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Aug 30, 2016|

Chris Mortensen of ESPN joins Glenn, Lou and Christian to talk about his battle with cancer and discuss the Deflategate saga a little bit. Help #KCANCER. Call 877-738-1234 to donate now!

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Let's start to workers more so than a foot ESP NS I told you just a couple of minutes ago. Persistent strange relationship with New England patriot a variance. All stemming obviously from the hole deflate gates stuff but once we all heard that more was sick. It seemed like New England forgot about that and really concentrated on the important stuff and that was wishing support. That more would come back a 100%. And totally healthy and he joins us right now. On the on the phone lines more to talk to you again. The that I give with the top guys while I some of the people. Not disrupt that you've been in the New England area specifically and and and going to the all red four days. Except the Dick can't towards the cute couple weeks Richard Nixon though it just struck me as I like I would walk hearty. A waiting room people who don't have received a plaque. I eluded me and enduring and it is certain respect others and say I can't say we're all praying for you. Well I think that's how people feel this goes well beyond sports well beyond. Any type of love and support admiration for teams or whatever so you give us a rundown what if you can. Give Fisher story that tell us how you're doing right now when you first found out what what you were dealing with here. The story if it's an ongoing story I think that's what did you learn about cancers. Of the matter. How do you how do you would want your diagnosed in that you realize that it's been a lifelong neck it's always going to be out in the back to your head. Or you know listen. I'll go back to where I was like that in the first week of January. That was wrote it by ear nose throat popular local. He said. You know a baseline and some symptoms. In the symptoms and as a group one thing I would just tell everybody else is conducting. There's something that didn't write that what you're right it is an honor our. So check it out be demise didn't look back August July. Of the previous year. But of those only in January 1 you're you know like I said enough is enough. Of that included. President Bartlett's have a difficult times Walt. And in Paris coughing. What I did all. You know it's actually has some not talk about what would I that would like Guatemala are eligible terrible doctor. Well had a very dull here. And by air or really had been there for months it was a goal here is an. In that increased pain and and you know I think Aaron had. You know other other issues what might that might throw the base by Tom. All right excuse me if I have bipartisan because I have to drink water to see a lot about this speak properly. But it was an effort we in January when among my spirit overthrow I want you looked you looked at my career determined that all right here that you open I'll. And he he looked and it didn't exist before you can get a biopsies since. Let. I'm telling direct Aaron gets staged or stroke cancer or all wrapped and you know I can't shoot the strong base talking. And said you're very challenging here that sort of do buyouts to swallow. Injuries are about to prosecute back. With look at that stage four diagnosis has exports. The worst page with you view are you stage forty different stage. I then. He reprimand and over. And the Aniston. It's cancer center in Houston Texas I did everybody else that people what you just can't work with these outpatient. Certainly help facilitate. That the pop acts there I was there almost immediately and I there was a lot of clock trying to finish this season. Because that's about her condition and I was ignoring symptoms you know the decision that slide right through. And and it turned out of the doctors really recommend that I start treatment in electric it was going to be extreme. Because my condition at that time I want to get in an extreme state sport in this. More what what is yet the future holds harsh treatments goal for you wouldn't was the next few months look like for you. Well I treatment phase is over and the outlook the deal is it that. Common good and decent last week. It is basically to recover from treatments because my treatments work. Chemotherapy. And intense radiation treatments with the dailies. I'll work. Over several well over a couple months more than a couple months. And anybody who's had it in there are many look at to do when you're lucky I'll area. Know that there is a lot I'd actually do a lot of damage yet. All of them how it is in the public record these Viet so refereed. Had this somewhat somewhat simpler can't everybody wants it to add in cancer I think every cancer is unique and individual. But. So now I'm in recoveries page issue please. Hoping not to get back in the treatment I have to look back and in the senate and certainly their future. And China's treatment who I'm recovered focused on building regaining weight strength I've lost. I've outlined would at all during couple weeks ago. I was 145. I could stand to lose it out. It went all part. That those 55 pounds. We did not review I've got to I've got a great strength and stability act. And then if there's a lot of different extenuating side effects and symptoms from the treatments often. Probably made me hurt them because it was intentional strategy well. But I had wonderful doctors MD Anderson. And it's just not listed talked is that is that is that it is a community. There that it's in in many ways. Worst experience in my life and continues to be. Anymore it's Christian. Hey you know what. You know back to before you were diagnosed you and I had a conversation on a phone and it dealt with that the flaky issue and you know that's that's done and it's over with now we're I think we're all happy with it but just looking back. You know what I had a conversation with you you know you took to tweak down the whole level of twelve balls but. Do you regret not pull next week earlier when she realized that someone gave you the wrong information. The presumptive combat support now on my wife will tell you dispute unloaded all of that for our employ all of blocks. Can't go back and treasonous because. I'm out there at this point there will be a time when we can edit discussion. But I hope you respect the subjective. And that's one thing about being in it was surviving cancer that is. And it is that you you don't have to say day today I find myself within four hour blocks and so for me to go back. Visit that is let me analysis stop them right our community for me personally I'm all. Notes is easy not to apologizes news is such a big deal and you know and he said he note patriots fans that they are passionate and one thing I learned being a West Coast guys. As much as they gave you know other people other teams a hard time I think everybody respects you unbelievably and they respect what you've done for the sport. Your coverage of the sport your dedication your sacrifice something that needs to be sad to think we're all appreciate. Your time and effort that you put into covering the NFL. Well look and look what we do it is it's this it's it's job but also. A rewarding job and its citizens are at a you know I didn't vote for over forty years and so you know let slide. I'm looking forward to get back to work at some level. And you know being on the address football matters opportunity is starting up on the quarterback and as a I committed disappointing outcome. But that Formula One and that topic and not having my wife would probably. Similar ads that. Are. For for a couple of obstacles both right. You don't wanna just weren't as you talk about how how much has been part of your life. Have you kind of you know turned on ESPN NFL network it's something that has been part of views at. Part of the process that maybe helps you are you able to get a minute kind of just think about football because it meant so much to you. Yet army I feel like it's necessary there's you know you had that problem with this news. And I am doing much better and I was very hard to go two months ago. You know arc arc lot of my time was spent about Houston Texas Andy Anderson and I were hospitalized for a lengthy period I'm so. You know here in the prone position. And you're losing weight which he. And there and really talk is this reading online and watching TV watching the networks and trying to stay. Current with what's on an NFL and then they're the same time in your view arguing battle one. And then and also very recent of that respect you guys can just raise awareness that you actually like what would be foundation does some of the other. Cancer. Fully beat cancer problem that's one about the experience at MD Anderson. How well I did get a little bit almost purely arbor where you've got a big weight changes. In your physical appearance that changes dramatically as it did. People records and he had excellent art walk into agers didn't and he just overwhelmed by how many people are. Stricken with cancer and it from an and it's not discriminate. You know it's not discriminate it's it's you middleweight teenagers. Metal balls as older adults. And so usually go through this whole thing where people want it stopped women want to mother thought I about it cancer want to about football. So I think staying current with what all will be well in that regard. More we've got to respect your wishes not to continued talking about the deflate gate stuff and we'll take a rain check when you are. 100% healthy and I know that's going to happen. And we'll talk about it that at that given time I I just wanted to let you know that Curt Schilling was in here just few minutes ago he's gone to the exact same thing. That your going through right now and he looks great sounds great affect his game what we just say. He's in autos we've been 85 plus the NASA something I. Certainly encouragement for you about it. I have catalog catalog people who do not only obligated to wait on me ideas for it and it. That's you know I'm still still armored under the market right now. Did you if you run into a Craig Sager at all when you've been getting treatment. By the Arab hatred in my Vuitton bag the big east or trade. And I'll it's somewhat. It's Bryant Gumbel. I'm it's worked and yes it did it. I am about 6 o'clock central time I'm outside and actually weren't surgical mask because by. You whopper produced the what chemotherapy is going to get attacked. And outlook walks Greg Craig and I go back to where whether or would you want a lot and it's something we always. Craig walked up to pray. And I realize there are certain mass accomplish in my physical presence different. And and I don't sit masses as more and then we give each other hug and said are you doing this as well I just got good news you know. I'm I'm in trouble and he used it didn't want to get to get our program. And so it great and I certainly we saw each other MD Anderson and then real connection we'll wait rate. Listen we wish you the best of flow like go forward I know it's all gonna work out for you and we will have that conversation down the road Mort thank you very much appreciated. I'd like Mort fiction you Chris Mort said ESPN.

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