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OMF – Jackie Bradley Jr. and Mookie Betts, Boston Red Sox

Aug 30, 2016|

Two members of the Red Sox outfield, Jackie Bradley Jr. and Mookie Betts, join Glenn, Lou and Christian Christian during the WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon to talk about the team’s famous outfield dance, the team heading into September and to help #KCANCER.

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Let's back up Eric Fenway Park. The 9141300. That's good number 27 dollars and it could be better could get them are going to get to an even two million yelling yeah or we have like this out we have got about an hour I don't I don't know I notable about we don't yeah. Can raise some cash it all just an Israeli some cash. All all this guy has producers tell. And just tell unity get going this guy will introduce this guy but I'm waiting for where's where's that your your partner's partner crime with which he laid the photos to end my pitches in the outfield. It teaches how to do that before you leave I'll just say we did that this year in the studio lot and spirited and. Why aren't my averaged just mr. MVP. You not to area and you're not gonna like this okay we asked to start about discussing pattern Geithner comes Cheney and I jamming them. Last night and is I'll feel partnered Jackie Bradley junior is here walk right to shoot Jackie. Potter reference so here's the deal here's the deal we need you guys to find a way of getting to your fans out there. We're one million you could sit there and aboard one point 9000000001. Point 914. We won by 2 o'clock. Get the tomb in millions of dollars by 2 o'clock Ryan by two days ago was and is now I thank you hash tag what we're what did you guys do do typically we know it's a great cause it's. It's due to help eradicate cancer to the kids don't run maybe twenty guys. Don't run the name right. Do that all sounds nice it's a good right with I was at work now like and to bring a lot of promise you can't do this. But you still wish it to happen in Africa. Some some some I I tried it work to do our name. Yeah I had a question ready to decide do you guys get together and said who's next these pictures gonna get taken. At the end of the game who's taken the picture that decided before yet that last pitch at last on the player of the game. Looks like a house bill and it is us dollars of equipment having this Alex spontaneous just like it's obvious that it's video you're our economy unit Jackie victory on front dogs you take your vote right at it look so much depth but you know the game it's. You got a couple hits you gotta get it through its overall it was now offensively is. It was a door off its all non verbal communication but. It hasn't had night politic and don't Malek Jessica my you know lot of I thought Bailey got that giving you this that we're no it's not you it's me today and no. Not a real fast start doesn't deny credits start readers post Killen is lake RA we should total office. So now we aren't we weren't even doing pictures I think and earlier and actually work and you know as almost like competitive thing make each other better. Obviously you have the best game to get your picks you up so. If you trying to get you pictures then we're all trying to have. Obviously great gains and the fight game it's just the game with in the game which what do you guys invented and which one do you when they credit you policy creates an hour that you are really. So some woman a young guy like a young Ehrlichman attendee comes up. And maybe he's just kind of seen the highlights is there like a sit down as to this the way we roll or you're you're you're too young to actually be ready ever practices if your picture. He came up the news are you ready now do you not know these practices hotel is that I'm saying that no. These are lower Ottawa practice that we can you have to formally meetings act captains actually double and Mike talking about now that you wait with you guys. Now he ripped free nights get suspended Tampa unit last year in September right that is Rich Hill and that Jackie beat had a bunch of them. Ljubicic he put like any of them together he compared bandits and indicated that a kitchen you guys that are. Compare Motorola didn't have the best pitches. Now are you that he's so humble mean it's ridiculous it. Top I've got. Always good you're off I used to when he then I think Airbus that he took it is really count on candy and you guys are all extremely skilled and I see out there especially sort of field. What you tracked the ball is immune to analyze it's just it is impressive as we get to it by if you like you know like Randy Moss like deep pass from Brady. The way his hands go the last moment he just know it's like no big deal like and the toughest pro is easy for him to catch appreciate them and reserve but is there. Method to night what you do was zero for routine that you go through with your hand eye coordination or we just always is gifted that way. Well I don't think there's a message. And a shot at making it seem easy. That's I mean obviously. Everyone has you don't want to make it seem hard even though it is hard. But. The hot easier you you're able to make it. The war easier feel like it'll come come T how often when the ball cities like oh crap there's no way I'm getting to this. And they know they honor rams. It depends if I mean. Obviously. Am not surprised when I gates has certain involvement in their certain Basra Mike I have no shot in game two and when you make that decision now. This is a fine line gets behind you initial site I am able to make it. Pretty much or where there is right off the bat I'm like man I can't get to that but it's got to make the best Iraq hand or. I ask how I actually have a chance. And being kind goes into. Determining like the wind and see if that's playing with it so it come up some nut stuff it towards the walk in the last minute type things. Movie you hit your thirtieth home run of the season last night we have over a month remaining. For the season I'm amazed just looking at your sides guys your size just don't fit. Thirty plus home runs and at bats beat. Actually. Odds China's going as fast as possible. I in the weight room when and Malia polling results are. And pulling Ursula and that was you that equivalent. I think that's what is it you know we'll vulgarity shift everybody possible yes. Each of farms you know nice is that Verizon sneaker homer. Is a but it dollars and that they that was looked human for Steelers choose that chef you know foliage and Morgan. And just like that which you have an inner is that they both because casinos those young players few adjustments. Is and guess who you the way it's been on some balls that are app teams stayed away than your approving go the other way it was a ball. To get it back committed again and it's dead is that what you're at right now we have is with the cat and mouse game you know live. If you change we we can tonight at. Figure out you know there's hours been mentioning with locker room club houses wonders. Like a changing of the guard as far as the older guys there tartan you know there on the are we out here comes the young guys with their music their personalities. What's it like. Inside the clubhouse as far as who decides who plays what music and who gets the most attention is there any. Fighting in fighting going on about your music person fueled our users of they Davis eyes David's in charge that was years. And mean as controller music do you ever say listen this is new Janice's new group put me right this is purposely committed buses at least give. To try these on net though yeah it is are you on the on the new stuff is low you know young forty hello again don't well let who dizzy Izzy take advantage of you know it's last year you guys get out of what we say listen I know Lester but this get carried away easy choose in the food as you choose in the music. Not I don't think he's taken advantage of that and I think a let them do what he has to do this is the meaning dirty air in here and he deserves that gives you guys still amazed forty years of the program so that tuna you can still amazed that. Com but yeah. See the preparation it's that's put in so. You know you don't really amazed by the work that someone does. Obviously people always speak of you know he decline educated older. And he slipped in and on its head. Incredible I mean I. I this is. I can't found maze back can't say I'm not amazed as it is this is nothing is one of his best seasons these discounts ever had and you know it's do that it page where he. You know he's instantly doubles and you know in its feeder hurt me when and it has some things going on then as soon. Amazes me is that how much fun he's having he's doing it you know lots and it's like you know when it was someone dec Gillick gets him focused on he's on deck standing and out. Clinton also people crowd talking to somebody in the first you know first roller. Or between innings he's talking retired team a million field. But that snaps right it's the boxers like that focus and that's something that is just. He Dick Euro level means have that peace of mind. He's given game Molly hats and that's on his way of giving back you're convinced he's done you convinced he's done I know you tuck him in the charter a couple of their bid now. There's yeah there's got to be you know making an offer camp if the news or the thirtieth there's gotta gotta be an election says Bieber I mean did you guys we take turns revenue fees. And yeah. I think now don't know is like a rook I initiation Annan the man who currently sit down and say you're you're you're done and he's ready to enjoy apparently he's. He's that he was going to be some yeah he's. I get that this statue out here. That they're there but the statue already signaled that it yeah that's for whom yeah it's on its own them. I know you've run until years yeah that's not back down so and they got a little lets them that now I know. You guys has been along time with the kids and spent time over at the clinic and whatever so you know what we're doing here today. And you've seen some of these kids and some of these kids that are very very sick others that are well on their way to to recovery. You know it's about yeah and it's it's the system. Great cause that you know. Very thankful to be a part of it and you know just didn't hang around the kids and whatnot and laughing joking and yes. Take their minds away from you know it's really. So so we're good for two home runs rightly that. Two by two really I think that's over now to what want from each Rio won't reach tomorrow. The guy's got no guys got about forty minutes to get to two million dollars that's what's the Big Dig that it's got to thank goodness you get more confidence in your game bizarre reason that I about the yeah. I think we can give thanks and thought god this guy is how resilient nation maybe we'll get Jackie Bradley junior joining us live here. At Fenway Park thanks guys really appreciate it thank you thanks man.

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