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K&C - Tim Hasselbeck battles with Kirk and Gerry about the facts in the Josh Brown case 10-31-16

Oct 31, 2016|

Tim joined Gerry, Kirk and Mut on a Patriots Monday and addressed several issues in the Josh Brown case.

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I had a conversation with Tim Hasselbeck is brought to you by doing that fat loss Cadillac of nowhere and by my pillow Tim joints on the eighteenth he outlined Tim good morning how real. Derek earlier I guess to clear things up from last week we talked to the Josh Brown so I didn't realize that the time. That that Matt had that kind of relations with Josh probably read about I guess after we had you won. Were. Well that did that that that Molly Brown had gone to Matt in into his wife that you is sort of so almost sounding board sort of let them know what was going on the situation was unfolding were you aware of that. Bomb work if you think that's true well right now that's surely part of the problem remained as part of the problem. With the neighbors. My brother Andrei vacation house and central Washington and gas. Josh Malik. On out on the street. Do you even after after it's been weeks we talked did you have any better understanding of why. Josh Brung but the one game and not six I mean if he'd gotten sick or. I get those guys that you guys just brought up some things. You know it is factually correct but being perceived as true. And so I would think that that's a supplement that. What do you mean they do what. We're certainly assert that Molly had gone too much for other. And his wife. And it's and it's not true but it is being represented mr. But would you say something you do with that Sony do with what. Well what I'm saying is is that you either triggers a lot of substance that kind of come out about. You know whatever these accusations are whatever sheets. Or whatever. The reporter claimed that she said it would have whatever that may be if that's. True word completely fall. But not not the point not to. So the report. Is wrong we when we reading out of. So are well I'm not I'm good good. What has been reported might correct but what is being. Trapped I'd be completely fall. I'm maybe I'm I'm a come Ahmet dope Altman and confess I'm I'm confused or was reported was accurate. What was said were set by home. The lawyers say. I think that's proclaimed for Molly correct. Right don't write him say reportedly this is why it's why did know that's why. You were sort of vague about his relief ship last week it seemed like you you aren't you took a different side of the most last week. I was wondering if they're to marry. Here here's what I saw it last week at hotel that I met him. Don't I don't I don't have got Brown's phone number yeah. I know a little bit about the situation I had been around all of them or. What I said last week Americans. You know literature listeners because whoever. You know I think people found you know I guess sensible that it was. A bubble and when I characterize it that way. What I certain looks was. Your win at any kind of some of the information that's come out. You know partners Josh talking about being abused their Childs. Like if you don't pick a child getting abused its. Then it would and we just don't operate that would disagree news and I I think in the end and he is. Pretty much. Long history of prove their you know and brought back ten. Not what leads a lovely idea or are at least another short short but I guess my point was. It it it once succumbed to Molly brown and Josh Brown's an adult he's 35 years old and he's you know beating a proper being physically be crypt. When I went to great to see that's. What she thought she filed the report saying that happened several reports. So you believe you signal believe her. Well I'll I know it's been better vendors and set com. You know that has been I guess reported as being true I'm out to be. Actually completely incorrect. Like what will this is oh hole almost like what. Org where you sir are my brother my sister writes as one that you don't know which are not claiming that the mall grounds. And that's our our roundtable that. Here's a look I'm not trying to I don't know that you know dark brown not away or chase or anything like that it's. This stuff since. You know then. Investigated them look all that stuff certain votes are that about what's happened so let's I don't know. You know the interviewing and anybody's you know personal relationships are at it like. I just you know. No what it's up as come out some of their. Kids is not be true sort when you do that it's regrettable. You know how how how you look at me and that's important to clear out a lot election just go one game instead of Paris. Blanket six and certain. Don't know why I think that that might be why it happened you know may come out on every you know argument and anybody ever reference like that. You want just ground it one game. I'm gathered is most likely because one man look and that took some of that stuff a week. You know maybe don't see that one sided is everybody else see. Well this is sound. According to police documents we become slaves and and other places reported according to police documents Molly Brown asserts that he handful of neighbors and friends. Including Matt Hasselbeck and his wife Sarah were aware of Brown's pattern of abuse. That's just from all around to the cops. Right re exactly right Jerry. That's exactly right. Why do you know I had no idea though that's not true. A Manhattan triggered a searcher or outlet but but but but wise Molly browns line and that has an excellent teacher oh now. They're about as a matter I. And I. I don't know how much will you want me to figure into the s's they're certain it's not me. It's not look and Chris Spencer. You know and and has like lurches in the saint second in America. I guess or who are ordered. You know I guess mentioned in the same way. You know Chris Specter also former animator of judges. And all I can tell you it is. You know it's. What people should do revision mental outlook and look at them both of these guys and he couldn't figure it out you know in the outskirts. I don't I don't know what that means. Full what do you mean bulk of these guys will gladly look into it short redeeming. Usually doesn't look looker to or better listener. Why remarkably more Molly's suns posted a picture was just you know last week or so basically saying you know. You know typically they're saying that your freedom I don't look let. Post war would we are honored you're better example of this social people about the mayor here Maria's. No no. Just prepare. The linebacker for the Indianapolis Colts which Mary's which is a gap yes prepared you know the story or just the like the Portland commissioner for example less. Grew warmer and accused them of of great thinker the sort look at the last couple years. And. The kid went arming the kid went to the west. Or whether or. You know about the story in the prospect Justin Berry is is on the Indianapolis Colts fans. You know I got was basically exiled and then called rapists furlong you know culture or year whatever launch. Where his hand Missouri is there a diary of Josh Perry saying that he. Abuse women. Now item number number I'm not saying that these things are exactly the same but you know what happened just like Eric it was called racist and all that stuff. Some up and up the you know not be true. He gets and that segment like or act like I I attempt impressed and you know I'll I understand the deeper and all that right and I'm not I'm not I'm not trying to yes you are yes you're. You are figure out the rewire action and somebody got one game vs six. And based on like that you know there is little is that I could handle a situation like that. About solves that why you got one payment service that so that you I guess why not merit last summer and the giants select interests. You know signed a contract that that's why I'm saying that. By the by that definition if if you think that's the are you think that's the case if you think that's the case that you think it's unfair that Josh Brown's not the league right now. Now not looked at people can make any decision where one where. The departments to kind of punishment. Was for one was correct or do you think it was not strict enough but do you think that being released. And six games as I mean which what do you think you deserve forty did what you think he didn't. Arbitrator. For anybody. For anybody. If they are accused of something that very day I don't think it's a good idea for players just could be. Suspended. Or put under exempt Lester whatever. Or hurt because somebody wants to hurt them to accuse them something. That matters of public stops somebody. From move to execute multiple people something a statute should using another you know about a player like there's. And I like being secure well I don't know nothing about the situation. You're going to be good ideas from on the commission would doubtless because of former girlfriend. You know and accused him of something. Again well I could but I that would have been they're back Julian element people auditors can assure the exemption list. When a woman I'm barb boxer accuse him of something. No but you have to look at all the faction that you think they should wait for conviction. We do you think you re right right right Eumig Ray Rice should have been able to play until he's convicted no way I wasn't convicted. What I'm saying it. We're in. You know I think it was great you know immediately legacies happen as it happened and I think part of what I was saying last week. When you try to have a blanket policy. Directors humans try to look like policy. Of like that happened at minimum secretary. Read. When you try to do that and the work. Eckerd like particular defect as it does so pay you know you're you're gonna go to your room well. For things like it happened there yet so today. And so take part in my. You know censor road trip out against a jerk like it's the same thing here trying to abort policy. And I think that and I think that Marshall and projecting a derivative capsules are potential great pitcher champ I think so many NFL fans just in general. Or unhappy when it comes to player disciplined. Because it's wildly inconsistent. And so it's like wait a second house how does that make any church that. And then look at our pagelets at a golf course and the most are here about Josh brown and Tom Brady was you know mr. quarter this season I'd get like. I I I I don't think that's right yeah there like to see you guys are clear. Let's I'm not sure it I think consistency to it looks like they tried to hide some facts here in the short tempered the patriot we hadn't had merit yet the marriage give merit tell princess that he was aware that brown was abusive to his wife. Right and so a lot I would ask you are in and again in less than what you you know you can decide you can believe Joshua can't. But you know it is said that he never struck his wife he is the police. Have never necessarily filed a report where instructors Weis is certain deference. Then re right. It says that in a giant has studied at ten. Looking auto it is dire he said he did physically abuses wife in the diary now maybe you think we have no business reading his diary. But you would admit that that changed everything. Correct. So right so listen let's Sergio last week you guys are calling a meeting is why I wish there and what I'm saying hoses. In that diary. There are clearly talks about social how much am I look at the hard court. Is that what is this cycle talk about what law you would talk about kicker little project in the national football. It is true there is. GO. What is written an error. Isn't necessarily any thing matters. That is going to. That that is putting big guy. In a situation where he's being criminally charged with their regular group realized. Sure are. Right okay shore. So a lot I think we want that's okay Gordon let me start wherever bella and exercise of what that diarrhea. It's it's just I just accept limits him like you you you don't think Molly Brown telling the truth and you're sort of dancing around does that mean is that fair to say. Since I'm in it all I'm saying is that there are some other that that. And I honestly I think it didn't think about it believe there do you think she's not do you think she's lie. Let them I don't know every part of there. Situation. But I know. But that Clayton about. You know relating to my brother is completely. And you think that the when he confesses to physically abusing her in the diary in that might just be some kind of exercise you perform in honestly I don't as coach. Maybe I've never been a psychiatrist maybe that is what is. Happy you know it's hard to believe eight annual leave aside you go to a psychiatrist and you do do you do do stuff like that that is true. But but but never never vast like make up you know cook things up but you started doing things you've done in light of talk about. In other stuff that would suddenly start right now I've abused women did which was Jack. I I think you were we were expecting an overreaction after Ray Rice and it just baffles me why. It Dell forget reacting to the judge brown thing I'm surprised in overreact and over punishing let alone. Given just one game and you know what that was the problem they've given in the sixty might be back in and play you look yeah it's Pedro. And so there are I don't think so I think it's a game six that everybody would say okay we get cigarettes so watch a policy it's six games that's we should get. And then when information and you know comes out after the fact no other nation. I think men that say. You're under their help I think ultimately what happens is Eric. Goalie can be their partner. And a lot of these situations so whether. You know just around that are that are great Rais are great party your party where they're all those other two mentioned compound afterwards. You know that maybe the league you public figure now I think the public pressure. Is ultimately what ends up. Causing you know of the actions from from the league from the giant solar of their race them but the other guys that could work in and vibrant right. Right that made them big genetic damage and they rice apologized. What I read it wasn't until you go. Public outcry. What people like you know what they do you know this is totally different that we should reacted as if I'm that the the terrorists to do list like there's a power influence that. The leader of the team would have on what's happening. It's our resolve it resolve and. Reaction. It will get shot on this real quick our it's our Michael questioned the week we get your week on something Brady related. Quick yes or no is Tom Brady the MVP. Right now of this a football season. I figured I have my and you respect I think Brady's specially Kirk. These. My ball protection floors you started with Tom Brady went in history so you know even less than a quarter of the season so. If they had that I had you know can't swallow my problem. And make a prediction but I think here that the UN. The utmost willow talked actually that backs. I got the.

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