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Celtics Podcast - How the Celtics can hang with Cleveland atop the Eastern Conference 11-30-16

Nov 30, 2016|

WEEI.com's Mike Petraglia and Ben Kichen of the 'Dale and Holley Show' talk about what the Celtics will need to do in order to be considered one of the top teams in the Eastern Conference along with the Cavs.

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Myself to expire again. Just molding Celtics. All things green. All things NBA league believes that he would be a very special player thus Celtics podcast starts now. He's WEEI dot com's Mike petroleum. Welcome back to another edition of the Celtics podcast for a few by JPL my name is Mike Vitale joined again by Ben catcher and maybe he will produce the podcast in less than five days this time around and we'll get it up in a timely fashion. On the web site produced the pond as that is. Yeah well that's exactly my point yeah. Does it ago you're away but apparently you don't get text messages apparently you don't respond apparently you like to keep the host. Of the show who comes in every week and make some time Adam is a very busy schedule is very busy multitasking schedule. You'd like to just keep him in the dark in his time ago radio silent. Yes you know. That's exactly abandoned it and fashionable to do that. You had to know I was going to openness podcast not talking about Jalen brown off unnoticed and they weren't Al Horford and wild. On the way. Does this. It's up to that you're busy but he had no time to text me back you don't understand why this bothers me no I don't think I do understand there's okay. I understand it's not gonna happen again. I'm not impeachment from pizzas and a could've set also Anthony the tally a great young produced there and up and coming star WEEI. Behind the scenes you could have said to him. Last week when you had your personal business to tend to pay Anthony could take care this. Podcast with trash I. Did a dumb way I did ask someone to do open I believe them out of it okay that line their name out of that I did ask someone specifically. Taking you put the intro on its RD ready to go right just need to put the intro on in post casino never happened. And I'll leave them out of it to go to a third or I was there are to defend themselves I I admire that are right out. I did not ever text you back. I text anyone back that's that's fine and that you aren't allow it wasn't like a special I'm ignoring tracks it was a minority everybody. And I'm also I have to have the back of Joe's wave of all he also works is flawed apps and goes to games and he helps me on arsenic. Killer videos post game I think their FaceBook live. By the way I'll go off on a FaceBook live at some other time but. We got a lot of traffic on it on FaceBook and you know he does a great job and I thought wow that's a slight to just wait his first podcast with me and that's how you do all of our. All right let's is he'll be back again. If you're still listening to this podcast let's move on to the Celtics which were there are still listening there wondering what the hell's going on why these two bickering while the ticker now let's sentiments. People know that I'd grant people no one bidder people know I'm highly agitated for all truth and people know I hate grounds but anyway let's get on to the Olympic. Green and they look a little bit better. And I think mark Demeco with Celtic stock com brought up a great point in this post game analysis. The Celtics are finally starting to beat teams there are supposed to beat. And lot you Monday night when they beat the Miami Heat and that was a classic game of OK they go on seven to run to open the third quarter. And essentially put the game away when they had a ten point lead that's what you wanna seeds from the Celtics. Against the at an inferior team that was hit hard by free agency in the summer. And their best player is Hasan Whiteside leading rebounder in the MBA Celtics didn't have Al Horford who stayed back in Boston for the birth of his second child. But the Celtics found a way to beat Japan team. And last year the reason they didn't get home court advantage in the first round of the playoffs is they have losses to Minnesota. The lakers. At the garden Brooklyn. And there was one other team I'm trying to think of but anyway they have some hideous losses. At home and on the road both in really big cost him in the end so. Oh it's funny you bring that up because everyone and and it's still gets brought up even to this stage is. How last year well we're the only team that beat the warriors in the cavaliers on their court right. W also lost a really crappy teams that's nothing to be. For a gun. And to win any one of those. And you wind up as the number three seed and and this is boss and this is a town where we have to celebrate championships we don't celebrate the fact that you beat. The eventual champion in a regular season game that we don't care about that that's nothing to really. Beat to trifle about especially when on the flip side you've lost more games that you should of one. Then one games that you should have lost. And and the irony of what we just talked about is who are there are two losses in their five and two stretch. Golden State and in San Antonio on the two best teams right now early season NBA just ask you a quick question really quick. What is the best contract in either the most team friendly contract in the NBA is it Aybar rallies Avery Bradley gaining greens. Well I would say he Avery Bradley I think getting greens are a terrific player for San Antonio salute is a very very good player. But four years 32000008. Million a year for us it's arguably in saint. Arguably. The second best player defensive player. And behind coli Leonard in the NBA Avery Bradley and he can score I am I returned assays top punt. I would say he's bright there are right behind why a B I just you know went. Oh by the way when I shut off your life I watch what he's not a minority owners well. Please don't let it. Kara nobody hurt it bad it distracting me in the point I was making I don't arena and a consciousness type of oats. Others may whatever dude I mean I don't come in and have my phone he would smile like that's what I'm skipping. OK well here's a silently. Standing ovation for. Anyway let's back to the point of Danny Green says they've regret any greens about Europe that's the player. And east caller means you know. Certainly brings that to the. Little more versatile because total has sizable right but you're right Avery Bradley is an elite defender if you say to ice a top five were really splitting hair I don't know bomb but. There's such good team friendly deals right before the salary cap exploded. And I know Avery is not happy about he fired as he's admired his agent exactly and you look an his backcourt mate has another team friendly deal. It's just brilliant when you look back and you take a macro view of what's going on the Celtics it's been brilliant even though we haven't had the success we want yet. But it's have been a brilliant way that Danny Ainge is put this team together so far. No question I mean the contracts are very well done Austin Ainge deserves a lot of credit as well. And I think everybody knows that their front office I think has things. Michael's parents obviously he's somebody got to mention when you mention their front office in terms of their vision but. It's funny you say that because. Before we started recording this. Ice that I wanted to talk about Jalen brown and whether or not there and it's too soon to start wondering what they were doing drafting Jalen brown Tennessee at that. Now I have been Jalen brown apologist all along because I think he has. The intrinsic qualities. That you look for in a rookie that's I'm surprised you're bringing this up because you have been on his side. I have been and I think he has a lot of the intangible qualities that source for intangible qualities. Which can't teach. Mainly his toughness and uses courage for lack a better word he is fearless and as a rookie in the NBA and that is something that obviously appealed the day and and that he could play a physical game and he could play bigger than his size I mean he's 6667. But he plays. More like six states design and athleticism allows them to do corrected it can jump out of the gym he can jump out of a jam play with the trees but he's not afraid to go in the low post and play. And that's where I understood what Danny Ainge was doing and it. You know dragon pander is having a miserable. Start I mean not never I never wanted that guy did you want now I do not seem as the next Crist ups present it and I understand. That. When you've got past the top two in the draft there's a huge ball. But Jalen brown I think needs to start. Taking that next step offensively whether it's getting to the basket more. And being more aggressive offensively I think they need more out of him don't you. I absolutely think they need more out of him then he needs to play a little more control it. That's part of his problem EE you tell us a rookie. You're right he is a rookie but he Sony's blu little more control. You talk about that feel a sense I think that fearless and sometimes gets in his own way because it. It makes him do things that he thinks he can get away with in the MBA that he doesn't know they can't get away with. So I. I'm still encouraged by certain signs I see from him but when you look at back of the draft and you look down from the third pick on back. Who who which one of these guys would you rather take the way they performed so far. Right I mean I IPO until brown. The only other guy would be Crist on right the only other guy. And you didn't really need to know you didn't and that would have meant them probably trading you eat you could look at it this way down. If you take. Chris Dunn then you can trade either Isaiah. Or Avery. And I think it probably get more for Avery Bradley because. The contract so team friendly. Any section defensive shut down player. You could of looked at at that what. If you take Christiane but Jalen brown has the most upside in terms of being. You know a physical. Front court guy high energy guy I mean if you look at his numbers are not terrible I mean he's averaging fourteen and a half minutes a game. Eyes is shooting 43%. Which out of banana from the field and you know why. Excuse me. Body healed he's seen how bad his three point shooting is. His numbers they're 25%. Move that's bad that's really Jalen brown is a 32%. And that's about what you would X in. Not great not terrible. And not but right in the middle of what I think you would expect for. A first year NBA player. I will definitely take those shooting percentages 43 from the from the field 32 from behind the line. Toxic dose for a rookie who is a guy that everyone said his biggest flaws can chew. I think that. And I mean 2.2 rebounds whatever. I am not sweating it out yet. But the thing with Jalen brown is how does he look at what's the eye test because if there's any player on the Celtics I think you're judging right now. Based on the eye test. It's Jalen brown right more so than anyone outs no question because Jalen brown is the kind of guy who will play through with energy deal. Jump through the building like we said and he can play bigger. Then his size. And we've got to keep. Monitoring the situation I'm not ready to jump off. Kind of like you are you're not fully jumping off you're taking a toe off the boat right now. I'm just wondering. Could they have done something else with that third pac. And I sure a lot of Celtics fans are wondering you know that's why there was no reaction was the rumor the rumor was dealing that pick for Okafor rights and sixers and I'm we talked a just way. And I enough podcasts that took six days to produce last week and talked about. Okafor last week and what an Okafor. On the Celtics would mean and rob Bradford my boss my esteemed boss says you gotta talk about you know wired the Celtics making more ways for DeMarcus Cousins. My thinking is you go to what team like Philly which is looking to unload one of their bigs and primarily they're looking to unload Okafor he put Okafor. In that front court. Again on Friday against San Antonio with the Celtics I think Celtics have a good chance of pulling that came out because I think. He's probably worth Puerto six points which is a loss in game 109103. I I would rather do a deal with the 76ers for any one of their basics. You're not gonna get him beat I've seen no you're not you're not but I'd Brad what I'm saying is I'd rather deal for anyone of their bigs because I know meant to pay a little bit less for the market for them. Resident mark cousins and I you can control them a little bit longer that much younger. And they're not head case like DeMarcus Cousins and DeMarcus Cousins is probably the most talented base the most. Polished and ready to go paid to a little bit more than Okafor because these personal is better rebounder and Okafor is a you know as good an offensive player but cousins would probably cost more yes. Oak forest probably a better shoot out the shooter from ten feet out bright but DeMarcus Cousins low post games the best in the NBA. It's the best in the Ambien whereas you look at Anthony Davis and you look at Carl Anthony towns those guys are better shooters but they can't do what cousins can do in the paint. They just can't nobody in the NBA can do what you can do in the paint right now at least. I'd still rather go to 76ers. And get one of their bigs whether it's Okafor or no well let's throw beat out or thrown out. I would still take no well it would still take no on the steams the defensive stopper and a dagger just gobbled freedoms and block shots. Look look at what. Hassan Whiteside has become downs Miami right fourteen and a half rebounds but he's the only league in blocks you you're right he is their own peace. And it is a lot different when you are the focal point of a team. I was go back to Chris Bosh. Number Chris Bosh in Toronto he's an all star who's a really really good player need. Loaded up the stat sheet when he got down to Miami. It took them awhile to get going it took them long while to gecko. Once he did he regained some of that form but he was never that dominant player that he wasn't pronto because he wasn't the focal point more some guys just need to be the focal point. What with the Celtics where they are right now. Have won ten of their first seventeen games they got through erupts. Rough patch without out without Al Horford we haven't talked really about the significance of bringing Al Horford back. In the those lineup. The only game that they have lost recently with Horford and it was the San Antonio game. And I Alitalia. If Al Horford stays healthy this team will finish in the top 4 in the Eastern Conference do you have any doubt about that. Come four or five I deal. Right about where you are I think they would finish so that eagle also some of those decent numbers seem to have gone down in the last two years that you look at teams like Washington and I'm very good anymore. I better than Atlanta are you better than Atlanta yet you better than the bulls yes Yahoo!. Bulls scare up. Are you better. And the raptors. I think they are they should be. I like they will be now I think they will be better. And the raptors you're not better on the cavaliers towns so. You're you're looking at a number your shoe in for the second seed in the eastern cop realistic and look at. This team is totally capable of it if Al Horford plays 75 games. The other thing we haven't talked about is the impact of Jae Crowder since he's been back. He has been as advertised their best low when he plays. He I think their best defender their best personable defender on the post right. Are you concerned with them you know they put on him minutes restriction I think it was about fifteen minutes a game right while knows what 825 and try to count five happier but whatever it was two point 15 on any clips out last night. Are you worried about them going over their own restrictions with him out I was comeback from an ankle injury I am not now because I'm not really either but they made a big deal out of it last night and other big deal to do. You brought that up because you know in Philly and I follow that team pretty closely of a lot of ties down there. There's so much trusting in the process minutes restrictions on all their young players. And I sort of get protecting them but at some point you've got to. Have a training staff that says okay these likened football and jump of more rigorous you know once these guys are cleared to play. They're cleared to play you don't say will go out there and play twenty or 25 minutes but we don't want you to tax yourself too much they shouldn't be play. A hundred senators unlike. What's the point there were never these minutes restrictions and what the obvious comparison. Here is picture counts okay pitch counts in baseball became all. The outrage. In the ninety's and early two thousands when Leo Mazzone who Hussein and with the Atlanta Braves. You'd you're getting it all wrong. The more pictures picture. Better they are the stronger they are no more terrorists it's the same in basketball the more you play the more endurance you build up. If your ankles are ready to go there ready to go there not going to be any weaker because you're running on the more they're just not. No they're going to be stronger as the building up muscle. It's the league it's a runner it's a marathoner they have to get out there and running keep running keep pushing themselves charges against them they can get ready for marathon. Writes I can think of all these other athletes they need to keep pushing it imploded or limit. Point ban if you're telling an athlete or you can only play twenty or 25 minutes and the athletes like well they really are concerned the moment re injure myself. And if they put that seed of doubt in their head. Some athletes not all of them but some of them are gonna doubt themselves and go in my gonna get hurt again that is ridiculous to do that to a professional athlete you say train yourself. When you're ready to come back you're ready to come back go. Well I think what you just said his act absolutely accurate about the athletes mindset I think the other side of that too is some of these Athens and a a camel again and twenty minutes here. I mean it trying to do more than I'm capable of acts in an excellent and that's when you get this snowball effect and a circling really poorly. And trying to play out of their shoes and they're doing a disservice for the team. I under the try to how successful they've I'll try to ask endless art trader group which has been with the Celtics for thirty years. Back in the day. Were you worried about minutes restrictions and ambushed pretty sure the answer B now that the attitude was different back then it's changed now and you that's an interest in question I'm I'm I would wonder what he says especially as it relates to burden his bat right obviously and that would be the one caveat even announced they cared but that was a physical ailment that limited him. And that and that's a little bit different than saying to a fully healthy Jae Crowder. And yet we don't want you playing too must issue may be re injury ankle while if there's that kind of concern for the ankle. And it's different than the back then was he doing playing in the first excess but anyway. What one lesson don't bring up with the before we go yeah is Marcus Smart from last. A couple of things stood out to me one. I'm gonna go back to this well you're absolutely right he's clearly clearly. Head and shoulders above her ounces in terms of being a leader on the stand. To dude you gotta start making your free throws 55% are my god MO last night gets put on the line for attack hackers Smart are better at it was a flagrant or attacker can you remember a must in a flagrant. He just can't his free throws it is brutal. He shoots like he doesn't care about the meter just flipped the ball. Yep 55 point 2% and even that's really that for a guard that's like Chris Dudley territory. I'm concerned. That yeah that's going to be a problem going forward. Especially if he's in late close games as a defensive player. Right to freedom to me you need in the Vienna is certainly. If that's the case then you're doubling and send them to line and last night you saw him get so frustrated. That he drew technical because he punched back yet and that's just gonna happen so obviously I'm a little concerned about Mars to re. He's my he's infinitely better now when he was 23 years ago was a rookie absolutely I mean he's much better now. He's gonna be reactive he's intense but he's more control and so I'm not as worried I'm not as worried about him losing control and you know get new fight. As I am him hitting free free throws or mental thing in the technique things she's got to work at it. And spend extra time after practice I think that's going to be Iraq are you high on paint in this room by the way I re do lines pirate almighty god fumes are killing me well I've got a sinus headache India fumes are. Adding to my misery to get the hell out of here yeah I think that's a probably a pretty good idea. I would like to remind people that they can follow and kitchen. On Twitter at young men W yeah they can follow me at tracks TR a G ass. I'm your Celtics coverage on the green street blog and WEEI dot com. Until next time this has been felt the podcast flush you by ABL. He's been fiction. I'm Mike rally in.

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