WEEI>On Demand>>Olivia Steiner, 3, acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), a blood cancer, with her parents Christine and Jason, her brother Hunter, 9, and her sister Emma, 8, Burlington

Olivia Steiner, 3, acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), a blood cancer, with her parents Christine and Jason, her brother Hunter, 9, and her sister Emma, 8, Burlington

Aug 30, 2016|

Olivia was very sick last year and was in and out of different doctor’s offices with several appointments – her parents would not give up until they knew what was wrong. At one appointment, Olivia’s gums started bleeding and both the doctor and Olivia’s parents knew something was not right. A day after Olivia’s 2nd birthday, lab tests revealed that she had leukemia, (ALL), and they went to Dana-Farber right away for treatment – they were told it was the best possible place they could go, with the highest level of care. Olivia’s treatment over the past year has included chemotherapy and steroids. This little slugger got the opportunity to take some swings with her siblings at this year’s John Hancock Fenway Fantasy Day. Olivia loves to spend time with her siblings – they are her rock. Olivia’s family has become so close with Dr. Place as well as her NP Anna Roche Lefebvre, noting that they feel like family that they trust completely. Olivia’s family says, “We want to do as much as possible to give back to Dana-Farber, this amazing place that is saving our baby's life. We have met and become friends with so many incredible families that are going through the same things that we are.”

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Government Dale Jarrett whereas Olivea. Where's Olivia. Well. Are you getting in the way of Bolivia's broadcast you know she wanted to bring us out of the break Olivia our you'd hear. And how old you. No way I thought you were six or seven. Which are only three. And who put that bowl in your hair. Unit do that yourself. Now what these guys who's that with these two. Hunter is rather. Emma is your sister. And with the other two people with you. He. All mom and dad and I'll catch that Davydenko you faithful there has to back. And most great. A living is a little things. A hunters. Are URLs and. I don't know if I. What do you talk about today Olivier you know you're under review you we are here and we're in a break she should what are we gonna talk. What do we got it so you've been excited to talk so what would like to talk about. Hey I don't know would you like to talk about the Red Sox would like to talk about your brother about your brother and sister tell me how cool your brother's sister they really nice. What makes him so nice hunter and Emma. What makes him so much fun. This. How to play with he would like to play where it. What kind of toy I look to ways to. I any toys that I can play where program I'd like to basically what these stories or news team. Stupid I'm too busy I. I'm not a big brother does that he doesn't do much you guys got to play baseball. On friendly parks field. Before. And how did you make out and I do you took some cuts. Yet you know that great but it's a microphone her doctor to doctor but what they read it again did it in my Connors like you're nine years old right. 1010 now okay what a short order and so yeah Google backed deal but I want your book. Look at that might keep Joseph did you go deep did you think she won a college. In GT. Okay pupil went over the monster at least a wall scraper or something. No. I would give them like that you want because I don't I don't wanna take a waitress and Jason are the parents. And I have a it is a busy household on the best of days Kristi. Us okay all star burst Michael. Michael what we believe that she wanted to reverse her hey you want some start first oh my goodness look at the way your favorite color. It. Poverty slightly up at the picture isn't there how about how about what's your second favorite color epic at that and what another. Well about Rick. There. Aren't. Being carried out there has been up front here. That is the basis of his food pyramid is harbor after it. Enjoy those. A lot sharper had said yesterday I thought it had happened again today so I'm glad you. You asked form because I I would security hole that can do that right. Jason let me just ask you question here you can grab that might. If she is happy all the time. Not always. She's on three week cycles so the first week is kind of different for her. But we should we three get a little bit better she's just coming out of we went right now so. She's. It's. It's not turn the corner firfer we won cycle so. And the cycle is is a radiation as it is. Bills we wouldn't be given those cycles she schema she gets it and Singapore. And also gets oil you know. So that we want is different because I was a steroid that week in. Her not so from time. Tablet a lot of athletes took. Yeah I think get a get a little bit early attic you know man I honestly do people like I look at human. You looked like the feeling that comes with the picture frame when you buy it. I feel like I really feel like your kids are taking attractiveness away from some other family collect them it's gonna be pointless attack it because you took our way and I don't let it. They're that's a compliment to you know I was have been on the kids they have. You know Libya have to go through these. There and I had time. The first year was really tough she. They were in and out of the hospital she had a tough over the winter she developed blood clots in her head. Because of one of the key most of that was really tough. But I would say lately after we got up over that hump the first year it she's been so much better the last few months. So on then it's been a lot easier than they did they struggled for a while he had a hard time understanding why. She didn't wanna play with them anymore and why she was so different all the time. And it's been much better lately she's where fourteen months done and we have ten months ago so. We can't wait for these ten months to be of. Olivia. Has that star burst. Into Atlanta. Very she has been working on that since Michael handed it over and when that when it's done we got more okay. We got more don't you worry we'll take all of Michelson given to you sure that's fine that's five they think you might go to your thoughts on you're welcome. I'm glad you like compete like these guys don't even like start earth so I'm I'm glad to have someone to share these lists. And an you know Jerry asked about outlets on on hunter and am I'm just wondering how was and how was it how is it. Up for you guys me we talk about the kids all the time and it's terrible to see little kids sick but it. The parents as well it must take it told. Does it so hard to watch it that's been really hard on both of us but I will say. I China to crank on her again obsession for her but there have been a few times where I have and she'll look at me and say. Don't have money am going to be just fine so I know I can speak for the both of us we've gotten street from her. And she's amazingly green and it's like it's hard to watch your child's different it really isn't anything can do other than just holding comforter. You. Mike we need another one. I won't apply here yet to ask your ask your mom are you allowed to have and you're allowed how one mourner. He's looking down. Look at it dead at the Smart thing. Yeah yeah. I'm. Hey listen I thought that that that's Smart and yeah that's the art data right here. A Libya's three going on 33 hour and a half days in a very perceptive and. And how all of the visits to that to the clinic in that you guys that you know it as a gimmick with kids to different age and one of them to get treatment and yup Walesa just. There and he just along for the ride like you know there that they have the support so rain. Like would is that likely to spend a day in there. That Jimmy Fund is amazing I it is honestly amazing for the kids they weren't there she was diagnosed in June so. Most of the summer last year we were in the hospital so we weren't at the Jimmy and yet and they were back at school. So it wasn't until this summer that they were able to stack coming with us and she loved having them actually glad she takes them around and show them everything in there. Awesome awesome siblings they support her and just for example last Wednesday she had a lot map function so that's not our she sometimes doesn't do great when she's coming out of image she's waking up. She woke up the kids rent a player and she cried hysterically when we told it was time to go home she. Never wants to leave the Jimmy Fund we could be there everyday she'd be so happy. The people there are amazing that we always donated to children's into the Jimmy Fund before we had a sick child. But I can honestly say I never would have imagined that. They would be so amazing things they do for these kids to get their mind for why they're there and what they're going through and it's just an amazing thing that really we feel fortunate to. Live this close you please it is so great with child. But there you can grab the Mike for second however as it's fair for you like me I. I imagine a perfect world you'd be out. You know it's been in that time only difference playing ball hunt for Pokemon. Right you know today it's a good guy got right at you just went and hired her as the nation but how is it and you you know a ten year old there with. With your little sister. It's tough sometimes seen something and she acts advocates. Saying it tonight. You each to ride it out people because it can make. Him. Over all when she she she flights are much more fun guys and achieved. And she didn't touch a much better. But if you. Beat up. What am I against the break my Felix overbay then you get around the I've had enough of view that. I'm wrong about that and. Try to take its front page did will back stomp. Hey Olivia you what is today you ought to say something not cool on the radio. Okay how about this. Dave this is. This is. That Jimmy on the radio. Telethon. Back to you now. Oh. He does not want to kill all. Her. Olivia that you got to come back in CS next year okay and where that had been and if you would do that's all I'd love that well. Q and ask ask mama it's OK Evan. Aaliyah all the Michael's got more for you then go anywhere or I thank you guys very much. It is not really that sugar Jill moment. A living is gonna come down all probably Saturday or Sunday edits you know. Thank you guys thank you very much for for being witnessed this whole family headed out of here and Olivia. Just made my day.

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