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DH - Brad Stevens, Claude Julien, and John Farrell

Aug 30, 2016|

Celtics head coach Brad Stevens, Bruins head coach Claude Julien, and Red Sox manager John Farrell join the program. The coach's round-table includes conversation about each respective team, and their support of the Jimmy Fund.

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This kind of a real special group here I will tell you that we have three of the four. Manager slash coaches of the teams the fourth wends. Getting his roster 175 guys right now buddy a 4 o'clock deadline today. So Bill Belichick is not with us but here in our studio at Fenway Park the of the head coach of the Boston Celtics Brad Stevens could deceive Brad could be here thank you. The manager of the Boston Red Sox John Farrell who was a regular weekly guest witnessed John good to see it as well as well. And the head coach the Boston Bruins is on the line with us right now Claude Julian is well hey Claude how are you. I don't agree you. Thanks for joining this group let's start with John as your team the one in the middle of the C shot right now but before we start Don does this mean you're not coming on tomorrow. How to replace the memo that I got that this is the replace all their club for obviously great cause. John let's talk about your team for just a moment what what an exciting night last night here at the ballpark for your team you know was in and I. Thinks you know so many individual performances over the course of the year whether it's David as a forty year old in the company that he's keeping with greats of the Red Sox and now monkey that's is doing. At the age of 23 year that there's a lot of great individual things that are happening. But we're clearly in the thick of this we came off a tough road trip which I think our guys have an extremely well. But as we do different season we were well aware of what's at stake like the the moment on that were able to create and certainly last night was an example. You know Brad had no. I don't know if you know. I used to have here like Jae Crowder. Going into that weekend that kept under that we cannot lost on that Amanda stops and get them but you've got to have an incredible summer. That close to getting Kevin Durant that's a commit myself but you picked up Al Horford. Just talk about the the offseason. That dramatic change you pick up Al Horford and get to number three pick in the draft. We get we had six picks and we went in with six there we took six takes Monta picks and then to the week later. You know you're sitting in Atlanta and a meeting with Al Horford one day you're sitting in the Hamptons and mean Kevin Durant the next and I think that. The good news is as you feel like there's a lot of progress and you feel like that. That you know everybody's. Continuing to invest just get a little bit better every day and that's paying off. Time will tell how well we work together how well it goes together but. Clearly when you get a guy like Al to say you know I'm gonna come the boss and I like to be part of this otherwise young team. To help continue to is to put his stamp on our growth. That's a really good thing for us. Club my question is for you he had going into a year where. At right at the last season management wasted no time. You know bringing you back and giving you will that you know they have this seal of approval or you feel like you're going into the season with more job security than media at the last couple years. All of you know I don't think we know the all year that we know is it circle he has the talent. It up in the UN eight I eight. You know I'm not a real young group last year I thought you know yet. Certain areas but certainly would merit are caught up and you'd be proven not by. Over courses bomber. Did not fun but we're built. And trying to get better here where we are but it but not. It from the rep reps here and it would get in the back hear me out Norton. Is the ability out. These people are really article that. Were cited vote. You're not yet full year note that one and a sit back went out. Brett Collette mentioned the warrior right Serena which rests right down the street from where we work and I'm not in the too distant future your gonna have a friend who practice facility right in between that building and our building. What are those type of facilities means for future recruiting opportunities for this organization. What's funny coming from the college game that's you know it was an arms race and getting your facilities up to speed in trying to defeat the school next or and and you're seeing more more of that in in the NBA as well but you know I'm excited about the opportunities to move us. Has closed said right in that area. And and it's a beautiful facility. That I could see from from the intercept they're going through the Bruins facility but I've seen are mock ups are drops. And we've worked closely with with with the architects of the people that are getting rate design and and ultimately. Start work on so we're really excited about that right now I think I still think we're two years out based on everything that I've been told but. You know we're we're looking forward that. John it's always baseball season it seems like and got your hands full of wonder. In any downtime that you have you follow Brad and the Celtics to follow close that the Bruins and Bill Belichick and the patriots and and if so to what degree. Well that there's been opportunities to to share some text messages as there are seasons have approached kind of where we are right now in years start their position yourself for post season. But yeah you follow close you know that he's got a couple of for a Oprah mostly guys and his roster that that's my alma mater so. You pay a little bit closer tensions to add to those individual players but yeah I think there's some communication back and forth with the number guys just well wishes and and I think. I look out of us a little bit but do need to kind of pay attention and give support weekend. About your record same way following the Red Sox and no question no question in my app got a young family and we've loved coming out here and we've loved fallen in and we were gone obviously for part of the summer when you talk about summer league and then. Some family trip but. Coming back in the town and Indian able to turn on the games and and knowing where they are. Right in the thick of things makes it blast and that goes for obviously close team in the in the patriots and everybody else. What the heck this is a happy occasion so you guys can level up that's how much of those communications involved with idiots like I say about you guys. I'm never gotten up an epic now are now we will leave everything in its proper place. Lately completely disregarding what others say OK they're fair point and in a Smart strategy. Plugged John mentioned yet young players smoky debts is 23 years old and in my opinion is a legitimate MVP candidate. Your sport even more than the others deals with young players you've had eighteen year old kids. On your hockey team you've got David posture knocked right now was one of the younger players in the league or was last year. Is it different dealing with younger players as opposed to when they've had a few years under their belt. Well there's no. Luck. Here. You don't want. Oh level but what opportunity. To work with young guy like that article in your level. I've worked with it you're one year old. Won't be here. It it felt quite as well obviously pro level a little bit more. But what are gone. Cold warriors players. Went to perform a lot and figure out. A lot on now and frequently young white tiger really your column. Are gonna growing bigger and better the better our. Our unit and their workers will be back where we hear one word yet on an older. That there were wrapped. On backward now. John following up on close point I mean you have the situation here recently with Andrew been intending where you bring him up from double leg. And you're wondering you know how much rugged use this kid I'd like to ease him in the to learn very quickly there's no easy a kid like that again. Well there isn't and I think players always tell you what they're ready for by their performance how they handle certain adversity or challenges setting aside that the injury that day and has gone through but. You know we're we're fortunate that our entire. Big league staff are coaching staff of all worked in the minor leagues at one point in time in their career. So there development base they understand the challenges that are going to be. You know faced by young player and how they transition to the big leagues for the first time which again has probably more about the mental make up for it in the resiliency. When they do face some failures and and how we can support and create that structure around them so. If it's a combined effort but still first and foremost we've got. A really growing core group of young players that are playing their butts off your boss. And continuing that they had me read you can obviously relate to you recruited at Butler I remember that was before the national championship begins to. One of the big story lines was Haiti's kids went to school. Before the national championship game like it was that it it tells you where we aren't college basketball court when you're celebrated for going to class. What's it like. Going from college the college game have to worry about recruiting and getting kids in class keep them eligible to the pros we don't have to worry about that just don't we're still dealing with young. Players well I think you know and and like the way that John phrased it they'll tell you when they're ready by their performance and obviously everybody is gonna say they're ready. But but part of being young is you go through this phase of you really wanna prove that you belong you really wanna prove that what you can do. Translated at whatever level you're at whether it's college in your freshman you're just doing everything he can't get on the court. The pros where you're trying to gain the acceptance of your team in and gain the belief in yourself. That you're able to contribute at a whole different level and that's hard and you're not Camille the speed up time. But you certainly can expert eyes expedite excuse me development. Whit folks in on the right things trying to simplified as much as possible. Make it a step by step beyond and making sure that that we all understand that. Just because you're not playing as many minutes if you're young player there's still plenty of opportunity to develop on a daily basis. I'm not ask you this so you can practice opened back I just really what an overture which are take on it is that shot from Hayward. Peck on it really what how what you. That in the context a national championship Butler out. Degree of difficulty how difficult I'm not sure any of us could put in the context at that time where we're standing anyways. But I think that. You know one of the great things about that team was is that team was really really focused on just controlling what they can control. And we are fortunate to win a lot of games in a row. But it's it's funny I saw most of those guys this weekend at a wedding and they're all doing great and it's because of that mindset it's day two they've always been it's who they were before they came to us. It's who they were whether that shot goes in and out so I'm not sure change is really anything other than. Certainly you'd you'd like to have that trophy you'd like to be able to have that ring on your finger but. That was a special moment and I think we all learn from it we learn from the experience in. You know. Yes we wish you shout it on and yes we talked about it yes we text about it. Yes we turn the national championship game off with three minutes ago yeah but others now we don't live with a you really recovered well yeah has it. Thanks your time has helped your courage he's inspirational assault. Will look at we expect out of Al Horford. You know I don't I don't know from the standpoint of how fair it is to ask him to be. Anything more than just the best version of himself I think the one thing about him is as he has been a very consistent shooter and scorer he's been very consistent rebounder. And now he's a nine year veteran that you if you include his last two years of college when they won the national championship has gone. Those two national championships in the ninth straight years in the playoffs he's just proven himself to be a winner. And one of the things that I really like about him and it's very evident when you first meet with them winnings enough. Like he's good enough we just being a winner. And and I really appreciate that and you hope that that rubs off on everybody in the organization and and not saying it or young guys don't but they need to see. The older guys. Demonstrating that. Club let's talk about the newest member of your organization you made some additions over the summer but probably the biggest name. With David Backus a guy who's been a captain in Saint Louis has been a member of that US Olympic team what are you looking for from Bacchus and how do you think you'll utilizing. Well I think we're in order your line. Way. Or better and bring you know. Prop it open alt well I think I'll go pick. And there are certainly he needed me you are going to iron my shirt and are. One well. But not only great player another guy. The movement and I bet you it peppers up period when it now. That are there in the Arctic oil cop. Great leader out there ought you lose we. There. Here but it certainly I think it threatens. Not on art stop it then you do for a partner mentioned earlier. On matters. Equipment and our and perhaps some of the traffic I. And Corey their role model. Don't let David. In the great. Her. For. But aren't we all believe enough yeah right there real all. Tumbled out. Like one and you'll be yet what like you're in op area. So that in just what was caught up. I'm gonna went up Johnson is here who who's known for the two part question on the go to person question. But I'll start review first Brad. I mentioned Kevin Durant are recruiting part of the recruiting pitch the guy named Tom Brady and his wondering what that experience was like and you think that. Happens anywhere else and just bring in four time champion from a different sport to help them recruit. Lot of those I mean it was really gracious of him to spend his time that way actually found out that morning. That he was going to be joined in Essen and so. We actually a couple of players and I flew in separately. And ended up meeting Tom and in our owners there and it was. It was a it was a great opportunity for our players to sit down with Tom to talk to Tom spend time with him in and pick his brain. And then obviously you know you're walking into a meeting with. You know quarterback to zone achieves all he's achieved it in its meeting with a great basketball player and Kevin Durant. And he knows that it was thought it was a pretty cool thing now obviously we came up a little bit short and we were all bummed about that but. You know I felt really good about that meeting and we appreciated Tom's contribution. And John I want ask you look obviously we're here at the Jimmy Fund radio telethon haven't mentioned. The obvious yet one thing you're here. You're looking well you got more here than most guys at the table. And you were you were diagnosed with the cancer has missed time last year just wondering. In retrospect I mean where were you ever scared I mean there's some folks here who have talked but that's the last couple days that it's kind of scary about you. Oh there's no question that I think any time you're sitting with the doctor and you're talking about your own mortality. Do you stop that attracts. And no pun intended and I mean that it's a if it gripped you you begin to in my case I felt like I was just turning myself over to doctor Abramson that MGH complete faith in him. Fortunately. I responded well to chemo that the intense regimen that you go through but yeah. There there's no doubt I can understand why now when people come through what you were forever linked for anyone else who's at any other form of cancer because. You can have a candid conversation I know my conversation now with. Either young patients or patients of any age are are much more direct you don't tiptoe around it you go right to the Harvard. It ends yes so it certainly changes your life could change your perspective but I think once again when you talk about or mortality. You pay really close attention. I'm Michael tool lets them play at the two coach questions of the start with explode cooking you. Talk a little bit of both you know your feelings about your organization support the Red Sox and in the Jimmy Fund effort. I think it hit the go. Terms. On or organization meeting great donation there and we've always felt. You Margaret. Aren't we're concerned. We want art theory you want our. And copies. Do you are now on and off. Parker. Actors who don't don't hurt you see it as it I think everyone at some point. But by it we're not. Partners in there I'll remember or error document to be an Art Bell. When you go through those kind of your real life more you enable it. Do whatever that help are all out of part of electric all. Worked up quite. There are accurate and certainly elk or. No excuse earlier here are answers to these big brick. We want certain part. Brett. Yamana I would second that. And you know obviously wick and Steve were on earlier. And a one of the things that we're really fortunate to do is get a chance to go to the hospitals and and visit people that are going through really tough times in the first time that I got a chance to go over to Dana Farber. It took us into the basement and my talked about this last year but. They showed us the zebra fish and all of the different things that they are doing research lies with a zebra fish and so. We've been we're fortunate enough to be in position where we can we can sponsor a zebra fish and we and we actually did so. In a research on their robust almost as my ten year old best friend is a two time Merrill last almost survivor ths ten so. Those are really important things to us and you know any the way that we can attribute you know we want to. It's fun to have the the coaches as we said Bill Belichick a little busy this afternoon he couldn't join us but. Claude Julian head coach of the Bruins vacations almost over you'll be at that new practice rink so thank you for taking a few minutes to join us here today. Might let. You know I'm already practiced. No joke but they don't report while. Are you happy they thought that. But here we're you guard them oh well we'll the other coaches. Thanks club and brat John well we get to visit with you every week John but Brad it was great to both you guys thank you both birth lending your support here this afternoon we preach it yes great to be here great to be part of something that. You know I think we talk so much about what the Red Sox and and and the Jimmy Fund is it as a partnership but the people that. Contribute that they are truly the great supporters and all this and it the willingness to donate money goes for our. Above and beyond anything that we talked about him. It sees test thanks round thanks raptor. John John Ferrell Red Sox manager Brett Stephens the Celtics head coach Claude Julian the Bruins head coach joining us here to. Kick off this hour of the Jimmy Fund radio telethon.

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