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OMF - Jordan Leandre, 17, Ewing sarcoma, a bone cancer

Aug 30, 2016|

In 2003, Jordan visited his doctor with what his family thought was a virus in his hip—but when the pain and discomfort returned 6 months later, x-rays revealed it was more. After ultrasounds, CT scans, MRI, and eventually a biopsy, the family learned Jordan had Ewing sarcoma, a bone cancer. He underwent chemotherapy for 11 months and had surgery to remove the tumor and reconstruct the femur. Jordan loves baseball, from the day he was medically cleared to play, he has worked extremely hard trying to be the best player he can be. He also writes for a Boston sports website. Jordan has participated in many Radio-Telethon’s since 2004 –singing the National Anthem and participating in on-field ceremonies. During the 2007 Radio-Telethon, Jordan ran the bases. Glenn Ordway told Jordan on-air that he should run the bases and not listen to people if they told him to stop. Jordan thought Glen was joking. But then, after Jordan sang the National Anthem, Mike Andrews, then the chairman of the Jimmy Fund, told him to run to first base and then he kept going - the crowd got louder for every base he touched. Jordan plays varsity baseball and is starting his junior year at Barnstable High School.

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This is what I want you to do when you've done who were on the basis. I'm sure this Ron yeah I'm serious. This crowd go crazy if you run the bases well let me tell me they get off don't listen listen don't don't listen I might never listen you know. Term. Yeah certainly untreated it's about nine years ago and something out of touch. I'd join us until the different because she's sixteen years of age right now I've got this unbelievable pictures that his family brought him. A couple of years after this happen and believe it or not it is still here in our. Red Sox studio we still have this and it's a collage of these great photos that states Joba jointly on trade Jordan back in 2003. Visited the doctor with what he thought was just a virus in his hip or something like that. It revealed a lot more it was Ewing sarcoma. And I can tell you it's 816 right now I first visited this kid in the Jimmy Fund clinic back I believe at that time. Couldn't really walk eventually he was in braces. And it was tough going. He's sixteen years of age right now he's a great baseball player great baseball pitcher and you look to riff like it's great to see that your deceit and it's unbelievable when you look back at the progress that you have made. Over the years and things were so tough so difficult. In the early days it is true though still maturity did not he was afraid of on the basis. They're out of yes don't we get off this with some Q do Manama you know. We tip Mike injures often said to Mike select all the right deserted ruin my personal case it urgent is it for us this and he said yeah okay whatever legal analyst outside. That's a fat guy in a radio talk magic wall around they done the right. I got the first it costs you right there yeah they're division until you read. Saying million or grant. Yeah sang the anthem that is my kids who think like them Rendell the first place. And it was unbelievable. And you could have seen the could see that determination on his racial everybody thinks. In the Jimmy Fund he's running to first base. Now watch this watch with the kids does not denies the brain damage yeah you bigger bullet he rounded up. Rounded up and I'm not done look at the smarts note look at the smile and as things. I mean how how come you watch that on the big screen is that we look at it I don't think I was looking Imus nobody knows sizzling. Really happy and excited being out there I mean is from the yeah massages get this disease did can that you get emotional when you look back at this Jim absolutely it is. It's amazing when I think about. Look at some look in the coming home right now you weren't out there weren't just you'll get a little worn out there al-Qaeda was tired Arafat is an act that is serious. Oh cool but it really when you look at that. I mean to us. What kind of emotional heat you have when you look at yourself and what you've been through June where you're at now it's got to be actually even for dad I mean it's got to be unbelievably cool. They're looking and it just it's just hard to believe a Fuller come since then and even how far right on up to that point I mean I just think it walked just recently written format. So mean to scene. Me on the screen there just run the bases and you know happy I mean news is this is really. It brings back a lot of memories throwing your. So your playing baseball now it's so when you when you're tired. Manager coaches yelling match do it it's hot outside. And anybody else's Bijan do you kind of tell your own story Selig listen guys it could be. Lot worse and get on their case but I don't I don't really bring in my story I mean I'm talking about how play you know there's a lot of there's a lot of people out there that are tired and still fighting through it so I mean if we're entire word overheating. Of the 95 degree weather a hundred degrees on turf fields up like that anymore really complain of nothing because people fighting it more difficult flights via. Jordan where you know physically. Fine I'm fine everything's good yeah the local level and that's really about it did you go in each check up soon. Well what's year. It's been once a year but I think now going in two years has my last most talent and go back in two years that's that's that's good I think. And just what that was that was a long battle to our remember which year after year if you run virtually every year coming back at. You could see the progress but there was still a way to go and did we we where we were in like six months holding. And every time they tried something to save his leg. Jordan waited we'll break it so yeah we have a certain we had a sir he had one surgery that took his tubular brought it up to his hip. And and he spent the summer in a bean bag chair so my wife and I switched shifts it. You know of course everything happens on my watch horse so he's home likes five days and I go to the bathroom and come out he's holding on to the couch looked I can stand up. The Q what don't tell your mother has had this. Like he just adapt and overcame them you know better than I ever cut. Yeah he's an amazing young man. Yeah he was always a fighter and he came in here and he constantly adding the greatest attitude that's what I remember but you came in here you feisty and you were funny and he just had a great attitude in just. And that's probably a big part of you know you've got to be very optimistic you've got to have a great attitude and great doctors over there. Yet people would do what they were doing because I know that would numerous times you are fearful of losing a leg and that's so different things were happening just it's a it's a great story. And it's one of the great success stories that it really is gonna wanna burst I think George you hurt for Twitter. Yeah toward. I don't know I guess I am I angry I think we almost in at some time with Jindal widget and Jordan and scored BBS you wanna you wanna fall gap because you know the type that gets angry in the near an argument that Twitter and then Jordan might jump in. And he just takes down I just didn't think that I thought you got it and zoo ignored the deal done is they've reorganized our part in the welcome thank you very much and we're never gonna forget that. Night if there wasn't a dry eye in the house. If you're an inspiration to all these other young kids right now and hope spent extra time over there with those kids. So I mean if you happen if you haven't you should go over there expensive time of those kids right now so that and we're showing some voters. They don't title is okay nobody there to witness a house did don't that that's your boy Alice. Yeah. Erika at that game with drones and let it boldly and it's OK so wait so were you on Lou's team golf dollars and closing teams out there you are hidden up here that's to go now that it. That was around and wait that was very easily acquire pitching around and I think in them that he's going half speed and there was no offense wells ready towards like pentagon grows it. Yeah. I've got dressed and always thought that's always look fastball do the work of the we're playing real misplaced and let me change it some see strikes on the good value auction next event and openness good. They'd give them your. It just a great story this is a wonderful way for us to close out. Our shift that that we get an opportunity to reconnect with you as we've known you since you were you Ohio. Yeah that's great see everything is going great and Ken it's always great seeing you look it's always there any scene now and trust me I mean I don't gotten thanks to come back a year though usually candidates yes that's got a Crossing Jordan Leon Drake. One of the highlights I think of the fifteen years of this Jimmy Fund radio telephone. Mean back in 2003 it is it's amazing yeah. I know you were you know. Worked in the afternoon shift yeah I was paying out the teacher being Lewis still playing baseball they'll they'll. 07 or 070 here's the first time that he was diagnosed in 07 was a year here that is against yeah 09. Also you know settlement that it was an. Jamie up the middle for four and men anyways and fever pitch and then. Let's nose fever pitch I forgot about that. Movie star. Oh. Getting residuals I don't movie stars and everything that needs like every every few months like this is all decided. A Jordan. It's not it's great to see if it got Palin I don't see you buddy Jordan Leon guys unbelievable. Unbelievable that is given released it.

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