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Saturday Skate - Laird & Admiral on the Sox & Gronk, then first reaction as B's beat Sabres 2-1

Dec 3, 2016|

The first hour of Saturday Skate starts up against the third period of Bruins - Sabres, so Ken Laird and Rear Admiral give some Red Sox hot stove and Rob Gronkowski thoughts before moving into Bruins - Sabres game reaction

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Bruins hockey and the NHL what nine year league veteran Ryan Whitney. The most interesting man this dual rear admiral from the bar stools for sure it won't. Like Jim lair and encouraging Callahan for. Saturday excuse he's brought to you by AT&T and star market beat it's ripped up a lot of losses. Maximum for some peace talk right now on Sports Radio don't you. Yes indeed rare opportunity on Saturday skate we get the block sock cocky for a little bit. Most of our listening audience our hockey fan listening audience can be tuned in for the third period on nests in ruins on top of the Buffalo Sabres wanted nothing will keep you posted as acting goes on. Big news from the injury standpoint and that would right now is not the less he's left the game and he has not returned effect he's been declared out for the rest of the but does so far the first period and they Maki second period and these double nothing lead. Adding to period number three. Which a little bit later on in the show by Lyndon byers WA AF our brother stationed. And former Bruin will be agreement b.'s reaction on our basically are the fact they'll post game show here today. Rear admirals with me from bars the sports what's going on rare how much is still my little Brady Bunch at the amusement park impression he had he earned time and I hate it I think the blueprints are not blueprints are at the front desolate with ago you look about a smooth as Kevin Miller with the Jack cycle going around and there's you came into the building you up shares and yet not not duck soup again and Thibodeau in my first backs of first though a with the official odd delay via pike. The ideally the same time every time and you know it was coming a break as all the tall traffic on the only about. No worries pour into a lot of news to get through today Al lot of stuff going on with talked him HL here I know world we have some marquee finisher at union didn't useless here on from three to five but. Up against the Bruins wanted to get some of the thoughts in in the Boston sports world. After just a joining. But Carlos Beltran has signed with the Houston Astros for a one year deal sixteen million. And as the winter meetings get set to heat up this week. There are actually quite a bit in news on the trade front and one just read to you the latest from Ken Rosenthal. In regards to possible Chris steal trade. Red Sox open on Chris Sale only at a lesser asking price White Sox remain no in talks with the nationals on it's a trade. For their ace left handed pitcher. Red Sox decide not to go for the sixteen million dollar price tag. For Belcher on and 39 years old admiral one year deal course David Ortiz retired and that's a lot of production. To replace self. It's just the start your organism crawled thoughts as well but just. Quick reaction Ari are you ticked off at the Red Sox for not going after Belcher on and they have to make a big splashy decides he's either to replace. David Ortiz who's who's no longer there or to go after it get a legitimate case some would say it bought a place in Chris Sale. I think even going to be. By the at a be pissed off got them in be for them when they went ball trickle first time I mean Astro when they should've kept them yeah I think that's part of the time he ordered mad at this time that apparently was on a different team. Free agent you know he's just in Texas obvious he's he likes it must like the Texas series say in Houston Amare really dealt gonna give give the Sox much guff for that. I they probably are planning to do something I mean in Everett and a guy like sealant would be a sub in the Red Sox would do a Meehan would. At a key that what I mean Keith Richards had a rotation army MP my beaded their new number one very easily on you instantly in so I mean bay in Alba kind of knocked costs idea on when it down and you know price is price right now. I it would be huge so yeah maybe you know the they have that money earmarked for something else as far as new DH. You know it's it's still would this somebody at first week of December hot stoves is kind of warming up this was when he attacked for them to find something out there. What happened this week when the CBA numbers came out they agreed the CBA and the luxury tax threshold was set. Basically the Red Sox are still going to be they're still over right now. So any dollar they spend over the luxury tax they got to spend I think it's a 40% tax for every dollar they spend two Major League Baseball. So you're gonna the Red Sox owners right now saying they were were did not dismiss where we're tired pay in the bonuses. I can understand that which are close in he got the playoffs last yourself. You can't afford sixteen million for Beltran. They're obviously gonna be out and Edwin Encarnacion talks. And no I think he got a fan base is gonna be looking around saying are you really committed to taking the next step in getting its deep in the playoffs. Let's make something happen otherwise you just don't rob Bradford too we didn't play a DH. Well and that is not gonna be receiver on the field but got got people out what ball like that are all but I mean honestly cannot not far away I mean. The only one of the visual last year frankly they ran into a buzz saw I mean Cleveland should've won a World Series they would they would throw a body like a hot in the proverbial hot knife through butter. And nail for. And all of last year and I mean yes it's just disappoint in the sock it to was terrible and it wasn't what we needed to be. Austrians but as far as clear I mean it's one of those rights for me I can chart a white man Cleveland just I mean. A lot of people watch baseball senate to me at a time that which offers Cleveland team have been. Been on a T edit them plain crazy for the last like few weeks here and and they are right in and again emanate they showed a one hour amenable at 31 lead they blow and I believe it was game lead within one of those games and I mean they definitely blew a series but. I'd be it's it's not that that far away I mean you just need price that shall offer playoff game first off he needs them out when a playoff game that they have it yet it's a very big F. You know he didn't it was like he gave you great NN's with you know great stats like OK while he went 77 and a third and gave up three hits and one on our and it lightly he didn't give us allies like that so it's not very cardinal with the next year. But I don't think Israeli a lot of work that needs to be done I mean you know they they did when the division perhaps people and expect them to. So you know a lot of young talent would really emerged this year and their exciting team to watch like yeah I know it's Sox lose and Cappy and and he's such a huge by the team but. This so much more so much excitement and our team right now with. You know the only young outfielders they have it's it's our I think there is but if prices another rocky season. What kind of regular season as people does not believe in the policies in your truck and stand the ball out as you DH instead Ortiz. 160. Games next year. Those are going to be those are going to be the easy targets awestruck absolutely I mean but as you know there's always going to be an easy target this time re it's just it's just a matter who it's going to be and notes in a ball is already an easy target price is already an easy target so it's down Soviet you know hopefully they'll be the only tool because that means no one else is really screw. Will build trust 39 I mean I can't deal that worked up about not signing belch out for. For you know sixteen millions not that much for one year deal now but if that's funny had sixty main act. I don't know and ran as a result million dollar player now is like big nose and now it's like. Hilarious that was the money's got got a site now put up Sammy need 304 last year with Texas after he mistreated by the Yankees heat to eighty. Seven home runs down the stretch on the year that we eight point nine homers. I'll begin looking to replace Ortiz who just unbelievable 48 holes 127 RBIs 315 obviously the best DH. In the game and now. You tell me they're gonna put publicist pull out there because you're not well the paid sixteen million for Belcher on plus the luxury tax problem. But if you go on trade for Chris Sale now on back in his Red Sox now now I'm back the believing the brows ski and ownership it's is going port. Yeah but I mean at and I don't think it was really not in on a team that won a division last year I mean is that is the playoffs worries is much of a disappointment is that where. I think he had a step back it's OK you know no one really out anyway expect and or even one of the without a win the division last year and I didn't I hope I mean I'm not the biggest. Based on our and is down but I a lot of Toronto would have been the favorite Iowa yet you know there they want the team expected to win the division they did it in you know that they obviously. Later big egg in the playoffs so I against red hot team that kind of embarrassed there every towards everybody to for the cubs for the last three games in the playoffs by. You know I'm not I'm not too down on right now and you know I get into a fifth my trolls around and it's still seeing the ball they haven't got another pitch and and yet you know we we can get on but I. I just a jumping on the tee on a team you know before Christmas even him. On the proposed straight from Jim bode devious the end gate Chris Sale a couple days ago Wallace. Yellow mug shot at Michael cope act two of the top prospects in water Rigas and likes why heart. We're Chris Sale and Jose a break you come back talent first baseman I would do that deal a second if the White Sox. Or if that was a legitimate I never know that's a real job as a Markota supposedly untouchable. Yeah I mean he spent sixteen million bucks after. Pay and thirty million on top of the whatever that whatever the bonus he sides and he spent a lot of money on them com. Yeah out idle the Dave commands said he's untouchable but that pretty much speaks don't touch yes in a while ago. He got a got a glimpse of this year he wasn't ready for the nick and again on the owned by jet that rolls over in history to heat their rights Evernote I think the browse Hedo has shown that he's. Mean he's naked short term this guy wants to go on when Penn itself. Think he's willing to do a lot of things sounds like though that on the lead for the for the Chris Neil ox. He believes some of the news that anyways so let's just social breaking baseball news keep you posted Belcher on. Definitely the Red Sox for report's top priority for the DH state missed out on egos beat Houston. Saturday skated just not been in here on WEEI Keller rear admiral rocky AT&T mobilizing your world installer markets he would Nixon shine. Bruins still up on the sabres won nothing. But fifteen minutes ago begin in this to be stopped and we get ticked away for tomorrow night's snow for the Monday game. But later this hour Lyndon byers which notices well patriots in action tomorrow rear. Against the rams and it's been an interesting week in Rob Gronkowski news yes and there's always you are ideas social beat gag year old over orbit. Twitter for sure FaceBook you do FaceBook in the congress. Not known on on Twitter only guy I have absolutely zero use of FaceBook I'm zero U for FaceBook and is the Gramm. I'm mama two of the show my love life in pictures to the point of world person that's you know maybe twenty as if I was twentieth John McNally I really don't feel the need to. What is great for aggregate news get news all that stuff but come on let's put it I think it aren't Twitty get everything you need aren't. Will grow up is certainly on. Yeah on no doubt he was on its Graham last liquidity picture that quickly spread around deathly New England in the news himself with a locker. McCain give up after surgery and posting up. Any kind of injury information. Which she got to think kicks off Belichick. Right I mean what we saw him walking down the hallway in a locker after the surgery is that that's giving medical information. That's that's maybe doesn't matter he's pretty much out the year it'll hide information week to week but but how are showing that video giving medical information. They give no information about anything but it isn't that a departure from the how every dollar as the video giving information to him walking down the hallway at the surgery is giving information. I don't I don't I mean I guess titled it's even a bigger deal a bigger thing that I think would this not Belichick or these joint statements which he has the respond to. Like you did yesterday he stood up at the podium he's peppered lol these questions about you know. Hello brawl and he said the statement speaks for itself and oh it's just odd don't you find that differing from every other player. It's been injured under the Belichick system. Going back to the early 2000 how many joint statements EC from plate you just don't see players going rogue with their family members and releasing injuring it from age twelve of the joint statement. Become kind of an a thing a normal thing for grunt because of all the BS that happened prior to with the Stanley you know like the I I do has been on a handful of injuries I forget exactly which one was but. You know one of the times he was hurt in the family you know in that final play out of the number one to Levine the fellas. You know if this sole us you know they gonna rank to open tennis that you vote in whether it's two years two games when he is that doesn't matter. So when you're that talented and that good a play you'd look healthy self and I've I have no problem and any player and in split when that like grunts on. So in the past there was you know contradictory information that the crux of San went in the team assign another. I'm gonna try to police the grunts from over the over already sports shall not just the patriots. So I think. What they do is they do these joint statement now to say OK with ball on the same page here's what was sand leave us along naturally again because it if you don't do that then you gonna have two different camps and it's it becomes bankrupt awful. I mean it's a patriots described Gonzales a curve lawful anyways but it's Acuff lawful connect. But it's it's gonna always be a thing but they don't like Kirk lawful they don't like the right track that's why they do a joint statement just so then the grunts not sane in the bank and dot the team's not sane wanting it's it's been it's kind of a unique situation but it's unique to grunt because of the history OK but when Julia when it's her little one. Other appeal player X gates are they allowed to now released joint statements with well if there's a history of this family kind of what's holding them I'll play a phone thing and you know that type of situation as Crockett had been in it it wouldn't be unusual but. I mean I guess it's it it's an unusual case you know Crocker is a once in A generation talent and the team sounds like they wanted him back before he was he a willing to be ready to come back in a prime time. And they try to force Amendola and he pretty look elsewhere is number one's self and you know the team want to out there they don't want you out there but I you know solid I think there probably was some head button back and and aunts avoid at this time they joint statement that in the patriots eyes in the grunts as I hit a joint statement. Telecheck comes up Gaza's the next day and then we move on. Here's the thing from me. Without print cal ski it's obviously big blows him a new and everybody understands what growth means even even when injury came back last journals will blow to a Super Bowl is there's almost out of really don't want for the alleged threatens the finishing its debt inquiry. Okay. Without him they've got Malcolm Mitchell come along they've got to deal Lewis Carroll. So you've got some offensive pieces where you think beak in my field the better off this year to replace him and they were last year. I'm less worried about replacing crawl on the fuel in the short. And I am a ball. The defense and guys in the locker room with a series of events the scroll thing and joint statement is maybe the lesser of the three things but there have been some peak if you're player on the team let's say you're up one heck we know we Garret blunt. When he traded Jamie Collins put out some kind of tweak estimate shaken my head with with a couple of strange abilities. Then when genie college tweeted out that that thing in Cleveland. On. What was the exact statements opens a little lines of I'm much recollect outlets to be where I am now only and not forum. He basically took a shot of the. Yes but still he's African Cleveland I mean come on only that he's in the Cleveland Browns like this in the ointment that that's such open is an applied now that's the point like. Casey got a guy. Who's a plot doesn't want a dog he didn't want to do the right way to win that I just got a lock at blessed to be in the Cleveland the browns but come on dude come on. Why don't. But yet a couple patriots players who like that whenever. Okay he only went along the fact that he was traded first place if your player and a defense she got to be say in what are we doing here. Okay may be UN wrote a couple plays maybe he wasn't played at peak performance. When you start to scratch your head a little bit there I think thinking. If you don't a hightower what are we doing what were. I say I gotta get my ass and get bodies treaty Jamie calls and often. All mad that I didn't I had to make sure I got my ass in gear did you like the culture and I don't like I intercede like it I'm just kind of as a fan of the pats and just kind of condition alike. Trust and bill I don't give it god blindness or whatever but I mean the guy's record speaks for itself so. You know how many times Z made his move where. Weather's been Seymour Malloy yeah I mean has been tons of them over the years and it what easy dorm but it's not a point where everything kind of just seems to work out in the end always so you just like whoa okay. You know if if he can't impeach created GA because from essentially nothing basically Cottam then there's probably. A pretty valid reason that Bill Belichick did die he's the greatest coach in the history of the game Biden on that's not been fans art and that's just the facts really. Yeah you know I'm gonna guess they got the benefit of the doubt Celtics must have been a really valid reason for him to not be on that roster anymore even if you're tight which Amy Collins. Even if he's your bull well whatever the cadets at the businessman and he's been mean any grip major leagues boy you guys get straight the next day and that's that's that's the business there and anyone can go any day sort farm on that defense I'm boys and Jamie calls and maybe I don't think he's the one I'm not don't want us talking in the locker room we should beat saints that we shouldn't say. And he's gone I'm down you know on them try to get my ass India and Ike said I mean that's not that I can't questioned ballots I just think that the big guys and enough where. You know the results speak for themselves and you know like it may be it maybe it could be an awful move maybe a bit knocked on the first round playoff does the defense was awful 'cause enormously adding Jamie Collins bud. I guess said given the history of Belichick and he's type of moves you know I'm gonna defer to him all the time. Here here was this the genie columns post I may not be where I want to be the thank god I know or I used to be. On the picture hash tag better days with a raised fists in coach. Summits that some of the players that like the three were league Garret blunt. I believe. Com. Who was the safety Chung I think and Brandel fills their HJ a couple guys maybe just. Support now I cannot triumph party 5000 like tonight's what this really you know I mean it he hit a button it's not like. You know I mean it's not a big commitment to like a tweet or an incipient pictures sound and I I don't put a whole lot of stock into that and I like a lot of stuff on and it. I mean it it doesn't mean SE like Garrett ERE two favorite thing it's just it's just an apparatus. Bookmarks on the phone later a lot of times so. An out that they like it yeah maybe maybe they support him in in in in social media but they're not gonna say in in the locker room. I it would here's what do not number Owensboro yet president spoke per trust it was a 1216 to go to not a Bruins they try to grind it out. Saturday skate rear admiral and Nick Taylor pretty much every game they try to grind it out they. It two goals against about their pace but point one rock. It's been a weird year you had Jamie college strayed. There had to be a little bit a law that stirs up the room when you treated at a depth absolutely absolutely. But you say even if it's positive message we better get our ass and here it's it's so it stands out. This week you get wrong. Of course out for the year you miss them on the field you've got the joint statement you've got him on social media give updates on his health. You had the Donald Trump stuff early walking down hall but it at all. You had a truck stuff. Which nobody of the guys who really in that room would be upset by that I can't imagine it's a big cultural group. I think I had a baby baby that you know of moderate moderate to athletes maybe some of the would go to maybe it's a split I began still blown I think every locker on this so many dip political differences that visas may be that. Accentuated a lot more this year because of the election but what the fact that you had Brady and Belichick supporting trump sort of all. We don't late we don't know all the ballots and voter forum I mean vote. Would probably voted farm immediately wrote the letter right OK and like let's say analyze that okay. You know what how what would really feel I am again politically viable way of iffy on about Donald Trump went on the da bing what's his name. Politics known for I abbate heavily involved 3540 years yes history let them so you know we can quibble with trump law however you want but. You know what I'm sure we all have friends we've been friends with the 3040 years that a flawed and humid now wanna be owed them a public on time whatever. Lifted the once up in other errands and try to achieve something in the an historical and magnificent for them. In any write him a letter or support I don't think that means that necessarily means your line with them politically you view all he's a friend you've been summoned friends with for a long time you're right you wrote my letter of support. I don't think Belichick necessary expected to get rattle out of that at a at a rally. But it happened when he might none of them like the other exactly pro I would say bizarre market I would say he probably didn't on Belichick you prodded his wrote the letter just as I understand he writes several. Hundreds if not and the dozens hundreds of letters a month of many many different people in different fields yeah I think you Rhode some kind of a message instead. Donald ask him to give rewrite it and he said don't I don't I don't even buy that's I think I think Belichick Romo letter as a friend a good luck with the genre the president. That doesn't mean you know the east necessary supporting him politically mean and beat up in minions what he has led but it. That's not a message I got in the brain that perhaps. I mean. You know that that have a lot of that was kind of like you know when the Manhattan I think chemo before the the real campaign rhetoric steel that was from the first of the campaign rhetoric and that was kind of a must not a joking thing is despite a busta was on stuff I but he regrets now yeah I'm sure he does because you know of what it cause laid up but. You know as far as like people caught eight they need to speak for the you know what the it's not a dull moment that they didn't have to acknowledge past I just a fight will be able for especially an athlete I mean an end. It will hold whoever whether ready admiral DR Ohio green toddler like to say don't got a chance of themselves like shut up not just digital agreement with the guy in a month. It's it Singh and an apprentice is trade. Praises either but like just that that give athletes they play a sport. And it on the not obligated touches to disown or whatever pol political parties dislike shut up and let you know what they have their private lives no comes the on board and tells you approval for. OK but my overall point this year I agree with you in each ever everyone of these instances the trump stuff. The college strayed Collins. Hosts. The big crawl whatever joint statement. None of it in and of itself is really gonna affect players on the field it shouldn't affect the defense yet but the d.s been getting hammered for their play anyway. In if things start getting worse which they might when these are played better teams. I guarantees these things are going to be brought up after the year's over as reasons why the patriots lost assuming they do. I think they got a legitimate chance anybody this is a down year and yet felt the wind. But collectively you're not worried about these stings creating a locker room dissents which somehow pops up. In their play or is at least blame for what it's also done. Now it's just a weird year you've got to admit it out step that we idea but I'm I just can't take a very pragmatic approach to that he and I found that. Every game is a game where anything can happen like. You know you can go into the first week for the playoffs and lose to a team Henri completely unrelated to all the reasons we're talking about the does match up batting a team. The team gets out coached any number of factors I just think it boils down to that 160 minute game at a time. And all the other BS in fact is that is a completely irrelevant when you're between the lines is they're irrelevant they don't they don't even. What they like robots that not effect yeah anything. Yet pretty much when they're on the field yeah I mean these guys and I look at it Belichick seen screw this guy Collins yes fidelity for being on position launching a let me released a joint status as an implant club up the double standard bill you know I am a football in the whole lives they are robust never did did the program to go out there and brutalized their minds and bodies for coming detainment. And when they're out there it's the sixty minutes a day and you know it's a stretch alpha four dollars on TV. But the sixty minutes me and that's all that matters and and it doesn't matter what. Trump pats on crime and it's different ramble averages that that game so do you know no team is ever bothered her has locker rooms that are divided award that they're a mess yet on the same plane did not coach by ballot Jack I don't I never happened under built I I think dubbed the possibility of it is the open it's so much mauled a competed every other team I think he's just a master which he does that. That's stuff. Guys are partly because they don't like it but they don't say enough about it general I think he's able to just keep everything. Distinctly different and I would agree with you until the Jones strayed college trade endorsing Donald Trump. Rocks joint statements you know who leave who in there who endorsed trump. Objected with a letter I read it or did he said good luck and good luck I wish you luck in yet then he didn't it was that was an endorsement that goalie. I it was a personal and a so wishing him good luck on him on on personal on a very public personal match it was of I mean. I I don't see it as an endorsement at all not at all I mean he never. It's so it's a letter to a friend a guy in front of a long time I mean he's the front that are trump. You have if you wild ways I bet you there's a player who who scratching their heads thinking why we take a political stances as a friend well we're supposed to on me today AJ realized it wasn't a political stance at all it was in it was a personal correspondence between guys and knowing Jones fought years. No I'm an up. Oh when you when you're on Boston o'clock candy people know you put your name like you say you. You you make it known that's endorsing candidate he would endorse and he wrote a letter and I ran out to beat by. I don't see it as an endorsement. If I mean I think true I think Brady's had a locker room. That's subtle that's a subtle endorsement that's wait Mormon endorsement of them. Not again I don't say he cannot get what they don't. I don't think it's it's I think it's different idea that's he's the eighty Brady's admitted he's been buddies with a product and private it was again and in you know I think when you of when you have. That that was basically at my campaign but rhetoric it was campaign material shall. Mean you can't it's you know given an assigned a lock that's like. Whereas again personally I received the letter to currently on the campaign I thought it that's what trump said don't duped. You'd think ballot Chevrolet truck went wrong let me give you a copy of human freedom public Christ out of here I that you can you believe the no way dude. You have to look okay so you believe that that you believe a wall a wall coming do you believe get a cattle allegedly everything Donald Trump under the gets into some fencing the Ozzie didn't you didn't hear woody woody Carty said today node does give you a while seizing trump lie his kids said there's going to be no Reggie Muslim registries and it's too little Tia pain Liza why would he lie about ballot check some animal Woolfolk Belichick did and he did lie I Wickman said. I I Delaware then bit and it looks like he he would Benny waiting at the mess he's and that's why Belichick plays the media apartment. He just lets a goalie that's Evelyn talk about it and it disappears he's not a commode joy I wrote this. It's admirable what he's a friend that set like he you know it's been a weird years where over it's always been weird but it but ultimately is between the lines I. Couple calls real quick you're not talking hockey and senator does gets on Bruins sabres by the way it entertains scored. Who 21 Bruins have looked at ten minutes at just under ten minutes ago. I'm Brendan in Boston we get general quick here on a Saturday skate was going umbrella. Do it still open should look too much into that called totally cigarette case. Well people of different reasons so like you know a lot to see. EP ecstatic at nation Coast Guard and look particular weekend. So it's kinda contradictory like back. So maybe like the perspective of all your apps are not well. I mean travel like a Michael that's your opinion now you aren't so important like to secure posters to open what would actually it could mean that different people like Jefferson limo and church suggests what in the Atacama culture so. You can't go to like Coke addicts I don't bind at occidental by NTR Nevada law current Bubba won a couple of hybrid and I would agree to another percentage yet that's possible don't you think traded and of itself though couldn't. Since shock as an adult court and I do think and the fact that we have this sort of it'll get. And integrate code at all times so from the corporate sector and the great. Hosting. A law comes to you aren't so I Amare. Records are to compare the cuter and more error out at 8 o'clock. Or aware reader actually having problems is cold or the leader that he mentally you're right it may leader on the list. I athletically like a vocal and a McCain ever was caddie about to be all right general terms practicing as. Overton couldn't get manicures. Yes I was you know if if I don't think that it's not that different to court while respect especially toggle go gosh. You know and so. They technical about it. Brendon and Abbas the wind and he's more on your side no big deal actually thought Brandon. In the college yet. It does dug in Belmont and look like he's another admiral fans going on Doug. Agree rear at oh. Yeah. It's like any more. Thank you sound like. OK Doug. Need like I honestly wanted to get what he had to say at least at the sent a Iowa City, Iowa IRS you wonder if that's the dud who blocked the parents what right after the I have to wonder that now. I I don't know if you listen to the station a guy who actually funny I'm not gonna say is handled by the it was early on its what do. And the guy literally every single tweet every single tweet he would reply to me whether it was about a movie or sports. Traffic downtown and I would very politely ice it now I appreciate. What you follow me but it's not necessary here to reply to every single thing I tweet. And I got back like that tweets on my hate not blocking you want Bob apply. And this guy he settled over the misses his stock meat is like you know Tom people like on offs problem here I'm off that's seemed odd but. I was curious to see what he thought I was a moron but I mean. It's been asleep while the ideal rear admiral stiffer bushels. Patriots locker room do you believe there could be some divide in their after several incidents how about the Red Sox lose don't Carlos Beltran Disco six or seven sevenths and nine. 7937 Texas 37937. Here on Sports Radio Doleac. You were listening to us Saturday skeet with Ryan Whitney rear admiral and can layers. On Sports Radio WEEI. Saturday's game the Bruins and sabres heading down the stretch to 57 to go Bruins supple toppled buffalo onto the one. Yeah Laird in the rear admiral from Parcells sports we have got to touch with Ryan Whitney. His name is on the show he will be part of the show going for he Izzo for for however Easter outsell this week began on a wedding this guy's more thought I guess he's an engagement. I guess design his girlfriend and and it's when he signed explains that you know I mean yarn that Albright is the only 33 but you got that phase like using the college where I think it's like every other weekend to put the suit on Google what I mean are defined by bit it would it would suck those in Geller redundant and it. When you go to and it sucks because just don't is supposed to be special occasions in one of what once satellite down Benson. But when you go to like seventeen is seventeen in December here's the deal in its yet and it's and it's like I mandate they do get monotonous and you know you try to bring a little and individuality to each of them death they become a flight especially if you view we always have to be out. And so when I got married man first and we were like no bridal pod like. Like especially if your girls the worsening and you know you got to make your money go past friends while and spend like a thousand balls on closed they're gonna win a once in. Make it's like an a plus the got to throw off the bat to tie the shallots like. You know I'd like pick them pick a may have on topic best man or best to best man in my case and that's it like you know. Pleasure a minimalist electing an African absolutely. We again wake him up top of the hour we get several a sixty giveaway is the MPs are going to be taken on. On Monday up Florida Panthers and when did buyers gonna Jonas at that time as well the talks and b.'s post game from WAF former Bruin so be talking atop a hockey in the 4 o'clock hour you're Ryan Whitney. On your at school chick looks. Up podcast got into a little bit at the any Childers the big news of the week I would say still is the firing of Florida. It Jewish Gerard don't want the first axe to fall in the NHL moan coaches this year only Claude Julien well he's always on the hot seat because he's been. On what he is the longest tenured coach still don't radius he's only stood on his number one yes and Babcock like Detroit that's true okay soap amid I would think every you're going in there's a little there pressure to Julian Andy brought up Cassidy from Protestant. The sorted as a why wait knowing a little or waiting in the wings but how surprised were either Panthers cited the axe their coach and I know Ryan has some. Former experience with Tom wrote gadget is their GM and now took over behind the bench he think that this was a good move for the Panthers are now. I think ultimately did he certainly shark common godly thing match none of op like guests that shipments which is available on gospel sports and iTunes will play this. I'm yet he was he said he really wasn't surprised I mean I figured you know everybody was initially surprised his team's only one point out of first they they weren't playing their best but they weren't playing bad considering how many injuries they've had. I'm so it was a surprise and Adam but because Ryan wasn't with the organization and you know before his NHL Korea finished up he moved to Russia. He can't help some good insight that he really wasn't surprised because the and a imagination starting in place before this stuff you know kicked out here deal talent upstairs in the new ownership came in and you know all these guys hockey guys are always wanna bring their own guys and they always wanna bring. You know their own personality and in so Ryan was not surprise all Tom broke coached right when he was on Florida's farm farm team instincts in Antonio. I said he's good coach you very good coach he's the only es of not probably a bit of a disciplinarian I don't know if he's quite the plays coach that Jerod the line was he's a lot. Which you say players' coach Meyer Ryan stated as well but he's he's an old school guys that surprised me what I think when they say players' coach I think that would date with that means is a guy who. We can BS with like some code like I coach you can like. You know call by his nickname and UBS have but he's he's still got respect farm liked is he's not overly chummy but he's just a former players always kind of he knows the play mentality. Where some coaches and its old school now he still an old school coach but he's friendly with the plays but. Tom role may be a little bit more distant maybe maybe have a little bit more disciplined cumin and and you know it might be that bold move go for it seemed it was kind of hanging around the playoff pictures like they were in desperate straits not are not at all I mean I think right I think since they they can't and I think they've gotten points and they beat Detroit and let's heal others right and they got they got a point didn't really shoot out you lose a guy a god so you don't 3.3 out of four points so far no it's obviously very early but. You know and also organizationally taken its like okay we RT we have they are all it was a rift but there was certainly a disagreement as far as you know the analytics vs you know. You know they said he wanted got one it's idea they wanted to sell the guy who had about a better metrics that they like solicit this this thing we're always talking about you know analytic rest is the eye test. All positive because the road games still winding down dole will jump on for full post game reaction but I would just say in summary. The Panthers making a coaching change the Tampa Bay Lightning losing Steven Stamkos get two of your threats for for playoffs in the division for the Bruins it's been a pretty cute couple weeks. I as far as a bad things happening to other teams in division Taylor rear admiral from bar school sports. Coming up Bruins finale last minute it's changed Boston has a 21 lead on the sabres timeout has been called all come back in no react to the final. A couple minutes here on the BS which rate. You were listening to Saturdays it's Ryan Whitney rear admiral and can layers on Sports Radio WEEI. Our idea is your p.'s post game Saturday skated dishing ten Laird and rear admiral from bar school sports and Lyndon byers joined us at the top of the hour from WA AF it's a final. At T banks that are about the fourth name for that building these HSBC and watch other things I missed the odd. Aaliyah India wants to building on together but the Bruins when they get it done 221. Patrice Bergeron gets off the Schneider did rear with them he came in with just the goal and an assist in his last thirteen games but his tally is made it two nothing in the second proves to be the game winning goal. Just that kind of loose a puck rebound garbage goal though. If you go back a bit before that sequence Brad marsh in with pretty nice job do it taken away at the line from grass has missed the line and and that created the odd man chance which led to what was Ian eventually held up as the game winner. So a 21 final say Bruins seemed to now in the last eleven games has only 21 goals but. Acer which you want to have a little pot luckier without Zdeno Chara now offer this is. What seven game seven and a half actually when you think about it they are up 33 of one that would of those division game and 2 points in the standings is they've banked in a playoff spot here as we head into December. Yet so it's another big wins aren't these matinee day matinee games I'm always a best friend of the drones for some reason whether they're at home on the road they just. Sleepy a lot of times I would venture sits on they're not the only team in the league these these guys are so accustomed to a schedule and Matt Mays duke Afro this schedule off the bit. Two points on a road to go made put 35 saves I believe season high thirty season high 35 he's been phenomenal that once again. They just picked up for another two points where we got 29 points now third in the division and they got the auto on the sites I mean they're both. You're looking at this there is what five points back a Montreal right now I mean it. Yeah well Canadians only scuffle habit through their dwell on five game road swing so the top team actually in the NHL on you lose a couple of though they lost the parrots who won games in Anaheim and I guess San Jose so you know there were gonna cool off the debt. It's a real jumbled only mean the sabres are not a thirteen quote unquote but they were only four points back of liberal is going into the games if you lost this. All of a sudden their out of the cellar 2.2 backs of the big game today and they lost that the last key yeah in the first period for periods just. Yeah I did sue Ellen all right. Was it actually you know and I was kind of get ready to commit here right piracy act I finally get hit by the party that was the first that he will be getting all the boys but I. Subject among what it was late the First Lady first okay yeah and that and it's a good would like you mentioned buffalo and we we don't think I'm is that as a playoff contender in the not but you know they still only five points out that gives them more distance between them and in buffalo which is certainly important you know we reached ten to associate valley teams above them division you wanna get those points but. Yelled to a big points 11 point behind Ottawa for a second. You only five behind the Canadians now Lally sent a scoff wanna bet you know but conversely. You're only three points from the nineties he can't get cocky got to just got to keep go with the flow and an element which sets. To enroll in December and I not get far in on a Monday night which again. They've gotten on a Monday as kinda quiet at Florida's not even know they have so much talent there that not a team that you know people are really. Paying money to come see for some while that's because there's still fly our guests they have that reputation. Very dangerous team you know this is a very big game Monday night real big game and the coming. HR should be back you know the news was good that he was he he was. Legitimately day to day would come back either for the Florida game Monday Orr in Washington Wednesday at the at the very latest sign that the message on Douby. Yeah obviously huge addition but I'm you know it's this team is you know frustrating as they they might get you oil attend you know today it's a first period it's like. You watch this game and you think of cheese this looks like not to like half the teams you watch the lead when you watch you know Pittsburgh and San Jose and all these other teams at that night armed. I'm not NBC sports network and NHL network and it just let him argue that it looks not like what you see with the Bruins but the bottom line is. The Bruins a one in more games and a loser Tuukka Rask is keeping this season alive and their in the thick of it and. Good week ray weakening the wind Sunday against Tampa was one of their best wins of the year data as it was coming off three straight losses. Chara missed again Lyle's got hurt in the game yet for defenseman for a big chunk of it and they managed to beat. Arguably the favorite in it in the division credit without stand Kos Jimmy Hayes scored a goal that game that game it was a big one. Now you've won three of four and you take an in your last four games several possibly points off the sate it's not a great week but then you look at the goal scored like you say it isn't it. It doesn't quite have the feel the dominant Bruins team. They're soared to a night in their sump somehow funny way to get on with just Google's most nights. Yeah it's it's not ideal but. It's the way if it's winning hockey you know you can't complain too much obviously I'd you'd rather have they have a in the top six guy in the but I think they're just gonna kind of do what they need to do and just kind of plug guys in here in the Aaron. And again is on Rask is playing his good even who Erdogan won nineteen fought my thought Thursday night I mean it was a talk about another born game up and gotten. The 58 minutes and then all of a sudden they score await the place up to that all the time and up went in and shoot out it was a complete 180 that formal we char all night. Is laws that many manner I guess that you can't complain but yeah obviously the scoring is a is an issue it's not at that spot you went on to win games in the playoffs not here in December but. At the bottom line seven out of eight points this week it's a great week and all. Anger too big guns come through today crate she Bergeron goal scored just great she slightest come alive a little bit interesting that without. Spot now Jimmy case today was scratched yep they put in Hansel and lead his first game in the NHL what would bless you would down they were. Open him all over the place given the chance up with that with Backus and now with not with great she on occasion so you know it's not like. Clone has been afraid to jumble the lines a little bit in gaming isn't done and eating totally drastic but he tried to climb right combinations in and pressed the button works. Yeah he's gonna stem I think he's in the August to keep the Backus and great together and it can have a rotating what left wing of the evident but I naturally will be ideal to have like a top six guy again. Though don't they don't just fallen trees I mean top four defensemen or top six forwards it's at every team in the league wants or don't could use one of those so. It's always like a perennial wish but I think you know cloaked. He if is the only home he's gonna reward a guy like Shaw shallow holes you don't not the offense most offensively gifted guy but you know had been closed been rewarding him get nailed retaken in my top six pulled him out. In the top two lines given him some power play time as well. These new baby don't guy was the best position to get goals are not going to pick you know quote his gig are again rewarding him for his solid play. But did their channel on me and you know all of that chugging along at sigh I. You can complain about the the lack of goals storm but everything else I mean phobos and Zdeno Chara you know you have Crowe played 28 plus minutes the other night and in. Heard very good minutes still really played much bigger than his frame and you know it's it's tiny get mixed emotions of the steam more you know one million common argument about them and then you know what they do have a week like this new. I definitely am at a loss in Ottawa and Calgary game that you went to on the Friday and yet it was. There were too low points season that was won last week we were chatting before it's at the game but Dave that's a credit Julian. That they've been able to Steagall you know ship are absolutely I mean you know Julian. I don't think he gets enough love in this town I don't know if it's because he's a little PR his personality is you know not like a look at me type but. I mean you know he's what he's done here over the years has been. Pretty remarkable what they very rarely tank it's it's funny to say that because they've collapsed the last two years late in the year but in the middle of the season when it looks like they're about to go south. They they find a way to just. Grind it out and in its stay in the mix. Right big they had they have had I mean obviously the last two years socked the way they ended but you know who did this team sort of has had a trademark resiliency Boller and I guess the analog signal back to the cup up a cup run which was. The epitome here resiliency go come down you know down 021. The Stanley Cup final back to when that Tampa's obviously have a personal issues the last two years that you write it hasn't been used eggs a write in exactly clos doesn't build a roster and that's worth mentioning to. He he deals with what he has in the he tries to do the dubbed the Basilan and I think. He's done a damn good job in the whole time he's been here and I think sometimes he doesn't get them the respect he should. Our total and buyers who WA AF will be our third day and bring him over the the boards so to speak we get a yet give away tickets up for you. For the game Monday gets Florida chance for you to win the world have that forty coming up to the top of the hour can't Laird and from forceful sport's rear admiral joined by a Lyndon byers pros went to one over the sabres will talk hockey for the next hour Saturday skate brought you by eighteen team mobilizing your world and my stock markets he would makes a shot.

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