WEEI>On Demand>>OMF - Nick Perotta, 52, acute myeloid leukemia (AML), with Dr. Robert Soiffer, chief, Hematologic Malignancies Program and co-chief, Adult Stem Cell Transplantation Program, Dana-Farber

OMF - Nick Perotta, 52, acute myeloid leukemia (AML), with Dr. Robert Soiffer, chief, Hematologic Malignancies Program and co-chief, Adult Stem Cell Transplantation Program, Dana-Farber

Aug 30, 2016|

Nick was diagnosed in November 2014 during a routine check-up and blood work. His treatment has included 2 rounds of chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant in March 2015. His donor is from Germany. He selected Dana-Farber because it is one of the top hospitals in the world for cancer treatment. His family includes his wife, Carolyn, his daughter, Michaela, 17 and son, Nicholas, 14. He enjoys coaching softball and basketball. They travel often for his son's basketball and baseball tournaments as well as his daughter's softball tournaments. Nick enjoys spending time with his family, fishing with his children and attends several Red Sox and Celtic games throughout the year. According to Nick, after the shock of being diagnosed with AML his experience has been tremendous. The outpouring of love from family and friends was very touching. His Dana-Farber doctors, including Dr. Soiffer were outstanding. The nurses and staff were unbelievable – so compassionate and professional. Dr. Robert Soiffer is world-renowned in the field of bone marrow and stem cell transplant procedures.

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A. I think we need to call it a bad our ballot tote board some of the phone you've got a little quiet it just walked out looked at all the great volunteers. Who have been answering those phones diligently here for the last two days. And there's a little all right now so we need your help at 877. 73812348777381234. You can do it another way to detect a cancer. 220222. That will donate 25 dollars to the Jimmy Fund. We'll cue ball on line and Jimmy Fund dot org to make this. Going to be a fun when it's going to be a fun little interview that we're gonna do this celebrate eight yard penalty and game. Just fired up ready to throw salt on all of our games but this isn't a paper on the net gains from Mo Wakefield Massachusetts is doctors here is what doctor Roberts or for. NIC great to meet you say it than that and you were diagnosed two years ago is that correct yeah I happen. OK so basically I go for my checkups every six months since I was there the watch my cholesterol much Erica you're diligently. I think history of them OK I want to say on top regret. So in October I went to see my primary here just serve regular check up and follow on blog work. And I came back that my white blood cells were a little below the normal range. So whence you a rheumatologist in stone amass. And Adrian some tests and that's why you feel great qualities dollars. So then I went for a follow up is that you know what that may be something going on here. We have all marrow. You know don't worry about it you'll look great you sound grade. It could be a virus can be due to match so let's just do some further testing. So fine since Friday before Thanksgiving. And I went emperor. A follow up and me actually get a bone marrow biopsy which is a lot on my way and if it sounds as. So I had a bone marrow biopsy and now she's a will let you know two weeks or so what's going on so that was Thursday before Thanksgiving. On Monday. For a few days later I get a phone call yet to come in immediately. Eric is yeah that the call ago it is all so I left my office. And that amount for the rest of the day. And went there and it's you know something's going on in maybe something called and yes this is my like this plastic syndrome. Or are. You know that of a formal Kenya. So all you need to go to Dana Farber immediately. Right so the next day I went today in a plumber. And I saw a doctor stone and they say yeah we look the results and best haven't had a bone marrow biopsy. Which has looked upon which him you know into what is good to a better you know fun divorces. You know they should we can go by that bone marrow biopsy but we want to take our own and I'm like you know whatever you gotta go. So of course there was a look at follow it through that work here is one example out of Basra is so incredible. The first round Meyer had. You know I sort of east on route in a galaxy. And so I had notable marrow bone marrow biopsies by I mean a Kamensky and you wise. I absolutely incredible. No pain what so I mean a market different selling way they confirmed the findings and says now. So lomb. That was nice and let's go you know just checked into the hospital ready to go well and you know I was never upset about it or say why me because guys. Today and everybody knows somebody that's been touched my head so these no wind me here you know there's no surprise which is do we have details. I'm so then went and that he most nodding. Early December. Guy discharged. Early January 1 week was put into remission which is very exciting. And then the next step was you know. The silly idea right. Just last year I yeah yeah you know so we split things up real quickly is only two. I did not want to. Have you know in my treatment was one I Yankee fan. That's not declared. It. Let out that cat out of the bag you didn't. And the other thing is what image you will Maloney wasn't monitor and medical I don't know. And I. I don't I. Ended up on the after a well. Well doing well first of all you can tell probably from the way Nick's talking. That he and I come from the same neighborhood via Brooklyn that's so well a Brooklyn guy oh that's nice of you. You are Yankee fan I came up PF 33 years ago and I stayed at nick if I got in at all it will what I have met that goal and no help. About what's involved I would I would I would spend some quality time in a Roma padded room yeah. Still the eight innings ninth inning this no problem tonight oh yeah before I came indices. No but I usually want audio that you would want loop because you know what's gonna keep cancers that's more than mood on loan that I don't. I don't I don't write probably now graduated what you think you ought to go that's what you want to figure. I happen to throw exact one and negative bone marrow transplant tourists on the doors in Germany brag but let me back up a little bit as he didn't want to Yankee fan to be a dozen. That's that ravaged the line that's and it so I'm. On the. Registry and believe it's lights one million plus. I candidates as dollars so when he went to the registry due to possible no one was a perfect match a candidate. And we were all very excited so. What happened a couple weeks later. It is we found out that that patient was not medically cleared. And Saudi read back the don't match and sort it was one of the match away seven Saturday. From Germany. And you know that was a little. Dicey thing it's only when the match is what they were very comforting and telling me that especially about this for a that is that as of now we have other options and that's the great thing about you know. There's always options city that you field Aggies this doesn't work we could use something that it's. So thank god it's seven at a worked out and that was in March. 2015. And now I'm feeling awesome I'm feeling great aunts and GB HD. That the certificate about mainly my eyes. They're very red and irritated but that's getting much better. As far as pain upon what goes yeah I've been way donor today in a problem for many many years. And it shows them as one in my donating noises organizations. Because that top doctors. Like doctors select this stone also treated me. But also it's right in my backyard and people go from all of them were sure do all alone. You know why would I donate to this organization that is on the cutting edge. And developing treatments all the time. The way I was treated some years ago may be different how you treat it through that and it's the money that you guys now. There too where there are reasons. I can touch me it is while that would doing research on new drugs the leukemia. And specifically for leukemia as opposed to a wide range of cancers so it is always research going on and without the money that's of. A report closest that doctor cipher is a renowned scientist when it comes to this technology and where we're going here how much progress is being made him. Is there something in the future we you see that this thing's gonna be talked about how difficult it was. Initially short well there's been enormous progress incremental progress year over year of the year if you go back. We are now twenty years ago things have changed dramatically in India the procedure is safer. And we curing more people. We also are able to access many many different types of don't is not just donors who are matched in the registry we can do mismatches or. Have matches even in this case. Well we spent some time looking at nick and how fantastic. He you looks well. But I thought you don't know I don't want to let them know that looks like you know but yeah. What he's doing terrific. And we celebrating all the as entity to coming in here who are doing great. But they are on on a serious note there people kick him and they eat the democratic coming. Because they happen to. Well most of the people so down. So we are not only need to be raising money to help people lower in front of us today and celebrate the people who have been with us yesterday. But we kept that helped the people were being diagnosed tomorrow. And that's that's what we have to be so we get the vehicle from here to here we gotta get. This much higher rate until we get to a 100% nick it was great to and meeting here any minute good continued success field. And doc too short for great meeting you parting gift we have a left over A-Rod bobbled Dallara. It take it on the market got this many years I've met Yankee fans stuffing ability. I'm. You know thanks guys we I actually I say there.

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