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OMF – Charlie Jacobs, Boston Bruins

Aug 30, 2016|

Charlie Jacobs, owner of the Boston Bruins, joins Glenn, Lou and Christian during the WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon to talk about the Bruins heading into next season. Help #KCANCER. Call 877-738-1234 to donate now!

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I so it was great to see Charlie Jacobs when he drops by. To the Jimmy Fund radio telethon Guillen Jeremy have been great over the years to us. And we appreciate you stopping by in effect we're neighbors now as the new tracks right now the original or right outside or wonder we've been watching every day is have been putting this thing up let's party went on them to please anybody at all like I don't think we have time we gave let's go negative thing up this 256 not two by fours cannot. And I don't edit corners we're all excited some great facility players are actually on the ice this morning with that captain's practices going on this week in. You know what there's a lot of Korean church here on the new facilities just minutes away from the guard NASDAQ going to be that he could secure vehicle hold many towns cities like with apartments and apple has to have its own peace the whole thing so. We don't know ever have an excuse me late. Right there at Catholics going out and food Tuesday night. I tell it the way the place looks I'd be surprised the players leaving all the time and if you're wondering exactly and replace them and Hillary's and assess the. Before we get it to the hole Jimmy Fund thing. How tough is sit in you know this town you know what you guys who built you guys it really builds up. You're not only back in the radar you can dominating in this down here. For a few years in the year two years. In which you don't make the playoffs in both years you can teach everybody that. And last year you were leading the division I think in March anyway. OK I hope that's if I could see the frustration in your face but you know the style. You know what the Bruins fan expects that the Bruins fans are gonna expect you guys to be back in the mix at right you have a hole. Oh yeah no that's 89 it's expected. We should be right back in the mix were. Or caps team as they say in today's National Hockey League we have. We really have the leadership we've got some guys with some hardware attached to their names that are still on our roster. And the expectation is that you know come come Easter we're still playing hockey right in the may. So. I know that all of the players. Feel the same way. Coaching staff ran on ran up to my office so. I I think we're gonna have a good season I'm. Watch star rookie development camp investment grade kids coming but that don't wanna just count the guys that are Ariane team that. But frankly our leaders are gonna show us and show those Turkey's the way. You know we've talked a pair of wired and hockey season and he raves about what you have coming up now I know. Ha didn't and we talk about the future is still tickled cable that's great but no Patrice and David crate she in these guys there in their primes that you'd. How is it the combination of like bringing young guys up beauty that's a player's prime right now that. You wanna kind of speed this process up absolutely and we owe it to the guys that Patrice. To David strategy to to Zdeno. To supplement them with the proper you know top six forwards and and top four defensemen and and I. Certainly shouldn't forget to cut as well so. We owe it to them we do have some great kids coming. Frankly one of the deeper and in my opinion of course I'm a little buys that has been one of the deeper. Prospect pools and all of National Hockey League so. I know it's going to be fine balancing how to we had a we put the best team on the ice we may have to you know. Perhaps part with the prospect of suited to supplement what what we've got currently. How close you guys with the DC signing. Close homeland it's you know I'd say we met with. With Jamie and its agencies. Stanley for piper Sonoma for over two hours two and a half over it to other Brighton facility. I felt really good about it after after sort of walking out of the door so to speak from you know weeks we said. He told us we were gonna hear anything for 2448 hours. I thought we had a great. Great message to to share and you know listen he he made his decision for whatever reason item I don't have. A look and see in to his thought processes to what made him choose New York over Boston but I think he felt the pressure does the. Playing in his MA JA IL II that he didn't address the but that may be one of the reasons SE Jimmy Hayes was in here yesterday and there were rumors out there that he might have sets up he denies it saying it. He never said anything about it though his brother. Kevin is good friends with TC and where is the end of Sonny says the ridges that. So. Does that puzzle you though when you look at a situation like this when you've got a local kid who looks like he's got a great upside. And he elects to go. Elsewhere absolutely I mean as I said we had we had some really good messaging program while we thought Boston was the right place no. The players that I just mentioned being some highlights that he could skate on top two lines. Like tea I don't know exactly what the process was for his making or the reasons behind choosing New York or Boston. By the way if you talk to Ginny I'm told that. He's had a great summer I think Jimmy Jamie's really sort of transformed the summer working out has died the rest I expected. We'll see different player column come October 2 studies under yesterday like he knows he's got to do some he's got to take his game in the mix of. He's pretty. I thought it was pretty obvious benefit out of this thing in the you know do you guys have. Brady's numbered all have gradient and meeting you I thought that the USO last I. And of speech on the community Bryant a mayor of Boston now if I could you describe who we did have representatives from. On the other sports clubs either on video or in person so so as a whole recruit them you're talking in light old school I had. Tightly around the red carpet. Yes because of Jimmy Hayes she was of you brought you the Riley Smith traded. With the we searching going elsewhere sort of brings you back through a lot of discussion here locally though that Tyler Sagan deal and India are still look back have regrets how that thing ended. You know listen there's a lot of stuff going on that hasn't been discussed and it should keep it that way. Steve Tyler is good kid. I wish you well on balance. We based on well palaces and but you know two judges that strictly on the face that I knew what the return was there were other. Sir external mitigating factors that had to do with our decisions to trade. I have to leave it there I wish I could going to be. Oh we had our company president because I really don't let us just they got all that stuff. You know you talk about the talon and lose right you're required just raids every week to us about that. The young talent you have but you also understand that when you gotta win now right away I mean Florida has had a really young team mobilized w.s who has made. An awful lot of progress. Do you believe you've got enough right now forget about just make an appliance do you have enough to really compete. In the conference there. You know if you think about the other teams' Eastern Conference think about this plan we've got. Bergeron Croce and back this is their first three cents to think about I don't know if there's a team. In the Eastern Conference that has that treaty and three keep. It's better. And again this is maybe a stretch to think about what Pittsburgh head down the middle and they supplemented with just about a rookie and just about almost every line. But he such of these BK line. A lot accomplished a forty year old coaches that's what they are sorry to cut it myself as a great coach and to agree W you also have problems at the Blue Line as you know OK you've got an aging. Star and you've got some issues back there. That do you have enough do you think to really compete cities and that's to be determined there's some kids that are coming. The site it's a lot to ask if any in any rookies to come in here but we do have some really good prospects. Who were I believe to be playing this October. You know the kids. So we'll see. Game's changed in terms of you know. Moving that part gallery much grind against the losses making quick decisions quick turns a quick cups as they say so. And I think you know during Libya to actually make the blast I do think there's room for this team grow and I'm I'm very optimistic. So you know to user Ohno make the playoffs like who went out posters repeated towards the end prosecutors Claude Julien and his job. I'll cloud compact. I'm surprised quest even comes up comes up in every sport don't yeah you know noted John barrels in the same issue and he's you know sorry Lou but. I mean Hillary daily desk is if you talk to people who are in hockey they say he did an unbelievable job last year yeah that'd be great job last year yet still as a matter kits two years in a row not make the playoffs so. You start looking at is that the players or is it the message that the coach's duty to the players. You know it is ownership management Canada now have to blame somebody right. Well no I don't it's certainly wished I don't include should be the phone guy. I would think the players in the dressing room tie that that we did. By the way changeup a coaching next this year because we have so much youth on our team we wanted to bring in some more mentors Jeep Gandolfo and to Sacco. I'm so I think that you know given the environment where we are Foster this this young talent. Clause the right guy because he's a very systems orient. Certainly very disciplined in terms of back in defensive play. Whereas if we're gonna sprinkle that coaching. And that mentoring with the younger guys that are sort of now in the room with them. What we're in the video board talked in the players after skates and after games it's it's going to be. All of the different. Different vibe so to speak and it and you would approach with with the veterans. You know I just so quickly so we know because the noise comes out comes out loud and it's clear in this tally to everybody is talking about so when the noise and articles and analyst start serving. Do you have to go to closer listen I hear they're saying don't miss what it man you're my guy. Well I I I personally don't do that IDC load. Quite a bit but I would leave them not to say Don Sweeney here or can't have that conversation really. Not that they would have issue at least you know going to close and talking about any of this but I do try to answer. Respect the boundaries of their petitions and their responsible. Brought to migrate to the Jimmy Fund over the years I remember the first one we did and and your dad was heavily in foal to our family was heavily involved. And you guys are yours yeah you guys have been involved every single year and we really appreciate your support as always how it's it's really an honor to be part of this really it is and and as usual. Eyes as usual woods it's always special to be here but I do want to. Commit to this year's campaign on behalf of the rulers there I 5000 aren't very much. That is don't go to bongos and you plug goes out I don't but yeah there it is all the time. I think he's terrible we really appreciate it Charlie do you and everybody in the Bruins organization and I will stop my neighbors levels that have come CS robbery and down and don't see a little bit when playing a much right now the total. You don't have last year I got all the local high school tie him up a little bit but he actually help himself or is there any smaller kind of interactive. I'll say it again anyway Charlie always great seeing you thanks for joining us we appreciate you Charlie Jacobs president. Of the Bruins we take a break in and we get right back do you know 8777381234. Get those people the volunteers picking up those phones.

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