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DH - Beverly Sotir, 77, Lung Cancer, Belmont, with Dr.Pasi Janne, director, Lowe Center for Thoracic Oncology, Dana-Farber

Aug 30, 2016|

Though a non-smoker, Beverly was diagnosed in 2006 with stage 4 lung cancer. Her tumor was genetically tested and a mutation was identified. She was put on a clinical trial for a novel drug that specifically targets the tumor, not the healthy tissue. Many of her tumors shrank 50 percent or more, some disappeared. Her doctors are inspired by Beverly concerning her treatment since she will be celebrating 10 YEARS surviving her initial diagnosis. She has 8 children and 14 grandchildren. She keeps a copy of lung scans in her bathroom so she can yell at them daily. She appeared on the 2010 Radio-Telethon. Dr. Janne's is one of the leading lung cancer researchers at Dana-Farber and around the world. His main research includes the study of epidermal growth factor receptor mutations (EGFR) in non-small cell lung cancer patients. He and other researchers at Dana-Farber showed that patients whose tumors had a malfunctioning version of the EGFR protein responded dramatically to a drug that specifically targets the EGFR protein. The findings launched the era of precision medicine for lung cancer, transforming the way the disease is treated in many patients

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You know what I really like I love when when we. Get to hear from folks. And then they come back years later and and we get to hear from them again Beverly suit here is 77 years old she appeared on the 2010. Radio telethon in his back six years later she's here with doctor posse Yoni who sounds like he should be a right wing for the Bruins. But instead he is the director below center for thoracic oncology at Dana Farber Beverly it's great to see you again thank you very looking hale and hearty try it. And try and you were here six years ago you appeared on the Jimmy Fund and how things go on for you in the six years cents. Very well thank. The treatments but and a couple of experimental treatment. But it didn't know and end all like to have shrunk to. Small of them and that truth I put them. You have Beverly arts are what you and the doctors talk about this I love this detail. Says that you keep copies of one scans in Europe after him so that you can yell at. I have a copy of mine Cathy. And copy of my long in big black and white. And what you know they don't do that anymore Iran might bathroom wall and I have actually wore it. And I have to pay up the hill with. Every day that some people want they. What life eight Republican yesterday as well you're free to share it because I think I'm a lady fill it and. Eric your doctor you you do you find that you know a lot of folks who are in at Beverly that situation now it's been ten years. In ten years. I cleared you find that. That's a motivate her for some people that whether it's copies of the scans are just going back that place just stick to empower themselves. Absolutely you know there's both a component out. The body and the mind that's that's that that's important here. And but Mississippi things about Beverly I mean Beverly is live with advanced lung cancer now ten years. And she was diagnosed. At a time when we. Didn't quite have all the current technologies and tools to study cancers is that it molecular fingerprint that cancers. In which she got. Initially diagnosed early does that chemotherapy as treatment. And that through research new genetic alterations were found we're able to develop a test for those genetic alterations. Beverly skis are turned out to have one of those genetic alterations. And for the last six years she's been on pills on different types appeals medical specifically against that alteration as opposed to having chemotherapy that it's been fantastic and he's living proof of that. Of the success. I think the last six you're just to follow and that's the last six years she's been on bills. It would you say it's been six years since that development. If it's not a recent development that is that the. A resurgence hives as so the testing sort of genetic alteration that at Beverly cancer has as identified in 2007. And you know within a year or so we were able to have a test available for patients it was the first patients we tested. And then human when he started it was initially 2000. I don't mean that it nice cold thereafter. Started out yet and that. Was on that for three years and now on another oral medication or over three years to and a half years. For bully. Well full disclosure of the reason we have Beverly doctor passed on now is because David Ortiz is on and we needed somebody that could follow that and and maintain that same league legend in. He clearly that that's a well we. When someone is diagnosed with stage four or lung cancer. It's a knee jerk reaction of let's say well what it would expect to ignore the does smoking warnings or whatever. You're you're nonsmoker I never thought okay how does that happen Dario that a lot of I don't know. So we don't we don't completely understand what the triggers are that we know that about. 15% pieces of it diagnosis that lung cancer in the United States like never smokers meaning smoked less than on cigarettes an entire lifetime. In a significant majority of patients who do get diagnosed among cancer. Did listen to their doctors and friends along the way stop smoking many many years ago but still the risk persists. To develop monkeys. I read here Beverly that you got eight children and fourteen grandchildren. People all I have six to hook up my parents are being threatened children congratulations nick you got a lot to keep goal and. Well that's why I do in Europe and run. And what you're willing yet to take that chance and the senate years breed well in captivity I could Java. Is still. In. Would you otherwise not have taken the experimental drugs is that what you motivations. I don't home to deal out of me that I didn't have children and I have an act into that but I do what else don't you feel. That's quite an accomplishment sixteen grandchildren so that Latin the the latest two additions to what who retirement a little girl little boy a girl to girl but I. There have been five general's blunt than that and a chance. I don't know that's and it can do is hit five girls that great. So Heidi key public domain sixteen grandchildren I remember that the end game I I now we are probably are. I had to keep him now I'm glad you said that you said you remember the name that was gonna return to stop and not that you remember the names. Feel free this year that we kid and we want that we want to hear the name has yet to act that race geologic and today. Kate. Oh yeah. Oh Michael David Peta if I'm mr. tack on science and fight through and. In Osaka I don't artwork that's good that's that's fantastic as if it really is the beautiful accomplished during your daughter is here today. And she is trying to hide. He's trying to hide out. She is yes that's that Rick and standards. To come copiers you know Tommy somewhere right it's got to be out of way I don't but odd that it sounds like you have a great. Support let's hear it would. Much apparently had a meet to turn this into a math problem like ten years ago when you had diagnosed. How many grandkids that you have them. 1010. They did you. I mean when you got that mean a stage four lung cancer diagnosis did you think I'm never gonna see another well IDS and another web I'd. Oh. I've had it not who live. At that time. And so my dock with doc are in my truck and who are insurance net. But it's out fifty to find out who life that I don't think so we and here there and if you. And we kind and that that they and we've got to be an. And the first thing. That. He's he giving me this book. The store. Of all the stuff they're going to do on. And nice and wait and and Witten and you and tell you how much time. One. And I said. How much time do I have to live does with on the six month and up to and you know that. And he said it's up to he and and it's up to date. So I thought. He beat me he did with champ. So that's one night that the the Caspian and they and they expect. Instead cursed me and that Britain. There it is I love it it's so great to visit with you guys we do me a favor Craig vulnerable six years before the next bills and okay was six years since the last visit may you know make it a little sooner than act on our. Hey you know what it if you would like to come back next year bite you take the liberty to write you back next year we have room in the studio everybody hits it. I want the sixty. And I dare bring the sixteenth in overall you know were. We'll bring it ever flight from Chicago we can bring them from Chicago won all the 505 girls who have their recent Earth's Guatemala. Next year sixty Michael more than sixteen by the K okay. Not bad behavior yeah. In regard to update the editor directly so I would love to see you again next year and can keep Qichen that six months did diagnosis apps apps we can keep doing enemies now loot the thank you. Every thank you both great business and it it.

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