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Saturday Skate - Pastrnak a superstar? Claude rips Khudobin? Plus Mark Divver talks prospects 12-10-16

Dec 10, 2016|

Ken Laird and Rear Admiral talk about the Bruins week that was, featuring five more goals from David Pastrnak, a Thursday clunker, and the Saturday call-up of Danton Heinen with a prospect update from Mark Divver of the Providence Journal

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Yeah. Bruins in the NHL lead came later from that occurred in Callahan show time hockey. Like you east York. Rear axle from Mars you'll sports like your criminal we ought to be in jail that's always okay. EEye dot com Bruins right there tied an. Anderson former Bruin intelligent AF personality when did fired his nine year NHL veteran Brian we. Saturdays game it's Brock bond and AT&T and star mark indiscriminate got a lot of losses. So he's taught right. On Sports Radio WB yeah. Player of the pro except a couple of issues as they always do rear but Aaliyah album coming up from the closet you know he is outweigh even I don't his last few weeks all sunshine and ultimately that's. Let's get into some of the good stuff before we get to a few of the issues relate maybe the only good think about Thursday's game. Pretty much every game this year you can count on David postured scored five goals since we last spoke while five more calm. 34% of the league years gone 28 games in the Bruins and this guy as this five. Bodies tied for the league leading goals was Sidney Crosby right now eighteen. According game when a Monday that brought the house Belmont that you call you hate those Monday. Yahoo!'s actually. I shut me up it was a pretty at this and I guess they'll you know best game of the week for sure. One man show breakaway Wednesday they'll come back against the caps they at least got the lose your point in DC on Wednesday and more beauties Thursday. One otherwise was a dud performance against the ads the David pasta night. On a stretch here with fourteen goals in his last seventeen games played. Tai Anderson crunch the numbers not for the website and came up with 56 bowl pace right now that he is on just based on the games he's played this year. And Andy and goals per game numbers self. Mr. pastoral simple and what are we what are we seeing here is this a legit superstar are we gonna get a little bit ahead of ourselves based on a 45 games sample for possibly start the year. I think he's the real deal and I think guy I mean. I thought he was on a six eagle pace but that's why I'm an English major not a business page I'll take your word for yes dike it played over don't know ideology I differed on anybody on math. Yeah I think he's a real deal I mean we saw glimpses of it is his. His rookie year we said Wallace this kid is something else how to how to pronounce get him in the draft you know when they got him some in the twenties when he fifth when he fifth. And then you know lashing he was dirty struggle a little bit mainly some animated Tony's kids who delete has figured out yet the first year then. They did the second year but not as this gets special I mean he's. He's doing things all pale we haven't seen since I was sitting in a mail in. No not China had to twist the knife to state a fact. You know liberal ones have not had a game breaker since I was Sagan as good as Marchand is he's. Firefights sniper goals coral that I don't I would often common game breaker but but passed an arc. As we shot the out all the time came overtime goal Monday night that's a game break a typo that's a that's the type a ball out of super stop school is. I don't know that he's gonna be. You know I think he's gonna be more vocal score than SATA I mean you know take a look at his points right here he's got. It's seventeen goals. Poses a says he has tried to slow 224 sixers so yes six helpers it's exactly so he's he's deathly more more of a sniper. That a that a set up man but I mean yeah if you got a guy whose push fifty goals play in a season that's supersize ours up it's on the. And oh that's in year aside in this league any mortgage Crosby had 51 when you're tied for the for the rocket Rashard but. Big it's fifty got to be off the charts I don't think you'll get there personally with that injury history you bring up. But hell I was look at before the year if he gets 122 point five you gotta be happy he stays healthy enough to get to a consist 125. He's gonna get. Easy go back into thirty by accident at this point. I think I mean based on what we've seen I think he's going to be California consistent 35 to four Google score I mean I I think that. And a skill on display if he's got a a pretty nice boy do you work and you know only. Geez 212 plus season door to a third seasons right now and I'm sold I mean I I don't that this kid's gonna Rick regressed at all. And he put some size on he's he's got a lot of grip and he goes to those greasy areas that a lot of guys who hit with his talent I don't like to go to one. He doesn't shy away from it you know he's got the chipped teeth and you know placed he's kind of got that like rodeo like hockey player look to a home that. You know that he's he's at he's a pretty tough kid man I I think he's he's gonna be a dynamic player. It's the big blog is the big question what kind of money he is he is going to be looking fought I don't think the bronze award above Darren I didn't see how he does this season but yet. You know he is there he's got to be restricted free age why just hold on general I'll get up so I don't have missed a lot of what it duty but they're locked in a sign it now obviously this is the worst time so I don't know they would get this is no like I know I get ahead of his final run the other way if they use the his agent guys calling you know they got this. You know play this season LB obviously I mean MIS. You know oil and less who knows what the Bruins had been very secretive I mean unless they don't once I'm now on or less popular fears injury concerns himself yes not a bunch I guess I shouldn't say that I don't on the media as he had a bunch Izzy and you only get three different injuries last year he missed them. He missed. The first 44 games he played in thirteen games last year he had. Hand injury he actually played in the world juniors or treatment right hand injury which that was the some controversy. You had a back issue. This year he had another we missed three games to torture when laws right on the upper body in history. And when they drafted and you mention why he felt point five he had a back injury. In the Swedish league which kind of hurt his stock a little bit that's kind of why he felt when he fifth overall when you were so. That's five different issues in the last three years I would say that's injury prone. Now I don't buy it I think I think he's just a hockey play a hockey players get hurt I mean obviously some guys and oracle. Always is arc you play a leaves a little guy on me look at Germany's east east W small but I I don't see is always knew we better not sign him while we've got to be he's got an injury I mean. But I have to sign every player has no every player in the league has it's some sort of injury history I don't think there's any concern whatsoever mean. You know he I think he fell on the draft not just for the injured big TV's final Lola TSB Swedish I think he wasn't third tier it yet and I know guys you know if but I can like him as a bad playoffs. Scouts kind of forget about no fault that and mean it it's kind of weird because the gas got behind a guy and he has about three months and all of a sudden. He's a forgotten man you know I mean I think that might have been a little bit of a case to the pots that I would will certainly a couple teams is everybody passed on a lot of teams passed on. But no I haven't actually no concerns whatsoever I mean you know you look at it every every player and every team it's up like BI and the incitement. Now every guy's been heard it at some point and you know last year every that you are playing hockey I mean you know it's just I don't think that he's riddler injury prone and. Well but I you're gonna hand out seven and a half billion a year to them and that's the money that was our talk and seven and half terrorist cinco got that money. OK after three years now let's that was Canada. Skewed assist on the side of the yeah but he's got what terror so it was a thirteen you sit here and eighteen if you're David pops the next agent. Don't you look at what he's done so far and you start talking about 77 and a half per you know million per season. I would say the Bruins would come back and say what you're saying we will let this play out receive full year you gotta stay healthy prove it. And I'll think that hit as far as I know his side's not clamored for a good idea or anything right now on I learned attic yet another return I mean I'm the only. Not again not the what the brought to surprise me if they're in a month they really they don't make amounts it always sent to a six year. You know. 32 million dollar extension some like I wouldn't ship surprise me at all. But the same time you know this kid's ease basically in a contract the air albeit a restricted free agent but you know he he he can still take into the clean as what it wants the F. The Wednesday night game was the rivalry game on ABC ends they actually talked about possibly its contract and it Bob McKenzie said he thinks it's gonna be minimum six years six million per. That'll be the starting point if you wanna sign into that kind of contract but the weird thing in NHL free agency is always. East you go for a bridge here. We seen a couple of them were players have Superman had one of those right PK Yemeni state animal to cheap for a couple years and then he signed this blockbuster. Two years later because he's it was like short term gain for the Canadian stating that the pay him. On a second deal but the third deal came up quicker and they had the blow the doors off and make the highest paid guy in the league self. As the Ottawa the Bruins finances will be in two years compared to now maybe he'll try to push data on just missed a short bridge year. And the player to know much room for. You know for debate except I guess you bring up Sagan and some of the other young players that the brewers about the last two years Doug Hamilton. And they did manage to get their way out of town. Yeah different circumstances different situations but would cost an apple Doug Hamilton a Seattle a play here rich because trade me right now sort of. We now I I think he's happy here I don't think he wants to go anywhere and I mean I I I would think he'd. Wanna stay I I would think he'd want a long term deal. I'm whether he signs it and you know an extension now or log waste of India. And what Bob McKenzie saying I mean a bomb public release candidate is from rewrite re pretty much why Clark yet. And 66 times six sounds about right I mean I would you know I mean I would love it like to go I mean. I think eight aids the most they can go I believe that's correct so I mean typically I mean he's he's had good I'd say you don't. Given meet in if you get him under six per year but yes six times six. I I do it now I wouldn't even mess sort of bridge abridged deal I'd I mean. You know he is young he's still the only twenty years old but in the last time the Bruins gave finally give big basic voluntarily gave to core contract he would add that that. Contract they gave no one year deal any any amongst the Iranian that a that's that's why he's making the money's Megan up is the Bruins allowed him. You know liberals go locked him up a lot cheaper and they kind of idol I think big for some reason weren't completely sold on but the time. And he made them pay fart not I think they should remember that you know when it comes. Pasternak. Mean it away don't you think the the losing of Sagan. Castle I mean at the Milosevic and these cases they. Mean potentially move them and probably did there are a lot of factors but because they let young talent go for the second contract. In the last ten years and number at times. Management is sort pressure here they they can't let this capital boss he can't let this player now. SER I don't think they even think that way I think that's just think the fans social meat out of the I us you know they the roles like. While we trade jolt the one we trader Phil Kessel trade tire we can't do this again I I it's it's history it's like. That was you know lists under different regimes different GM's different I mean it's history is later has they'll Jacobson nearly they would hear it. Well they sit in the offseason jolting Audrey and Gaza killed Joseph Thornton's got nine to do it nearly Joseph thought was before kneeling dream. It's it's just they are right I mean I know it's it's and violated the if you try if you animate. Think to make the joke of the broader trip pop that up before. Pause in don't do it because it. Is that joke is a million times ever and it's what and adds if Wembley of people make in the same joke it's not a good joke. But by a by all means this this kid at all clock c'mon man I give give them don't get in the filed but. I think he wants to be here if you can if you consigned him in keep him here I don't think that. To trade stuff it's all individual every play is individual idol. It's not just the fine it is explain you know they they weren't sold on jolt the one as a as a guy who's gonna get into the Stanley Cup. India we are at that point it help they were a point as a team more help them rock bottom and you know high draft pick and flipped for assets which they turned into cup ride I'm Natalie that was their plan from the get go I think it was state they'd. They were about to commit. Kind of similar so I guess you don't peak case to win in Montreal they're about to commit. This all kinds of money to a guy an ending and they got cold feet at the last minute and a and that's the liberal exhibit with the Latin and but he dressed Kessel after trading or is it right is they don't hesitate identity they bottomed out made and they locked out they've been noted that lucked out and get castle. I mean at no one like the bond trade the time the return was was terrible I mean it's still a bad trade. But I am I call Brad Stuart Marcus terminally pre reproduce exactly I was them but it will wooded and the Debian was. The most you know in the best most inadvertent salaried company history yet because that ended up allow them to you know bring in gyrate and survived of course you know that changed the whole complexion or future of the franchise shall. Yet data is that the return of the trade was on the end result if you really can't argue it in you know ten years later joked on he has been with Stanley Cup but he has a one yet itself. But that it traded Kessel they got the pick they got a Sagan and they treated say in and kick the can down the road for so many years at some point I wanna invest in young guys that you are going to be around. I guess my question to the throw an audio Saturday skate at six or seven sevenths and 97937. Stellar would be. The are you sold on pasta not that he's a superstar. As as much of a goal scoring stars we've seen the Bruins haven't. Why are somebody throw out David had a league leader in ending goals since in what 41 years says the zero. The supplement your eye on the nearly nearly didn't legally panel excelling as an art when you are Neil and guy he's gotten it may may have been as brazile down so. At this I don't expect him to win the Rashard this year again Ike he's gonna cool lot some especially with this team but what's most remarkable is. The Bruins are 25 in the league in scoring. He Stifel beat Italy think tied with Crosby now an eighteen goals he's got a 37%. Of their goals or something ridiculous right now. They scored six. 66 goals this year he is eighteen and a spot court when he ma forty sevens pretty crazy hours at. That's a pretty could job but I just can't keep up that pace eventually teams are gonna take you now. Right is also indicative of the lack of scorn from the rest of the line up to which which has been an issue to. You know we go we got a good game out of spoon you know look like all meant he could do this than big big elegant to viable lines but any doors album has a dubbed the next gaming. He just you know kind of that inconsistency would get mad at himself and he's in the similar postured I vote and that they came up together about the same time a few years ago they're both restricted free agents and they couldn't be anymore. Any further from one another terms stock right now Spooner prospect guys just exploding. Got law meets Boras she's 24 years old he's you know he's CA Dutch older you know he's. Cannot I don't would if the Bruins are frustrated with them a lot of law. What we know what that I with the plans I don't think he's going anywhere right now I mean in the ACC game against Florida he was great it was the best skater updating you on clos bump up the the the first Lionel while the try to creature you ride The Who and the third Peary the ends up you know set up the wall that the ten and the almost looked like the game winning goal until Florida tied it again and then Colorado I mean. I guess everybody look bad verse Colorado the other night shall mean to single sport or probable probably isn't fear because nobody really played good from who'd who build and on out. Shall I I just you know I like to see him. In be more consistent make as I can say it if you got Backus preachy in sport to play a while that's no that's a viable wind that's that's a good number two line play and then. You know you got a couple guys like you know Schaub has been scorn more than probably we expected. Don Moore what map last year gets back from injury you know those guys in your bottom six you know pretty good guys they have done them. Well when there's a roster changes for tonight's game as well on day at the kind in the young. Recent draft pick of the Bruins were receipt taking as the fourth round pick actually. Not like he was Los in the first round guy but. Mining came in as a 434014. We summer Linear for seven games yet back up tonight he's gonna be on the second line the quote unquote. The county line what do you call it. Great she Backus and hi it's nice that tells you need to know about explode thinks its borders game and your right it I actually wrote this down after the Monday game. Because originally it was on a post game and he was asked about Hillary said quote. Better when he wants the play he's a good player looking for more of that from them and quote I mean. Like Belichick would never say that about a player that Julien will call guys out and it's pretty clear what they think Spiller leads. Some nights they just feel like he's not printed and Thursday was a mess on the first goal is turned all over the place yet. He it's a he had at that doesn't think he's one of these draft picks that. You know has been considered inconsistent fought them I mean he eats he's look great to me he's looked like up you know law. At times of a pretty good number to Sandra I mean look okay got this could could could be a long term senator in this league and then. You know he goes on and on a slide Leahy he's he's not really get that done I mean of course. He is a natural Senna he's he's not playing his natural position right now shall. You know in part we take that into account but. At the same time I mean that's hockey at its. No real mystery to it if you if you get stuck in the when you play the winging AM in new do we need the one that and and I imagine they feel like he failed at center last year that's why he's a wing right now. Down we haven't really seen them much much right now and try and thorough Miami haven't seen a much this year and it ought alters are reluctant swell with close to use them there because it's you know kind of morbid to pass a role of and the third. But there when your third mine senate typically is a defense of died in Ryan's boredom you know defense hasn't been his Forte in his time in Boston so. Yeah I'd say it's up to keep and I ought to I am I guess I don't I don't mode that willing to trade him I know has been some scuttlebutt out there that you know his name is all about. I don't I mean GM's stock every every mean if if that was a criteria than every game everyone's available as you know guys get asked about. And I you know if if GMs aren't taken calls them not on the job. Just like it's a bad time to sign prospects pretty bad time to traits border until he starts putting it together consistently you know it's not gonna get much for Saturday skate here on Sports Radio WB Ike Hillard and rear admiral Lyndon byers and join us in the 4 o'clock hour we think we got out and mistrust they'll be last out to be telling it and what would stop lamp black Betty Graham jam they'll they'll remain out of that'll be like as a has beat a beacon also up. We're gonna do just quick five minute check in with mark giver of the Providence journal it is Intel on the united he's been watched him last the couple weeks and also just a quick. Little recap the some of the prospects and how did Dylan in the HL it's a 345 marks could be joining us. Presented by AT&T mobilizing your world and star markets he would makes a shine. Validate the producer today Al wanted to fire up the sound bite for you because speaking Thursday and closed its. Analysts say he's who he blasted after the game but who he blamed for Thursday night this as we said here they've lost to a row it's been an interesting week they had a pretty good when Monday although they blew a couple one goal leads Wednesday huge come out of that game feeling pretty good about. Yes the contest the minute battle back for point yet it's fellas. Dell is a good sign I mean obviously pulling down freed up that wasn't by. To be down three nothing for minutes up in the second period against a team might Washington on the road in the come out of to a point. I'll take it any any any time. There are a lot of problematic things like no doubt that. Power play could help us in the first period and failed to do that so they got to be better we need is some things tonight we can get them. He's got to be better a lot of things here that we can we can get better at and take responsibility. It allows Claudette to Thursday after the loss would fall on two not that are lead and 30 they come back Austin like it's yet Google's and eventually lose four to. So the two things Julian blames after the game he arc. The power play. And it could open. What do you make of that. Could open was not the guy that I that he was good nobody was really good in that game. Did he wasn't he he lets dump the other night I had no problem that you know you thought east mean I was at that last that long range goalie gave up. The Mitchell goal was was not that guy in the third and honestly got. Sometimes sights set a goal like that can beat a back breaker and you know like maybe woods is he's got to make some sage maybe might mean now a particular but. Close doesn't do it often he doesn't do it my time to. In all out but he gets pissed off Vinnie you know he I think what brutal little handle it I I have no problem at all. And also too I mean we don't know what else cloud said before at the natural I don't know that we do it rained who who'd been on the problem that was his only answer and he blamed the power play antidote. And that he actually did later blame we weren't Smart and early parts of the game we were little tired from playing the right to back nights we gotta be smarter. Let me just it's that's an eyebrow raiser when you gonna blame you're gonna point out two things you're gonna signal to things the coach one of the power polluting everybody's. You know your bros tenure in unhappy with it was a backup goaltender. Well that's it that's stretching is the it was a little barrel and it's an old enemies back at least out of that night so look if you can blame him for the first two Colorado Eagles there's. I for honesty I forget which one was built two goals he should act and you when you give up two goals like that the I have no problem the coach gone on I've known that's. Yeah I did Tuesday means that the one from what I've practicable and terrible goal that's it's terrible bowl and then a little windows on a breakaway. Now that you thought honest I mean off first who goes unto Sheen scored unassisted after a Spiller was all turnaround use on his back in front that. I'm that was the first goal Macinnis scored after crew died they don't the Blue Line and our players the short hander I I Nazi I'd have to look at the video. Two counts it's a couple days I don't remitted I suppose from Butler and it was a garbage goal I mean it's a save that any NHL goal he has the make. And you know that's that that can be the difference in the game it's got to be a backbreaking bullion and team battling back you might tied up. Well you know you get within a goal and an eagle is about arc arc crackle like I don't it won crystal what elephant that's all it takes men and in if that's it. Swings the momentum and ends up being the difference in the game in the coach calls a mild good needle. Approach stick your week it's like 125 nail the roster wise but it's not he's the goalie and he's out of it came it's not always the back up goalie he spoke earlier coaches all the finally joined that night when you get back have been. We got arise our level little bit it's he's obviously not as tilted his Tuukka. We know that so if he's if he gives a one bad goal tonight. You're gonna hang on to the podium at the site is exhibit B of why we lost the right but I like caller I just didn't think that was very good. There I got out I mean feats he says goalie play like crap any any said he said sowed the media again he doesn't torn off and he's got a lift clean all the players he does he's usually pretty good call I mean as far as not name and image hit in name names you obviously the goal he's got to make the save that obvious who started all but. I have no problem it's elaborate folic. He's like the utility guy and a baseball team who you know. You know went all for three or something and it's not he'd stay out of the game he was the goalie and he was the guy in net. Any was daddy when he did he was he could have been better in the and they could impossibly on the game. You know if if in the senate name and you know one of awful it are one of a defensemen I mean yeah who would double wasn't good and the goalie has the make saves I don't like that's fine I can hope rob what. Tell us would you think Sports Radio Debbie guys Bruins coverage here on Saturday skate three a five every Saturday Keller rear admiral from barge the sports Lyndon byers will be up and in it for we'll get a couple minutes with more giver of the Providence journal nature calls 6177797937. Is pasta not a superstar one about Steelers game of late couple polyps today. And Julian blaming the backup goaltender in part for Thursday night's loss more your calls and a reaction coming up a Sports Radio Debbie yet. You were listening to us Saturday skeet with a rear admiral and canned Laird. On Sports Radio WEEI. No I don't have. Senate differences in my. Go Vista to make the playoffs you know and have to experience them. I would test two in defending cup you know and and so so I'm I'm still focusing. It Abbas and like after the Yankee Thursday when he picked up the dome over eighteen type Sidney Crosby the league lead Saturday skater a portrait you to be I percent of my AT&T it's our market. Laird in the admiral. He's not your prototypical superstar he's going to be that weighs the benefit of the language barriers cities get the F nice sport chicklet there in the front month. Tom little guy not he's not physically imposing like former goal scoring stars the Bruins of that although he's beefed up a bit I think up. 68 was so the pal did she came into the league with. Yeah a few years ago that small and so I mean he's listed at six feet 182 compounds and many still 22 on the night. You know lot of guys EC still you know he's still grown back I think you know I mean he's still pretty you point. Why have him as a lead blowing you know it'll just still fill out at least 11 point two years old so even Sagan is well built it please. And it started remember when he was here he was he was actually nor did do probably similarities in size Sagan got a lot big a lot he was here but he doesn't he doesn't like Jack when he got here. When he lemmings aliens did pretty big idol operative and when he broke into the league. But you know he's like some pasta still 28 big east you know still finish of puberty disarm in some degree. What's also impressive as a possible like those of four power play goals the he's not played on the first power play as good eighteen and mostly it's on the strike he ultimately lead Geneva sprinkles. So Lisa the question. When does he get more power play time for a power play you that is. 25 in the league admiral 14%. Event at two power play goals the last eight games it's just not clicking. Julian blamed in part Thursday they give it up for short he's one of them in the first period did you know bundle to Ole hole. I don't exactly know where you would put him I think that's the problem in essence on that first unit but it's some political they have to keep him in there just for a couple reps I mean. All crew to the point if you have to I. Yeah I wanna great mysteries of that cover in the drones the last few years assembly is as you know what's close what's the method to close power play bad news because. You know he he refused to use my show on their fears you know Brad marsh on the one you know will be fought past the team's best schools score. And he couldn't you know he could buy his way into the popularly known in. Adult if Claudette some sort of communal meritocracy Durham practice talks all all what it is but it it makes no sense a lot of times you know to have. You best goal scored not on your number one unit when you know when you. You trying to trying to score against trying to win games I I don't know why I don't know why he doesn't have their. Again I don't know if it's some sort of an unknown meritocracy system that we don't know ball put. Could be it I think people brought up affected Bergeron because he's a right shot in the law of him in the middle there between the circles. It's going to be tough to put pasta knock on the left wing. He needs a guy that can feed them off the right sports. Gala warts and all are also could be like you just said there's such an oval load. A lot of tell there's a lot of talent on the first unit will put a guy like past that now you have to dangers units Jones that a in only eight by keeping him on the second unit Jimmy he's obviously. The most dangerous goals scored night you have him on on the second power play unit in you still vote PP one that's pretty potent itself and saw a case of the accident it takes fifty staffed eight minus the pot of the whole pot and it not working at all. But you know and in theory you know if you if you first unit is doing good. You know it nice second unit's debt that the best you know the best score in the legal saw that on May be maybe it's about balance and things off. With quote. But he added they opened its doors been on their fur a good stretch yeah he's a meritocracy you know yeah ideas that are exactly again like I said it's it's it's been a mystery since since closed been here as. Exactly which way how he handles Powell play I mean I. I know that would mean it was terrible for years and and I think when they brought Joseph Sakhalin. As an assistant aid aid it got better I mean it was one of the best power plays in the league you know last company has an industrialist it's like will will what happened I mean I don't think Louis Erickson was the key to the pros I'll play last year alike. So you know easily ideas are strong immense anger exploded gab but it's you know that you gotta stay ahead of fear you know if your coach in this eagle you're just make the proper adjustment I mean. And that's all usually uses is it just cat sometimes. Personal matter one take one guy out maybe put on the guy and I just you know just a small adjustment what did Dolan but you know I cannot think that the they cover pop label will come around at some point. You know this is too much skill analyst what skill when they Allen have a final four mean it is as much cannot soiree and others still. Ohio high among the skill to have one on you know it's just feel like they're goals ought to come at some point the those ago. On again listening in on your Saturday skate with only to rear admiral idol but there I don't but I don't blob. Are not like I say that you haven't. Show. It's great when you get a chance to talk art. It are you hit twenty or seven dollar odds for all baseball but there's always roll or hockey. He mimics a lot. I would drop a little disappointed in a lot the other night especially after I knocked it in it's it was spot on a little bit of an identity. Washington. Game. You know. As far as we're talking about sport out. I think you know the word I know we share instead. He wants a place on and he's not happy that he planned way so he's kinda. I used a chart outing in some way. And right now like for. It's like Canseco wrote its own and get something damn site too hot heat I know everybody moms who is our ability bought. He's just brutal on defense other and it gave the other night where spellbound I mean the mistake you're. Oh the skating ability. Orbit are not outweigh that the parents distinct. Mob like eight other approved. Fan but EDU beyond just though gold earlier in that period he had a brutal turnover in the neutral zone to crew meet like throne behind his back into the Red Line. And even even I was taken like you bad curbs got to step his game up at times here. Well that's what I'm talking about it's far too dull bit ticked I lucked out on the ankles. I mean he would have made a couple of stage. In that game sort of allow colts. When which which what did you blame for rear I disagreed and I I think in all I. Really. I was a pretty. It was held resentment on Ari. That Erik Cole a third wheel for sure yet the on the left wing restock it shorts and and then after up. They came back to make it to read so and to allow that goal that happened up. And take away the momentum that they act Colin Ellis Cilic but I don't think we do all I am totally out now. You know and everybody know what kind of ball you which like C. It sacred make you know not gonna happen right now. But when the real hot spots app and app and new years which he's not getting ready you know make it will serve up. Playoffs. What would you like this dot. Well that's the call Bob. Really get too obvious needs right now at a meeting it'll only for a veteran Winger deploy again they're the creature back slide or deceit and kinda tonight the analysts he or Frankfurt trying to come out of nowhere this team needs a top six Winger that that's an obvious ya have in San that did you know they they need to bring someone in a on the top six to score some goals is that it's not happening right now that to the degree needed to. They also have a continual rotation they try out a little for the you know the bottom paired defensemen kill morals going to be in their tonight for Colin Miller who had a nice goal. People he had the one power play goal the week break the tie it up in the third in DC as the capitals that was indelible moment yeah that's what you wanna see Colin Miller be doing on a regular basis but. IBC's much Cilic he's benched kneipher Jill moral soul. You know clearly they can use any veteran defenseman. Puck mover or otherwise chat Kirk's names thrown out forever but those would be to lobby of that at this yeah I don't know what's borders boaters not to negate to anybody that caliber. Now not cardinal now I I don't all of them really look at the money committed data I'd I don't hold that the gonna dump crew I know people keep mentioning his name I mean five it would be nice to get five million off the books that. Maybe spent somewhere else I think depriving enemy book and more just in to get some goals scored I don't think they have. You know I don't think they think that the a yield of the main issue right now is is goals go on this team and you know I'll take a look at the you know would tended freeagent side. You know this is tennis it's tie in with which teams. In you know global poverty is so aware of the announced platelets what did Dallas for example. The other anyone point out I know he's this. No brutal no hardly hear you have a hard time trading for anybody this year for juries nobody's out of it's you gotta wait a long time it would teams finally do fall out of that. The draft crop apparently is not very good this year so teams aren't really that psyched about tank. It's going to be hard to convince owners that they were gold the next Austin Matthews isn't dealt tonight with the leafs has apparently this draft crop not that good so. Not only is gonna be a he has gonna be very exciting. Here's a million finally got it. After only get life. Back again why I mean evacuate who he's he's unrestricted this year a sign that he got that. Monster deal I mean if for his agent. You know how I mean forty outlet that tank that was a lot of money Colorado gave him while Scott a ball to eight mile your obviously he got so it can still I mean he's you know he actually can still help ya. Just what don't Colorado man I mean because like you say everybody still alive but I mean Al west. You know I would say Colorado and Arizona I mean it I I know it's Eric early every pronounce and team but. I don't see them Yemeni eight points back already and it not they would have to LeapFrog vehicle would Dallas LA in Nashville to gets that's it just to the eighth seed. I think you know I think it's almost an impossible task so. You know he audacity style cable who let would you sell look at what was going to be free agents and why on bad teams and I thought it in I'm you know first good ideas as we started. It you know right away Jerome again the pop Saito Colorado jumps right out you know now obviously the deadlines with this team we've seen before you know I mean he does come for on the go around the in another name of course you know this is all along waited elbow like. If you know if Dallas is doesn't fix it goaltender and it and they play themselves. Out of play opposition Patrick shops at in on unrestricted free agent. You know have gets old war horses their Jack in all of us saw you getting don't know those are gay you know what tough. Those are pretty damn good all of us to bring a bit of rent couples might has like got off a sniper of that level. Who cares all the you know like you know it's it's complementary piece in the it would it be ideal again I'm just drawn now I'm just bailed thrown dots as. Look at it look at it potential free agents but you know it it could be some decent names you know. When the deadline rolls around. I'd Saturday skating here on sports rated BI LB will be joining us we think about top of the hour the UCS finest and the former Bruins will be hopping in now also up. We have coming up next more devers gonna be on. Which added a deep lengthy boring interviews. Hero sports rated RBI that was you know so we're double and a pivotal fight it gives me a five reject him. Guy covers products rose because dateline is coming up tonight so how's he been doing of late. Just a quick hit on a couple prospects down their old Garrett grizzly. The brusque the first round pick from a few years ago smoky short week. Get back your calls excellent seven service at 97937. Laird the admiral here Saturday's game Saturday's game continues here on Sports Radio WEE I can't land along with rear admiral from Parcells sports joining us on the foes for little stand behind in the Intel what's called that. Now we got that mark giver who is an accurate for the Providence journal who's been covering the. No problem. I'm doing good how are you guys. We're great sounds like kind and is back in tonight we saw him for a seven games here to start the year though without producing a point they set him back down now you're way how much have you seen them since send a what's the scouting report. Was able budget science although I was not last night's game. He's been in and out as a lot of young guys are you know he's the first you're probably can useful thing three games in three nights in the whole. All grind of the pro game. Play against. You know bigger men than he faced in college so he's been inconsistent which got. Ellis to be expected he's got some good games and he's done all the games where you know knows so much. Has he been put in a role to be a score down there or how they use them. Yeah he's in the top six a top sexual. On the foul play you know first off like you know he's in is go to position two we're up quite so it's gonna get down here. And have they been critical when he's disappeared for stretches as as you've highlighted as a given demon tough on him. Are all talk as the word but certainly the ultimate comparable. That's the way they trying to do without hero that's how was under which fascinating and not. And it continues under under Kevin being nobody gets a free ride if they're not doing what what they want. Them to do so yeah he's been held accountable at all. This is what you need to do and if you don't do it you know it's though. I don't told me when that person about what the thinking what are useful once he needs to be harder on aux. You know they don't want to be knowledge Ari whose lives are on Fox's as any guy you're in the seat but he needed to compete a little more on the or check on the wall whatever. So he's been working on that and and like I said there's been some easy he's been successful some nights some nights. Maybe not but. They're not trying to turn it turn into a defensive or by any means they're they're given them freedom to look to make his plays. And there are bad nights when he's done it. It's is that a positive out there he's played he's played well almost without. From what she seemed to this point. If he plays with Backus and Cree chief for a little stretch in your opinion is that the best option the Bruins have right now when you compare it to show all or or Spooner silly guys they've rotated their of that left wing. I would think so I think that tried those guys and you know with. Some success but not all the success that we'll have more. I believe that you know almost can't benign and some that puts up some numbers here over the next week that it's kind of a place holder for. A wreck in the trial. You know who you know relatively close used backed down near Providence stadium practioner a couple of days of the public on the road. Frankie may be out here again to look to start we. And we'll see where that takes some. A few little surprise that he didn't play at least one game in the American League worry before it goes back to Boston just began feet under him after a long way off. Like I say I think Stanton. And let Stanton wants an up and you know now. He's old maps spot or ranking. And not. Its future. Good point mark Deborah maligned from the Providence journal hockey writer covering Providence Bruins and now also of course a College Hockey here in the region. He joins us here a sports rated RBI while much alike mark his real quick a couple of of the potter prospects can give us a cliff notes if you would do it may be thirty seconds on these guys. A ball left Winger Jake to Brusca the Bruins took the first rounds couple years ago as he did not play much. Yeah he has C east another guy who gets a lot of minutes get stoplight time is put into the position played it would strengths as a as little more offensive player than anything else is kind of slow start numbers wise. He's won a Little League leaders in shots on goal but the ought. He's got four goals now the puck really have been gold in form. Almost started to a little bit lately he had he had a goal last night you know he's naked progress. I can see him being financial split down low shore what it is he's a ways away yet. Anybody you would compare to to stop stop your head. Geez I don't know if that's that's coffee he's a playmaker more up I'll play making Winger he's got a sniper in makes plays he can finisher playing. What but he makes a lot blisters like it's any Eagles looked up areas. It also I think you know get his goals that way what so wildly. They haven't been going to have much while. How about on the back end we saw Robby oh guerra to start the year but that he was sent down pretty quickly also guerra progressed. These savagery is ups and doubts he's got that long stick in the long reach Canada any skates pretty well for a big guy like he's got a lot to learn. In handling you know bigger guys around that along the boards playing record progress the guy Israel c'mon I think from the start of the season. Is about the prospect that a culture are actors were. He's a really good at the last couple weekends you do this skating ability to look. He carried the puck up the ice and then and then making plays once he gets up there like the I could see him getting getting a call at some point. It also need to. That's he's been good lately. They can use it of its interest say you know it's not looks like Colin Miller scratch tonight and until morrow is in those guys have been rotating media and maybe Chris look won't push either one of those duke. You'd like to think that right that that he could get those light a fire on those guys you baby a little bit but. No group than good I think it's it's only a matter time before he gets a real chance will look back on this year. While I don't know I don't know illegally out a quarter way through they're Chelsea's and so. Or maybe structure. Lastly tablet just who is the top guy in Providence for lack of better term now is there is there a prospect it's really banged on the door that we don't know about other than the ones you mentioned. While Peter so are are already let banging on the door but he's been very pleasant surprise of it linger from the Czech Republic. Or maybe it's all lucky when he 41 years old he. He's got ten goals in seventeen games got a real good feel around the net. You know can make a play all so he he just came back from the injury and he got a couple goals last night younger people out where the light. Pine and and not go right I don't know that so mark's case is not to NHL standards at this point I think he needs more time. Now here. What's coming off the injury and I think that's a factor but he's an easy looks like a very good prospect that a guy that will Plame leak that someplace just. This needs more seasoning. That's more giver who would. Joined as heroes Sports Radio Debbie I just couple quick minutes on the prospects Gillard rear admiral and nine in that they're talking about the Peters a lark Greer who is it's and they need to hear from about I'd seen play at all but he has. More than this he says the big body physical power for some people wanted to see him instead of the united that I can get behind and who was more than goals scored. Out university Denver scored twenty goals back to back years and forty games though he thought he said Peter Scolari for America Soledad bosom buddies assumption that the that there. Now lie so you know anyway that there's a couple guys in the opera bug selling anybody's like. The door they got to be up here right. Right he's right there waiting for the tropic of it right exactly you know I was thinking about that get a nice to know what did. If they try to hold looks you know like similar to what we last from a mean I kid. You know he's like. 1920s gangster with a Tommy got his packaged under the did he shoots all the plays and that's great I mean. I think he I think it's fantastic is that you know that's I produced goals whether prop rebounds. He's going to beat goalie with a good shot but that kid has an NHL caliber shot by definitely now. Is the rest of his game any joke elbow or is it going to be. That's the question of a trial right now a secure enough to what century exactly exactly coming off an injury you know would. You know what would know how desperate as you can be skate as good as he was prior to mean ideally Vizio about these should be fine. You know these guys taken enough time yelled and the other use they use a 100% on the comeback but. You know it that's a Katie he's he's definitely is a modified NHL shot. Hopefully he. Everything else and his game piceance help because if there's a kid if if the draws a count on him you know he K he's certainly their top six potential mallet what that show idea as. If the rest of his game is NH already and he you might see him on the right now preaching. Saturday's date with rear admiral Marshall sports I can learn LB. Hang around we think will be joining us here in the 4 o'clock hour for the final are Saturday skate and now teaching update in the army navy game in the trending all that more calls the six or seven sevenths at night seven night through several presented by AT&T in my stock market Euro Sports Radio to be act.

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