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OMF - Kimberly Delling, 49, breast cancer, with Dr. Erica Mayer, senior physician, Susan F. Smith Center for Women's Cancers, Dana-Farber

Aug 30, 2016|

Kim was diagnosed in Sept. 2009. Both her breasts were hurting and she had found lumps, even though she had a clear mammography 6 months prior. Kim initially responded to treatment but her breast cancer later recurred as stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. For her first diagnosis, she underwent 8 rounds of chemotherapy, for her second diagnosis, she underwent 39 radiation treatments and now is in treatment for life. She selected Dana-Farber because she needed a research hospital since there is no cure and Kim believes Dr. Mayer is the best doctor there is for metastatic breast cancer. Kim is a real estate agent on the North Shore. She enjoys attending her stepdaughters’ hockey games, entertaining friends and family and rides with her husband on his Harley. Her future goal: Keep living each day and staying alive for the next break through that is coming with money donated to Dana- Farber as well as paying it forward to other patients. Dr. Erica Mayer speakS to the challenges of treating breast cancer once it has metastasized and spread to other parts of the body. She speaks to the PALLAS clinical trial, an international clinical trial that Dr. Mayer is leading to test if certain targeted drugs can prevent breast cancer from recurring once it has been successfully treated.

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Let me introduce you to a Kimberly dialing. 49 years of age from Wilmington and her doctor doctor worker mayor. Senior positions Susan F Smith center for women's cancers here at the Dana Farber. I can it's nice to me chimp. It and tell us your story. My story is I human stage forms that breast cancer patient. And basically. And I've been within our renowned for about eighteen months. And doctor Mayer adds up my team because I have a fabulous team over it's in a fibre a lot of people have teams that you've probably heard from the guys kids that have come on and so forth well. In the adults face Leah as well have a lot of teens and surely at Dana Farber when it I guess the greatest things about the cost of the fact from. The time you walk in the door from the valleys all the way up to having your team everybody is there for him. I have a nurse practitioner LA who is the one of the most amazing people at the hospital. My team owner us Liz Newman's. The scheduling people talent and beauty of lake from the time I've called and they've all been my. Just take a breath we've got you. You know there's a lot of magical mystical potions over yeah there is. Absolutely so they've been a fabulous. Please and we're so lucky we're Haram Boston with one of the best hospitals in the well with the best doctor. If you you know excitement knows does that mean throw you a negative breast cancer in their everyone's. So aware of it in for you huge had a mammogram a belief was six months prior so this facility thought indeed doing what you need to do you get your check ups. Yet my first diagnosis was that in 2009 I had had was completely clear and six months later I was stage two at that point. And then I was lucky enough to you know go through the procedures and processes and really. Get a hold of it. And came back a second time in the same spot. Again came back today in a five hour and worked with talked about in over in the radiation department those guys were great over the app. And three years lived pretty much find life doing my thing and then last January came back is stage four. And gonna continue to live my life thanks to Dana virus you know I so our guy allowed I have my family my friends you know you Karen. Still continue to live with this diagnosis. Doctor Erica what is the what are some of the challenges are treating. This specific type of breast cancer. Well metastatic breast cancer means that it's spread in the body it's treatable but not curable so we treat this like a chronic disease. And I. At this can alluded to we have a lot of different tools we continues to treat it in clean living hormone medicines in chemotherapy medicines. But what we're really interested in is developing. New targeted medicines that will better target cancers more precisely. Kill cancers but staring the rest of the body. And this is where a lot of our research focuses right now. I'm Kim has participated now she's on her second clinical trial would last using some of the new medicines. Trying to combine that with some of our standard therapies. And we really our hope that hopeful that this is the future of treatment for metastatic breast cancer to move us away from using. Tools like chemotherapy which we would like to think of his tools in the past. And think about more forward looking future tools that are really much more intelligently designed and specific for cancer. I also want to act that. Kim is underestimating her under describing herself because. In our clinic we think about cam like the Energizer bunny. She works a full time and a half job she's incredibly busy real star takes care of her family plans enormous family events and you're just telling me. Parties for a hundred people she's a big birthday coming up. And and she does all this while also. Treating her disease coming to visit us on a pretty frequent basis we love seeing tar and we love hearing about everything matches up joked. Doug you said there's no cure for this. And I'm just curious as we hear the story in this is what drill about raising money in the advancements of it. Five years ago could you treated at a chronic disease ten years ago. Well how have things changed. You know literally at every day that goes by we're making it step by step improvements in our ability to. Make this into something that people can live where for many years. Just in the past few years for breast cancer we've had several new drugs approved by the FDA better now incurring years. And we are hand simply seeing an hour clinics the results of introduction of these new agents. But certainly we need more we need new drugs we need better treatments we need to keep improving step by step and this is where. A lot of the research funding goes to help support the clinical trials like the trials that. Kim is participating and to help us move that needle horrid and give us more tools to use. Are so can you really active things are going well in your life they seemed to be being able to deal which he reissue. We'd like to get on some of the party list of flu we possibly several hundred people at a let me. And better every unchartered straight lets tell experiences at home by all hold on a platter so it's odd how you deal with a cone going for him how do you deal with you. Is it changed anything in the way you were deal interest from Zoellick Gillick is changing that much. I refuse it seems that kind of thing is that yeah is bad days absolutely but at the end of the day I have. A feeling that I need to take man I have clients who are depending upon me and cancer is something I have it's not 1 am it's something I have to learn to live way and you know I understand the you know ramifications of later in life and so forth but today is here now. So where and continue to. Live what we have today doctor Mayer and these restarts dollars that the Jimmy Fund raises are allowing me to continue to live my life because every dollar. The people donate today is another day of hope. The people like me. We're gonna continue to live our lives long term because of the research and doctor Mayer and her team docs. Of your attitude and they are doing an unbelievable work on Leno you're working on the new clinical trial right now. For re occurring cancer and try to prove find some type of drug for that. You do great work thank you very much doctor and they have a continued success in again thank you one ever addresses will give you our email absolutely you are a little while yeah. That was left to show us we like a good party. We throw a good job. Bad thanks. Guys out.

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