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K&C - Chris Curtis breaks news on Tom Brady; Hunter Walker spoke with Bill Belichick about his endorsement of Donald Trump 11-8-16

Nov 8, 2016|

Curtis broke some news and Hunter Walker gave some insight into how he was able to reach Bill Belichick late last night.

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Just give a little luck raid inside hideous to give up our 300 walked from Yahoo! would join us in about ninety seconds or so. They got to talk to Belichick last night the government Curtis is his notes I think about she's fine and good. Because having a hard time doing what because we have my daughter big if you if you see younger kids now carries for. We go along dribbles and in my phone. You'll go look at pictures right wanted to go on by popular soap and water. Are over two Glor at. But he can now do she's four years old he was born in beer parlor 2012 and 560 we can do Chris Curtis who Wallace always a four year old right is actually older than. Cannot send a photograph on Twitter. We have a photograph that's going to go around the globe no matter tactics he's breaking news. Swedish car. We've got us momentarily once we do we'll describe it to you but he is big big news. That I believe Chris Kirk has got from an anonymous source whiskers you and I correct can. That's correct so this is big Chris Curtis gets all the credit if the dummy can figure out a tweet it out. 600 okay it's been tweet it out on hold on sec counter waterfront Obama wants sex you'll you'll appreciate others curious about the word I don't get ill screwed up the later don't know if you notice that not here is inherited as Kirk and cal and that's our count Kirk and talent on Twitter. Breaking news Tom Brady who voted. Via absentee ballot yesterday morning at ten on nine in his hometown of Brooklyn is not that's a pretty well that's worked well done well not a photo. To prove it but we don't know that. To be anywhere it is a photo was aware that same switcher board that had darkened our I had for a shields and on and falling leaves with a bunch of pulling ladies is that there really sure he's really tall but. Come this means he hand delivered. His absentee ballot which is a little odd but that's okay the crowd to vote for his buddy Donald. Now we know we voted for but this came from a reliable guy. In Brookline correct very reliable source and so the ago folks they go American ego. But in the CNN. Or that picture it's yours Tom Brady is the Viet thanks to Brady Chris Curtis good job Curtis. Hardest part of course getting a picture up onto orders we know it's a slog to do that but he managed to do well Don joining us on AT&T hotline is hard to walk from Yahoo!. Hunter wrote about this whole Belichick Brady trumping its and talk to Belichick last night said Brady was an absentee voter hunter high you know. Are you good so we found out today that Brady voted you reported last things and perhaps the god I guess since we went to Brookline. Did all that we're more curious here about the Belichick park particularly this and we've been cover Belichick here for ever fallen forever I can't think of any time. I'd be carrying these guys city contacted Belichick via phone when you were able to do that last night how did that happen. Well you know there are certainly. Tools that we journalists. Look up different numbers. What one good example like to see you guys have actually found out you were looking for me this morning when my mom texted. It means she would like some guy named Kurt and Taliban or want you on their show or something. Though you guys are clearly using them as being told that I have. Because you know Austro used to on that trip to number than you know associated people. So I basically called a couple different numbers associated with Belichick I think I think that must've gotten off the line. There was 1 that was definitely am on an answering machine and it's that. Press bureau if you need immediate assistance. And then north on one of the numbers like try a guy who had unmistakable voice picked up then you know we just subtle locally comfort. Did you how how long it'll last. I would say it would have followed maybe fifteen Specter and I'm a hypocrite I would I would you know try to ask my question I definitely clearly that I'm all about the double trump latter. Many. I'll get back to you later and I would stop talking and that I realized cheap dollar. Now he and helped him out and you texted so it's his cell phone you believe. Aren't yet I do believe it is cellphone. If it did not thing backward exit arm and it would indicated that it wasn't mobile line. I did not hear about it after texting. Just to say you know I want it's confirmed that the latter Donald Trump rep suggest. While help you know you got him on the phone most people don't do that. Do you do you think it's genuine hunter. Well you know La all I know is that I did reach out to the trump campaign. Shortly after that and they provided me with a copy. The text of the letter. They told me it was via email that did not forward me the original email that it would not comfortable they were not because they were not comfortable giving out built email address. Today they are you just the tag debates and you just the text of the email and. It is not exactly and and they sent me you can see it in the original format on. It's basically exactly what Donald Trump read on stage but it has some I get distinctive light breaks and punctuation. Looks like whoever sent it was using an iPad or something. But you know. It Belichick certainly when he was hearings mean at a packed plot let the other. Shot confirm or deny that he didn't do that. So you know I I can't paper short but the trump campaign is very confident we'll. Was real. And it came from bill the bill. That this thing may send an email sent to four did you did it match up with the thing he read on staged or did he had some of his favorite adjectives. No it it. Virtually with the exact same saying oh you know he didn't read that signature and a sort of gear Donald blind. The only big difference with the Bill Belichick liked using the and the simple sort of typing out work and that kind of thing. Well prepped and ballistics. You think yeah I'm up by subtle under U subtle language of this a million sort of trumped isms and there you know your rates just like bill I'd just like trump can't. Are you as always check right exactly trump speak isn't. Yeah I mean you know I gotta say I'm I am not that familiar with Belichick but that's time you lost the Super Bowl for the giants. So I don't know if that's the style of how he talked. We familiar enough for your familiar trump speaks. It is absolutely not a likeable I was writing a letter and it don't bite yet. I mean we we we had ever we have one of our guys he did area. Strategy to a transcript search on on Belichick and Tommy's words he never used once in years of transcripts so it seems strange. That. Yes it certainly was very trumping an I think that the Brady. Things even more interest saying I'm because what's going on there I know you know it it'd I think it was to you guys write he said he wanted to repeal only vote for a lot to the election. He. Initially at that right before you know yesterday morning that he hadn't voted yet. What I found in his records it was something her from a beacon street address that it used to live there right yeah saying that he's an active so that could. Could've just been that location. But is. You know his registration. Was initially set to the Copley Square. Library. And it was inactive that. I I don't know any thing you know not an expert in lose local matches with election law I do not think that would have restricted him from voting in person absentee. He should have had any problem. But that's really interest in it but Gisele on a program in the all right what are perpetrators had no yeah screen. Yet there's the screen grab grown around where rim demand for Graham fan out to well. If she voted for induction I'm voted for trumpet trumpet she said no. Yet. Notes I know what she's the first married couple the white vote each other's votes in a happens. I Torrealba to rear we appreciable thanks for good John you know extraordinary job. I'll talk to that country. Tucker walk from Yahoo!'s steps traditionally have Belichick. And is this that is and he got nothing out of them but he's right Belichick has said yes no bomb that hung up. I don't hear. Good question he's very white it's only a plate of we don't look at Brady's register an insulin to wonder why time last night talking about how are not getting hear about it from ballot check til Wednesday no way to get in touch them maybe just give up in my religious it's not worth the submission who and they snuck a singular in which he didn't. I mean that's not really a scoop when Britain and military hangs up more press via Belichick was full and limit their nine. But he's like initiative is known knew who don't know breaking news no he just said Belichick just hung up on me it doesn't sound like he was Belichick's response suggest he was aware that such an email was sent a letter or not either just can't quite all right again paktia and get back some of us. We Belichick has to have a circle of friends who. Point out the tough talking about him oh sure no I think he's aware yes even if he's watching the game he saves gonna watchman and a footballer I would rent. And you know sit back and watch that seat he says he's. It was he explained Dale Hall I was gonna watch the game in such detail I never heard him talk like this weaponry on good move. The necessity of -- we have to duplicate and the duke and to make America great again he's pointed out that the degree always got to the bills two weeks ago so everything about the bills and they've spent weeks cutting Seattle prepare for Seattle so they know everything and they just sent back and watched and and like us who watched the game and where it was so I guess entertained but I'm not sure he learned. Can you Denard you know now that he when the referees. That they'll do either of Asia he already knew that too but. He really was rooting for you want Seattle to win or lose. As you prepare for them. Oh you probably win win and yet I think we're blessed. The bills lose your computers and on the policy that he thinks what he sees it that's over that's true they mean I don't think he thinks but they have seat on this last night they got boats you know plus that TV Brady says about for the person sees as a regular season play if she's hurt. I think the patriots are still the favorite to get to the super grapple with throughout yes snow in L Gwinnett but no problem to get to this yes I mean it becomes more interesting to say with the Oakland come in here sure it opens on a roll would you pick and game. Right now the appointments of pictures from wood to withdraw Columbia correctly to meet him at home no I would never I finally did it to be able to you to Dallas is unbeatable. The weakness of course rocked. Of course of course that sort of of course the canals in Iraq Jamie Collins yes it's true the ongoing role picture we were six or seven so I've been nine calls 7937. A couple open lines drawn to a weigh in on ministers Camilla rob Dick Robinson a Los Angeles hey rob. And yeah yeah good morning lifeline let one patriots fan I grew up a not so sure about them free. He can't keep up keep it quick you know I a big fan vote Brady and ballot check. And you know live out here yet a lot of crap about patriots about them not stuck with about stuck with it and defended them. And you know I think I thought you guys I'm just I've always been hoping that we can squeeze like another really good five years out of both of them. You know because that would be awesome great beauty 44. Well let's see he says he's clinical 47. That but the point of it is I've always wanted them to stay longer paid. And I hope they really clear this doubt that put us up and it turns out to be nothing you know that prop it up like everything else or that you know Brady was just trying to be time to drop. Says on the call call screener Robbie says well I don't. Belichick should be fired is which is why you think it would do you think it's possibly can I'd love to see. Sub in immediately be looking at her way to push them away and kind of start with the new if they supported Donald Trump the present. He wrote a letter to trap why line that helped them get out hold it up and and what it out and show everybody rob what do you think of the pictures record's going to be this season. And now Victor records that I don't want me. So fourteen to two and you want the coach or be fired because he wrote a letter in America supporting a candidate for president. Idea. That if you are just elements of the election is more important than sports at an altitude would have brought the crowd today voted for trying to lead. And in a highly democratic state and the important election. That he's got to support him like Donald Trump amicus save always vote for president that's fine. An overriding a love letter to trumpet this portion you know I I he just loses jobs you can't see how that makes any sense for anybody him. Like only if he only has to brought here where there's only two choices right so now you want him to support Hillary Clinton. I want him to be Smart enough to realize. That even if he wants to vote for trump he ought not to write something that trump can wave around and. So it was unclear if so if you hit it robs a zero Republicans are not all Democrats or independents are all sorts of people robs a few letters saying that if you wrote a letter saying he was supporting Hillary Clinton Hillary ready hurtful. Her campaign would you want him fired for that. Onsite and any candidate he wrote something supporting Hillary Clinton's I think you know Hillary wrote that at her events would you want him fired for the I would. You just is dismayed it's not because when you would watch loses chocolate in my sport and politics in my sport it's popular 00. Okay and so on the way I know not do you wanna rethink your contention that those are California is not lost I cannot letter from Caledonia is over I if it fell into the ocean Americans be better cities from here. And I don't mean I don't. I'm I'm like I'm like Curt Schilling I'm only kidding. We cannot get a B or not motivating a large group of people Jerry's like going to detached California in the United States do you think you can. Hook a she'll play along Schilling is motivating people is paying journalists it's something that's on people's mine so I was again now is Estes. Then what happens what's social and does this yet in somebody sees that. In an AC dynasty that's journals event right and shoot them. Not cute but rough spot hang him that I Bobby Hank and I want to go hang if they want in a good thing Michelle and they weren't independent east trump out of the deal they would be roughed up there'd be assaulted beat up yes because he's not protected I don't had it is that bad. I don't have a big problem with that personally not Bayside New York Times story read over the weekend yes it's an end and Jerry and and by the way the media it is is not the bag for Hillary keeps stops also helps stop. If they approve or anything in this election season it with the ending its that the mainstream media. Is complete in Iraq why they sleep and it is highly Hillary's emails over the last week than any other positives because they're probably by kind of the indicator that's not like you have to because a great success story that's why not sick short and it pour the horse I agree that yeah I'll ask that same question I answered the question. Houdini devoted four. By putting our Hillary Clinton by like 90% but it doesn't cloud their judgment their daily coverage there is no access to so you could argue that Martha Raddatz wasn't wasn't wasn't. Our coverage wasn't affected by bush who want to present. I think all these networks are in it where the horse race they want to club face a week I think made the best drama and Angel tours on a monopoly name one journalist whose club gonna vote for. I. May have been a pillar is theaters and it is a sound that it is a prominent times. I mean the only shot and reasonable for I don't these journalists and I had I don't know Jerry many journalists who it doesn't matter because that college is about speaking at its low one break under percent well what is the media is in the judge -- whoever media behind the media does not do its job anymore in the media does not do their job they are in the bag the ideologues the only goal is to defeat trump that's their goal is to committal at best dropped out and they want it closed or believe that that's that they -- don't believe that my young friend you aren't paying attention to carry the real story almost solely dishonor to stop and so it's a Dallas but it's Caracas dishonest media dot. Led by the Giuliani weighing. Right you see you write me I was calling for him to be to couldn't investigate to be fired or run up a criminal charges a week ago Benny. Many came out on Hillary says that he was okay now all the media I want to do. Is get Hillary elected that's it until audio and car nobody died thanks good job good job with. Go rob want Belichick I I I hope he thought a job. Briefed the beyoncé and couple of guys not well I'd I'm sorry card that would disgust. We've got. Springsteen and a little top thing on agent Billy. Colds but it is cold like three Ortiz he's not young man why why Hillary Clinton. Mean obviously she can't drop fly she needs to levees give people show up right Philadelphia. She really worried about loosened Philadelphia an issue Pennsylvania she portable as a Pennsylvanian. Or would these frauds not known for happily we've addressed within I've traveled the notre late. White streaks he whenever North Carolina had to draw a crowd Philly Brewster Hiller. And pencil for Boston tonight general together weren't thinking Billy Bob Bruce Miller. Website you'll get a drop of individual. Anybody grub org crowd than Hillary you sit empty picture last week that event now amendment before Apple Store windows where we received cozy gym you know he needs to bring a debate is that it you run Andino buddy buddy was struck marvel rub gut by. I I just think that you know that's that the couple out on the West Coast you know like it that it liberal Greg Ellis started it yet they get their vote out you know. It god forbid someone like bill checked event it's true you know. Like you said it's America and we want to vote for it's no different. And beyond there any of these other you know all we need it per year than you guys that that's not a re Hollywood left wing of course and bay you know but. And and one thing I just wanna say I've voted this morning. I recently moved to New Hampshire and you know. I've forgotten a set amount bought recently but it you know they should be an executive order for Obama put showered because. I'd vote for trump I'd still dirty but I don't billet parity by voter IL. I mean you'd you'd regret it if you vote for Hillary you would really know what I think you're going to preserve and I think he went out of her house there and I'm wondering how thing. We should he should choose I agree he should not be a little pull a slick minute hand got to pick a side I can hope for either unless unless you want those factors Charlie vacation at 25 anniversary our anniversary Jerry being maybe just put your history education about oh my god you know the definition of palaces if you don't agree with her. That's the definition of what is when you start sort of getting dirty and Jerry's is you know. To map so I don't hate Glen is twenty times. With Alex doesn't declined to get a call them post not unto him that if you are. Although. Not part of the show is he is not on the show he's guest on the show and Sergei for an. You know sort of wonder if that's good for them and I think I might be or I think it is little it's totally going now to follow character moon probe we get our sort of stands are gonna get so they right now. No Curtis Curtis today Curtis did it here get the British early show which stadium Jimmie would you Packers attractive not quite might. He's got the Justin Bieber time not just a meter title weaker Connelly in terms not on a very. If it was at its power to appoint Kurdish lost a lot of weight certain Tressel butter nice jeans and nice jeans just smells good start to get had heard it put them under oral. And under these are under your daughter Emily and he's a year and easier to mean look we're criticized Charlie Baker for not having the balls to vote I vote were held a you know actually this out as your return just he's a politician governor of a state he's thinking about voted present it to where it is it's or wasn't it yet its simplest cowardly act. It's if it's it's it's it's it's it's right there at Paul Ryan tweeting out a picture with my doubts he's saying you know declining and he voted for Donald truck. He's votes right up my key ID. Always know is Bob Dole the only. Living nominee more Republican president who's going to trump to. The bushes thoughts I think McCain is Norma normally you know and the thinking is I don't know he disavowed after I'd I don't how will Sally don't help and sleeping toys don't get me another guy he loves like Maureen Dowd loves being that's true loves McCain is he's the temple wolf trump the line. Those guys got hot anyways have no respect for ethnic metallic I like my I guess that's where our exam on. I'm really mcginnis but that we look back from tropical dumb things he said that that might be the dumbest thing you said right up yes yes well I would say grabbed him by the usually the answer your pitches again I like people aware that and I involved as my African American. Com was pretty bad that was and a very much against police judge now he is he's a very against police department there instant access prove he's not that's 617 went before a judge who is a very against police to judge right 61777979%. Who see the calls on the ball get Q we get packages Kirk count him out street money Gary Johnson Tuesday.

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