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DH - Nicole Barrell, 31, breast cancer, Duxbury, with Dr. Hal Burstein, senior physician, Susan F. Smith Center for Women's Cancers, Dana-Farber

Aug 30, 2016|

Nicole's husband found a lump in her breast 4 years ago that eventually led to her breast cancer diagnosis. Her treatment has included 4 cycles of targeted therapies, a bilateral mastectomy, 4 rounds chemotherapy and will last a total of 8 months. She selected Dana-Farber, because of its reputation and based on a friend's recommendation. Her hobbies include running, writing, and playing field hockey. She also has a blog. She does web marketing for Boston Interiors and Cape Cod Lavender Farm. Her future goals: be cancer-free and stay cancer free and help those afflicted through volunteering and writing. Nicole wants to run a marathon for Dana-Farber. Also, she hopes one of her embryos she froze turns into a tiny human one day.

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Happy to welcome in right now to do well little different doctor helpers he's been with us on a number of occasions in the past. But Nikki barrel as witnessed it says Nicole but we're way past the forma formalities it's Nikki barreling its could say. Are you didn't own image for somebody in their turns on microphones are there a nice to see brought about him bust like yeah. This this while I'd just gotten our Alison she is Berlet for a moment and I wasn't hearing anything. Nicky let's talk about your breast cancer that was originally discovered thankfully by your house. My husband and it was great so I've my 31 birthday. We knew where planning on you know buying a house we've just got married a year and a half before that. I had it in my family but I never thought that you know being that young I'd have to worry about it but. You know I was diagnosed on the cape but. I just knew I had to get to Dana Farber and immediately. And we by the time we got there. You know I was like you know well oiled machine. Coordinate care between talked ever seen. Surge in. You know radiology they got mean it paid just across the street and bring gunman and spelling. And and it's kind of had tacked on the comment I was getting hostage attacks now. Is just an immediate good decision. Going there. A warrior but this dialogue. I got a blog I don't know how to talk blog your talked blog about what does randomly. Yeah I wanna hear about this yeah it's a I don't yet but the competition here it's going to have a blog would your blog about it. Mustard stains actually. It's called mustard stains and in originated at Fenway Park. Kind of messy hearing. I had a hot in and just always get mustard on me and jeans no matter let and so Mike. Just concerted honey mustard stains leap that's in the name and town mustard stains Ferrell and also. Click straight and I have this blog and it was kind of be about like nothing else my turtle Dieter you know things like that no one really cared for. And it isn't isn't gang but then when Hank. Got diagnosed I was looking around learn anything about women in their their ideas and you know. Dealing with fertility issues which is something that I hadn't even thought about it I had I had the luxury of time to kind of have kids eventually and that is you know. Through lake Timmy out there. As folic I had update friends family and luckily I have a lot of those. So it was just and a awaited. I wouldn't get a million text messages. That in tax these days so how are you like you know. Would elicit a really long months and I had to say this is my blood can you please you know and you go there. Must it seems became like man cancer. Incidentally. So it's not about to flee gate paranoia and Rob Gronkowski hijinks to. Not OK good we sent them no records of same side as yet man you know that. Doctor. I understand that the treatment that nick nick he's been getting isn't your mother's breast cancer treat. Yes so the cancer is tough at any age but for younger women we think about things she just alluded to fertility issues. And we also think about the biology of the tumor and she had a particular type of breast cancer. Where we've actually seen some remarkable success stories that we're using. He newly FDA approved combination of two antibody drugs in addition to chemotherapy. To get a handle on this cancer she's had a terrific response she's lost her hair which utilized beautifully with and she and her husband and enable them. Buy you house and move in all those kind of things so she's got a lot of things to go ahead efforts all the team effort as she was saying surgery and radiation and more treatment to come. But with these treatments received better and better results and we're really optimistic. Nicki talked about having a family something and you thought about this because you that an egg that you frozen or maybe more than one any preparation or eighth. I SX that you get frozen yet in anticipation of that Sunday. Yes it was decision that I had twelve hours to make honestly am I. Met with I meant in part Rosa and marathon day you know. Seeing oncology nurse. Duberstein surgery and then you know like well you you are thirty. Ari given having kids someday and like. Not yet I hopes. And then. Literally the next stand in an office. I didn't remember and at any at all so they're just got like pictures of like float into this. Why is it just so overwhelming and Baston honestly upsetting because it's something that I'm sure people. Take months and months maybe year recently consider. So you know it was stresses flash but I'm glad that you know we were. You know it was brought to attention is given as an option and it is in and got them. That doctor person to talk about and maybe you were generated talk about this if you were just disregard my question jump in but I was gonna ask about advances. By breast cancer. And he could talk about that but if you went to make it something else that picking her up Hugo. Well I meet adjusted quickly built when Nicky says you know the great thing about having fantastic medical colleagues in Austin can deliver that care is make a phone calls in the next eighteen Wheeler opener and I think it. It really bodes well for everything she earth in one Q future. It's a great time to be involving clinical research and breast cancer we talk about it is really the golden era we have more drugs coming along. Re using the same drugs we've had a long time more effectively either by reducing side effects or by using him for actually longer to relations with periods of time. We are using genomic information where we are sequencing cancers and trying to tailor with much more precision and we have in the past the actual treatment for cancer itself. So at the Farber every day people are just blown away by story after story of using. Intelligence science great drug trials rate of partnerships with our laboratory colleagues. To help people do better and better and just thrilled to be part of the undefeated bases and what's the prognosis of Mickey run in the marathon like no she suddenly popping off. She's I think an excellent prognosis and America and I certainly better than I do are us. We are very fortunate these days that more moreover patients are really leading full rich active life after cancer diagnosis. You never the same to manager Ferrell talked very beautifully about that just a minute ago but. You know the it it doesn't keep you from having a fantastic life afterwards pet. Have you run before. It is time for decades and he's never do an. Ice and I hope so we're now joined by a little. I don't know if we'll get it to roll from hopping and Abbas that I barely made via the bulletin for the fast food places on the pike I'd still be held its own will would switch of motivation now. I mean now just backed him armor item. It would be just a testament to how far I'd come by the time I do it now. I mean I've just gotten such good care. It would just it would be in knots. Then do it. We'll be rooting for you making a barrel doctor how diversity that would let you know it's still be at a bus itself. I'm Nicky and Nikki barrel doctor bursting great to see guys thank you very much taken a few minutes and thanks for your support to this cause thanks and thank you longer to deceive guys.

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