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OMF - Brian Kelleher, 40, colon cancer, with Lisa Chicko, RN, Dana-Farber/New Hampshire Oncology-Hematology

Aug 30, 2016|

After a couple of red-colored bowel movements, Brian had a colonoscopy and was told he had a tumor in his colon. His treatment has included chemotherapy, surgery and radiation. He is still undergoing treatment. Brian receives his treatment at one of Dana-Farber's satellite locations, Dana-Farber/New Hampshire Oncology-Hematology in Londonderry, NH. A lot of people associate Dana-Farber with Boston, but there are other locations. For those that might be coming from the north to get their treatment, there are other locations that might be considered. His family includes, wife, Michele and his sons, James, 11 and Sean, 4. His future goals include putting cancer behind him, living a long life, seeing his boys grow up, watch them dance with their mother at their weddings and hopefully become a grandfather. When Brian first came to Dana-Farber, his nurse Lisa sat down with he and his wife to walk them through his treatment plan and what to expect along the way. Brian said that something with Lisa, "clicked right away." Brian and Lisa quickly found that they had a fair amount in common. Their kids are all around the same age and had quite a few mutual friends. Brian's visits are made easier by Lisa's sense of humor and he is looking forward to the day when Lisa is no longer his nurse so that they can hang out outside of Dana Farber. For her part, Lisa appreciates that Brian is a huge sports fan and says that at every appointment he has some form of Boston sports paraphernalia on. She's been treating him for about 2½ years and loves that Brian's mother, a retired OR nurse, regularly comes to his visits with him and brings the staff the "the most amazing brownies!" Lisa Chicko has been working for Dana-Farber in one capacity or another since 1998. She started at Dana-Farber almost 20 years ago as a new patient coordinator in gastrointestinal oncology. Lisa went back to nursing school and she has been a registered nurse at Dana-Farber/New Hampshire Oncology-Hematology in Londonderry since the practice opened in 2009. As infusion charge nurse in Londonderry, Lisa sees all types of cancer patients, both liquid tumor patients, solid tumor, and hematologic disorders as well. Dana-Farber's Londonderry practice makes it possible to offer the expertise and experience of Dana-Farber, while enabling patients to enjoy the comfort and convenience of staying close to home.

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Let's meet the O'Brien Keller grunt from Derry new Asher brown I you don't. You're Red Sox fan indeed I tell you go to the exact surely got the Ortiz shirt on he's get back out and the whole works and this is a lease it Chico I Lisa. How were you she's an oar in here at Upton new Hampshire at the Dana Farber. Up in new hospital in New Hampshire. Brian tell us about your story here. Let's see back in 2008. Went to the bathroom in a little bit. Blood in the toilet up and so. Went to get checked that they said wealthier rage you know I was 32 with the times so they sit fear age is probably not been big but. You may wanna just you know get it checked has no way it ended up kitten. A colonoscopy and they came back and said the only there's a there's a tumor in and so we're gonna have to get that taking care. And so since then I've had I don't know three or four different re lapses in all I've just been Biden for eight years now and he's keep chugging along. That's what you have to do that's it that's they the battle. And you went Tuesday in a far brokers and a very Londonderry Londonderry correct which is which is great for me because I live in the town next door Derry. And it's a very short commute. One of the main reasons I wanted to come down last year I was up and I didn't blood work done. And now one of the women that actually works here on the show. Do when I tee stuff she was talking about how nobody talked about the one and area office. And I can't even imagine I know when I have treatment you know I just wanna get home and it's only like you know 1015 minutes from me. So I can't imagine people coming all the way down to the city is sitting in traffic trying to get back you know appeared north of the city that's that's going to be awful. So I wanted to comment please spread the word a little bit that there are options for people. Up in our area. This is just the Red Sox that milieu that right you know you ever see the treatments to come walking in with some kind of Boston sports. As a patriot some guests Brady. The guys. Well because you get. You get you treatment during your ports up here so they encourage you to Wear a button dance and soldiers these images have a natural go to this yeah. That is very hadn't been coaching a unique for the day that so I always come walking in a narrow you know who's what is it today. There's just yours just you walking to bring you brownies so. You know he's crumbled and aren't the only guy on didn't make tomorrow brings brownies they're wherever she goes colonel Don the good. If I thought I'd go. That is OK that is. So Lisa you you guys. Have a nice relationship based on it you found out you have a lot in common talk about that. Yes you know we've yeah it is minor little bit older brands you know each share of sports on our kids explore it. And I think the beauty of our relationship and I think it's not unique to just rent rises just. Is wonderful relationship that you developed with your patience and many times 90% of what we talk about isn't cancer and isn't symptoms and you know what to do about something it and think I doing and it. Makes it more harm an and an easier process to go through and certainly aunt and ourselves actually I mean I just. I get sometimes more I think from my patience than I am Purdue from me just talking about stories and their antley it's getting them. Knowing mom brings brownies every week for an answer cookies then that's special. But Bryant is particularly consultants or high you. You're not doing well actually the let's see back in July right around fourth of July got really good news actually saw at a pet scan done. Fairly recently and it came back the spots usually on pats and they light up if it's cancerous. And for whatever reason does treatment that have been on recently. They came back in there they're there but they're not lit up anymore. So it's I guess and and it's not trying to kill me right now which is kind of therein where. And I'm staying on treatment to actively trying to shrink it down and get rid of it and hopefully put it behind me once and for all. You're a great place and the good thing is that there are satellite. Places where it's it would get a farm that makes it far more convenient for people so we're. We're happy that you're in the right place its camera and really guys continued success to you thank you very much thank you Lisa we really cash it has yet.

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