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DH - Joe Torre, VP of Baseball Operations for Major League Baseball

Aug 30, 2016|

Joe Torre joins Dale, Michael, and Jerry. He talks about his time as the manager of the Yankees and their rivalry with the Red Sox. Torre also talks about the MLB's relationship with the Jimmy Fund and gives a $15,000 donation on behalf of the MLB

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We are very happy to welcome in now an old friend and a guy who was always well received in the city of Boston former manager of the New York Yankees now works for Major League Baseball. Joseph Torre is on the line Joseph it's dale Michael and Jerry are you. I'm fine guys. How you doing you do great work I mean mrs. You know this causes that certainly closed the mine aren't it is. You know I'm very touched by the great work you're doing nine's gone. You know I I think I asked you about this once before but it bears repeating I will always remember. The the reaction here at Fenway Park after your return from cancer when you brought the lineup card out here at Fenway. And I think I mentioned one you did ask before it. You know that that was my first time back after the prostate cancer in and that they would Zimmer and I sit. It's and take that take their lineup card at least now you do it. And then I was just blown away and again it didn't surprise me you know was as much of a competition that is the Yankees Red Sox. War. News you know there's so much more than that's it is. But I got blown away I mean the standing ovation and I had this goosebumps and I went on we talk about it now I feel the same way. Enjoy it you are our group what you just said there that the war in the cities especially. Between the Yankees and Red Sox on this wondering we we know how intense that rivalry was and is that you know what. Better than most why do you think that somehow warped was able to come out of that between these two cities into franchises. But he you know we've always respected. And you know I always sense that we've always respected the other thing that didn't mean we cattle like him at the time. But you knew you were in for a fight didn't matter how good either team was just he had throw that stuff when though. Just the passion and I mean you know Austin. I really never spent a great deal of time in Boston although my older daughter want to. To be you open your eyes spent a little time went shoes up there but it's just the just the personality of the city you know a small town. It is huge baseball fans and obviously football and so the and it it's. Remember right of all. Either Terry Terry would call me there are a called third Francona. After a series so glad this is 04 six weeks or whatever was. And there was just some net exhausted. Every single game what is. It was an event. And it you know anytime somebody. You know close thrown close to it was on purpose even though most of the time it wasn't. And and I remembered managing the I'm manage the Dodgers and we're out plan that. Real memorable game Greg before this season's start when Boston came out public policy him. And we hit Manning guys sit boil water really was demanding an oak trees you know no investigation on its news. Yeah because it was just something that you really can't. As you know you go back to the giants Dodgers once when I was growing up and when it was still on the East Coast. And then of course played the cardinals and in the rivalry. With cardinals. But that the red side yankees news. It is unbelievable it really has them so deep seated. Jillian you talked about not like any chatty type of a respect and each other with their real hate and I mean hate in the good cents in the in the sports rivalry sense we you're really just despise those guys in the fan bases. You know thrive off of that. Yeah I mean again I did you know all ballparks. You know there was there was some filtered there is no question. There was. You know genuine deep feelings. You know we need to go out and you know on saint kill these guys but that's just an expression. Because you needed to be mean there was no getting around. It did lose. You know you use you don't need any motivation because just the the the necessity due to beat him and knowing. You know what the atmosphere it was going to be involved all parts of course now or all ball park it was a little bigger. You know he had a little more room to breathe but Fenway. I mean you know. Compared to Yankee Stadium you feel like you're just so close band and and there was no no lead that was state and in some ways because. Left field then. You know capabilities. I mean cycle back. Oh war. And you know think about. You know we had game four. And and you know merit and no you know starts off with a walk him. Of course Dave Roberts and I still don't talk that they Robert. Morris Eagles back in Concord and still manage them but it was just. Though it was a great series I know you know we come up on the short end and momentum in a short series. Certainly. You know really carries over and and certainly it evade us because it'll lead. No we had a league game forward. Oh lead in game five and games six not that I remember this. Opposite field home run by bill born and you know just stuff that really wasn't a good sign. For us because it it just seemed to be building of course it all started with large walk in game four. Joseph we can't thank you enough for joining us and and lending your support Major League Baseball has always been so supportive we've been doing this for fifteen years. And any Major League Baseball spent a ball for all fifteen. Well. I think it's an obligation everyone that resonate. You know it's sensitivity to children especially that. You know you have to pay attention to Burton and Tom calling on behalf of MLB in we would like to make 151000 dollar donation today. Thank you so much we really appreciated Joseph it's always have fun to talk to you thank you. Thank you guys on him and take care.

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