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Celtics Podcast - Turning a corner with Al Horford back 11-28 -16

Nov 28, 2016|

WEEI's Mike Petraglia talks with Josue Pavon about how the Celtics are looking better with Al Horford back on the court and the overall toughness of this team.

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Myself it's 5 PM. Fast unfolding Celtics. All things green. Wow OK all things NBA he believes that he would be a very special player thus Celtics podcast starts now he's going to be. Toms Mike petroleum. Welcome back to the latest edition of the Celtics podcast on WEEI and WEEI dot com brought you five JBL. Well this week I am joined by my colleague in the field as a work Joe's way upon mall. We watched Celtics games together we were at the Golden State game on Friday night I think perhaps Joe's way we can say that was. A low point of the season in terms of how the team responded in the second half how they fell apart. Isiah Thomas ripping in to not only the players but really the coaching staff after the game saying that everybody gave up. On that game and really criticized. The coaching staff for him playing just over 25 minutes. And then you see what happened in the two games sensed they get Al Horford back and apparently Al Horford does make that big a deal. Celtics go on the road they beat the pistons handing Detroit their first home loss of the season 9492. Al Horford. On the game winner with just over a second remaining and then some defense. On the play after that to really helps seal that victory and then Monday night. On a game in Minnesota against the young and up and coming team in the timberwolves timberwolves who raced out to a ten point halftime lead. They build up the thirteen 8168 after three quarters and your thank and year ago the same old inconsistent Celtics. But they managed thanks again to Al Horford and some key three point shooting from Terry ruse here. To pull that out 9993. Actually going away using a nineteen to nothing. Second half spurt to wipe out the deficit just when I got to tell you at night and day having Al Horford back on the court. Yeah I think we forgot how import Al Horford and Mike I mean. Would you would you be able to do especially the best second unit I love the fact that. Brad Stevens is putting him in there with the with all the best players I don't mr. right Crowe and those beards Smart. I didn't give that line up a lot of flexibility on the Corel been able to do on offense. I think I'd like markets Smart and and Terry rosier artist car brought their role went back that it is very important for the team in terms of having bad debt at an option. You know I think terrorists here is a fascinating case. Just way because we knew what we were getting in markets Smart he is a defense that shut down guy off the bench hoop. Is spotty with his three point shooting. I think it Terry rosier we started to see signs. Certainly in summer league and even before that in workouts and and whatnot. With the team. And and people around the team saying that Terry Rosie or is really committed to becoming a an X-Factor off the bench along with Marcus Smart. And I think Terry rosy years. Development. Off the bench is going to be a key factor for this team going forward if they're going to be in the upper Echelon of the Eastern Conference. Is that in the Vatican took it might mean and I did allow that to do with the injuries and I think. We're in markets smartly as we're a starter for Jae Crowder and and and Terry Rosie it was essentially won the first cut open and I think you speak to the cup car and I'm trying to find his role for the team I think now that. Mark Martin's gone back to the bench eakins sort of yes space for himself now out of them to score an additional against. Against Minnesota I mean he can really get it going. And experts you know he didn't get me out by touched. I love it when he drives you know rightly a lot of that just the way to get that will be totals. All Flickr. Or young Dwyane Wade in a way where you able to get typical or let's say he may. Performer in ways and I think is. Is flexibility in terms of being met outside shooter along with being able to drive inside and we do to do for you and the president they look very vital player up about this subject is what. As your initial reaction. To Isiah Thomas Friday night. Frustration makes pat did you just say that it all came I want I think. The fact that the Celtics managed to get that lead down to eleven point 25 minutes left and that's when Bret Stephens re inserted. I bet all of the thing that really bothered him I think that he would think immediate. You know hey if coastal yet nine minute mark caller that eight minute mark maybe could have got this thing down to four or two to five or six points. I think that sort of bothered him and that sort of lingered in his mind. And then going to the locker room at all dispute out. While and you know I think I'm gonna play the devil's advocate here just wait your job as a player is not to have those mental. Gymnastics running through your head. During the game and you know obviously we can't get inside Isiah thomas' hand nobody asked him what he was thinking. You know as he's playing the game but afterward we asked what we he was thank and then that's when as you said the frustration comes out but I think. The job of a professional athlete is to go in and do the best job you can. When the coach calls upon you and you cannot let. You know what ifs what factor rant right. That's a little faster but there's that ritual. We have to remember also Mike Anderson this is sort of a new role try to Thomas he's never been the all star guys that have been the good the number one option on the Soviet Union. Of course I agree with your beautiful and he's he's learning. No Al Horford I think certainly made him a bit more vocal but. But now that corporate back. Maybe he'll look and talk about I think he says that to these games even the incarceration or not you know the growth of the outcome of the games I think you sort of threat to our beat gently in terms of where you know what what you can about ecology that it has got to talking about your minutes and eight. The first time we we've we've really heard their talk about something bad to that ought indirectly you know we never hear and they look for like. All I didn't get it I didn't get that you know like. I think within two weeks ago after the Denver game out of Denver blew up the Celtics are loved the fact that he would be able to say it. I need to do something to make this team better I need to do something to get these guys more motivated that's my job. At the end they had that we need to see market. The one talking about why did not play more minutes. Well I think well it what is also very interesting just weigh is the fact that. Brad Stevens is going to handle this much differently than a Doc Rivers ward and that this is just another case of you know that X generation style coach the millennial type of coach that Brad Stevens as. He's not going to react and put a player in his place right away that's not his management and where his coaching style. On the court and I think that's going to be a fascinating dynamic to watch going forward because. He's going to take Isiah Thomas aside talked to one on one but he's not going to Ream him out. In the media. Well no is not you know it's funny you mention that because. I'm a little bit of this reminding me of like a young young Paul Pierce when him and Doc Rivers are sort of having that friction going on great EP. He didn't think twice to bench to baseball as a sort of message you know he didn't care about. How important Paula it's seen. And and you know opera doc if you look at came amid ultimate respect even a year. Or the first two years or so they would when Doc Rivers took over so I think that we really good point actually which you bring up until the how to correct even gonna handle. The situation moving forward in terms about how he'd. What I think it's solid dark and they're the future. Well you know the other thing and and I know a couple of reporters some of my colleagues brought this up by now Chris Forsberg of ESPN Boston broke that brought this up and thought it was a great point. But he tweeted out and that was that Jae Crowder. Was in a similar position almost the same time when the Celtics were nine and eight. Last year any criticize the rotation off the bench one of the Celtics do they went out and won five of their next seven games. And they pretty much got that ship righted and they were there were no problems going forward. On my question. With regard to this particular cases. Is Isiah thomas' frustration going to you know. We dealt with it or is it going December under the surface and will blow up again. I think it is welcomed some under the surface. The timing was perfect in terms of Iraq Jay crier now and then now Alford coming right back to the next game could live without those two guys I don't think they can add to try to go win so I think backer that led to a you know more quote out of my bed I would have been headlines. Going into Minnesota solar and it's just part of those among the circus. But again. We talked about that out of Friday night game you know this from the finish product I don't know if this is the point where the topics essentially turn the corner and start. Putting together a delicate eight or nineteen when he got into teams are going to look sort of finds identity from now until probably the new year and then at that point when we get to me to January I think we'll see exactly. What Christina about that of course Netherlands itself. Well and I think we need to go back to Al for Al Horford again just way because I don't think it can be. Overstated his significance in the lineup there's no question not only the big plays but the numbers in the consistency. That he gives you on both ends of the court. I mean his numbers on Monday night were pretty amazing when you when you take a look at the twenty points six rebounds five assists and three steals. It's not just the scoring it's a decent number of rebounds he's passing the ball is considered obviously one of the best passing bigs. In the game and that's why the pay at the Celtics went out and paid him the 113 million dollars. You know with a five assists we'll show you that and the three steals he for a big guy just way he has got incredibly. Quick hands and that is one of the things defensively. I think they were messing. With regard to his concussion income and missing nine games at right the start of the season. Yes absolutely what are they were doing defensively inoculate global overlooked. Until you see what he what he is now with the Celtics especially. Odd mix of guys late you know about marriage on then Tyler Zeller. Kelly a clinic at times I mean. You know I think Amir Johnson. Are hoping that he was sort of robot to look here but I think it was away from rajat and sort of become more throws a shot blocker in the sense I don't object and that ought. Allred protect their right actually get put it got a little lot entitlement that I don't the the event. But yeah Al Horford I knew without our whole respect syndicate became like a team like Minnesota Portland you know confident tout haven't won one heck of a night. I think you see huge in terms of stopping the bleeding and helping on that 190 run on the front and. Hey I'm gonna make this real simple Celtics hold the team under a hundred points there. Win percentage will go up exponentially and that's all we have to see in the last two games. You know obviously the Celtics hold. The pistons to 92 points they hold Minnesota in 93 points they win both of the games and I just thank. You know with the patriots it's 23 points of the patriots score 23 points they win 95% of the time. If the Celtics hold the opposition under a hundred points I like the chances. This Celtics team to win and in their last three wins going back to the Wednesday game against the Dallas Mavericks when they held the mavs to a season. Low 83 points celtics' best offensive performance of the year. That just kind of shows you what the mindset of this team mine thank needs to be. Going forward they loved to score they have a lot of young players and scoring is sexy too young players is no question about that you know slam dunks and all of that. All of the fancy you know between the legs bounce pass that. Isiah had to Avery Bradley to finish off that Dallas game you know. Young crowd loves that but defense is really going to be the calling card of this Celtics team. If they are in all serious about getting deeper into the spurring. That's essentially what got them to become a playoff teams play a couple of Beers and it has been their defense that's been their MO. I think one of the silver lining to Friday night against the war isn't that like yeah they get their butts handed to them by. You know they've held onto the four point two there's a team that averages under the seventeen point tonight. And now one thing I think that we have to keep caught by John is about how they perform in the third quarter are wanting a note in the pat file of the fibers X games. The being outscored in the third quarter and I think that when they're able to buckle down what quote like you mentioned. That's when you see them keep teens underneath that one up 100 point plateau so that's going to be something edged into you know going forward it to keep cult I know because. Are coming out of halftime act like they've become a little slow. No little sluggish at times. And the port quota creeping up Abdullah communicate every single night dependent we are playing especially seem like got the spurs were coming to town you know that's why can be a defeat. They are they performing in the second arbiter popped it seem like that. You know I was kind of a little bit down on Jonas to Jerebko last week on our us Celtics JBL podcast. I got my money yeah yeah out you know what I gotta tell you. Jonas Jerebko showed a lot of guts and grip off the bench in that Monday when. Over. The Minnesota Timberwolves and Brad Stevens said I don't care how much he scores it's his hustle and his determination. For lose balls on defense all of the rebounding that is really going to make his role a solid one on our team and I gotta tell you in sharp contrast to that just what you know worm going with this. And we've been doing this every week. Ripping Kelly went back. I Kelly bell Atlantic if you're if you're seven feet and your in the defense of paint and you're not getting rebounds which he is not. What could argue on the on the roster and I would love to get your. Read on this and Jonas Jerebko perhaps. Taking a lot of minutes away from Kelly elect off the bank you think that should happen. I think it serves. And and that thinking about it that's got crap I'm glad you brought about because there was this one player is once sequence that drove me nuts on Monday night it resides in the little the second quarter. There's been loose ball almost by half court. And catalytic turns into these looking at a track he's looking at a loose ball but his body is still moving forward. And I understand them make. You don't look forward Chile grabbed that ball and you're not that far away permit. Or and we shall own initiative that you go to gold or aborted graphics so Minnesota picked back up. They'd bring if they but he had a big big missed the the following attempts. And the ball well behind in his publication to go to the delayed reaction polemic he turns around without even you know initially balking the guy out. Or or even make it that jumped into golf ball and make some sort of effort toward the ball. After the U goes on at the fought and I think the problem that got him noticed right away instead like look if you're not gonna put in that kind of effort on the go Jonas in jointly issued stock I'd buy in the fourth quarter right we're sort of seal the deal for from Minnesota when they're trying to make a comeback that left a few minutes and I mean that the sort of thing that's going to did you wartime that's a big reason why I think you can achieve more Jonas. Then there and Olympic essentially it is a little bit ingenious way to go rookies that people are grabbing rebounds for you at the three point shot but he looked at take up all doubt. When he really give me give it to giving you upped the bench. I and I don't wanna clear yet just way not to interrupt I'd do not wanna hear that the term of the phrase. He spaces the floor so well well so what I mean aren't totally. You're not spacing the glory they they are dictating spacing the for the opposition as. And if you're not grabbing defense career rebounds and if you're not boxing out and if you're not playing. Hard defense and physical defense which obviously in the NBA that's what low post defense says. Then what could argue. Exactly exactly admin and right now at the time where even the feeling if you practiced invest full strength. He had a chance to to really car probable for the bench. And the first cut off the bench right now are direct go to court Smart course Smart. To repko and rosier will be released in the C quote get that sort of night spot. Whether it's it's due and brown can sort of put things together got to keep sort of law identity had been trying to find his role for the team. And is going to be into it only does the commitment that night spot is going to be regrets but. If it and you know especially doesn't give them much to defy a court. Well I had this more general way at this point Joe's why would you rather have Jalen brown a rookie first round pick. Who you spent a third round pick up are the number three overall pick on on the floor of learning his way and he's clearly not pay he's not intimidated. And beat he gives you more defensively than Kelly a lot of wood and he's a better rebounder I mean I think that's a no brainer now. Yup yup that's not bring a Mike and he built a very flexible to play up with prepositions there to breathe in the battle before to we feel comfortable download the post that I get no brainer chart with a group that the group formed. Yeah I mean the one thing that Jalen brown doesn't do we doesn't space the floor as as you know seven point shooting big and nobody is ever. At this point anyway going to make the argument that Jalen brown is a better shooter than Kelly alana clearly he has not. But the point remains. That the Celtics need some true grit off that bench and Jalen brown Terry rosier Marcus Smart. And you know what we saw Monday night Jonas Jerebko give you that. And Kelly oil on it doesn't so we'll see where that goes moving forward. You know what Joseph sway I think it's going to be an interesting week the Celtics got to know on the road trip going to Brooklyn. On Wednesday night trying to complete the three game road trip sweep which I think would be huge for this team I don't care about the competition. I do think going on the road bonding all of that they say in pro sports a team that really bombs together on a long road trip I think that does matter. And I think with this team if they can go on the road sweep all three games certainly they should be or clown care where the games played. And then they come home Craig said Friday afternoon matinee against Gregg Popovich. And the San Antonio Spurs there's a lot to build upon this week. Absolutely and going into that's certainly gave you can go into the game during the off the road trip that's going to be very tough game for a for those are definitely going to be a popular carry that momentum and like you said of the matter who they're playing you know that in terms of there were two went through in a row that's always a great thing to do is for the seventeenth and all over the fact that. There were able to have to get out of Minnesota good going into that game I wouldn't hold onto the district will be able to beat Betsy you know but it playing fairly well I know the record at dictate that but for how to reform the way they date. They score and you know someone like Wigginton who was. Now the best report should earn in the league. You look at one of the top scorer in the league to. You know congress in town you know has developed by rebounding team so with a under the Fisher island of course IndyCar gauntlet eighteen board last science of of that out this certification of that but I other cyclical got they'll bag game with the way it was huge and it it seemed like by the older very tough matchup going in. We're gonna see you out Friday afternoon at the garden are we shows why. Tell me yes. Little League man yeah about a full bellies from that they've given food browbeat him I've been a bill that. Yeah I'll be over my tryptophan from the Turkey on Thursday by then I think I'll be ready Auburn. Temperature were coffee in a cup of Joseph and be ready to go after. You know my friends and Finley get done with their Black Friday assault on the shopping malls and getting in those Christmas bargains you get. Are you shocked to what are you big shopping. I'm ready yourself for what turned you mean you don't you don't partake in the in the big crowd Black Friday you'll epic and epic. I do. I ran up and finally do it forming I'd prefer Cyber Monday. And and I think you know me well enough by now just way and you see me in the press room right. After orient at halftime of every Celtics game. And you're like oh my god peace and quiet unit in a in any working press room why he might kingdom for. A quiet room where I can actually focus on writing I mean look we love NBA Arenas and I don't wanna get into too much rain here but what the hell I've gone on the road anyway. And I don't wanna get into too much or rant but. The music at an NBA arena I have to Wear noise noise canceling your balance you realize that right just like can't take it. Feel like they're allowed that talks are really. About an hour now I don't know Mya teenaged daughters love it and I'm gonna take them to a couple of Celtics games this year but in an in terms of if being conducive to be writing anything creative or useful. For WE TI dot com not much. That that you know or had that that would that it with a couple little things that tracked cannot stand it loud music. Raucous crowds and I of course loud hit pop annoying hip hop music. I can feel why you're so so that. And crowds pumping enemy. And you've seen this up close and personal right I mean you. This is not just some guy that I have on the phones and a track is great to be on with you talk and Celtics while about you work with me use Simi in the east height. Situations either in the locker room of the media work room where we're trying to stand in line to get some food. Before gamer during a game and you and you know how agitated and yet. Very very end here that's what a lot from the moment you mentioned Black Friday shopping outlet lighting wouldn't you wouldn't find tightly and can't do a chance you finance that car. They just let this has been fun we're gonna do it again right. We got a raw record on. And I gotta tell you our videos after the game are fun for me to do their FaceBook live on WEEI. On the WEEI page I should say on FaceBook be sure to hit those up after every Celtics game. Am a Celtics home game and just way and I. Bring you up to date on the latest news breakdown every game so be sure to hit up the WB EI page on FaceBook for that. Just wait give everybody your Twitter handle. I yeah acre farm yet Joe's way there's joke and score at WEY 10. Sojo underscore. At WAR. Ten. Drag on for current and think about has handled recently I don't know do you think it's gender. NBA about how about NBA Joe's way. And has a ring to it. And B eight Joseph slate lab and I think of that ice and into the do you sort of. That's why that's why I'm here to help your body so maybe by the next time we have a Celtics podcast brought to you by JBL. War. The next time we do a FaceBook live on the WEEI FaceBook page you'll promote MBA Joe's wager new Twitter handle. All right I'll go give it and I'll get back Q and I don't know enough or try to knowledgeable about right. And everybody can follow me at drags TR AG ass on Twitter be sure to hit that up let me hear all comments good bad and otherwise. Just way it's been a pleasure this has been a Celtics podcast brought you by JBL on WEEI WEEI dot com. Until next time for Joe's way I'm Mike trial yet. So long everybody.

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