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K&C - Tom Brady on his performance against the Bengals and his friendship with Donald Trump 10-17-16

Oct 17, 2016|

Tom Brady joined Mut, Gerry and Kirk to discuss the Patriots improving to 5-1 and his friendship with Donald Trump.

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Talk radio interview was brought Cuba has lubricate a northeast electoral distributors my pillow. Still federal credit union what can these UC view and buy a New England Cadillac viewers Tom George C does every Monday during the season. I guess that the first question is you know every stalk him with a difference it was from the first half the second half you think that's true if it is what was the key. You know William you know we certainly if you look better in the second half there was a good morning to you guys first sort of morning. So I haven't seen the film yet but you know we. Mean we. Cherish. We gonna have as many tries is you know we part like had there in the first half. And then. Yeah we're backed up on one of them on the third drive the second driver and a Putin's. Penalty on the talks play which produce and long yardage. And in the first shortly. You know we had a field goal had some opportunities to keep the drive alive in you know hopefully get group which possibly trigger up on the and so and so. We just you know just what excuse me great and you know when you play good defense and you don't. Rouge during a bunch of good place in the Turkish score points. In in the certainly touchdowns. So in the second half in Europe it would do much better journal that we. You know what penalties that that hurt us they've made a few. Kind of costly penalties on them. You know when that we just. We started taking advantage of some of the looks that they were given us and ended up. You know make some big plays and in the big plays really led you know. The touchdown so there's just. You know they eat their third good defense in you know we were you know trying to get the ball in the end zone and you know it just took less. You know it is second have to account kuril. Did you have a seat come Burke its low hit on benefits is dirty plays you'll oversee I think and then folks like a lost his balance and body went right after his knee Jeff pointed. Did you see written that'd. It is it's Fella could get the whole team going to told him upset. Yeah I expected that the one. Which was set to one of but the scene murder teams in the red here. It was away from play and it was like I once it was all right also was on the ground catch on in the fourth quarters are right. Yeah I didn't see it I I had also intrusive on the field today so. Yeah I mean that's you know you. You'd be good deal with that sometimes too and I think we're deal with that explosive day in their own innocent that some guys. Some. I haven't seen it some. And you'll hear different you like at the I'm watching you with that all these weapons we talked about last week how good this collection of the skill players is the only question is you know and they stale and you keep him healthy and I seek rock and I had not the sideline I don't know what you think and don't just step it we don't get as many yards you can but step don't live to play another day that's probably not in his nature. But do you would you like to see that from guys not just me cattlemen you know and Mendel some of these guys are fearless they're gold the metal. Is there times you like to see them maybe avoid contact in either for you in December and January. Well I think there's. You know I think that's per decision making process for for a lot of players and you got to make those decisions on a play by play basis so. It's and I talked about with certain players over the years you know especially team like yesterday to have a lot of big guys. They're very. You know they'd be. Their whole team is to just pitch. And that's it it's there you know they've made. They've been upbeat you know quickest team out there on the field you know like because I like perfect her mom loop of the ticket lines you up. On the they're trying to take your hat off and that's you know that's why they got a good defense because they got we put a lot of defenses like that over the years. You know this just a big physical defense is. You know it's that's their trademarks so. I think so when you're playing those teams you got to understand that. This year played a lot of zone coverage so little coverage they can all kind of drop back and read the quarterback and and break on the throw and they've got kind of more guys to the ball. And ready to pitches then you know the sixth man to man where there's usually one guy there to make a tackle or where we need to run zone you got here are usually two guys. On the sides of the receiver and and so one behind the receiver. So you may get three guys close on the ball so. It's failure. You know I was a detour guys like looked you know we've got to be Smart how much were trying to gain here in the the more we're trying to gain you know the more you know you to stop you cutback in another sport guys in pursuit. So. You know it does no good if you you know if you play you know three games and in your eye out for three games in the year. If you plea to work Asia for two games so you got to make them Smart decisions and you got to know what the down distances and which are trying to gain on a particular place so it's just that you. You wanna be out there for every game that's steps are always looked at that you ought to be durable. And European durables decision making especially when they're. You know your 190 pound cheaper here and you get 250 pound linebackers in the assuming Richard ambulance takes so. It is going to be able. You know which serve when he ran up the sideline. If there's a chance to step out about the person guys you know we hear but it's sort of to keep a running back and the other night ground beef inspection attacked the U. That's a different decision and so it to turn on the players in this situation but it you know ultimately you don't wanna take those unnecessary hits. And you know put yourself in jeopardy due to get up in play the next play. There are times when you're okay with some of the union flag that parked housekeeping yesterday and that fifteen yard of the Wanda turning what looked like it was me touchdown drive. Into fuel Travis site talk them on the sideline after the camera show that noise you appeared talk about that ballerina. But there are times you say okay this guys fired up he's justified he's angering its okay or is that always a mistake. Things are reunited I think I'd really late to game for to be pretty much over. Their kittens. That was. I don't know exactly what was said. But I villagers just they don't get covered chippy. You know lists with. What the bank also. They've they've had a history of that we're in no particular players on their team and you know it just kept going back and forward and you know it's just. You know quote broken leg of the much too good plays on them should they didn't like kitten. In just one of those things it's right I'd rather just not take those that road just people always been to get back to the huddle and make them pay on the scoreboard. You know put sometimes of football reduce. It just happens. Well Tommy mentioned the of guys wanna take your head off he called them chip B Dave certain guys that play a certain way you feel like this angles team is 88 dirty football team to go into it you're thinking this a dirty team and yeah they're going to try to. Make plays like that all game which you put him in that category. You know I don't and I think they just play that's tough physical style in the consider when they achieve they they mutual Harden. You know. I don't I don't think thirty of them never said that about any team. You know it's football and you know it's it's a physical sport and some teams play more physical than others and you know like this are the trade market that team is. Could be there. Read the quarterback and a brick and mortar hit part that's what's good for long term effort to build a team they get two safeties that are you know 225. Pounds and they have big physical linebackers and they got big quarters and nor huge queue lines so I mean they're they're gonna get team got a good defense they get. A lot of good players and you know I think the best way to make a statement goes to play well on XQ well and score points when the game is it actually therefore. Now we talked about your defense to start the the high tower play Tom seemed to us to be. The game changer off for the defense you had four straight scoring drives after you get the safety. Adult millions voted to feel that way on the field at that was a momentum changing play in that game yesterday. There was definitely a lot of emotion after that play it was just a play that kind of sparked it you know the whole team and so. It was a great play by him it was a great rush. There's great schemes play in the you know there's booking in juniors are so dynamic for him because they can drop in coverage. They can intercept passes. They can read the quarterback in zones. You know they can play an enemy and and then they can rush the quarterback and that's and and you know get off blocks and search to you know. Rush lanes there and in what and got a got a hold them and he just he finished them off so I was. A huge point in the game and you know really view it was it was a great sport for. I love you heard yet on but Roethlisberger. Tore his meniscus in his out this week and now of a party we all agree that that's that's too bad for us says. As fans football fans it's too bad it's a pretty good rivalry. You view and then I'm going against each other he's not plan is there any party used disappointed now. Absolutely Lebanese. Yeah it is because. Start. Because he's you know he's one of the toughest guys. You know in the lead in. You know I would never Ruegamer. Doesn't this say he might he might become off the operating table and Sierra. Maybe he could and he's done that before and played beautiful for 400 yards so. Where he's just. He's just he's just an incredible player play against them since 2004 and not since surprises me with him but he's one of the best quarterbacks. That are played against so I would ever count him. Do you that we found out later I guess in your career that you had a relationship with Manning and then the dinner your wives socialized. Do you have any relationship with Roethlisberger well. No I've never really hot out within and so and there are and I know tonight. I hear on that voice you know kind of watch him from afar and we have some mutual friends and you know he's just. He's just such a great player he's he's been. A leader that team for a long time and that a great job and it may always seem like they're right in the mix. And legacy I think he displaced talked a few very unique style of play which is. You know it's it's. Pretty spectacular to watch the way you'd be able to shrug off defenders and make plays and throw the ball on the field and we've severance which are great season this year. You know just to be able to see him actually play a lot this year with. You know. With that team and in so we'll see I mean I don't know of who knows how bad it is and if so the chance to play it's only Monday so you were saying he's as tough as anybody. You know we talked you last year when hold the flee the thing was going on you said you were spending sorted. Less time talking to the media weather's nationals though for weekly stuff. Is that still the case this year as it was Lester site talked to pal Antonio after the game Prius peony still more so economical with your time and you were years pastor. A little less so this year. I try to you know. I haven't thought about that much I mean I do know that they're in others obviously a lot of things are passed. To do on a weekly basis. And you know sometimes they work couldn't and sometimes they don't. That's. I wouldn't say I've done in electronic things over the years. Gary even go back to unify its several years ago not someone that you know you see a lot of Sunday Night Football pretty religions you know stuff like that so. I do try to conserve my energy they'll say that I mean I'm not I do try to. You know I realize that I need my energy for my team my teammates since and the more you do with Lester what he had to prepare and so forth so and some. You know sometimes it takes five minutes that you know when there's five things addressed either five minutes becomes a lot longer than that so. You know I'd and it kind of player play your troops spread. So is still party that and this is you know like I is how I would things but why in the deal but this ESPN self help him talk to me. I'd look at them I think ESPN and thinking you know what they they were not great to me. The last 1824 months so I'm antsy dose group that's not your thought process at all. Aren't really try to just move on you know I tried it you know things are just in the past with me and if I'm just. And just trying to move on and so that's what I think that's a hard look at it in the I've there's so many people who have been so great talking over the years and you know I've I've had so many people that have supported. You mean as a player for seventeen years in them. You know on the very positive person I've I think that's for the most part in an industry that remark like that way and and down. You know. I kinda like everybody you. I suspect. I that's always almost that's a flaw you don't have a lot of flaws birdie but that's when you hold you don't kindled decent grudge. I know well it's eight fathers if filed a graduate program that bothers need more than a bald as a. That must be some who don't you like this could be somebody he's gotten some Beatles like. Concern. She's. Our public initials are G. Breyer and I don't think that I could tell. I will there. Almost say this you handled the trump questioned the way I expected to the only way you could if let's she wanted to. Deal with the for the next three days you were politely says thanks to you guys. And judging by the reaction just from saying that I guess you feel pretty good about the way you handle it because if you said anything else. It would have been you know national headlines for the next three both national headlines when you say when I said nothing. You know what are and it's just there's a story is right now there's obviously a lot of you know there's a lot of you know headlines to make and so forth so that I've tried never to make a lot of hurricanes you know put an interest you know I. And a better organization where you know we're really. Are taught to say very little. In you know we're always respect our opponents and we don't do trash talking and and you know you don't I think the Big Apple is far I don't wanna be a distraction for the team that's special article and I don't want you know so. Not that there's things that I said or done that haven't been. But it you know you can try not to be. So it's just hard enough to the women prepare without the distractions so that we haven't distractions. It's even harder to prepare. You know but it. It's it's Syria. In various cities should do best you can do in. And internal political that it will produce on anybody and never have agreement. But I think because they use a lot of although significant government over the years just motivation for him and you know for them I think. You know people for saying that I could never you know go to. College and play prepare. Penal code quarterback and that's you know he'll never play at Michigan. You'll never play NFL and you know there's no way you can ever you know sustain a career you know felt so. I'd like I'd arms you know. I think those things have been helpful in my life so what should be not delusional. But the but the one thing I would doubt it says the defect guy brought after news. That the question is for stupidly estimate your kids and all that stuff what they got it always wonders I don't know trump we come on the show wants what fifteen minutes used filings with us. You said your present is that trump that you have known like. The same guys they see on TV saying these things in the same guys seen these debates is that wears a different Donald Trump the Cuban. What are the components. When he's pressuring price c'mon again we'll try to. Again you saw them or a New Hampshire where he was finally Basra trying to get them on again. There. Are like this that I committed you know I guess probably sixteen years 1516 years ago so just. You know play golf together many many times and you know I'll always have a good time with and so various cities to different mind he's supported our teams for the patriots started. The patriots sidelines a lot you know I don't know what's called me. After games to encourage me in you know over the course of fifteen years and you know so. That's. February it is. In you know in the confirm or deny with the voting form. We'd love to know or you vote. You know vote. Yeah if they were truck brought an effort after a Super Tuesday or whatever it is. Aren't sounds good to Canada as to guarantee a by the court the quarterback question of the week is brought to you by your New England Cadillac. You are busy doing a Cadillac dealer for attractive lease. If finance offers while we got the scatter report for Ryan McManus. On Tom Brady the quarterback the it was a good ball right on the chin. What's the Ryan McMahon has gotten reports on the Dartmouth gators play catch with the for a month. Or he. And during the great kids and the very cute and where it's a great young men actually not a kiddies play at a couple has split you know we had a lot of fun news. Just a a great guy you know help have a lot. So we try to fit the mold of the patriot receivers he's more certain. That's great school and he's disciplined and you know they're great hands. And you know I know he was in for. Trial with the patriots so that's what it worked out so welcome to actually do some of the things that we are doing and so. He's a great agree on May have been you know I certainly will keep in touch with them if I need you know we're gonna get with. A quick fall why couldn't have more than he said it was like running sprints for an hour 'cause he was the only receiver. Like could have two or three guys that your past is what do you does Wear out the sport. Excited we're about this. This plan work to have him work and ordered by the armed two receivers do their run. But I just you know electric can keep their foreign. Really one person promotes work that way whether it was. You know with. In the western Julian you know just one person and these are just focused on you know those individual. Routes and timing and good I like to take some ties between throws to determine evaluate the mechanics and so forth little access. You know for the harder than the quarterback is in this very you know seven receivers and you'll start thrown on this one quarterback that it becomes quicker. You know he beat up with a pitching machine and you know you start losing their mechanics particularly if you're tired and get back and you know you practiced getting worse so I like legislature on. Inaudible Michael alternates to improve. And you can really only improve if you're doing things the right way. During the long way that you're actually get worse. And you know thus far with the goal is. You know because. When you practice of having a better. Our top banks will we'll talk to a next week at the Pittsburgh and good luck down there. Great thanks guys.

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