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Aug 30, 2016|

Actress Eliza Dushku joins the telethon. She talks about growing up in Watertown, and her deep connection to the Boston community. Eliza also discusses her continuing her education by going back to college at Suffolk University.

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A lies deduce who is the pride of Watertown and she is Watertown proud and we're so happy to have you here good to see you thank you good to be and thinks I have in the end you're out man on the phones a little while ago yeah yeah and they came down intending on doing Matt not and not tightened since you guys is and a hunting unable or become evil yes. Well he's an old friend he's he's the best back I'm like what are here. Hear your voice Eric. He said note everybody else in time I do think it pays he's done a lot for us that they think it's a little greedy to keep push eight. But and I I'd honestly like element of player but I'm differences like Tiffany and like that guy is the real deal and what he does her. Organizations like the Jimmy Fund and is on organization and DR it's like the guy's heart is just enormous and so I'm Molly it's like. And common friends and Tiffany as well. OK I thirty had my awkward off of the Mike moment right there and that make a fan boy Houston step Buffy and I can even go back to true lies is I well OK it's Phnom what you're in Ontario army. Are you doing this on the air okay. That's not because I can't not do it isn't like you do screws so I'm how much time to get the spend out this way because. If democracy he continues to grow when you're working. All the time not to date myself but I've been I'd ice chip and balance acting as some people know and it's been 25 years. I can believe it gives it in this than some 25 years I'm in the last couple years I've been back from Boston mar I am back in school and and I was at Suffolk University the last two semesters of my mother was fastener. A sociology major and I just transparent and I start classes next week at Lesley University. You can take any classes with your mom. That would be so when you know donating she was their 47 years and she retired just before I came and she went out I came what you have taken I would have loved you heard African politics classes were like. Out of this world I was really hoping that until we should go back as adjunct but. She's done she's she put in a lot of big ears suffix that would have been too intimidating for me. And how others feel being a student. You know I I really love it and I do think that going back now a little and not just at a high school is. Is is it that way to go for me personally I wanna be there I'm paying to be fair I'm I'm sort of a power nerd like I am not first broke it up like. Second third rose students and I got a four point now my freshman year I don't year old freshman though. You know I I I think it's he's in love it and and yeah. So this is more of the plan acting was sort of by day. Accident and and it's for fifteen years I was enrolled its ethic when I think before I did Buffy actually. The three episodes that LA and I haven't armament shipments out picked out and back. I would through but it stayed for Buffy in for fifteen years and go back to Boston go to school and I finally shut shut up and like my friends and hide it. What's the experience like. Kids in your class and me because I hate and other schools that you can land I mean like like Harvard you know Emma Watson went to brown and even she had some. Some problems there but Suffolk I mean there's are a lot of no own Hollywood actresses don't wanna class you know I never really had a problem blending just here yeah when you're not an anti Clinton thing that I love about Boston is like people are just. I feel like it's tremendous amount of support and make it feel like you know I get some time that they had not and I feel like I feel the love they never feel. You know now it's never that strange kind of fan. Some things can happen in other parts of of the countries that support economic rhetoric right right here. Yup there's really no paparazzi Abbas and I wasn't gonna just yeah. Hit it. You know I I'm one of your one point eight million that Twitter followers and one of the reasons I am is that you that you're not afraid to show your Boston pride in your local Boston sports teams and all and I know you don't live here most of the time or haven't but you're not afraid to show people where you're from ulcers or am I grew up with three other Brothers my father grew up in the south and and like it would spot sports in Boston has always really been a huge part of my identity and something that I really never alliance salute you I mean it's. It's so much of I feel like what makes me I am and the values that I that I hold strong meaning in something like the Jimmy Fund. Like the entire city gets behind this it's not just once a year but throughout the year I mean as a kid I was so we'll bring in the can storage are. You know the way the Red Sox and and it's just like such an unbelievable. Unbelievable thing that thanks very unique to our city and I'll play I don't intend to ever lose that part of me. Yeah I wanna follow up on that what what is your experience been like today whether it's been answering the phones are talking to people here what are some of the things to stand out to you. Just click. Just good salted hurt people you know whether someone's confident in the fact. I got up five dollar 25 dollar donation and my friend came with me got to have 151000 dollar donation from the marshy island North Reading you know I mean people get what they can. It's just solidarity you know I mean. Obviously they're there's less side solidarity that came with the events than in the last couple of years but but even before then I mean this is like it to tighten it. Boston's a community Boston's like a spirit bosses like one beating heart and soul I hear that on every phone call I take I. I feel that when I'm on the T going to school I feel that you now and it's why I am home. Okay. I'm gonna put aside the nerd question Alaska but he shot we knew what a genius he has some other time in as few as a as a Boston checked if you don't mind me calling it that. Your takeaway is on what's happening to Tom Brady right now. And acting you know. Dozens of Latin because I I obviously lots of helping me out it probably read about you know like 45 of them have many page. But we're talking about the gate then by the JR yeah. I mean. If he likes his balls soft cica like his balls often maybe left it at that and I don't think he did anything. Malicious C I think he's shown himself to be to be a good a good guy I think it was a mess in unfortunate situation. But I think it should be put to bed now on I think we should we should all move on that bigger things in the world like kicking cancer but you know. Had to answer questions 243 pages wells report and now I know where cholera. Then there's appeals thing which is another 400 plus pages of them is idiotic kind of nationality. Scholarly papers and Sheila it's according to signal the pages I got him and and you know I mean that guy that you got the essence of the guys aren't a lot of filler in their tubes that all the signs that junk science part in the end and all the sharks in. Yeah I think it was an unfortunate double. Masked again I think if it gets them and move on the world and upcoming season and focus and you're you're screwed up. Four point also not got a tough act to follow me if you're just at a command an initial like 365. Or something like that you got some room to go up but now I felt like. Don't know as the actor is coming back in the class and my mother knew a number of my professors I want to show that I wasn't coming back in just an opponent and like I care about anyone you know they care about the field that I wanna work and when we're in addiction and recovery wanna work here in the city of Boston and we have you know nonprofits. Internationally and and I wanna have put my money on an office you know I'm really be able to. And not just the actress with a causes it and wanna I wanna get get done a phenomenal. Before we let you go up got to ask I I introduced she was the pride of Watertown man and that is where where home was for you before you went away kind of is and kind of is these days. You mentioned what happened here a couple of years ago and so much of it was centered in your hometown or blocks from my grew out what was that like three. It was so it was terrifying it was it was unbelievable I was actually in Australia. Adam. Giant two week comic con and when first on the bombing marathon. The bombings happened at the marathon and you know that. Absolutely rocked my world and then a few days later come back to the talent see my mother street on the news and I mean it's just I can't even tell you it was like everything that I loved most in this world felt like it was atlas. And you know in danger and it was his heart by and is sold. You know some of them. The blacks and police department those guys are my friends of mine when guys who was my high school prom date you know like these are all of is that this is that's might even tighter community. And you know I just am amazed at that you know that more people weren't hurt and that. The job that they did given the circumstances yeah. It's great to see it thank you not only thank you for coming home and being part of all this but I mean B and hands on out there answering phones and help I'm glad it's great that. I tried to come in under the gridiron like let's see those keeping it mellow but now it's it's it's I that I let Whitman at this isn't anything I can do to be of help as can be. What I wanna know what I'm apartments grace about him at all that you guys are familiar. And resist a lot of I wanna give a shout out to some of the guys and it worked at I just I just shot web series in my son actually we're shooting diet uncommon grounds and all level local breakfast places and Joseph Garland than some of the guys that you this guy's brother and we were all doing a little web series called cracks about these small time busting crooks. My partner in crime so to speak is causing cancer survivor himself. Joseph G. And also I wanna shout out my stepfather Jim Coleman who passed away a couple of years ago from cancer and he. He did the library in Suffolk University as a matter of fact and you know we we love him an honor him and again just grateful to everybody that's contributed to to. The B Jimmy Fund today in all reason and think you guys for being here and tirelessly and they have fast thank you so much it's great to see thank thing I. I like today is gonna join us live from Fenway Park this is the WEEI nest and Jimmy Fund radio telethon. Presented by the.

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