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OMF - Melissa Capuano, 46, uterine cancer, director of sales, Entercom Boston with Dr. Neil Horowitz, director, Clinical Research in Gynecologic Oncology, Dana-Farber

Aug 30, 2016|

Melissa was diagnosed in June 2015 after a biopsy. Prior to receiving the biopsy results, Melissa's doctor told her that she should not be concerned because she did not fit the profile of someone who might have uterine cancer. It primarily occurs in women closer to 70 in age and/or obese. They were both shocked that the results came back to reveal stage 1 uterine cancer. The typical treatment is full hysterectomy, however Melissa felt she was way too young to lose her reproductive organs. Her doctor suggested high levels of Progesterone, a treatment plan that has been known to shrink tumors. If this worked, she could potentially avoid surgery (or at least put it off for several years), but this treatment did not work. She selected Dana-Farber for her treatment because her and her husband felt very comfortable and they found Dr. Horowitz to be very compassionate. Melissa ended up needing surgery to remove the tumor to make sure nothing spread to her lymph nodes. She had that surgery in January 2016 and today is cancer-free. She is married to John and has 2 beautiful step-daughters, Taylor and Casey, and a French bulldog named Luigi. Dr. Horowitz is a Gynecologic Oncology surgeon and also the Director of Clinical Research in Gynecologic Oncology at Dana-Farber. He specializes in treating all types of gynecologic cancer but has a special interest in ovarian cancer, vulvar cancer and gestational trophoblastic neoplasia (GTN), which is a collective term for gestational trophoblastic diseases, which occur within a woman’s womb (such as uterine cancer).

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This next one is it's close and personal to us this is so Melissa cap of one home. She works whether she's the director of sales for an account Boston her doctors your doctor Neil Horwitz the director of clinical research your. In the in the Dana Farber and we're well aware of your story but people haven't heard your story show Pratt you go and tell. And Hank. As they say team guys that a little bit earlier before you Landis in my immediate debut Libya packing them reproductive organs when you got here we are that's coffee cup talk that's happy. It's got that. I think my own a copy room. So. Couple years ago I was. Just not feeling righty. Went to my regular gynecologists. CU you know. Keep it pretty mild there is a lot of bleeding it was a normal. She said you know let's wait another and see what happens. Went back month you there's a lot more bleeding it definitely something was was going Ron. She says it you know and amended and take a biopsy take a little bit of a pizza inside of your uterus Ian and and just test it. Don't worry about it. Uterine cancers not something that somebody your age would normally gap that's more. Somebody who is past men applies closer to seven the in need to Ian who beats. So I lecture it really thinking twice about it. In ensuring that she called me back and said. Policy you have cancer. So from there you know everything changes you'd have to you getting in colleges. Which I did we went to a couple different places my husband news this year he's been amazing and it Democrats that. And if you ambient human we used to putting weeks to work with him to end. Am so you know. Interview process for an oncologist is just sort of surgery out. And in only two Dana Farber which in my mind was my first choice anyway just because on the work we've done together with Dana Farber. And name it actor or away. Who is equally as never to come on the air today as I went through that looked at each other and said you know you're and most of the talking me. Led. You know I've heard a lot today. People cheering their stories and talking about how different. It was going Dana Farber and the bedside manner inning I can't you attitude that is. And we left a couple of other. Hospitals and in meetings with doctors. And there's just such a big difference. In my cancer was very cheap to me is staged wine. You know there was and easy exploring it wasn't too worried but actor Horowitz I felt like he attacked me for five hours opinion. And it just it's really great well. So they ended up doing the surgery correct because originally it was not happy surgery. Originally it wasn't I mean again as he answer for her might need to is very rare in the treatment is just. Apple has tracked me take everything out. I really wasn't ready for an eye out to him that he Yahoo! to you know go there there or. It just a lot of other things coming I really wasn't ready for it and actor correlates had said. Yes okay there's a a couple of things we can try he put me and the gesture down. Therapy which has been known to really street did these humorous at times. Decide if fact is that there's a weak gains of the only thing that it is 1915 pounds from it but it's humor never shrunken and that. You we did at biopsy and A half week three and you. It Billy didn't work he that those who did that for another temporary minds I think it was. Mean at that point he said to you we got to go and get this out. Air duct. Actually ask you to speak and available Everest you guys talking about Melissa said it didn't she fit the profile. Leo how uncommon is that you know for. This detect cancer that was has that view is really unusual for someone in her in every age group. And that her profile very healthy and no other medical problems so. I think it speaks a lot to her initial guy colleges and despite not fitting the profile actually did the right tests and do a biopsy. So I think that speaks a lot to him to her initial doctor was. Two I think that. Number women in this country dead bird. Beat her same profile that have that kind of cancer are quite career. So you're great don't we see you work every day I usually never look at perfectly fine. It's funny Melissa and I during that period were kind of comparing notes because we are few months apart for Ashley spent time that they are out here and get your story yes. So you told you went to Hawaii. Alan that's. Did acknowledge the alibi in the witness. I now I came back inside Glenn I I think I was just sort of going do my thing I didn't even really know your full story and I got back to wire down. And workers comparing notes and you know both of us have said the same thing we're sitting here now when were both healthy and cleaning. You know cancer that was that was renewed. But you'd hear these stories of these people what they're going ran you know I mean it was. Emotional for me at an after it was for you and it was difficult. And get people that have it's so much more. Yeah I was IE I must feel guilty telling my story now because mine is mild. And I believe I'm going to be just fine but some of these other people who are coming through here the story searches I don't know how the families doing I really don't I don't I'm I don't know how they do so. And yet I mean hearing in his words you have cancer but I can't imagine what it's like to hear those words say your child has plants and it's just it's just well you're good. Her aunt and Blanco keeps going up a storm Florence I cannot bear but some business there OK let's try thanks Louis. Thank you guys are we really appreciate it.

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