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OMF – NBA Legend Bill Walton

Aug 30, 2016|

Former NBA star and current ESPN broadcast Bill Walton joins Glenn, Lou and Christian to talk about his fight with cancer and to help support the Jimmy Fund. The guys have fun will Bill, who is proudly the only person who can out-talk Ordway.

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You'll love Malia our next guest folio. Why they'll take is one of my all time favorites. And he may be the only guy that can actually I'll talk me. Call up and etc. should read to stand down it's just going to tell you why all day's old school for US memory lane US Bill Walton the great Bill Walton one question and that's all you need to do 1520 minute interview with. Mr. Walton how we do it today. Let them like just guys in the world I can answer for what it augur a privilege to be with you on this show. My life has always been defined by the read the opinion part of something special treatment choices it lightly at big east on. People. Purpose. In projects and programs so one I had heard about that. Fifteen years of this in testing rebuke on the reason the money already reach forty million plus dollars over billion dollars already. Drive in the tree ring it is goal the chance. That he has to do something for somebody who will never be able to you that. But as we speak about what we're going to do with the lights went to respect our time in our treasurer art talent and what we're gonna do. Where we're gonna. Put ourselves in position misty and a others think as we celebrate the day to day a proper consideration is six feet there. If so what is he epitomizes. What it needs to be a part of this specialty because she is he was the they. It was the best player of the abortion. Later. And Gigi did the keys you read everything without that now that's what that. Jimmy Fund that was that the hospital is all about that now deletions that Q does that seep yet that these slide that we ever dropped now. All of us every single day is the biggest challenge that we know. Open and leave the board to work things in the world and what that people in Boston the Celtics would read what Mary all the guys did for. Not to be mean micro rear back. The debate be about life. And to be able to. To be on the issue today and all the time that we spent together over the course of our friendship which now it's our accuse them. Let users to it to be able to celebrate now read things or but also understanding that. We have a duty obligation and responsibility. To make things better at what the people of Boston have to be. What they communities. That have done for the world truck driver in the trees and everything is one on down there at a hospital. Because what happens. What happens when you get sick. Is that. There was hope. There was the read that morals and your life just. Source spiraling hope was we get hopelessly out of the pool and there's nothing you can do. And issues you're just. All the role in victory you don't know you're just like the audit. I'm not to make it this is not good work and that's what it. Part of it. And that's his demise is the Boston Celtics. And when that will be Walt substantiate. The Red Sox with bitter duel with their competency and you go next week over the Buick out there. And celebrate the brilliance of the Red Sox in the ethical partnered just after Labor Day celebration. Because what we think of them make some supper time they were happy right now and I mean my old have been mild out of San Diego but we started off Memorial Day we saw. A cute or are grateful approach to. All the people would sacrifice everything for the partly come true that we ended with labor paper today. Which we augur. We pay tribute to the people who were social hour at every level light to come. And to make it happen other people because that that. That did come through what you light as we chased that marine Lance. You know. I'll be at all. Haven't agreed. Have little or say were just say please and in that even. When you it's X and you don't know this into you'd do it. And I've had friends in the so well have not made it when I think back of the greatest. Ever had reached Lucas. Lucas of the portrait was he wasn't the best player I ever played with that was Larry he was the best player ever played against that was Corey. But Maurice Lucas. He had his say. And when things got. No matter what this is what. Maurice Lucas. He would step into the and you were up in these properties like those being our orders of his that he would say you know very serious at all. All to share. And that's what recent dispute that. And his ability to shine the light of the space under the worst to illuminate the work to be the lights. That light was extinguished. Six years ago Paul Maurice Lucas went down to his old. To that one mine in Chile wipe and I'm Lori went to visit one time it was is absolutely staggering because there was this. Being powerful. Musical. Artists just obvious it is add music gods we just absolutely. It. Has the power went Pearson and pieces of this could be. And we were in the living world war Reese's horse and it and we were there with and is wise we are sit there week. Reason we we it's been awhile. Because he's been sick well I'd been sick myself and respond the team out of the back rule was. Meeting on his cane he headed the other. And he was pushing his order IP interior. And it's just been tested. Cancer and he was just lost all his weight he's lost all this power is here at church or what you you grow old beard is just to have the street even longer. And I looked at them. And I said in all seriousness as it worries you look just like old Russell. He's. At peace throughout the spring is pretty good news just snapped right back at me and said. That's the worst thing in percent of you know Russell will be it was by ball and roll on and off the court I was Ian could be. Or read who written. Which should be over the course of his life and over the course is the oldest and the illness line between now. And he did make it and that's how this whole thing is planned as. No but he makes it to the top bowl. This is all about the team and what someone like Maurice Lucas gets taken down he is to have just. The rough as tough as all week willingness stepped to the brought a hero all the dirty work recent focus. Which ran with you Richard teammate. Opulent horse all with god on your side. And so what we have to change your lives to just wouldn't do something. For other people work BC this. Where it would be difficult. And it. If you're ever be humans are you for yourselves if you ever feel like life is just too hard not to do that this is just the opposite world. Cool now that the hospital is walking networks it can Bible. Your and I. Might take up the trash can mop the floor tonight all the although few. And you come out of that place did you say you're so you know I'm them use on earth and I am. I am like you. Happily married or it is absolutely but I never thought after all be here all these injuries and I think I'd ever be read and I'd be happier that's introduced or in testing with. At the time when you got a step back and take that we electable what it say. What I do. Because it's is what gets system that. It's what I love about the war was little don't exactly can you wouldn't reds are with the trees do but the Boston theater because I have to be the lucky guy this year well yeah sure refuted. I'm. Gonna go out. And I had just finished my tax. That's three times true story and it isn't your story isn't your story would Bill Walton. So like a Bill Walton hall of fame he was nice enough to invite me to his all of fame induction. And every person up there are supposed to get what they were supposed to get like six minutes or five minutes. Bill goes on for like 29 minutes. And at the end of that remember this year you'll remember he starts off because he was a real fortunate the week before he starts out football hall of fame. By thanking the people at the wheel of fortune is that it was one of great moments in. By Edwards. About it by. Him makes an athletic for all we've been viewed more. By challenges have been worth the excel. In my speech that yes he isn't just a religious just idiotic is does that open until I'm one of your soul and when I got there that night that'll be. It was absolutely you know. And you. I just because. You know if somebody else is responsible for that had a you know I got in trying to all the B and that they are believed it was the sixth eating. Minute and forty separate second work that Bryant McEntire oh yeah yeah. On wall let's wrap this thing enough speed to last longer than your career. Players. But to Peter Ol B I'll be Gergen is accurate read chances Lori good. An opportunity to com back to do it. It just makes me so I immediately. So happy and guys like have we more easily want Clint work weight behind. A key goal to all the guys and it just. And to have this decade beyond Robert Parish is. Birthday because Cheney. Playing behind sheet. Was like all the what the bridge builder out of bumpy road that they forgot to close the back until it was so. On you re so Smart you were so I'll tell you resources you'll be was so powerful. And he never wanted in the. They'll or go with it we're running out of time go to either. Group were running out of time no brilliant. Brilliant at running but we're much. Bill Walton I love you. I thought. You know the plot and bill thank you tell us why you love hold at Oakland. I'd love Robert died luckily and the the details. These events what does that say yeah yeah loved outlaw state bill that brought everything to them that Jimmie thanks equality and nobody I talked and that's. Yeah. Baghdad milk cents. At that particular mud walled villages and LA and match no. At about. The lakers all. I know I didn't think it was possible you said I would tell you said hi tonight like you wanted to ask you question why didn't beat me I think you under exaggerated these you this. This that was like epic now and ask your question should heightened they'll look at eight minutes and 32 seconds a blue. These don't look so let me just give them the rest of the story that we all. And yeah like Brazil had none and I commercial console. Ports but yeah unfortunately I don't like it I got out. Right let's take a break. Do you ever if you went up. Its socket like the message I. William Crowe like Batman sevenths remote ones who answered I cannot talk Morgan who I can't not talk itself was up there.

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