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Saturday Skate - Bruins' division appears wide-open, controversial hits of the week 12-10-16

Dec 10, 2016|

Hour two of Saturday Skate as Ken Laird and Rear Admiral take a more league-wide view of things with the Bruins' 28 games into the season

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Bruins and the mini jam we can't layer from the crooked Callahan chill hockey. Like issues York. Career radicals from bar stool sports like your criminal we ought to be in jail that's always okay. Yeah I dot com who wins right there tied an. Anderson former drew an intelligent AF personality when did fired his nine year NHL veteran Brian we. Saturdays it's rock but AT&T and star market industry. We got a lot of losses. So he's taught right. On Sports Radio W. Back in the division tonight for the Bruins. Been a weird year for divisional opponents so far mr. admiral not a win over Canadian team in the Atlantic yet. Pull for one against the leafs so for two against the haves and for one against the guys under Nokia and I had I had not noticed particular. Her proclivity to schedule. And and tonight we got the home look at the match up. Frederick Rick Frederick Anderson is confirms to go for Toronto tonight at number one rate. Well yeah out number one yet he he hasn't made him play in them like number one all year I think he's got a little bit better but he started off actually terrible. Rhetoric innocent terminals and yet and I as a free agent. And Rask is listed as likely but I I'd be shocked yeah I mean yeah I actually. But seek played delete yet included barest could build a Minneapolis already really offshore could go wheel went out to close from the respected. Essex stand series from you have had he had nice to have at Libya and like. Yet to go as the first to leave the ice oil lie you know both slightly besides I party unity and was seen on Toronto's. Not been. There and middle attack there actually there to four and two of their last eight which is not great but and he lost the real wrote technically but if they. They hang around it lost three to a Minnesota Wednesday. Last week they lost and shoot out on Saturday Vancouver they've been kind of sit around them it would plea two games this week they've been well rested here. Subtle what to expect at least imminent except for the fact that and get good young stars. Oss and Matthews. They got really three players actually Mitchell martyr and that we need later could be a rookie of the year candidates in the NHL so it's up and coming team. You were on that your parcels sport like Kessler boy Ryan Whitney who says he's gonna do is next week but I'll believe Alicea yes yes I'm on the run. But I don't you guys had a guest on Mike commodore for Rachel player who was just trashing Mike Babcock the coach at least. Highly entertaining yap has good stuff. Bomb the view by this lease steam as the down the road they'll they're gonna be a threat. Yeah I think it's I'll I'll gonna be on a couple of years you know this. It's it's funny to some teams you know how to turn on and two to three years they may make a couple of adjustments in gulf like a middle pack team to a contender. Toronto much long term much longer term plan because of them you know. The mismanagement that has gone up a salon they just kept throwing money at every single problem and bring an end. Guys who just you know they they have they have to cause a lot of pain before it gets good Toronto and that's a Brendan Shanahan who are where morale doing right now is. The break and everything down in order to build it back up again. It is in the meantime you ID yet to have a bad team but there is it's kind of scale obviously Austin Matthews Ian Gold goes notes that goes without saying how good he is. There's tons of talent on their in the next cup be as you know they should be a contender I would say maybe maybe you know three years. They duty franchise goalie Fredrik Andersson is not a franchise school he he he was good look in. Certain parts for Anaheim. I don't Toronto rademan I don't know that he needs the end of this year spattered off pretty bad he's complain a lot battle lately. That they are voters are trials are more competitive this year you know he did not that good but you gotta get a game from the end and they do have enough talent AT and embarrassed to. You know it was lust for one is exactly eight case in point they took Matthews up and the rest at least they'll show up right unity can shut him down but then you know you got a bunch about a kid's story about Cho. You know Toronto this is basically dead. Still not good but there are a lot more fun to watch basically is you know the last cup is deeds and awful to watch is an awful team this certainly turnaround as the organization and I mean I'm mark obviously rude fun but as a fan of hockey is in the NHL. You know a healthy month beat police team is better for everybody you know you want you want it semen and candidates you know number one market Abbott would team which is. You know aides that if the league and you know I'm I mean it would be great to have a Bruins a maple leaf I mean. A rivalry again and if we had him the playoff. Our series here are seeing now is incredible I mean England and nothing else afterward it yet right mail exact age it was good but you don't of the end result wasn't you know I mean did in the blues in the Stanley cup of course but. But if you know if they become competitive man you know in a few years liberalism bay police I mean every year in the playoffs you get a blood rival going. Don't animals are more with the division cannot that ruins actually pretty good couple weeks based on the other teams in the division yeah I went and had some troubles of their own. Broke quickly you'll be we'll get back of those here in the Spooner and prospects knocked my ex and knows. The key for tonight Claude Julien can read is still some faith in me after ripping could build in when he didn't ET Thursday. Doesn't catcher pretty good defensive sentiment tonight. Last change for the Bruins seat they can get that the pops not one and three of our country plainly cleaning and some of the lesser lines of leafs theatrics his nose tip for the night. There Leo and keep an eye on it they awake. Corey Gloucester benighted just joining us by the way of dial up costs not five goals this week eighteen on the year is he a superstar. Or you buy in which give them. Or do you really need to see a ton more which can bridge deal went to see tallied stays healthy. Ryan Spiller are obviously been struggling what's up and that is there light at the end of the tunnel according Gloucester and it was thought it's the owners and on your sports rated a B outs up Corey. I get to Saturday excellent results. I'm doing great it's I remember about your glory in each year ago when Google and cheats stern posture not knows what the currency that's what I'm. After creature had a hip injury. And it just a Christian help people out dot social hour on rights to remain the power play it works well we just a block. It's just seems like we genre language and he's been able skiing. All of these other guy to kick off the street until that he has kind of faith delay. Would you Cory put him back bona sit out obviously to heat he's played said there. Lou teaches and around anymore idol league you're gonna rip Los knock off the top line but how would you configurable would you where would you like to see Spooner ago. Well I know that splitter could have been a second line center. Possibly I don't know it still needs to grow into it a little bit and it at a potential. Like ability easier it is but I just you likely get the puck on the stick it didn't happen Chester and the plan and I like to watch him when he's. Trying to make your thoughts about it back cross site up and are placing duo. I would agree with index the call Korea on on some nights you're lovable what you're seeing and he's right that was it was a terrific he basically took over for Soderbergh right after they let him go he missed he does look like yet. Great potential he was never a good faceoff guy last year not as a third lines center and I I wonder if they're just so preoccupied with possession and you know finding an expert on ache they could handlers they were moving this guy because of those assets he's at the playmaker removed the wing and force and in their. They have Sony sediment on the roster obviously that's another potential problem. But I had I don't disagree with court there been times the last three years we look the splitter he thought he he's gonna be really good player freedom. Yeah last year mean you know thirteen goals 36 assists that is you know it was like a lot he'd finally arrived to you know it's it's kinda. You know we've been opening get those sort of production we've been opening get out of them and you know I I think he he's taken maybe a little bit of a step back but it don't you know to the cause point. He hasn't had a consistent line mates TA Eastman you know Bob up and down the lineup he's been a play and win one game and then he's back down. You know third third mine another game so yes a really had a consistent line mates and you know that's gonna affect the guys. Has gained this is some degree show. I don't they don't have much. There are options at the moment that bright I mean you know I just keep playing him every night and help beat. Turned the corner waiting like I agree that yes they don't seem don't know close doesn't seem to Wanamaker and now third mine so you know a bit thrown about what great she buy it. You know alive also ladies supposed to be on the way with Nash. And Arctic that you know that's. Local third line and yet outline has all settled snow production of Arizona line that's six goals combined because those that's a problem Carl says nobody wants that nobody wants the shoot. I mean sonics built K but he's just yeah he's not a he's compliment any points against their if there a defensive line for you find the those guys don't speak the defensive greatness either. Yeah yeah I like to I'd I don't know. I'd like the CI am what I invest anything different Gupta I think it's a dirty thrown him a creature of Bacchus right did you say that these planes and yes on that win at any stimulus plan of reaching back I think we might see. A little more jump body him. At the beginning of the year you know he's a rookies probably get some nerves maybe a little tentative you know first few games in the NHL. He went out of Providence east what a bunch of bunch of points as the east opera because some. Major confidence going right now and I think we'll see at different DN kind of tonight that we had earlier or earlier in the year. Smart guy Tai Anderson. By early crunch the numbers on Google on the BI dot com when he was here Heine and first early near seven games played six total shots no points. Went down to Providence thirteen games 31 shots seven goals thirteen points so there's your production death and. I think I'd Auburn obviously the HL isn't the NHL but you know he went down there and and refine his game a little and it's such issues thing I know what gets talked about. A lot but it's confidence is such a big thing with these guys she's feel like he Eagan allowed do it. You know in the kid went down Providence in the bill bothers confidence and I I really think it's gonna transfer of the a couple of games here font is. You know accused at some ability. Again here on these rookies kind of draws a fight a little bit me in and could David creation really was a plane radius so he wasn't certainly doing him any favors you know creature coming off the injury had a slow stop as well. We'll let the story from it on its border admitted that he's been here in the trade rumors to eat chocolate conference that was a great game from Monday. And it looked like OK here we go is this something to build off of and not much he's been kind of a mess again Wednesday Thursday in all his fault. But he had a few quotes saying I try to put in the back of my mind. I definitely want to play here wanna help well that's kind of where I am that now if I play like it did Monday I'll be fine. He's the those quotes speak to he's here. He's he's got choke off its heat and it Jimmy Hayes at the B what do LB Dole's last and shattered his office and began to tank right now. I don't know I wouldn't put spoon on the same voters Hayes at all right now. Pays decides it. Guys any slow aren't out yet or has got open you know I mean nothing EIZ image who has got you know three goals six assists is all right he hasn't done absolutely nothing right. He stuck up more points than Bennett could chalk on a roster believe it or not. Optionally I would propose to in the same category. You know I pick easiest. Like again a pace struggle with some consistency issue because EE he has had assets spot in the lineup I don't think that's. As on the doing it all might actually get him going if if crate she gets hurt or something and he's got a pop up and put its center right shot at second it setters that's not the way you want app now we don't know how to set. But he he might need as the caller suggests that with good wingers to Pete Gillen yet each each week for schema. Yes exactly I'm exactly if he's if he's playing center and he's got a couple guys who put the puck on the net and you helpings of things may yeah may happen from an animal that he's been put them the best position for things to happen. I'm borrowing on a text line you're getting taken to task for the ridiculous suggestion exit 3797. Admiral are you hi Pete Gillen and all that citadel and anything they gala would be the opposite of what the bees organizational philosophy years. Why would you spend assets at the deadline for Iran and not think. And uplifting Ralitsa thank aerials of typical Bruins because he's talking about. What a 39 year old guy we can get probably pretty cheap. If Colorado is out of it may be fought the fifth rounder it's. As Nadal organizational philosophy has the ball to do would go on the playoffs and needn't scoring depth would that be as a how would that be received lash and when asked to step react in Lyle's at that any year where a lot of people feel the same. So the way they do about this team now on the ball boulders there in the the soft rebuild sort of they've got some mall yet there actually sit in a playoff spot right now third place. But I think Iginla would move the needle a little more than we stand reacted last year anchor writing would be cheaper. Yeah I mean it's it's not a body has on a good organizational philosophy on changing your philosophy is or as an organization yeah you're looking for a depths Goran go to the playoffs I mean in order Ian. I'm not I'm not avid he'd given up any big prospect careening right you know I mean you talk about a guy is you know again this is purely hypothetical I'm just thrown dots out there. Now guys are a demo you know who knows what he's gonna look like of the unity he might you know he might look he's out of gas at the unity yet. You know he might not cost cost a lot Freddy's team that's that one or acquire but. Not his son Ahmad advocating the team changed what they don't want it it's not like I'd be yeah if you can bring in someone cheap. Or even if it was just you know organizational depth he gave a couple minor league is that weren't gonna come here who cares even if in any trial trying to win in the playoffs and you're not shift Kenya due organization's philosophy Bergen and the guy. Well back to Boston markets and organizational philosophy Julie it's taken a lot of heat for. Restricting or getting in the way of young talent. Com or in the organization as for trading away whenever Sagan on the back down. Line castle and the same tied drums down critics have I don't you I mean that everyone on but that's that's a reputation he stuck with. How much credit to lean yet for pasta next success this year. I don't hear much but I think he should its cloud never gets any clay he never gets credit for any thing in this town he really doesn't I mean I you know. The white hair voters the guys who get traded I get sent the way you never hear of okay. Bergeron develop on the cloud crate she is the Volvo Claude Marchand has developed an all these guys who have developed under and how flourished on this kind of close coach at. Waving airboat hostility as different type of player we've seen this type of guy offensive skilled would you go import game break we have what Sagan and you know but say can get traded that had not into it slowed slowed club's willow had to be in this meeting knowing when they sat around it he's it coach Manny Angel think they got his feet back on them. I doubted. I mean maybe eight where as to whether to trade him I'm sure they bring that is feedback as a player but. Coaches don't have same mites in trades now the coaches and that the urged the front office makes you know that. General managers make the decisions I mean I'm sure they got input from them but I mean. Coaches as far as may have a say in trade now. I don't what everybody had Indian now it was such a big deal blockbuster have been pitted in Europe nation but but only the only the front office ownership I mean. Don't quote was like he was you know most news hang on -- job by the skin of his teeth back back then probably I I don't ignore out of the clinic any say whatsoever and whether it's I'd say get treated but you do you prosper pasta or will what he just had been disputed regardless he's got these natural skills and ability. Mean he has played two good players to the artists I think it's a a little bit of both I mean obviously any any guy who's you know put any any John dual while it is is talent but. I mean I have no issues with the Waco Jews and it's up he'd get on the shoot up a little Wasilla which he did last time but. Dagger I mean he's put him in a position to succeed him in any succeed right now you know in the top power play I do wanna see no doubt that that shall I mean. Again I mean if you. If you do will cost though it's that popular just move you know who we're very pleased and put them aside what's and that's what hurt for a game if you're in this kind of fault. Two power play goals in eight games. Why not triple a trial every game matters to woods like chuck and night away. On Iran she tried to win every single night but it it's not get the job to just for the sake of a new look out there. Or marsh it for that matter who was other guys you brought out the you know he. He has never gotten top power play minutes consistently in Alaska appears despite a breakout offensive season last year finally get a little boy and little more this year. Guy again at some is the mystery of flowed and in how he determines what he's going to be on the power play although you know. I would be surprised he mixes optional because Claudia Allen called stub he does kind of is stick within for a long time before he prices OK I got a mixup here. Doubles lines it you know he's been really every night he's been daunted. I think a wobble out this year than he has in years past the eight used to be kind of almost like a last resort in palm whereas now he's. He he's a little bit quicker trip if the trigger finger to do that but the power plays that secret Cali to says touched it's like we we worked it worked last year. Just rocketed bail after forty games you know we sucked when he typically stick with. Yeah I PG jumbled defense of groups in this you know Charen Carla at a broken up they're back together again tonight supposedly. But he was will look to make a move on now which was it yeah and it's. I think tool it's it's so easy to do it in the course of the game I mean it's not like yet. After oral Arab got a you have to I mean it's just on the fly let me just okay what is our goal of this and if it works good if it doesn't need to just go back to. To what you'll use it before so I think it's. You know it it's so easy to have had to make it change like that it's not really that big of a deal. Why we don't see it more often not like this and I think I can clone has. You know move mines around a lot more than right now he's he's Shirley did years ago I mean he would keep guys. I doubt it though maybe 67 games on a plane almost it would seem with with with a trio and then finally you know he knew he would break them up but I think he's improved in that area. I'll take it look at the rest of votes a Little League trends including the Atlantic Division can appear obscenities gate it's been a tough week with a Marshall Canadians. It come back to the pack a little bit. You said decedent yeah yeah how much I get a cab in the mail for and radio and also take a look at the facility hits in the league this week we had a big one in down. Jersey and with Taylor Hall involved in the prozac CNET capitals game Wednesday had a few as well that went unpunished so. Touch on some Little League discipline or lack thereof can Laird and rear admiral were brought to you on Saturday skate like eighteenth tee mobilizing your world start market see what makes a shine. It by wise snacks which rated movie act. You were listening to Saturday skeet with a rear admiral and Ken Laird. On Sports Radio WEEI. Let me ask earlier on sat through days gay. Portrayed Adobe young animals got his original six gear on today and they have enough. Tokyo for the young but there are no I love Led Zeppelin on some have beaten evident when they play that a Venus bottom of a fork over. Yeah they are hucksters the only plane in the Al Gore gain this year I can lose track if he's a winner last year with liberals lie and I I can't dot CIA gives only outdoor games in different cities I know fliers are because they debuted the Jersey Taylor to right pretty sweet boosters. I Aussie. I think they happened. There's so many of them knew so many in my kinky tracked him to Ronald Detroit is the Centennial classical Newsday is Chicago Saint Louis where right to plant a bush or bush state media in respect. But yeah it was a flyers play in February. In another state so he's game yeah I mean NIC I don't last year people like bitching about it online legal and offer the output huge it's like well. Who cares like if you're not I mean if your goal of the game and it's sold out on only matters to you if you're going I mean. What Tim does is make if you watch yet on a national that it ports has become cool things right in and if it's in US sitting Uga tech has not gone the Denon that's awesome and I mean if you like in another city like. Complain at all on sugary output Angel I unite in it's it's just a game on TV is a matter who's outside are in an arena you'll apparently ditched the Dylan I I don't exclude anybody but the lights it's just some of the stop people bitch about it's like. You complies and Yucca plant is too many outdoor games like whoo hoo skip I think of knowing you don't know much darker are your doubled like the U of that the the rules of the of UN general on online against the global you gather global you'll registered it's likely you know big deal like people it's a site. It's a game it's like you aren't happy election hockey team like it happens to be outside I mean there was 1 October reading notes in Winnipeg Edmonton played like oh yes Lutheran and as long as again as long as this on out. And on the NHL in Macon. Pocket pulls a money. App those venues that sounds sure it's in India in the murky dornin in that you know it's good for the league Jamaican money for everybody and no one's getting hurt so you know keep donating is it a little watered down maybe because they do four or five year. It yet maybe give you a little doll. The last yours guys no one game moral focus in on but again it's it's one of the rare earth. Things that any chose double well in the last right when he years so easily they get killed when they have terrible idea Zachary muzzle to slowed keep running this to the ground Italy. It scrape and the dollar and if you got Alex have you got tickets and you are gone and then grade that that's awesome and honesty and I'll put gamba. We'll speak at a Montreal Nam at Toronto's player in the news they would but that Montreal is your last your color classic the Canadians coming up. At the Bell Centre Monday Toronto tonight much drill Monday. Will Tuukka. Have the guts or will Claudette the guts to actually play in this game against app money is actually a pretty tough week the scheduled between now and new years is not that challenging. They get like the sabres in back to back games coming up in the month admiral. Watch golf Monday at Pittsburgh on Wednesday. Then a back to back again they got to come back at the garden plea Thursday night against in crimes so it's a fairly challenging week for the Bruins the FBI Mina is would you rate I mean he do you really low fuel thing too is afraid to Canadians you don't do Ross I want to let us our first show what why did rational player and at eight. Cologne strategically played him in the game before many had some kind of phony injury you would play through uncle. He's music and he Baghdad of the game. Which McEntire played as the game they should actually at least got to overtime that was a terrible finish and they lost the point. Yeah happen they played game and he played a great game like I mean automatically lowered baskets let's not for the fact that the goaltender. Shouldn't it all of that all of you on a bad. A significant amount of money into grass Stotts Monday night Montreal one Angela. A significant amount of money on yeah I mean I'd be favored the play and gave. While your car is sandy got no balls and basically I did not say OK let's say whereas the mouse Julian strategically avoided playing him in that game. I'd let the coach more than it took a would eat eat demanded deeply yeah I mean it's I don't hi I can say I don't I don't think there was much more than to a dentist. He gave the rideau who dove and missed that I I don't back and sometimes a cigar is this again. We'll speak it which. Quick trip Rania. Division. Congdon played last year here at the winter classic he's now in Ottawa he's been having to play for Craig Anderson of these lights get answers them that but. Ottawa ahead don't want floral they had 221 weeks of their their head of the Bruins while a couple points here in the standings pretty tight. I just that it was a it was a point they think yeah they just gathered there little stagnant Pittsburgh blitz the Molly 85 put up eight goals on employee ID spank them. Montreal has lost now David they are Nate and who else Alexander go Chang Shanghai heats in meets him he took a few years to develop and he's he's deathly become a a pretty important that team and that that's a big hole on the lineup right now that's that's. At the two vehicles so much else to 21 in the last five they've really stagnated and who knows what they're gonna do now next eight weeks I would say idle expected fall cliff is the look Carey Price. Pretty good news for the Bruins. You go to the teams behind him in the standings Tampa Bay it's fair free fall as far as like league. The league goes and it's hard to find teams the streak in loosely but Tampa is villager one final one. They got the blitzed by they'd come over Thursday five the long ball and that's a bad team lose to terrible. Detroit lost last night the Columbus for one. They actually played pretty well let's say as more hotter teams in the Atlantic the date at a set tackle these needed Eugenia our back we saw Florida. On Monday that was good game but they don't want 33 and analysts sevenths division is not very good right. Not on the personal Bruins can take advantage of it and you know just kind of keep the teams beneath them you know step on coming and get further away from them. Outside added that metropolitan nice doldrums to get used to on the metropolitan division Neil Patrick division. I mean I might be the best division in hockey right now if if you take a look at top three your power you know you got you know load the re always capitals are as good as last year that we saw that it did right now but I think I think they'll they're gonna be the only I mean you're you're talking and you. Probably a good chance we're gonna have five playoff teams out at the vision that ranges Pittsburgh Columbus has been on a tale like you just mentioned five in a row. They cited pretty jazzy to order Ellis succeed but he did not I don't you don't like firewire now I'd yeah a local guy I root for guys. In a demeans the immediate needs is players like that before some are not all the Paula you really like that means and that I'm not I and I don't kid I don't take it personally he doesn't. He's it's a big game it's a big show he's. Eight guys at its Kyoto like coaches like who you know intimate and what it's like grow up he's he's just a decent draw the recital. I mean I don't I don't regret slowly around some snot nosed reporter for local media anyway easily have been I did those does have some balls of your reporter just sit there like he's not gonna be a lot. You know I don't I I was still eating at the end of his tenure in New York you would say like three when asked but like everyone gets -- test is always liked that will be copies of coach you know you make of coaches coach you don't like. Our team doctor won't criticize Melanie shell Gary and Michelle Taylor really are he's the forests he is absolutely necessary. I he laden adds another odd I like like there he has again gone back to when he coached the teams the first time back like why it was a very good. He needs just he's just arrogant by just the sides is the only delete docs and all that now practiced I smokes like it's that old Nancy smokes a heater every you ought to not not a big advantages. Another team to keep. Keep guy on the fly as me and eight I believe eight a rotating one date there balloon to one at Dallas and they come back. And it's funny because state these teams that he went in but that Arquette and abroad because the way the fourth that is immune. That top three teams each division that's that's the problem liberal ones right now because. You know they'd make a 32 points to get team teams actually you know below them that'll wildcat teams that have. More points liberal but because of the way the scenarios set up on the format setup the ones. A storm that third spot right now but does so much hockey man but you'll look how tight. It's all it's crazy also say it's gonna affect the trade deadline or rocketing get many on these sellers for for quite awhile techsters hate your Jarome Iginla ideas is a shocker. Use politics this from the at finally. Jarome Iginla admiral is a non productive third liner on the worst team in the NHL why. Why why would you wanna treat their people audio. Depth. Scoring in the playoffs somewhat sane and put them on the first line it's a again if you get a guide cheap who scored like 560. NHL career career goals some. It's a better than hind end sooner inch out I would say yes straight. Yeah I mean at Kennedy cannot sit and listen like like I'm not saying make this move tomorrow I'm saying at the deadline. If Colorado is toast in an Gamal wants that you know he he's going to be unrestricted free agent again. If you could add a guy of his caliber are cheap price to having a line up. It's a good then it's not like you given him my you know prime minutes you mean he's playing good you would put. I mean it's it's a guy of who's got that many goals in the if you can empty a playoff roster why the hell wouldn't yeah I mean it's not rocket science here I would I agree it's. Reasonable depending which got its course and right naming a month you know wouldn't give up a huge prospect from but. Again I'm just yelled goal for the list did you know Patrick chaps on a guy I mentioned I mean you know I wasn't like all we have been getting don't mean. If Dallas doesn't get himself a goaltender because that's the hook but Dallas is hang around the there'll the mobile and smaller right but who it is an all again if they don't get a gold and that I would be surprised they don't make the playoffs does Niemi and let energy is not good it's not a good visiting the span of about ten million dollars on two goal is to. Neither one of them is really in it is capable of carrying and carrying them in the playoffs it even gets in the playoffs. So you know I will make how I Patrick shot he's gonna cost he's young he's 34 but he's the got some. Some gas in the tank enemies yet and played a lot this year he's he get the concussion. I drink a one goal but yet again this it's December right now it's its docket for months on the line in the deadline comes around. Speaking of concussions you've touched on this in your sport chuckles podcast you Ryan Whitney. Now bodily listening to Saturday skate 35 every Saturday or sports rated a B Ike Hillard regret marshalls which tech now it trickles broadcast let's yep. Excellent must listen to every week thank you you guys such a lot of league issues not just the Bruins and you like opposite from Taylor Hall behind the net. Which got knocked out Larson Philip watts and up. No knowledge. Justice from the league and Larsson seems like he's OK but I mean he was out out cold it's scary and maybe even. More scared it was the app. Aftermath which is what when he was talking about players are coming over get a piece of hall who sort of blind sided behind the net and skies out on the ice and he'll skate yours are around his head open campus the approach body was. It's it is a did dangerous situation I mean first off that what you mentioned this gates sticks any shop objects. Second off if I mean god forbid his neck was broken up you know they could cause further damages by bumping incident guy so yeah it's stepping is scary situation you get seeded goalie. Jake a box from you know try to help mile did you did you see on a cloak them you know a couple of gold ball in to try to record the guy you know. It's Schaub and job placid displayed on the ice and he was the goalie was actually get a front of the fans so they couldn't record bill Daley has body docked on the ice which I. I 'cause a pretty cold just you know like apotheker has buddies dignity whatever. They hit I guess what I watch your back even slow motion doesn't seem that legally is now there's nothing illegal about it it was I think it was almost more of a collision and it Bennett Jack. You know alas almost kind of on a train tracks are coming on the around the net didn't have his head up. Tell all coming the other side on the fore check in India only only old days out and celebrated as one of those. Lola hits you know debit and that's that they know I don't even I don't mean he he pulled up but I don't even think he intended to like think like he was you know coming on the fore check and like you said it was it was more of a collision and Bennett check and we can almost look like he was like. Make it Jerry didn't follow through wanna I thought that's outlook anyways. India you hate to see Adam and obviously it's. You don't wanna see a guy Kyoto on the ice and overheated KO before even he was a local before even at the ice or in the cap. Bulls game Wednesday with the Bruins we have a couple it's yeah interest Terry. Although no seat there what was discipline be handed out here he -- we had first of all the Bergeron it did you think that was that he get away with it and of course this became a thing. For later in the game. Odd eagle was going after for stretch this game to Bergeron boarded Matt Niskanen. Which is a huge development game is Niskanen output probably the reason the Bruins came back to be honest and tied the game they were point five. This yeah blizzard DeVon is a ripple effect gab or any pressure on. His reputation speaks for itself piece on she I goes up an intentional voter I don't think it was you know just one of those things that happens and Akio unfortunate incident but. You know Patrice Bergeron nothing dirty bottom. Dirty hit I was Diallo was Tom was on hand completely Sherri that's just yacht item that's almost and he's a dark bag and he does he's dirty hits is there and and he loved plurality Thomas got a gut. Al you know. Yeah yeah gasoline hybrids at love polar opposite I think approach urologist because the mediate some. But notes almost always a dirty dirty hit and he was late I mean it was dangerous he really could he really Carter heard the lead I don't AP. Rang his bell a lot but it was just your and it just you know bad swing knowledge and duck that's what you you know. With William. You miss fight now with the downs bouncer downturn fight that's right miss me because I some like guy he should have the handsome elf like you know even if he get even if he was a fight at least. At least I want summer coming to make them drop the gloves and and it's a format that and that that's a stop by I'd I miss football with announcer for the on ice justice where things yes sort yeah I'll say you know what poking elect and it was a level as well you've got a good lick a Mike guy I'm gonna jump in on the white hate that stuff tour mean. It was a dirty hit there was no need for it and yeah I I think I would love to have seen you know you know out of his way up tonight possible bigger story because Santa on lead nobody really cares much yeah yeah I you know and yeah I know Amy gets it in all though a rookie whom known. The ones too familiar litany. Jaco was passed and I probably all my shine yet the price would have been a little bit more but it's eatery dallas' it's it's it's a brawl and it's it's a team made it should matter orders the the fact that you know dirty played did that. You know why I wish I don't the McQueen was on the ice but somebody like him would win you know what I love would love to have seen him pummelled almost some. Won't hurt them because led dual power plea at which. Went to a broad school that was Colin Miller right right it DIX Gary and I and that's all beat MP don't beat him on the scoreboard then but. And I'll sometimes like to be human face to oh yeah well and shot or get him was gleaned from the yeah later in the gap. And Kevin Millar board guy that Thursday. Which led to a the Colorado golf Soderbergh yeah I think so we get a few that we treasury some chippy stuff out there and some of them you don't the guys return at the last minute it's a sell off that. Split second justice in this league but it's still remains the most random discipline on discipline. You could flip a coin is the what the league's gonna do not do about this during the game and after the game for supplement of this. Yeah I think they have gotten better I mean gaelic terrible ideas that'll mean. You know the hallmarks of I think I mean think back. You know Matt Cooke didn't get anything fun about it if it went along nobody feels like a different guy for ending at guy's career and then and then of course all the emails that come out that. It can't keep Colin Campbell's emails in the stock he was saying in an obvious yet prejudices against certain players and soda in all it was just kind of I open an assay liked all the way to even though he was talking about players and you know it was cal like OK so they do they do have favorites enough in their front office owning donate money given out discipline there was no rhyme or reason to it. There's a lot more of Reiman reasons although sometimes you know we still kind of are a powerful but. You know it late though whole introduction of the video tape you know up playing a video. It's a writing that it's exactly it's transparency its value explains why a guy gets suspended and in what the reasons for it and that's good that static but you'll see you want from Wilson there's no or here's why will not see I'd discipline for the is dirty is a was I don't know what they would spend that imply mean other than that he's a repeat offender but I I don't I don't know. I don't know I was expected any I was and expect the supplement of this purported tallies mean it was a dirty hit but that's what it was you know I dirty late check. All right. Rather long hang in their old final thoughts and four Bruins and at least tonight nearly every rebel football arsenal sports homestretch your date the card coming up five this is Saturday skate. Honest we're treated to be yet. You were listening to Saturday skate with the rear admiral and can layered on Sports Radio WEEI. A lot of confidence. Yourself a look at his first goal takes it took an effort. Even though his score on the initial. Try to stop to stay there and any jump on as a rebound you know more guys start doing that we're gonna. Get more guys going to go as well you know he's got to be hungry and wanna score and think right now he's on those guys that really wants scorer and a every night he's he's given us mad some goals. Clued Julian talking about David posture not leading the way. Bruins scored nine goals the last three games they give up 115. Of those nine goals from. Hasta can't layered in arsenals were rear and we're here in the homestretch. Probably out clearly the bruins' most dynamic young player right now would say if you had a goalie guy is in Boston sports three years or less. Into the league right now admiral Austin not probably with smokey bets were two most exciting youngsters in the Boston's Red Sox got a bunch action yet insists oxidant in a few different guys but I am. I mean he'll discuss new players and yes south side of the Mitchell maybe you're settling at the patriots but there. Us not drives in the arts. I mean in my eyes this is not about was thirty years and not yet the true state of you know and he's through he's. I mean he's been phenomenal this year he's side at least he's tough as nails packet so he's been. You know AJ makes the one big play an Indian in August huge play when a suitable but you know way you know what we're gonna get out of it accuser real deal he's he's a hell backpack it shall. Is premier name I would throw all their tool but it passed an act saying you know look at a a potential fifty goal scoring oh and use that bridge at least more fifty I say no he's got four while output of the forty. He's nine or forty I'm sure it was with the Wii stays I don't know is it 1818 and how many games that the Bruins have played 28 clean when he eight. So 34% of the year's done. I TER gonna say he'll get on one or 46 goals 46. Yeah. Quick calls forget that the cardinals to rob a New Hampshire up next here on sports rated BA yeah it's a brought. Exactly you don't expect a call choice and on it. They are relatively that it group as well. Are we shall forfeit. We got that for our evaluation. Talk about it didn't let our failure. I the coach you know if they are. True or years. And so frustrated and it went biggest complaint just this account that you know there's no it all out war when you look at the kind of want these guys. State critical to know. Quite quarts. A lot but. Fortunately it or. Forty years at shell. I. Yeah or has that taught how to check. It which article the owners will look honestly gonna come that your. And I think that's wrong I think that's what the problem. That wasn't very good against cheap and do what I want to if you don't like. Have a good bit of life but I think that the problem. Which isn't. Probably rob probably the same or even worse in Europe right and some of these leagues there's even blessed and I'm just speculating like and watch those games but. You know I mean youth hockey in Europe is it any different probably not. I don't know I've been a lark but it is like my. You want packet attack attack attack attack at all and okay Eric Gordon somebody all it will now it. No and I deeper than just self edit it but there's there's. It is something its leader it was a moderate level or. On the level whatever they call it I don't know. It's it's a good thought rub. I I think am I it's actually go point you know it does seem like you don't see as much chicken and I think Demi because it's such an emphasis on puck possession that. Teams him almost more control would get in the park and Al would you know Barry and a guy and try to take away from I think maybe yeah. You know. Not being as physical that just. I I'll add maybe sayonara to tell you what it is but yep yeah maybe to some sort of dovetail with you know the amount of total lack of hitting. Tynan with the what they're the obsession with possession. Lies were truth to it on the Paula didn't know what Walt Springfield to a finishing softer than it was going all Walt. Yeah yeah yeah historic that the colonel. I desperately constitute rewards. Are. Like in the same boat Iran the last two years borderline whether they can play option. And I think a lot depends on the trade deadline coming up in February believed. And I know the last two years that they add that new GM Sweeney has not been able optimal. They get them over to our. I don't know it's because in general manager not well just whining here you'd rather Perry used to say. They're he deductibility but it did make a major move to get dissed you big Garrett deeper into the playoffs is that it Peter Carter not enough. Whether or not they're gonna make it play out so I'll shut up like you go. I want yeah I mean hey there Sweeney. When after it last year to some extent you got two players in but not a game changer not a game breaker rarely go at the trade to Atlanta and DC. It's a change fortunes the I don't know that. They were. By within. Close proximity of the debt over the hump last year at the deadline you know that they were pretty flawed team at the deadline at. I don't ought I think it's obvious they weren't one player away are to play as a way the Bruins really weren't more close last year. I know I think picking up I mean I've said are they gonna party Bob we've roundup the bottom but I I think they're gonna. Make a run for them the help him I think watch Oprah we hang on a first place but I didn't make a run for the second second but the division I it looks like the divisions opening up for it and if you believe Jacobs he's committed to making the playoffs this year and expect to deep run so I asked say he gives. Sweeney the ability to go on make a deal would do yeah I mean if the pots are in place this you know it is it the roster is good enough for the they should make it. You know Rask is plain good enough I'd be surprised that they don't at this stage. I admiral Jackie next Saturday yup. He get a check none that I'm on a social media Twitter course and a forceful sports and course Russert Debbie yeah on yep absolutely I'd rare red b.'s board wants what Abbas schools boards WEEI dot com in the spit chip let's podcast you can find on iTunes our apostles bullets Tai Anderson valiantly for us on the dot com as well be covered again tonight at the garden I Chandler. Daley picked card coming up next don't you go anywhere feeling Daniel that's in the patriots ravens stuff that the gets loud yes. Saturday skate front debates DT by star market and by wise snacks of Sports Radio to be yet.

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