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Celtics Podcast - Isaiah Thomas' injury and keeping Marcus Smart in control 12-13-16

Dec 13, 2016|

WEEI.com's Mike Petraglia and Ben Kichen of the "Dale and Holley Show" discuss the latest news on the injury that has kept Isaiah Thomas off the court and how valuable it is for Marcus Smart to stay in control.

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Must celtics' five game. This bold things Celtics. All things green. Wow okay whole scenes NBA league believes that he would be a very special player thus Celtics podcast starts now he's going to be. TI dot com's Mike petroleum. Welcome back to another edition of the selfless podcast on the TE IWEEI dot com brought to you by the fine folks at JBL my name is Mike betrayal yeah. Otherwise known as drags at tracks on Twitter TR AGS I'm joined again by band kitchen. He and his household emergency taken care of is ready to talk all things Celtics and perhaps all things Celtics maybe even more throw and a patriots Monday night game could time kind of burn and running on fumes right now than you are burning in my book fans yep I had a poor me I don't feel would definitely get homeless it's it's an enjoyable experience getting home at 5 AM as the road winds and two wheelers and to. I don't even know what I'm talking about and I am sure it's a word you'd hope that it anyway I've I'm. Getting home late and then I had a car appointment at 730. In the morning but I got it done that I came in here and I found you weren't here ready to go cracked. And why is that well you know Michael. Jones or some sort of go to Michael. Both my parents were alive and all for it and so sometimes com. Sometimes and take a group. It's a really big hoop and it doesn't exactly flushed on the toilet correctly. And it vaccine tires are we really going to air this podcast we are. Attack so I was this morning you're dealing with your car I was dealing with a chitty bang or a lot Ashe yet you know polish it. While that's that's really unfortunate but that's. Yeah Vernon both events but let's get to the Celtics. Another team that well. Speaking of the metaphor you just raised. If Isiah thomas'. Growing doesn't get better soon they can be going down you're toilet. And without it there they are there drizzling chips I mean I think a look we all of markets Smart and what he brings to the table absolutely no question about that. And you know he has started both games. In in nicely as absence. And you know on Sunday night against Oklahoma City. He did everything offensively that you would want in terms of the box score five of eleven. You know he had nine assists. He almost had a double double. But late in the game you saw this on Friday night as well. Yeah in the outlaws he makes a key turn over late them and he tells reporters. At the end of our after Sunday night's game that heartbreaker to Oklahoma City. When they lose by 39996. It's got to stop and he does it in a muffled Tony's obviously clearly very disappointed. But the Celtics had. An eight point lead a seven point lead it dwindles and dwindles and dwindles and eventually. The best player on the court takes over Russell Westbrook 37 points here's an animal. He was an animal the Celtics did stop that seven game string of triple doubles Russell Westbrook but. In the end Russell Westbrook is better and more important to the thunder then Al Horford is to the Celtics. Do you agree I know it's not even close. It's not even close I mean you know you look at that founder Tim Yahoo! Westbrook so one man child they do have good pieces oh depots a pretty good player got her I really like Stephen Adams. That's a player really lie nasty player yet to even at a tough talk Hitler free throws and that almost. Won the game for the Celtics yet even Adams at the free throw line. Can't hit free throws but he is in nasty influence down on the low post. That's something that could be acquired by the Celtics that's something that needs to be acquired and I agree it needs to be acquired Al Horford say terrific player. He is a very solid rebounder he is a terrific defender he is they. Great shooter for a big fan per minute gap for a big he's a terrific shooter. But they need nastiness and you know. Obviously. Amir Johnson doesn't give you that it. Which is. It's so contradictory to what it seem like he was up in Toronto which seem like he was kind of then NASA player but maybe that's only because they Islam you know three or four times a year. They're nasty player is the aforementioned markets Smart he's their nasty player. But he used on you need a big to be that NASA wanted to really write up which intimidate the other team that's what's even Adams does but but Westbrook. Is dean who probably the most important player to his team in the embryo. Right I would probably say so yeah I mean every other team would be superstars has another superstar to fall back on Cleveland has Kyra earlier there. Right and even then if Perry goes down to Kevin Love is back to playing with a superstar again. You know obviously out Golden State and then in end with the clippers a couple of superstars. But this is the only team with the lone true superstar. And he is as important to his team as any players in the NBA more so than any other players him yet. After he got done playing video games with those kids. Because of the raffle winners down Isiah Thomas. Obviously. Was very. I would say disappointed with his physical condition I think he knows. That the Celtics are gonna take it easy and and play cautious I think they should. I mean look if the Celtics get through the next month or two months at 500. And can you don't want a late season run like they have the last couple years then that's gonna probably be good enough to get you in the top. Freer foresees. Celtics primarily to me their focus should be getting home court advantage in that first or getting through ten take your chances you're absolutely right about dilute look Yemen lashes a perfect example of what goes wrong when he don't have home court and they are even even after even if Cleveland's number one in Toronto's number two. They're I still think. Even if Isaiah is out for a let's say worst case scenario two to three weeks as they really. Nurse this growing. Up he I don't have to bull strength through a KP is out. And Brad Stevens said before the Toronto game that this is an injury that Eddie was certain training staff told them is normally. Ten days to two weeks to heal fully yeah. They should tell him you're not coming back into your playing a 100%. Yeah. And that no question about it. And then once you get him back and then maybe Danny makes a trade before February you know before the February trade deadline. Then this team really starts to get. Shaped up more of the post season run. Well look what they did with Horford now granted the slightly different situation with a concussion you have to take your time this article with our have to take. But this is team that is that they wanna be patient with the health of their players and get everyone fully fit because I'm from that you don't want us put him out there. Re aggravates it or worsens the injury and I was out for a month or two as opposed to 23 weeks. So you you have to nurses and her specially growing someone that's. That plays as. As laterally as he does go back and forth and as quick as he is he needs that to be healthy to be as effective as he can be on the offensive side. Now he's not a great defensive player he's an okay defensive player. But he still needs they are too ridiculous when an explosion to get to the that's exactly things I think he had dozens especially when he's he's having a down shooting season from behind the arc. So we really need that quickness to get through society can have those Ovie Mughelli gardening. It's aligned more often than on the Celtics know and not I think is low not even close. Gets the line eleven to twelve times a game and they aim it to do that he's gonna have to beat up his body a little bit. And he can't be beaten up his body if he's nursing a groin injury hit their you can't play one for the other night I completely agree I mean they need to figure that out okay it. OK Ben the last two games yes two losses from Toronto at home to Oklahoma City to. Top tier NBA team. You know it's alarm worry about those two games they can't play with believe. Now and that is. And being. Big problem now normally when you CT mechanically with a lead usually you look at him today other taken a foot up against the Celtics are taking their foot off the gas did you start making mental mistakes. And and Brad Stevens said that after the Oklahoma the only game that's what he said he said too many mental mistakes we keep repeating them. We got to get past that and and Marcus martz said the same thing. He's the king of mental mistakes on this again there was a 25. Down the lane and he just whips the ball without looking and it gets picked off and I think it was west Burke felt led the fast break leading to an easy basket for Oklahoma City that has got a really stop. Because not only be give up the two points that's a huge momentum swaying you know. And until the Celtics. Start to really play. Efficiently with the lead. And go inside outside they're gonna problems yet and I just that is one thing that really concerns me may be. You know money talks so much I think. Part of the NBA games is. You boost up straight talk right I mean it's something trade talk if something gets bandied about. All the time in the NBA now. Even if you're three months out from the trade deadline because. That's why which is stupid because commodity the courtesy to complete a trade yet it's so that is ironic. Yet it we always talk with a all we talk about is we talked about like five times on the shuttle. Talking about trading for DeMarcus Cousins and and it will there's so many problems with that we talked about making the numbers match to Jay crowd and Amir Johnson but then it from the king's. I wanna get rid of Rudy Gay so how to make that money match it's. It's all cluster. Well. The other thing is Terry Rosie or. He is not going to be consistent offensive force off the bench he's gonna have his ninth wary puts up twenty points nineteen points. And you take that no heartbeat. By you he's gonna have other nights. Like against Oklahoma City shoots three for twelve he's just not confess that I watched him before the Toronto games yet. And he was working on pull ups and he looked very smooth very rosier as a very smooth shot and got a transplant games. He's high energy guys who love that coming off the bench is a guy that pushes Bush's Bush's but he's the he's Bedard version of Kelly Nolan. Eight innings inconsistencies in his from from well tonight he might be a superstar he might be of and you don't know which one you're gonna yet but I do light it is. Mentality and I do like is the I like him as a backup guard that's what I like amounts were I think the role he's in now is the rule for his career. Hopefully he can elevate a little bit but I think what he's in his what his role should be and I think he's doing a good job overall on that role. San Antonio yeah once and Wednesday night. What do the Celtics have to do applaud. Where does it start Al Horford. It has Sar with Horford. I asked him and and obviously you have to figure out a way to deal with collide. Right I mean it coli is having a very good offensive season and best of his career so far. And he's a superstar. He is top. He's easily a top ten player in the NBA I would had Cincinnati's top five player Anemia due to figure out away at a stop him obviously have a decent matchup with Crowder. Crowder was not available last time. The two teams played correct. I believe so yeah right so that is a big difference that's a big match absolutely into the celtics' answer good matchup for Crowder. So it's not you know quite easily if he he's an explosive or B not too strong so Crowder should be able to muscle a little bit. Obviously hopefully coli is guarding. Crowd on the other end and you just say all right just either. Just be ready if the ball comes here but we're not expecting to be the ball over much offensively you need to be defensive stopper tonight and just realize that go to the Daimler. Oh both of us know this is not the end of the world even if they lose at San Antonio and now they and their their float around 500. We understand with the Celtics are right. They are a banged up team that is dealt with it significant injuries to three of their starting five. Players know and they've dealt with the other injuries on the on the back and and of their roster. They have not been able to hit their stride yet and it's not going to lose a lot of Celtics fans are nocturnal like to hear the pat Isiah Thomas might be out awhile but that is the Smart play. No question you have to do it yet to protect and promote self. And an I was getting antsy you see the comments he's getting antsy but you have to protect the player himself for the betterment of the team and the player. It's a Smart move it's the right. Especially with a tricky injury like a growing growing to hamstrings are so tricky. Everybody Deepak heals at a different pace so you've just got to be patiently that that's all you can do. Well I think that's gonna wrap up for this week. For the Celtics podcast brought to you by JBL hopefully will get banned kitchens. Plumbing issues worked out I'll get some rest the next time and think so caller rap yes anything else spend you can follow me on Twitter at young Ben W yeah I mean we're gonna Foleo and what. You follow me at drags TR eight G yes. Franks so there you can pitch at bat that that's that's why I came up with that that nickname because it's not only. A great nickname from high school but really easy either. Follow on whether yeah you're gonna interpreted early and I did yeah like my way back into yeah I wish I was early enough before the expansion. All right that a rabbit thanks everybody for listening I might try it talk to you next time.

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