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Saturday Skate - Rask does it again, but debates rage on Krejci, Chara, Bergeron and Krug 12-3-16

Dec 3, 2016|

Hour two of Saturday Skate after a Bruins 2-1 over Buffalo, with Ken Laird and Rear Admiral debating the status of Krejci, Chara, Krug and Bergeron.

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Bruins hockey and the NHL what nine year league veteran Ryan Whitney. The most interesting man this dual rear admiral from Clark school sports yeah. Like its York. Hosted by Jim Blair. From encouraging Callahan for Saturday's games he's brought to you by AT&T and start marking Venus went a got a lot of losses. Maximum pursued peace talk right now on Sports Radio tell you yeah. Admiral you had to sum up the bruins' season to this point 1410 and one record wise they're in a playoff spot here's the effort 25 games of the season. Total of wind today what would be the at. You're you're number one focus what it's going to be two grass real granite and it's no brainer to garrote skis and he's been lights out we've seen this play out in before. Odyssey fault but a little bit. His standards Alaska Beers which last Jim particulates I thought was more indicative of the team defense in front of them it would breakdown. Leads a couple easy goals and you know it's easy for going to kind of lose mental confidence when that happens like we saw that a bit with him last year partly some frustration. I'm but he eats he's a different Colin this year he's been unbelievable. Eyes were third thirteen out of fourteen wins he has. 1609. Fallout goals against 941 save percentage which is phenomenal ridiculous it is ridiculous. You know you wonder without him. We're they would be in and he's you know he's the best bang for the buck right now and Charles beat him best player without a doubt I mean my shot started off great. Surely called Bobby complained middle plane right lately but it went out to harass this this team is by no dealt looking up from the bottom. When you look at the sabres today and that's not a team that people in the league fear necessarily Islam but the first name that you know comes the mine but. They were hot this week they got Jack cycle back north chills for zone yep he would four points and two games he did a pretty good job of limiting Michael. Today. And they had a great first period. Where they really limited shots and the sabres only three shots in the first but after that. 35 saves for Rask when it's also done 32 of them over the final two period itself what they really needed him in period students. Three yeah he's he's Tom Watson have been a couple late late their appeared Russia's mother teams and he he just pulled the fort Bonnie she's got that real calm demeanor and then he's out kind of the opposite of what we've gotten Tim Thomas Thomas was scrambling and all over the place and would make these phenomenal saves a lot of time because he was in Oakland dilly dally a little bit but. Two gorgeous shall come composed the kind of met measured say he does you know has minimal movement he's just a very angry very good technique goaltender. I'm in he's the colonel arguably the best night in the league today. They asked somebody asked him in the interest group. Is this the hottest you've been is the best you've ever played and he gave me at sort of and a bomb possibly knew it was oral wasn't a ball yes some of the top my game right now but he's got to be feeling great and the defense at all. You know the without char there without Lyles you listen to your. You're a veteran Specter possibly. Any huge considered equate a veteran latest Kevin Millar got some experience but otherwise they get published young guys out there. Including print Carlo with the 25 plus minutes again today. It's a story as well the offense has struggled to score but without. Chara and car and up and allows for the stretch. This was what the just the third without Lyles the six plus here without Charlotte and gone 33 want the F. I needed it you write their defense should be commended I think a lot of us myself included neo did fear the worst a little bit when you when you lose a guy Charron how good he had been playing this year. But this to six some if sick some as Edward. They've been given great and it they've been really pull them together I mean and you know it's not probably an ideal defense good defense of course you would draw are up but I would say cal William 23 minutes of ice time today. What a three Belichick when he had been 23. Together assist on a job creature eagle to get things kicked off. They've just been kind of body damage is playing a little more sound than and it's not just the defense itself I think it's the team defense still has last year a lot of the breakdowns. There were a lot of did the defense this fall but I think there are other team members who on the full toward adversary donate up partied out last year there was a lot of teams structure. But the defense men did you you can't knock them I mean yelled. Rask is playing good omen when they do collapse and they do have a bad moment Rask is four for them but yamana they're playing a lot better than I expected in jars captions. And you don't don't gonna get better when he comes back of one Lyles gets back he got that much more experience in the lineup but it it's certainly Knight and day with this defense of course that was from last year. Well they vote. Want three and take a loser pointed filly in the last four games so it's been a pretty good week receiving keep that going against Florida tomorrow it's TD garden we get a chance for it Winston tickets. Right now text the code word skates. 237937. Within the next ten minutes and you'll be entered to win a pair of tickets for the game. I'm Monday night against Florida general caucus rules apply message data rates may apply it. Come experience the intense action of Boston Bruins hockey from the best seats in the city. Select tickets available now for the when he 1617 regular seasonal games sketch classic matchup against the Chicago Blackhawks. Pittsburgh Penguins and LA kings to get two tickets visit Boston Bruins dot com slash tickets. Again the chance to win a pair by texting skeet. The 37937. Right now to answer if you do win the media promotions contact chip. Bites and AM Monday morning will be on your. In your name at will call were expecting LB here in surely land buyers WA AF get a stake in this game but. On another game with some adversity not blessed he believes wheat first period. And they've got a patch were at together. Look like it's on lead who was in Ford Jimmy Hayes was mostly was Arctic and Nash so he kept Shaw are on the crate she line but. You know one of the big story lines I would say for the first what do games facility here was great she struggles we talked a lot about a the first couple episodes show. All of a sudden he's got a couple goals and an assist in his last four. He had a great game at Philly with eight shots he was you can just if you watch the game he was he was in control outlined showed some some action it's jump. That's as big as anything great depth brass went wild that they need to crate she lied to get going and maybe it's partly to hip surgery I think he did admit a little bit peaceful trying to get his leg underneath them. But it's great she who scored again today and end of Bergeron as well if he starts playing more like a seven million dollar guy that's that's all the difference in the world. Huge difference I'm and we seen. Would create she can do when he's out the top of his game we just haven't seen a hell of a lot of it lately. And I mainly the last couple years I've kinda given him a little bit of a waiver annoyed I have picked on this year but I've given a waiver also because he has come not hip surgery which. Now guys are attractive they say it takes a pretty decent amount of time to get back enough. Skate shape in playing shape into the hands back and everything I think was seen Allah preaching you know four goals eleven help us now and 25 game certainly picked up the pace more importantly if he's playing better as the year goes on that that's more important than how many points he has right now. I think he's get some chemistry with David Pakistan I would like to see them have maybe a consistent winner. I thought LSD minus stock put them just because he we was would creature last year he hasn't been able to seem to grab that job for whatever reason. I'm in which dollar and yet hundreds and each and it asset is trying to I think show all as more was kind of rewarding him for his strong play but he's probably not the best got to put on -- on top six disease not like pure goal scorer. But I'd like to see I don't mean you wonder if you know bleed might get I shot the next game and we played right big today but. He just you know you don't always like protest type yet seems like he deathly seems like he's got some I agitation to his game which they had any kind of lull. I load the I'd go to the other team and the penalties that's always a good thing. Maybe the Tron a stick in there went by the end of the month and lob. Was his name Bob LSD gaming heater he he didn't come back today is a good possibility he's not back next in my. So again kinda he's been scored some goals stop province late eighties at Warner's last seventeen to begin to last lately and so he's a guy that hey you know all the units he didn't it wasn't really his fault he didn't do much to be India because like we said creaky standoff slowed. He put in a rookie with an all world center of a deal or oats and is coming off hip surgery and hasn't looked like an all world sent a lately so why I don't think that. It was the best position for Dan kindness that the year what but now that you know move the teams playing on get some experience on the belt. I think if they put you would preach he now if if file now he's got to put a little coffins to be from Providence. I think we might see different results wouldn't shock me at all if olasky is out that China gets the call. Walk crate she in the offseason after they lost Ericsson. I think DJ being from a website come on the record he. Nicole whining but he certainly brought it up that he said different wingers that he's lost three years and grow. They lost a gala they lost Borden. Who also forgetting that law Ericsson Lucci each and itchy Chia. And Ericsson was played more with. Galilee outlined what we lesbian but bottom line as you say he's had a up pretty good variety of wing has only he has. Now when you make a seven point 25 million I think Ty Andersen pointed out he's won in nineteen guys in the league that are making that much money nobody wants to hear who your wingers are you complaining about who's on your on your wing. Can break she say that it was yellow line in the summer deceit just have to produce no matter who they put out there at the start of the year he was with China and and he was. Sometimes with with postured MacKey was with some young guys were it's you know you're gonna expect some growing pace issued Bergeron was utterly and it a putback it's up on the top one. I I I don't mind him. Pointing it out I guess but it in the end. These are the numbers he got a seafood consistently is on mile pace going in it off like ten goals or the like that here you know Sierra game ago. I figured if you don't give a good center in one good win at then you you can expect some offers but would you put a setup with two guys who. Aren't necessarily top six talent spend yet Ella a Cinderella is gonna get pissed about that I think is a little too finicky I mean I think it was stuff lotions out the globe. Said the players play as his stumps or his teammates call Frances and a locker room with a dozen interesting note not not only to read but three in the Boston Globe. I'm so I you know like I put a flattering and Alex and honored all that's not a flattering locker room Hartfield park from nickname to say the least. To be called Francis. There's so you know I was gonna like all while I I didn't know that was unaware that among my locker room at like I used to I was in a lot more few years ago but my situation we got managed James I don't get in there as much. But yeah he does maybe kind of you know why don't our it was a little too finicky yacht or whatever but he is a talent in any is right you know you can't put too. To not bother to bomb wing has but you can't put two thirds of a line that's not you know. Doubt level like creature is a top. Points and our second line center so have you given him you know bottom six wings you can't expect him to. You don't make that chicken salad with you know chicken poop so to speak so. Won't achieve any he's got he's got a no trade clause so we talked about the creature trade possibilities the last couple weeks and it's a little declined to Skype is if you as a wave the no trade in it'll have a chance the rumba what will happen here in the next couple years they're gonna have to make a decision on him. Posh they're not it's who are both going to be restricted free agents at the end of years to the price tag is gonna go up. They don't have a tonic cap room so it comes down to crate she can't carry aligned by itself we young players. They're going to be interested in moving right Mickey plays like this like he's done for the last week. Everybody's happy. Yeah I think they'll. I mean any plea don't listen on I think that that a lot of times you'll forget that it's a GM's job to take calls to listen and everybody I mean that anyone can get traded. And I don't know I don't think the Bruins are actively looking to get out oh for Monday create huge deal right now. I'm but you know with take a look at RT thirty right now and this deal goes for four more seasons after this front right that's you know. The he's not a speed demon anyways never has been any said hip problem and he's got hip issues and that's a deal wonder okay and this year they might you don't. If he keeps produce our keeps if he keeps progressing up the dilution from progressing back to the plate we know he has a mean a peace plan at a good level. And he's earning a 725 no you don't want to treat them. Because it's a great ramadi amid the net if you trade a nice does have a whole deal right that I'm Ryan Spooner in their right he's not a silent and not even close especially defensively it's he's not a viable replacement fund yet and I don't know if he's ever going to be. So you know it if if great she does get back up to speed okay. Yeah are you looking at this seasonal how we if we traded him unless it's some great deal he's got he's a package a package deal pot. Maybe but you don't wanna trade and OK now now we can get off among the richest to do it. You know you do when you can and I'm sure you know the one of the deal goes on me that on the likelihood meat may increase by. Is a lot of her fat Zach went to it it just yeah how good team player I would as he planned. But long term and that you do look at that you say here you know aged 37 point 25 I don't know. It's not it's something you'll you'll you do wonder if the teams and a take calls on Indiana's always you know nowadays with. There's always teams all pale looking. To add contract it's still they can reach that the way we weave well lucky embossed we have dealt the salary cap. Will fortunate to not be closed teams are deals with the salary floor rightfully ours at nickel years ago rate you have to get overpaid guys distinct you know to ice or a rock star or the caps the cap war. So like I don't think right now I guess of their outlook and get out from under now but it it is something to keep an eye on going fallen well like. I mean if you can if you can get that seven million off the books and you know if you have some in the pipeline that you think may be able to replacement two years job at some in the pros are definitely keep there of course the whole new noble causes it's a big thing you know if he doesn't want to go is not to be on our you know not everybody has shoes neither David Seidenberg approach which I respected. You know and as Seidenberg YouTube entries today because they don't want me here that I don't wanna be at which I respect because like. You know elements he had a an old trade deal but you know he's the type guys stand up guy. Will would you consider a wave and he's gonna say let me JaJuan Myanmar apps fully you don't wanna hear and then trade me and I I respected him for that so. Now you know the reverse did you respect. The egging Hamilton who didn't wanna be hit even though they were there which offer them on the money does he didn't know because Doug he wasn't doing that Doug he didn't have a noble cause to in in place he didn't he didn't have that he had earned yet. Does he just wanted to not via and not I mean I suppose that's right he didn't it was his right not to sign yet. You know I I I think he's a spoiled kid a little bit I think you know we've her funeral few stories over the years and not in majors not a bad person or any right gap which is you know maybe. A kind of typical sport noble ideal that we can hear about pros what's not that we didn't generation ago and you know it's kind of like a good riddance when a guy like that I don't wanna dynamite team doesn't wanna beat every day in and Alvin Doug Hamilton I mean he used he signed in. For Canadian dollar full like you know what Canadian dollars for our opt what (%expletive) another quarter million us contract million. Take all the Canadian dollar I was less money like so he's literally got a lot like less money in the long run through. Calgary which is told him like he didn't he's a wanna be here I don't know. Which kind of writing Charlotte oval wall but. Not totally different situation you know good riddance to him well it's funny that his name popped up again this week in quote unquote trade rumors although. Via that Bryan Burrough squash this pretty quick via its state pop up well I like it it always goes to toll it's its with a like difference in words that he used if you know all legacy all GM's taking calls on guys that don't that doesn't mean if shopping them you know like Bob Bob McKenzie wrote that piece about earlier in the week and you know it they shop I got to know they taking calls animal yet that strategy and bust. You don't in GM into dozens of phone got don't ask DOD ABC indeed you say album. She should fire away well we give us a MB for CD get the hell idea what you crazy nobody or least gonna listen to. Whereas opposed to call an up and say hey what you want or you know what you wanna get for this guy that that Shoppach myself. There's you know different subtleties of of the game and but it's always a GM's job to be taking calls and listen into office on guys that's the job he has. Uncle or Saturday skate can live a rear admiral. 6177797937. Brought you by AT&T mobilizing your world of stock markets he would make the shine text 37937. John Eagan Boston has been announced he's been here. Arnold wrote doodle way to buffalo tonight. It's a not Johnny. Hey guys. Have you heard about. One of the things that you hear about it it's like there on the gate now with like out. Almost like cranberry sauce or something they would use. You know you know you're familiar with like a microwave. Or any of those kinds of metals according to inside. Whether it's electric toothbrush that sort of thing. It's what you're it's cool chick lets guys and her. I am. I thought I was getting pumped here for a second a macho that's going on and I was so I was listening and I'm like I think you'll. Nine out all this still argues he make themselves I don't DeVon Miller as the Yankees he goes he's big on the cranberry sauce this case you see the sequence that they were you weren't. Eichel a dress him in the second period somehow Miller responded in swings the stick around and dislikes as the but many. Yeah on the way I mean Michael's gonna make match and defensemen look bad so you know it's gonna happen anyways but yeah Matt Millen is I think he has another guy emperor gets. Too much crap on I mean he's not the most mobile guy and this and that but. You know he's kind of may be redundancy with what McQuay in the lab but I like what he brings the lap by I like have a tough guys tough pompous back there in all I know he has detractors last it was a raffia farm but. I'm actually is proven useful as much as Jesse I mean close club puts them over the boards an awful lot and there's a reason for I mean he you know he played. He played 2248. That's like that's a pretty decent amount of ice time for a guy who's you know supposedly not all that good and there was a sequence in the first. Period where. A buffalo is legit power play they've really they've been hot I think they're coming into the game there were top five in the league I think Kemp. Fourth in the league on the power play. And to the brewers had a pre be killed first period which which sort of sparked him and gave energy and right at the end of it. Hard into the boards Kevin Hillary he. I'm a new one might average yards or something who it was but he but he fault them into the wall and took the puck right away and it cleared the zone. And that's where he's good he in the quake can be effective. Yeah he's doing learned is only step one and you want guys to be skewed on the corners and all Martinis he's an. As we hear so much about a U hitter you'd need you back on pompous man. While India's biggest expansion draft which we we've talked about a bit and some of the Pashos which come up this summer. It's pretty clear that Adam equated Kevin Miller are both going to be available to be selected. There's got to be one player from every team that has taken. So if you're Vegas and you're looking for a reasonable price defenseman it's not terribly made you choose between those two guys. Probably Riley Nash Dominic Moore would be your other candidates in May be dealt with that those are your five that are unprotected you might take. Kevin Miller out of it and those guys actually might be appealing to Vegas absolutely and you know if you lost the would you be upset in. In the least if you're the Bruins I mean did not irreplaceable players I I like McQuay and I like what he's done eighty's like I said he's models hot sold bobbed back and defensemen that. You know nobody in the league really wants the fight and he's still a top hospital bill I I wouldn't necessarily wanna see McQuay go but. Shooting what that would expansion draft you know I predict them is like it's almost impossible we have had for so long that this one who knows what you know. The last and an expansion draft is what probably got to turn around the turn of the century I think. You know when I'm Columbus. Came into the league I forget what year exactly but this is so different I mean all the whole analytics. Has changed the way of play as if you'd. It's gonna be really interest in the seat who vague as to how they design their team. I don't know if they're going to be don't want. The bottom six so. Bottom may be paired bottom two parent die for almost three million yen can probably get some cheaper than that the minor leagues perhaps from another team. I'm in the RI I'm kind of like what the what the expansion stuff. That that draft that's kind of like shall find nonaligned right now oil is. Bardo maligned but I think as it stinks of deeper rove raised the possibility that the Bruins would go to Chara. Is it guys in a tray clutch you have to protect the in charge does that they can theoretically gets go to each currency we you waive the no trade clause will exposure to the Vegas expansion draft. That'll let us protect whoever we like better equator Miller. And then the possibility is that Vegas to take char of the you'd be gambling that they would take you dad at old at this point. Even those contract it's it's a little victory alive alliger wanna get rid of chart of all what I you don't which you Britain would take its really take him at this point. Do it he's yeah he's a four million dollar cap hit next Jerry's playing views playing forty gambler not easily I heard that one piece of beaten almanac. Charitable woman involved and HD forty they'll but at least he's been good issue I would mean it over that's the reason are still so gay got her but yet you. The way he's implant so far this year daughter. The biggest user B Salvi and get a guy and I Ciara now. Before million dollars a full I listen it's at four million dollars that you can't eat it it was an almost six an expansion team can't dogged out there for. All of ticket sheriff of four million owed they would salad eight that would disagree I think big deal for you candidate do you risk were taken. They would do four million dollars for franchise. I mean it's going to be probably a steel for the Bruins last year I don't think people thought but that would be sick and that he's fees aren't Vegas chart would be big tent. Which is why they lobby for Fulham and but it's not happening he's up on any he's gonna tell us contract that aren't. They're not competent because you know that the real reason you would would have me be watered a tree Jarrell with the snow maybe. Spur won't will we thought it was a slip and play last year was because his deal was almost seven million balls but his deal's not a seven man all of the only one coastal Foreman rumble of the ailment. I mean pageant and they're gonna pay. Woman and the loss for the guy next to the pain crow what five and a half but how many games. What I am I mean if he gets sixty Adam that's great in on me to be if he gets hurt again I mean he's. He's been a pretty durable guy up until last couple years and again he is almost forty years old if if he has a ball ready. 38 of 39 now. I'm deathly looks like but this year they outfitted the national competition help them and a year and you'll look and I mean if you could for four million actually he'd be the second highest paid defenseman on ones after crew. I'm sorry about a and don't start. Bob and Mary indelible as healthy debate try to cranberry sauce the phone lines developed but I think they're just a bit I think LB's coveted baby Scott track right you're right I just actually got an update on put Albion is in a cop with Ryan Whitney's common leased out how. AT&T a star market bring you said a's gave Taylor admirals which rated the act. Larry and he had earlier on Saturday's game rusty by AT&T and star market up until the 5 o'clock they'll Danica argument and we will be carrying the ACC football championship coming up the eighteenth kick off that it will take the pre game starting at seven but if you stop and in your car Bruins. Victorious two to one in buffalo lead goals from Bergeron at Craig cheek. For Patrice Bergeron is first going seven games mr. admiral and done he'd been an eight yet. Thirteen game two point rock itself for him to get would prove the eventual game winner plus crate she'd keep pot was too good developments as we discussed as well Tuukka Rask continues to roll. Thirteen four and one point and island 940 once save percentage so. As much is this season even a week ago seemed to be on the brink. Pretty good week he takes seven model possibly points they do have some good things going. And we were just socket Chara before the break is well they're 331. Without Zdeno Chara looks like he's his return his image itself. All all pretty optimistic viewpoint. Four Bruins fans right now as we edited December up that anyway optionally it was good to see birds are. On gallon I think he still little hobbled. She was near Dickey still little hobbled. From eye on the kept guessing it's a foot injury that that's been home bothering him for some time now for explode tuchman Tom Bergeron over yeah I mean he just hasn't. Been as good as we you know the stand he said which is you know almost the perfect player he's just fully and not just syllable that right now he isn't that exactly exactly he has amid bad because you know even on that 80% Bergeron has done in most plays by he has a bill what will we used to attempt and I think he I mean he was he missed the game nobody you almost didn't want me it was a late late edition I guess today. To Iraq study was sick yet Genesee and O ports. While sick yep per reports but I think his foot is still nag and among I I had. As told by source yet a penal bull gone you know wait in the sum all at even before the World Cup so. You know if you're if you're hurt or hurt going into the World Cup. Yeah are gonna get that a plane high high end competition blood that's true that's a concern real force that's one of those yeah I can like one of those fractures that just hang around again will play through it all year. A lot of nobody that it's a fraction I don't wanna put the put they have forum I'm all I just. I know the foot what has been an issue so like it in the day he was playing great begin a year I think whatever it issue he has. There's been re aggravated a little bit but you know they have the players they wanna play they don't want us and how they don't wanna miss games sell you know I have right now if he's gonna have to play he's gonna play I mean Bergeron you can't question his how we know he's already done and yet. Thirteen Stanley Cup can have a question on question him sell their best player I think he's he's he's a little off by I think he still little banged up but it's not from gas and keep an eye on often were able right now. Couple updates not the lest he was injured in the gamely first period. He is back in Boston. To be examines. And according to Steve Conroy of the Boston Herald it could be out for a little while but we will see so that's not a great report on him although. He really has been a double third line that they've been okay possession wise against the the points are just not incumbent the less he has one point now in seven games. National points and six Spooner one point in ten so that the Balkan that bruins' third line not great but they missed Pulaski for awhile was out of huge helium. I am as we caught a huge deal it's certainly. A significant loss Tommy he's you know he's a veteran he knows what he's doing out there he's used to the system I know he has production has not weighed down. Not where he wants to be no when a team wants it to be but he still do when things are we supposed to do we still takes the bodies still strong on the boards he still. You know try to make things happen a friend I actually thought him actions out of had a little. Some decent chemistry Alaska Logan they've had some opportunities yet you know there's some certainly some talent there amongst those three. They're actually of I think a pretty decent they're lying about but they thing I think the last. His second line material I think I think again I've sent a plane at times he. I think he's on he should be on that treaty when I think he fits in with those two guys a bowl losing him guilty you gonna probably of a rookie and now someone province to. Who does lack the experience in the game experience of the last ski but. You know it could be a potential score like kind of way that we we didn't see hit the scoring we're expecting him shall. Again if if they bring him up and keep his ups that's rumbles than you might miss miss policy as much. And before that the phone lines and non Bruins news the patriots have officially placed Rob Gronkowski on injured reserve so his season is done to all body Natick he's been hanging on a bit here on Saturday skate got a lot. I'd organized. I thought you know great to eat that apple points. You know when he played with. Which each and again not that was one of the top lines in the week and it's spot up inside sport wit and joke. A right and I don't know what you people but not in particular but Arnold what you mean you people is it. That's reliable why don't worry about it and I didn't mean is that the I don't see what people see in him or Torre grew in if you could take anything for them right now. I do what I hot beat you know everybody at all crooked old apart but the he can't play defense and the mistake that you make out way. Any thing is to movement. Alright. And that and that aspect while you don't recruit. I'd act I'd brutal ice it back I which while him in that trap odd mixture at least this grant date absolutely. I got its brutal if you watch these guys out there are deep threat and that poll that was sport it was out on the right. Right well. Not that you'd behind the net when he she it just picked I edit the actively. All right I don't care what you into. Any patent. Outweighs what he does golden. Gate at the IIG's. Don't like everybody says well he's he kept me up at six at bats that well you know what they had about the like lately against the top what was in the week and is we get all these great he'd been looking meticulous. Oh. Bobbing Natick he's taken heed of BP opinion on the excellent for a suggesting charge should be a protect I don't screw gun protect I like this fire highlight pilot Bob via the big fire from Bob I I. I you know proved it's been coming alive offensively this week at least to the tune of if five points in three games coming in your start to seem a little bit more nobody's suggesting that he's only defensive defenseman now. But in my opinion Bob's. He's overreacting the other way now they put with the Quaid he was on the look to me a much like the Quaid was more at fault for the goal Evander Kane scored in the third period today but he was out there. And I they're they're they're stretches of right now I can stars out of wiles is yeah I think Bob nine. I know I know off off fans have a weapon boys Sunday I know I had mine on defense for years from Don Sweeney to Al gilts have evolved. No one really currently right now choose how to deal yet I am so I think you know I think. Judging by the pitcher on his voice in front not the biggest group fanned by Mike Vick does raise and it's just a point when what about the well they protect them for the the expansion draft as you know you'd you do what are they personal Rainer gut. Okay five and a quarter Mel. It is a lot of money they do Doug our title cap space in it it's like OK I think they're gonna see what they haven't in the farm is good and I'll say if they look big resort now. He's I I have a prominence he's a Providence yet economically Foye isn't cause first year pro that I haven't seen much drama Ahmad chew up the dates I'm not gonna pretend that I have seen them. But suppose you know he he looks better and he looks more pro already next you know one of the other supporters of world news and we're in the Quebec league exactly if if there one of these other younger guys who they think okay. This is a more than a viable replacement for crew out of entry level deal absolutely that probably would expose them and you know in an updated tool price of five and a quarter million might sound like a lot but again to an expansion team that. Am the money's Akaka chairman it's not that the primary concern because they knew they do have that. Reached the salary flawlessly all they are just so. In mobile so many points you've got charm Quaid and Kevin Miller. And then you get recruit me you don't really ought to know guys ArQule quit the cabbies know. Getting Riddick we're rid of crew with the caveat you have a young player. Who's replacing him ostensibly like again. And you're open for another rental car aligned bottlers out of all Mac a boy's got to be ready Chris lick all as a borrow out if but of one of those guys act it was pretty young Sylvia you know with the assault on one of those guys next reality arraf. You know what to some the answer I'm not advocating to get recruit I like crew at big. You know if he was 62 we'd be 200 best defense in the league he's just what you know limited. Defensively and in tying guys up because of his size and that's not a knock on May mean his. He's got one of the biggest cotton's biggest set of balls and the team but it is some what to look at okay if if one of these young pup Russians are already. And you didn't play a part 20% of the price you got to look at that you have Bob. Trees its military Plymouth the list on the cruise loan centers gate culinary. It looked at a lot of back up up and ever like to add it spell check or as the coach of the Bruins. He would use the best crew can move on the left wing on the second line. Aaron say that he played some low wing guerrilla dvds gotten in. He's an unbelievable up as a tell like just saying he cannot move and audio out of it Matt and even. It wanted to enjoy ought to do apartment that as a defense that is move the guy awaited chance but yet it steps he watcher active. Yeah it that's that's the one might be you guys would admit. Perry in and rear admiral he he is an asset that they don't have much of no absolutely not which is the only reason I would make him expendable is if you gonna replace them. Colin Miller and we felt again she was I telling an old little more data com mail we haven't quite seen that yet or Joseph Mauro for that matter the Albemarle I don't know if we I was really expect and he was a first round pick him in yet but he also did treaty get it five times yeah I saw I might thoughts launch I go ahead until it got. Yeah I mean we're not taking advantage of our crew spent Sasser which has puck moving defenseman because it's really not. A closed system in a unseat a remote and two wing and let them do not very easy transition indeed for. Not the way I'd love to see it and we'll look at so. While they missed Hamilton's. Ability that was a big all right Hamilton yes. Definitely a and you know US which they I kept thinking air Carlson who's up in Ottawa now play under Keebler shades put this 131 trap it Wii some block and like eight shots. Did they turned him into a defensive player. I maybe maybe this is not the best fit for for to recruit I understand what you say and style wise but the perfect match but. He's just the beanie more eight meaning Moore right bead on the back got outscored their opponents trying to get it for years it. It's it's that you know probably the number one commodity for GM just a Ethan gates a stock up one young puck Russian defenseman Paul won them sticks in the you're exposed an annual put Charlotte I get a date closing him if you believe you have a viable. I am replacement for 20% of the price that that's that's the cab not to get rid of if the Bruins are sold on someone read you don't replace what he can do. Problem much much cheaper price I think that apps loaded adamant it would take that a consideration I mean money such a huge factor. I would appall miked and as some of the techsters as well. Final thoughts from Saturday skate coming up Gillard and rear admiral from arsenal sports Danny the card and top of the hour we'll take you up into our coverage of the ACC football championship tonight. Were brought to buy eighteenth tee it's our market you're a sports rated idea you were listening to Saturday skeet with Ryan Whitney rear admiral and ten layers on Sports Radio WEEI. Lucky by AT&T it's our market Saturday skate every Saturday from three to five or a Sports Radio WEEI. And later admiral from Marshall sports. Ryan Whitney in future weeks we think. He talked with this week he says the seventeenth easier marking the seventh this is debut on the shelves there ago. We should note those traffic issues on yeah you vote. Big fire in Cambridge town on fire hope everybody's dole while in Cambridge are close all the fight it firefighters and first responders we hope everyone. Is safe obviously very dangerous time. When these things go on I mean I'm Osama fight him in my file has thankfully been on retired but you'd never goes away when these things come up they always kind of it's. Karen dials it right back up again you know pick your stomach when these things happened. Soleil and opened everybody's okay orbits catalogs is a huge fire surprise him and maybe even on general Lama and his time and it's trickled out the abstract and yeah because you don't like he can't get if you get in the eggs that we take to get here. Everybody going to Cambridge is not gonna be backed up because the roads closed and that's gonna you know cause a ripple effect the abut. You know open everybody's help here today there was an awful fire in Oakland last night will a lot of people killed and it's crazy tase the seventeenth anniversary that was the cold storage fire with. That was the six were tragically killed them in and a terrible warehouse fire which had some similarities in the open file past I'd general bill than. That's not easy to get around and it was a second makeshift second yeah I don't saw there was I don't want people competed this station fight because of the cots and aspect I I read that I actually thought about. The what's the fight because of those are aware how's that. You know was built way before fire codes original thought of doing. And it is just a mass for firefighters to get in the others in a lab and being designed when you get in and it's just a it's just a bad bad situation for everybody a ball shall again. That fire in Cambridge summoned on a whole lot of firefighters there and first responders and all the people affected we hope everybody is safe that's that's the most important thing. Ten minutes in traffic means actually nothing in compared to that. And a dated harm's way in of these cup so that we may go a little overtime here on the skate two to one Bruins went today respect she started talking some non broad stuff. A little patrons with Robin cow ski he's been placed on IR officially by the pats produced a jump in and day so he is done for the season we're short. Red Sox lost Noah Carlos Beltran he goes to Houston. For one year in sixteen million but the Bruins get it done today in buffalo they're too well against the sabres now in the year they play Florida tomorrow night. Slowly but surely they they've done well in the division admiral there. Six and for now against the Atlantic too little against Tampa which is when the teams you're really fear. The most seal of the dental plate the sabres twice more at home and home router on New Year's but the really guillotine it had trouble with urine so much for all the another shot with the Canadians coming up here in the next few weeks as well. But overall if they've hung in there in the Atlantic they'll know what. Major issues there at the home record is crept up to six and five there in over 500 now on the road they're 8521. They put a real good first period today good road period it sort of got in a position that the angle for the win today. And it was good is looking at the standings right now they there in third place in the Atlantic right now when they when they wake up tomorrow that's with a going to be re jobless because even if temple wins tonight. The Bruins are still gonna have that third spot so that's a bit and manage some might again we didn't maybe think a couple weeks ago last week he mean when we were in here but. You know to say all right there and there are a number three team in the Atlantic right now it would it would lead to some before tomorrow. I'll take it man again they're only to know 23 points from that the ninth seed but that's that makes them no exception from any other team really every. Every team is you know only a couple points and funds can look and looking on the bottom what an opera. Well admiral a couple collars of a Sunday here by. Suggesting to recruit is expendable than they'd let him go unprotected to Vegas new expansion draft to get that five million off the books shall see where we go next here with the Paul on the line on Saturday skates golf ball. I got a caller on I don't go to guy that for a bank press while I'm at what. Let's all those people over the next rag you're going on keep an eye on out so as respond to all the vitamin and now bless all the people that are not dangerous situation right now compare. That and accurately and a pack on some new guys seeing them. Briefly touch on a little too light might like in. I. Yeah accessed either one while I can't just wanna SK inability candy and I don't know much about the other and the anyway. You're an adult court and Gary. I'm not all deeply Gately put pressure on. There is an awareness that. Yeah yeah I definitely use audio I know. Way to put on it skate. Now on one expert but two went out and the world out. And you wore a White Sox two points and thirteen games by this guy won and that's pretty much as. Yeah it's back ER adult and I think you'll have wised up two point in thirteen games and our ports of foot injury. You go well Maurice records could do the right rear admiral each had a put yourself well why else what injuries. I'm not to be lately it is equally is too many ball and yeah I'll leave this one up to you again god bless you of people guys great up haven't been. I've only that volley I say this though the line has been pretty good now posture not. May be rising to balled it. Sub par per Troy Michigan make that case the guy's been a force it to another persist today and he's got thirteen goals and what six helpers and what are games sold that lines go but would you respond Paulson called you about directly. How how yeah I thought I thought I imagine this foot injury I understand you know what brought up yet and don't want play around them but you know if if a guy's done he's good enough to go. In especially of a guy Bergeron you know who who we know he's gonna play with pain after the the thirteen top. And hopefully with ridiculous amount of pain I'm I think he's just suck it up right now because it's the best thing for the team and that's our hockey players dual. In you know and must and blossom until the Bruins get a and an X ray that. No tells them all men get this guy off the ice should be plan that he's going to be open and not list goes to the gronkowski right I mean. They played brawl against the jets some discussion as to whether they should or should not have because he's got an issue going on bull when your. It's awful it's easy acts I look at I think that you know he had draw I mean cry it's apples and oranges like in crime mean. He's humble football guy who's had back surgery is its debts is kind of hold. Different kettle of fish I think Lovett say it's similar like Paul saying they needed rest until he's healthier but it estate developer strongest team would don't write in exactly and and in its not the best thing for the team buy in and also is that he can he play when it. Any play it with pain and beat. Is he gonna cause more structural damage by continuing to play in if it's just a pain tolerance issue and he's gonna play at a medical degree what's the answer. Seven years of seven is a college now on the tube should join the bleeping piece. I I think if he was dad daddy and if you if you could still wouldn't make this injury where's he probably wouldn't be out there I think it's just a pain tolerance issue right now. Obviously they don't wanna take a model at these huge team and again if they're leaving it up to him and he's playing and I think that says it all right yeah Mike deployment here for the top of the hour it's a Mike. Our guys will choke I do. Overturned goal that I vote could call it government taken about. You know birdies system and how bomb. Despite all the bull crap. Like a little bit off side. I'm gold reversed. And I got overtaken like. About it look at credit like com. They played couple inches in and that the team deserves to get the good goal. What are the goals scored got apparently shot chance I. One of the pull scored got to pet. Not the only and get a penalty shot. When it's an obvious takedown when he have a clear front and yeah concede anything to do replays Acheson back into a loose on site or the and the games on the need to decide when who was it in the Philly gay and he gave Dvoracek one right right eye in the it was warranted. I must admit I I missed out on him when was that third period of the Philly game today on today's game and out Tuesday I'll get I I I don't think I caught that one. But monsignor ya gonna get an. Out penalty shot beer replay and that's of the callers who start out yet you need and that case it's you know Gionta I kicked one it was pretty obviously the second period reviewed it Gagnon and Indian are gonna seed of league be given anti all the opens an ancient tool that's close that's not how it goes that's why the lines of the and that's what rules a ball for more office but that's a pretty artificial way to be be Jared yeah I guess said you know the Aurilia my idol I only want my ad official break ways after sixty minutes of played five minutes all the time. Only baby back get after the top of the hour depending on the the cards a like traffic you're in the mass like the state. If not been fun would that next Saturday three to five I think that they'll be like color signals roster it maybe he's got traffic but we Lyndon byers academics to future weeks Ryan Whitney till. Bruins went today if taken several last eight points real quick the week coming up they get down Monday with the Florida. They go up to DC played capitals on arrival Renee Wednesday and in Colorado on Thursday night when we speak next so it's interesting week. Yeah definitely two good teams there on the knicks got depth. Please submit distinctly like you said before are now on a Monday night in it's a huge game I don't might not look like wanna sound like one on television but. It's a good divisional battle they're good team to watch out. Yard has had had in the past year but there's a lot of pilots are Obama team certainly coached against Barca into a new coach Tom relaxed deal and I always bored and went. First Americans what thirty goals too late I found out city since he's had never globally when and and I also want to get a class and I you know while our spots overtime but he Cambridge right now particular the vitamin first responders who. Respondents to quite a fire right now and I'm. You know that's that's the preeminent on my mind right now so I hope everybody's the world right setters gave brought to AT&T it's our market. Rear admiral tailored to sports rated at media.

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