled it wasn't exactly electric and a save percentage depart those were his first three NHL games are. Are so we don't make excuses for Zain. That killed a cell though hires are you making shoes for a guy who's literally trying to fight due to injury in his first. Couple NHL games will borrow money is great Montreal. I'm gagging you guys I would I gain in the last night guy whose first three years the NHL's certainly gets a lot more. Leeway than a guy who's been leaked to several years and it was arias and established pattern should be about a number two lol yeah cable would you call this young popped up and replace canola McEntire if I'd give mood over another game with so and if if he doesn't get that a yes I would absolutely McEntire. What would take a look there on the breakthrough either he was a he was up one that I thought I've got to go to Dover was a. For a few weeks McEntire. Mostly rode the pine because you know obviously we're past is Rask you know I need they did send him down today at Atlanta in the east coast league I think just to kind of get them via a couple games before they brought back the Providence. He was he put up great numbers in the east coast league and then the six game since he's been back I guess I. He's one. Let's see he's dobbs right by games he's played in December. Since he he did a stint on the east coast league he's won all five of them and save percentage in the scheme 939974. 90969935. That's pretty sick that's that's some pretty sick goal and the kids. The plan I haven't seen them obviously. But I do fall mark Devoe on Twitter that's fantastic but I Providence journal writer for I was team was with us last week was sort of last week I I do follow him on Twitter right I kinda get up that's how I base he replied I have my status reports and update. Updates on. On Zain MacIntyre and any certainly looks at a goalie who pushed chomping at the bit to maybe get an alleged another crack at it again it would open. You know it's not like they got ten point divisional lead and they kind of squad appoints the music is a point still lose them because. They goaltender is not on the back at Bolton does not act up to snuff and you know McEntire is playing fantastic right now I think. You know from the brawl and I'm gonna give strong consideration at to see what Mac anti can do up there peace plan that would dump Providence. Speaking goaltenders. Ended tonight you need some degree of pleasure seed and one was lit up behind the net by yeah. Cody deacon in the game against sickness that hill Wednesday Dawson as it was at the Dallas Dallas. He he got rock behind it and now he kind of went bloody deed much flop the net the net mask would fly and is Agassi's got no. We'll strap is on there too tight in the back and there's no chin strap on those things anyway which some people call for. Bit of a diva shelling by Lundqvist who would that he actually get. On that if he got rich do it pretty good you got truck now illegal if any Smart goalie is gonna sell it because you you know. You deduct the wanna try to get get a call if he can't but. I he got trucked man he got trucked. And on the on the first that a cholera a Deaver wrote I applaud Merrill Streep out there on the ice. He got bundled me and I mean I know that you all we know what was is a center right but he got hit hot enough to be concerned now LB Jacques and cost knock has always act and after just because. And yet that's a lot of velocity of the Palestinian ten miles an hourly wage that's a whole lot of velocity. I wouldn't mind seeing a little more contact the lovely goaltenders. Would be highly entertaining and it would also prevent them from coming out all the time of course quite a while you gotta have all anathema you can't have like. Mean if you get ahead goal he's getting hit that he got to have a goal is if he can't one I know it's outside of a certain zone like he was he was right trap well that's ever write it but that's that's the goal is a protected and and I got no problem that I mean. You goalies early goal we shouldn't you know only is he you know are gonna have them vulnerable the checks alludes legally checked I get all your love he should get hit by it. That's not that there are different position or different rules fought them. And they're not expecting to get hit so when you hit a goalie. It's generally dirty hit that was a duty the night that was especially for employer of all the finish and he gets four games blanket. And Mike Hoffman early Ottawa Senators puts it to him cross checked in the back yeah Logan pitcher's head and he gets to force it feels like RI back the arm. The discipline on the NHL I mean it was awful sever years ago. When dot Colin Campbell is credited. You know he he was deathly playing favorites it wasn't a very. A fee wasn't run very freely I don't think I'm the obvious he old all the office that they do things a lot better but yeah Heidi Heidi put Walt what gains of runner goalie which got. What was it was dirty Burris is who he is two games of the jet cross check every guy in the back and had not on a much show Cody and I'm sure he has all along that discipline file and now would explain what the did the disparity suspensions is but. Yeah I'd just from from the outside to look into games to Barry and guy in the back of the head. And you know was like you hit a shoulder pads and rode up I mean he Cottam wash and acknowledged intentional vicious side you know I got multi Cody can has erected he's got to file. And you know what it's like don't of people that judge really ready got a legacy gonna get what time and you know what was your first it's by. Yeah I at the same time I don't wanna I know I am happy with what the way the NHL has improved their area with with discipline that was called the department plays safety now. I thought they were real groundbreaking put the video zone explaining specifically why a guy that the X amount of games and you know. It it would and the reasons a bullet points I mean you might not always agree with them but I think that image has gotten a lot better in that area I mean vote and they let. You know the under Shiite killed Wednesday of course while I was just I don't it dated even look at it I mean that they looked out of disable an elegant there's there's I mean. You know you you talk about a guy who. But Royce extends. His head like a turtle gets on eat at the last second hit it as you know our guys gonna deliver clean shoulder down hit. You know I mean any any party play it was what do that in and night for mark current also the same game perfectly clean yet not enough and even look at. They speak and Campbell Colin Campbell. Gregory Campbell has been put on waivers finally by the Columbus jackets this just came across the wire. Former Bruin helium had been suspended HI descendants at. Cleveland in the minors and he refused to couple they gave up his he was bacon one point three million its salary this year he forfeited his salary and set I Angolans so they suspended him. Now you know without pay and up. Now they've just decided it after trying to trade and they released him any possibility that Don Sweeney would pick up call but opponents say. Gregory Campbell aged 33 committed take a look. I don't see it happen and no disrespect it to Greg he was a great pro and did great stuff via. I I you know the bottom sixth of the Bruins roster I don't think they really need. Any additions right now on Mindanao and an Aussie going to be out in his salary and yet it usually make it a million a one point one million in in actually one point three million. So yeah this is really no viable reason for the broad stab him. You know he was a top six guy hit. Show up but he's a visa bottom you know Bob bass a fourth and arena Emmys basically a fourth line of the Bruins can have plenty of them right now. Well at the and he said hey user a leader. They get shallow or those are beating guys he would he would be. Competing with rate gap hey I just sorry I I don't see the adults I don't see at all I don't PK has been good Sunday to write this kind of role that they had a pretty good. Propellers got Chris Chelsea's been hanging out on Saturday state can't Laird and rear admiral Scott Chris. And my menu doing great you are writing to in this league. You are actually doing it till it come apart at that looked into it every day thanks to double illustrated dot do you that I got that other group about the past we talking to the FCC. A a poppy. Hockey you know College Hockey and the proven time after time. That bill wrap their mind around that it and it's not that out you know go after local Alex whether it be high school let it be college I mean. You'd get this week we're talking about you know just admit that Florida winning goal. Put a dot. Other northeast they were talking about you know betting leaving go to advocate that you were killed in agreement and that betting it over it advocate didn't claim one target game. Yeah delighted. And and now he's started for edited. They gave away for absolutely nothing Evan block on the north eastern. It lighten it up. Going to be with the ducks within the next week if so these two guys are all in the back dark and the Bruins who are chartered a 130 dollars for balcony seat won't even. Go after the local talent else sick and tired of it. It is ridiculous I mean they draft that'd be you mapped it out I love hockey is bigger than be you got that popped it. Any aid from BC while all these northeast and that again are gaping. The Bruins are sticky private kind of watch your reaction but he. They per ship the colleague and a feeling it Chris with the northeastern I definitely go to BC AB I visit to say. And noted I appreciate the out. Huskies Lowell put them. The biggest one was VC of course right the local guy that they couldn't get to commit here was and that sexy harder to take uses special interest like it's called company's seed was talking about what you'd be even over the bar was Douglas DC IR Annan and and I was in a bio CEOs of that was arrest on all these I don't put the kidnapped by it was it was T Anthony's Pete's right -- -- was stopped and apply these are also slow so he answered yeah I I am I insane I don't know what he was he'd understand out of repeats at. He was not drinking it wasn't a violent skip ads they talked a fraud I I talk to him briefly guy I mean I'm from the same gave orders and he's much younger than Demi obviously I actually was his brother's. Boston some job is vital as his dad very well as dad's a great guy and even just talk smokers for a second it. You know it it's it it's why consummate the NHL anyways I'm particularly grub and in a place like joust on its inner city neighborhood that is you know. Has a lot of fop pitfalls potential pitfalls for kids. Union and he was able to of you know not fonts and it at two Indian. Odyssey would awaits of the national trend develop a program that got a product out for awhile but. I it's such a testament to was hot work to his determination so it's you know stick to order to stick to ordered to goodness I guess if the make up board. And you know it's it's a lot of lot of kids in that town have a lot of town Bo last thirty audience and you know to reload the pitfalls living in the city ought. You know lives site Robert Hughes yet to fonts and out I mean you know onion on the belt the boss and narrow when you know kids had no would go to school anymore a lot of them you know they. It did that that's an kind of an untold story that is you know. Is saw these kids who had no I mean they had a brutal but it was it was a riot every gaming kids blaster a whole generation and his lost an education and you know they fell once the whole lot of bad stuff because of that situation. You know to have it all these years later have a kid do's and you know didn't was parents weren't from air moved out and raise them like like the you know like Jimmy VZ if for example if he parents were from the town but he was raised elsewhere. You know Griese was from the town born and raised the Aaron and made its it's a play across the street immediate Roberts house down on the not bend. Basically those two did the opposite happens close by you know you hear in the shadow of the guide you'll literally across the street in the place. And to have to seek it from now from the hometown. Make at the end you know it's it's it's a joy or pride you really happy farm and again his dad's a great guy obviously every Reynolds as the stories on the they DI screw the ball gang he's been a 45 years there's the gray is great guy and it just it's really good story it's just it's nice to see kids from the city. And do something good. With himself in make it to Boston Bruins I mean that's every kid that city is dream to play of the Boston Bruins want one point or other an interest is I don't done it now. I think he is it's a testament to. It his determination and his skill and everything he's put into it it's really nice to seek it rewards like that. Makes that Malcolm Sudan draft look a little better to vote would have a nice to get to DC to come with them though that happened a while now the Bruins draft I don't mean I don't yeah. Well yet that was thing missed free agents was weird. This situation and it shows a course the raiders have little a year are coming up we get the out. Net of the week from a rear admiral getting. Action on the and it's nice gains Ali and duke alum to play the week on a bruised right now for a comeback at that time will come back then also we promise this some. Colorado Avalanche trade talks along with gear theory of what. Big player big name who might be a market may be the rose Beatrice that will wrap up Saturday skate Pete shepherd and a top of the hour talks a football with the ex is well. You were listening to Saturday skeet with a rear admiral and Ken Laird. On Sports Radio WEEI. Stretch on Saturday skate but you by eighteen team mobilizing your world stock markets see what makes a shot that wise snacks can learn to rear admiral from Parcells sports again will be offered up we shall holidays back on Sunday Sunday skate picked up on January 8 at 8 AM hoping to join us. Admiral brought up last week beat. Trade possibilities with the seller there are few sellers in the NHL. Rear and a couple teams that are. Couple names that he knew would floated right now like get Marc Roger flurries in itself their tours goaltender goes but pretty quiet painfully quiet. But surely guilin name you brought up that's more nom. Talk this week Adrian Gator out and Colorado. Said indeed Diaz are willing do on shop on the he wants to go to a winner now he's got a no trade clause so gala would have to agree to it. And another and its rekindled again is a big one. 43 year old Gabriel Landis god the avalanche captain second overall pick in the draft a couple of years ago. Make a lot of money. Is a big ticket item left wing they're looking for young defenseman. If you're the Bruins do you think eighty would consider going for a bigger fish. And bring in somebody like Landis gun and give up couple the young defensemen they have in the pipeline itself along those lines that the sparked the office. What it's ours the Bruins Braylon despite years each. The easiest surveillance Allen guy he is a hell all the talent I'm. Again I mean I don't get the seat Colorado all that much but it will. What the hell happened to them and they it really far off I mean it went after awhile first got that in the IPO going to be. You know all a team to come to compete for the next three as you know McCain and machine and describe. And then after that is not held a lot there I guess is they'll it is amended to ban. Defensively alas the lake three point 17 goals allowed per game so obviously looking for. Structure for some good defensive players and a you know I don't hold liberals are the perfect match there gap I don't I don't it's intriguing yeah hi I don't know I mean the Bruins obviously to have some nice defensive prospects and that's who whom Colorado would surely be. Keep in cabinet right out of new. They were to do that I think this also may be a case of farm. Yeah I haven't I didn't read the store I don't know with the sources are just you know Trent trigger brother's name in the offseason it's their Gregor from TS Centre right at his name had been thrown out in trade talks. Yeah and there was some just some buzz that it's may be back on this week is not a not a Zoellick is imminent or get on the zero really shop and as a way of words are. What has thrown out there that means you know again that that means I GM could tell report only. So so called and asked about don'ts all that music called and asked the bottom doesn't mean it seems looking at trade and I think got may be the case here. Linda studies though he's only 24 he is the captain of the team. You know it's trading him would who would really be sending a message to them to the pin based in Denver. Mountainous area a message that all they wanna send but I'd be surprised if he does and that he would trade whereas opposed up. A Jerome again though it's just probably a matter of time where he ends up. Yeah again look by the way you think he would wanna come back here that would the other question from his point of view deceased steel. Like Boston's contender when you're that old now you're thinking I'm going to place reckon best. Right cup which we saw you with the Pittsburgh a one year and yeah I I think. He probably wanna go to some some with the better chance in the Bruins do right now but you know when not much right note capitals are so Larry went out the deadline now and you know what can happen between now on the deadline. Shoot me down as you know to trade him in February you know who was he with a bronze on NFL would there in the top to win the division he probably considered but as far as him common here and generally got the he wanted to resigning or after the 88 bottom of the tenth of Hamas template. Because of Pete Fisher always many many no trade deals and from the contracts. They were unable to him to bring him back. I thirty seconds or less what you play tonight. Even in crushed released puck zealous in your podcast to release Whitney's been been crushed with your advice and not taken seriously at all. Although recently show in my bank world include as a go to our. Tonight I am. Tough slate I I. Carey Price back I did it ain't really watching and I don't look up watching all I I initially I figured he got yanked last night I might throw some mama to a guy like price is very try to get yanked in the game coming back tonight. Probably throw couple bucks on him but the thing is Washington's playing great too. They haven't said that I think price party gives up one goal last night's I'll try to throw little someone Canadians. And maybe a little bit on the doubles is well I Ottawa satellite week they were at two games this week I'd like Demi gets the no doubles so I just got out of the Kincaid has been pretty pretty pretty decent backed up by them. Doubles. In auto at a basic two point apart the of their bail both gonna be fight for the while that's watchful ought to was in the division right now but. Yeah watcher opera might topic then neutral someone the doubles well. Good stuff admiral see you look in the new year on Sunday morning of course have been listening to get forceful sports is that shackles podcasts yes didn't chip but some by school sports at rear these blog on the to a machine and we -- of course Patricia -- in some lonely nights here the next couple weeks don't go anywhere Pete shepherds coming up he's got the Perry joining them among other guests will be talked football league get to ESPN radio coverage possible action tonight I can Atlantis to Saturday skate. This is Sports Radio WEEI.

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