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Celtics Podcast – Bad finish against the Rockets and love for DeMarcus Cousins 12-6-16

Dec 6, 2016|

WEEI.com's Mike Petraglia and Ben Kichen of 'The Dale and Holley Show' talk about last night's disappointing finish against the Rockets and they talk about their love for DeMarcus Cousins.

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Myself it's podcast. This bold things Celtics I. All things green. All things NBA league believes that he would be a very special player thus Celtics podcast starts now. He's WEEI dot com's Mike petroleum. Welcome back to the latest edition of the Celtics podcast brought to you by JBL my name is Mike Trout I have otherwise known as tracks. I am joined again. By the inimitable one and kitchen. Yeah it's just that we can say it you know. Have you ever brought talk about a week and say how have you ever been taught in radio. To smile when you speak absolutely right. I'm trying to smile now because the driving here today and I live about I would Sudbury live about a twenty miles 22 miles when sucked. It sucked to put me in the should be its mood. And I was really ticked off. And I'm trying to. You know get over it. You trying to work through right now and I'll tell you you have the smile on your faces of people right you kind of look like the Jack Nicholson's Joker right now we really forced big smile. Yes exactly I got these little more that is it if only their our camera phone to video of this pod album so I'm fine now and for good reason and and probably if I keep this Brea up companies and wanna listen to a similar. Anyway. I was in a crappy mood and I am just the sun is out now we at least have a window out on the the man to try to assess that. I'm trying to get myself and Goodman had. Watched the Celtics on Monday night. And came away with a lot of mixed feelings about the Celtics team which is really pin and in keeping with. I think the theme of their first three weeks four weeks now the season. You don't know what to make of these Celtics they lose on the road. To a good Houston team the best. For the most prolific three point shooting team in the NBA there's been so much talk. About in the last two weeks said that should the Celtics beat taking as many three point Jonathan A game last nine. What they brought up in the game and yeah of their shooting two histories and now they face dean number 13 point shooting team in the NBA and I really thought this is game they elect get away. They lose a 10710. Sex. A lot of angles to go over in this one game that kind of encapsulates what the Celtics have been all about. Being in the first month of the season. Namely they get off to a slow start. They have a tremendous third quarter of their outscored the rockets 3519 in just when you think there are up six points. With four minutes ago they really got control of the game they let it slip away they have defensive breakdowns in transition all over the place. And you're like what's going on can't these Celtics put it together defensively in the clutch. When it matters well there is our there was moments where they had put it together defensively but thank you in transition and turn it around. Offensively lake wood about four minutes ago in the fourth market Smart with an incredible block yes that's what was amazing yes it was he pushes the ball up. They take a long three missed balls gone backward Houston. And stuff like that at aggravating because you have that glimpse and click OK now you need to convert to make that worth four points instead of just the two. And they can't convert or five points and they couldn't convert. And it's watching those moments is insanely aggravating. Because they take really. Yes they issued a lot of threes but they take a lot of bad batteries that Nasrallah are. And then that is. Pure and simple what my issue with the Celtics taking so many three pointers. I wrote about this last week it wasn't the 423 point shots that took up against Detroit that was the issue. It was the 29 misses yeah. And those 29 mrs. lead to a 5233. Discrepancy in rebounding and lead the transition and it's like any team's gonna have trouble. In transition defense when you have that many missed three point oh right because the first thing you do all you have to look at the good teams look at Golden State. Look at Cleveland. Look at even San Antonio even though they don't take a lot of threes. But. The moment in this three there are off to the races and that's one on the things the Celtics still have to work on I think if there Gunner reach the next level. And you know they've got to. I think I'm a happy medium they took the 42 threes on Wednesday in the loss against Detroit they scaled it back to I think it was 28. In the win over Sacramento and DeMarcus Cousins we'll get to him will get there yes we well. But. They scaled it back and I thought they found a happy medium. And you know I just think. Eighteen. In this NBA and Danny Ainge knows this is gonna have to take a lot of reporters. Just because of possessions in all of the statistics. And you know I'm looking for the word all of the down. Mack trucks involved in taking three point yours verses your possessions. And how many possessions nice cellphone ringer by the way. Anyway. Rambling here I am conference call again. But anyway that they have to make up their mind. What is the sweet spot of how many three pointers they should take any game and they're averaging about 31 per game that may be a bit high but I'm comfortable with that as long as they play better transmission parts. Well absolutely I mean they have to play better transition defense because they're getting aren't left and right and you know and it when a superstar like James Harden torch you for 37 and eight mate and believe that that's gonna happen yet that that's inevitable he's run that good offense and rightly. But you didn't do enough to kind of expose them defensively. There's a couple problems I had that game last and Clinton oppose a decent five decent is not great but he only played 21 minutes. You should have they they really didn't expose on how much you should you should have tried to go after him more he should try to play a little more down low. Now after the kings game on Friday night yep. You know Tommy was talking to asked Tommy if they went and got a guy like DeMarcus Cousins are and what's to markets cousins role in the NBA he kind of being phased out of the Ambien that have the player not him. But that type of blow right player right. End Tommy even settings like no that guy is actually going to be more valuable than ever because. As the game as as coaches figure out how to defend the three point line better. That guy's gonna become even more of a focal point because now you're stretched. All the way out and that's a point when you're looking in the NBA today's NBA you're looking obviously for three point shooters and you're looking for guys who can score in transition and you're looking for bigs who can get out. On the perimeter now the Celtics have wanting Kelly aligning but he is not anywhere. Remotely close to being as dynamic as that the Marcus Cousin because well because cousins can rebound. He can shoot the story he can dribble drive penetrate he can do everything you want of a big man and he can do it starting. Thirty feet 25 feet from the basket and that is you know to Tommy's point certainly. Where the NBA he has been heading for the last five years or so I went up by the way before we get to DeMarcus Cousins wanna talk about the end of the Houston game. Do we have to be and we do our eyes what we they'll fine the bunny that. How big Al misses I. You know it happens he's a human and you feel bad for the guy he got the land of the bat I don't think he knew how close he was. To the basket when he let the. They'll they'll with a shot to go with that usually case when you see someone. And what he did was he powered through a the through lay up and put it up off last week to out we too hard life. And that's why it went long the other way. But that's that's infuriating. As infuriating from a six foot ten guy to miss a gimme like that. A guy that is a stretch for he's a stretch for right playing at the five you know prime would rather be a five he's a stretch for playing at the five but. She's it it makes you sit back logo are right you love chucking threes is on your practicing. You gotta practice that download stuff and he had a good game you're very good one for five from three point but he had a good game. He had a good game he was nine of 22 he missed a lot of shots just beyond the last one. Of the game he missed a lot of shots. And you know obviously there's some irony in that is he at least got 22 shots. He's been averaging I think 1415 shots a game in this five against Detroit. And that loss and like the world came to whenever but he lost their mind over him only getting. Five shots but Brad Stevens has been making the point I think it's a good one that. Hey if he gets only takes five shots but he's getting a lot of touches down low and freeing things up for the guys on the permanent that's really what matters. Perhaps nobody. Nobody can go home situation. Down and bring people back from the edge like Brad Stevens. Now he is a master of that he totally is like I usually don't like that when they you know during the commercial break to show the hoddle. Usually there's nothing of consequence there but listening doomed speak to his team is actually very interesting. More so than even doc was is up was kind of interesting because it was a player talking to other players kind of ripe but would Brad it's. It's a professor in the hot exactly basketball professor. Who never yells that is students who is trying to get them to understand why were asking you to do with certain thing on the court. And that's what it's all about and after the game. I don't think I've. A couple of times I think. Stevens will call out a player saying. That that's really not in our system that's kind of outside the realm of what we do that's about as close as he will ever come. To calling out a player you know he won't do it directly. Yeah. I I just does a very frustrating game last night. The end of the kings game was pretty fresh turning two on Friday night just because they're allowing team a bad team to stay alive. And and I was it was remarkable that the kings were packed close them they're not as bad as Philadelphia this the notes and on his Venice film with a horrible foul on cousins. You'll clinched chucking a three okay foul him. Here's my issue with Kelly one of my many issues we help elect had the same exact conversation about to have already on the show pride and amplified more time we are because it bears repeating. Look every of people on the broadcast lost there. Mind. When Kelly alike was called for jumping into the shooter falling short. And then the shooter. Forget who was as a guard jumped and Kelly the girl now well. At the end. Of trying to think the gain. On the New Orleans at the end of the New Orleans game the difference was Kelly a Winnick fouling because he jumped into the shooter yet they made one Tim Frazier believe me yes one or two free throws. And that was a difference in the game they lost to a horrible new worlds team. So. Apparently Kelly's not paying attention he commits the same now in the Sacramento game people are screaming all over Twitter going losing their mind. Am like well. Maybe he didn't alum. But at some point Kelly has learned the technique you don't jump at eight shooter you'd jump up in this acute. You know you Blu-ray beat you move your feet get in front month then jump straight up. All right if you jump active shooter and you land three feet in front of view. From where you began and then the shooter jumps into the raft is gonna call that on you every time every time why are you surprised by that. Kelly Nolan has. It seems to me he is a very low basketball IQ. Sometimes I think that is the case I do think he he still has a lot of skill to bring the court let okay. Now from Kelly a lag from the sublime to the ridiculous. To Marcus 'cause I know you think that the Celtics should do everything. Possible. To get him on the rot is he worth. A lottery pick. To lottery pick and why. You have to make the money one you know what could be it could be three way trade can if the Celtics so if you did a straight up one on one. Needed a straight up on one the way the money matches is for just a marketing buzz and 15% yet but they've been through the numbers it would be Amir Johnson and Jae Crowder is that right on the money work correct. And then whatever pick you wanna give up. So the really US the question of is he worth a lottery peck. I say a one for one minute cousins for lottery pick yes he's worth it. Now here's the problem is that if if its cousins for Amir Johnson Jae Crowder and a heck that's the yeah it's not a question it's not the lottery. Now that won't happen I don't guarantee you that will not happen the Celtics are not that desperate. So what I hit it and I would be people or would you would you give up Amir Johnson and Jake better I whipped out a solution package absolutely okay so what would depict package B will you have to be he'd be a first round and non protected peck on lottery petted and just one. Not protected pick yet to give it takes two picks. Do you do to pick you do Johnson you do Crowder heated two picks and get the deal donning caps employer because. I I think you put. On DeMarcus Cousins on this roster. At more than makes up for the loss I think I'm Jae Crowder really DO. I mean I absolutely I think outlook. But I think you do that partly. I thinks are too. I I don't think even question nicely donor were to resign and let's get it done. I just after Friday night I've waffled on DeMarcus Cousins a lot because of the attitude problems right and then watch him Friday nine. I haven't seen a combination of power and finesse like that and Shaq. Rejected even really have that finessed. That the markets does does mark is put up shots that you don't see big man put up and go wind. And need bullied down there and then he was so soft handed around the rim that it was a very impressive the one thing I don't like is that he's trying to stretch himself out further and further. So I'm gonna ask you the question that I asked an NBA scout who's watched a tonne basketball before Friday night's game with Sacramento. I said would you do it he asked me the following question who's gonna police to Marcus cousins on the Celtics because that is an issue you don't have a KG. Isiah Thomas I said what about Isaiah he knows let me play rhythm. Now they're too close too buddy buddy that won't work and I'm like really psyched that is the MBA tracks. If a player like Isiah knows the markets. There are certain things to Marcus a listen to Oman and they have to close a relationship you need an off. Authoritarian. Influence over the markets to say cut the ship. On the court stop whining stop in house you know parading coaches in the huddle all the crap and what I'm talking about what he does. Off the author away from the game away from practice or what you know off the court talking about what he does and gain that's distracting yeah. And you need some touted in the bigs and right. And you need somebody to reel him in whose second and be on the Celtics. That's a good question but. Do you do you mean necessarily another player to do that we this organization the reason I say that is you look at the kings they've been in such flux over the last 78910. Years. Were ownership is change in ownership buys into the guy doesn't really care and Brad. Can Brad do it I think with the backing of the organization he ten. But there's a problem with that. Is. He plays out of control sometimes. Marcus Smart plays out of control sometimes. You love the intensity. But it's too much sometimes in these two of those guys on the court at the same time how much does that problem. I'm not worried about that if there on the court at same time I'm not worried about them both playing out of control you're locked. If you get to Marcus cousins you clearly want what he can do for you both ends of the court the physical presence on the post. The scoring to reap all of you need that if you're going to challenge Cleveland and Toronto you need that kind of player using facilities in the second best team in the Eastern Conference. Not right now I do know they are clearly the third best team behind Cleveland Toronto. Now. I think we're jamarcus has and it's obvious you're the second best team in the Eastern Conference yes and you put Toronto. Well behind at you know the second year the second most talented team. Okay Karen Ferran. It's still doesn't get it done though that's the problem it's that still can beat Cleveland. Okay we need to talk about another player who was in trade rumors. 33 and a half weeks ago who had a historic night on Monday night now that points and a half. Klay Thompson the first player in shock clock era NBA to have sixty points in thirty minutes. Do you realize how remarkable that is you know what who the next closest player was to do that. In that amount of time in that amount time. Was let it was Larry Bird about 1986. He had 42 points in thirty minutes. Think about. Klay Thompson in the 147106. Win over Indiana Monday night had sixty points. In. 29 minutes. They I think his possession time. Averaged one point three seconds one point five seconds something ridiculous the ball when it was in his hands. An average of one point three seconds. Every possession that he that he tucks the ball that is mind blowing any would be sure. Now what does that guy do when he doesn't have to share the ball with two other delete scores in during Currie. He's the focal point of the team. He's thirty point per game guy Klay Thompson absolutely you know that very high it will when he too low thirty point per game guy especially on this type of Celtics team. CI II was I who proved that at first and and I see a game like I thank you to vote because it was ridiculous. More than anything. Right. But. Because it would do what Golden State we get back in return I think we've got the Celtics but. If you put clay Thompson on the Celtics now with it and and he. He does give you that dynamic that they don't have the he is a legitimate. 67. Wing. Guard. Delete score and I still think even though Isiah is scoring. Don't you get the impression when you watch Isaiah. That. There he needs more scoring support don't you get that feel absolutely. And and Avery Bradley second on the team and he's averaging like seventeen point four. Seventeen point six points to gain. That's not bad but why is it. And when we watch Isaiah and Avery the other were like and the need more. Maybe it's maybe it's because when you bring Terry rosier and Marcus Smart off the bench like they're scoring literally falls under the Grand Canyon you know. Button and maybe that's set. They somehow need to find this wing guy this guaranteed shooter. Gear I'm sorry guaranteed score they need more scoring dependable scorer. Oh I mean that's part of the Arab part of would have liked about Horford for the most part is that he's been putting up. Decent numbers he's been really adding to that I mentioned that they've been missing that you just talking about but with clay and you have to give up Avery. I think you have to give up favored again clay. I am more and Warren leaning towards if if if that's the you've led Crowder. Oh I guess I would I would give up right now I think I would give up Crowder and Avery for why would I doubt without a heartbeat. Now last night's game there's I thought there's some things that are very encouraging. Mostly from the rookie Jim. Now his athletic schism came through last night there was a point where the Celtics were on transition and he ran by everybody. To get to bowling. Without problem he ran by everybody. I need to see more. More more more and hit a three and they're talking about scouts talking about how he's been shoot a lot of threes in practice get comfortable with that shot which he needs to do. Because we've seen him he's a little out of control is but some takes over to whom much when he drives the lane and gets himself in trouble. So if you can add that I mentioned if he can become a serviceable three point shooter. That's an open of the entire floor freedom Jalen brown I don't think it's going to be a serviceable. Three point shooter and his rookie year note shot I I'm just talking about his general progression move and pull out is he so athletically gifted he can run by anybody at that position. I section of two guys. I think I still think he's more valuable on the defense of and he gives the body who can rebound. I'm I'm I'm more concerned more interested in the energy he can bring that I am about his ability. The score now if you want more time for Jalen brown means Jonas Jerebko who has been shooting lights out. Went through a stretch of twenty of 24. From the field that is the abstraction. Over three games four games in a decade in the NBA. That means Joan mr. Cohen fantastic spend more time on the bench if you want fire wanna find more time Jalen brown. I do. I just do I wanna see more brand on the court policy him. I wanna see him get time with the first unit as well which does isn't gonna happen very much. When I wanna see more I need to seem. They're twelve and nine you think. Most fans are like they're making progress do you think most fans think that they're making progress. I don't think fans think that but I think that yeah hi I. I mean I even throw out the Saturday night when infill well they won the game that's all that mattered I mean you were abysmal on that I mean. They only took. They didn't take they took 23 pointers I think it was in the first quarter. And they only made two in the first half and then. They decided to turn it on in the second half they beat the crap in Philadelphia team but at least like we talked about last week. They're beating most of the teams that they should be unity got a subway until the third quarter. They have to stop waiting they'd been getting off DeAngelo yeah arts let's see NBA and it's that that and especially last night they're on the road in that this is what they did last year. This is they didn't wait too long to turn it on. They might have had a slow start for the first 510 minutes of the game but did it wasn't a first half that was slower first quarter and half though slow. They need to start turning it on quicker because when they turn it on the abuse teams. I think what I really want to see then and we'll wrap it up here I want to start to see them getting back to last year's defense. And everybody playing at the defense of level. They did last year because that if you ask anybody in that locker room yes Brad Stevens yes assistance. That's where the biggest drop off has been to start the season they're not nearly as good defensively. Four in ninety feet of the court as they were last. Here they were much much better and they've got to get back to a point of been a pleasure or you got me in a better mode that's good. Yeah I'm happy for you for that. I mean and I have a smile on my face and I'm talking not a fake smile and now it's not a bat man's smile our Joker smile like mountain division in the podcast but. That'll be a wrap for this week's Celtics podcast brought to you by JBL. My name is Mike rally at you can follow me on Twitter at tracks TR AGS spend catching can be followed that. At young men W the all right that'll though it will talk to you next week thanks everybody.

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