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OMF - Teaghan Bresnahan, 3, acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), a blood cancer, with her parents Mandy and James

Aug 30, 2016|

Teaghan (Ayer) was diagnosed in May 2015 with ALL following routine lab work at her 2-year annual physical. Her treatment has included chemotherapy and she is on a 2-year treatment plan. She enjoys swimming, dancing, playing guitar, playing sports, riding her bike, swinging at the park, making silly faces, doing puzzles and painting. She also loves watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and performing the 'hot dog dance.” Teaghan has a Jimmy Fund Clinic boyfriend. She is going to have a little sister, her mom is expecting a baby girl in January 2017.

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Let's meet the resident and family this is teased him about three years old. Parents are being Andy and James. Mom will start would you Mandy Kagan was just going in for an annual two year physical and they got the surprise your life. Yes on silly and for her tear as a policy matter routine lab work. He got a call that night at her platelet levels were really. And come back and reading and re Dele. And thinking it's just a virus and a little bit of a cost. Nerve wracking than she did not like getting your blood drawn but on ticket back on Sunday. I read did the blood cleric and platelets were a little bit low or. I'm still not alarming at that point just told till I'll look out for certain things either. And the peaking at which is like small red dots on the skin which is caused from leading. And just keep an eye on that while she did have some periodic. Tiki antibodies so I took the temperature. And Sharon has she did have a low grade fever cell. I called her pediatrician back and let him know that she said he now he really needs ticker right into children's. You know hurt levels for biting infection are pretty loud and wanna get on antibiotics. On to get that. Obviously our best but not. Too nervous and couple hours into the iron they came and and say you know elected are glad where we looked at under the microscope and it's 100% with emea. At that point. You're just freaking out. There prison camp. I was nom James is awesome because he kept his composure and was able to ask all the important question Phelps did now moving around and asking questions yes. And I just stunned because she literally had never even really been sick. Sitting here that you know leukemia is does it and it and it. It wasn't on the radar at all with anything that we was mentioned there and we could even prepare for so it was real. Real are essentially get back to where they where they do next what happens next. We admitted immediately that night. We spent 35 days in the hospital may started therapy that night. And then we started that journey. There's an element of say she's in a military year treat her like she looks great you know get as yet as a great doing very well. And I think it's part of this events that's why it's so important because. If the funds weren't raised and for the research and so forth and who knows. And it's more important so it's why it's so important to get. People so calling text him. Donate because little bit over a year ago we didn't know how important this. Event was in fundraising and now we have a direct connection. With childhood cancer. And leukemia and it's it's very important how does I guess what does he you know bow to see. C used different words that cancer would you guys had you express what's going on to her. Because she's so he's so young she's probably with what the heck tonight you don't think we've really used. Leukemia or cancer. Often or at all I don't really wanna hear that come out of her mouth. But sound that we talk about the clinic. Hands. Treatments and medication. She has been sort of different. I mean. She knows takes Madison everyday but I don't think she probably doesn't realize that other kids don't do those kind of spelled it doesn't really an attic his own good at clinic. That she goes to school and those kinds of things sound. Honest is all she's now one and restarting Italian icon next summer or you don't have to go to clinic anymore next summer you want to take medication. So. Rip to the microphone and a if you get I heard a rumor and you have a boyfriend over there. And chronic wounds. Pointed Ian Ian Ian. Your buddy. They watched pup a pig. Munich and that's from Christians alcohol and hang out together how old this union. Disease in older man he is older I look a little while Obama to approve them the President Bush and not that runner records and give some background and have at aqueduct. It also. TE congratulations is nor by the ways to you know where that he's going to be an older sister yes she excited I'm sure you do in January. Yes congratulations ain't here and yet she's really excited and I think she's going to be grace is going to be a big help. At that point have about five months left in treatment sounds. Might be crazy five months yeah as they get. We've survived this time we can handle anything that's thrown our way at this point. There you find a lot of put yourselves. Gosh I think there's a lot of people out there that. You know that maybe having gone through with its you know I don't know what could you know I don't think it can't you know I mean that's the worst news there yet. I'll tell you that that was probably me and if I had her egg you know one of my good friends are descending running knew his dying tunis I would absolutely be the person says I could never. Do and how they're doing anything but reality is we've had so many people tell us how strongly act. But any parent is gonna do what you need to do like you don't have a choice you have to be strong. So yeah you learn a lot about yourself I am much stronger than ever thought I was. Where a lot stronger than we probably thought we worked together. Advocate this whole situation could easily. There family apart and it's very stressful. Where snooze you will probably get a lifetime. But. Think we should do them well it sounds like you geyser or strong bond you're in a great place she couldn't be. In a better place than where you are right now guest really good idea if it went from being unlucky and asking why it's happening. Why I asked to feeling lucky that were so close at Boston area of them. Dana Farber Boston children's. Hands. Now prayers we received their family friends. I'll support at a great support system so we we feel very blasts as opposed the opposite to you like to tell the kids they know how to fix it over there so hopefully now. Everything will work out great for you guys it was great meeting you and in hedge congratulating me and it. Our new addition to gramley ants.

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