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OMF - Asher Griffin, 5, acute t-cell lymphoblastic lymphoma, a blood cancer, with his parents Poppy and Andrew

Aug 30, 2016|

Asher (Walpole) met Glenn, Lou and Christian on August 2 during their Jimmy Fund Clinic visit. He came down with pneumonia and the flu in December 2015. A doctor recommended a chest x-ray, which revealed abnormal scans and Asher was consequently sent to the hospital that evening. After being admitted to the hospital, Asher was ultimately diagnosed with T-ALL and began treatment right away. Asher's treatment has included chemotherapy and steroids, and he is still undergoing treatment. Earlier this summer, Asher got the opportunity to take swings and run the bases during John Hancock Fenway Fantasy Day to benefit the Jimmy Fund. He is starting kindergarten soon. He will turn 6 on September 6. Asher loves swimming and soccer, playing LEGO's, doing puzzles, watching movies and playing video games. His family includes his mother Poppy, father Andrew and brother August, who is 2.

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Alex reed Ashley because gestures right now and he may be too little too much engaged in in like a so this is gesture Griffin. He is five years old. He's dealing with a blood blitzer right now he's from Walpole Massachusetts is parents or your poppy and an answer so we met. Young Asher over at the Jimmy Fund clinic few weeks going to almost how much he loved. Legos so he's got a sense right now that the Christian brought in former he was gonna do what challenge with a man but he's got no shot no no he's already have we done so Ashley Ashley do you get if you got it all figured out over their money. Many of whom he. What are you looking for what you need what what part. So you look at the pictures right in the booklet and you match in my office that would you don't. Yeah. He's got scared sleep alone and let your route our show while we. It's not what I tuchman tuchman conducted data generated from you you can take care of the national with the Legos. Into Telus. When you first when he was first diagnosed in and when you guys actually found out yet you're dealing with something here right so. Like it but everyone else I don't think that it tightening pressure on my system loose and we went into. You urgent care needed to Max raised and they said that we should have looked at so we went and do you. You know what hospital. And and they transferred us and often children and that's one you know it was December 21 is when he was diagnosed it was treatment on the 22 select it happens pretty fast sure does. You know that the care is amazing you know and the doctors that he meant they won the ones that told us what. We will looking out of them with us every step of the way. And yeah Jimmy Fund is an amazing in just the communication is one of the biggest things and made it easier on us. Is gave don't have that we see a lot of different doctors this. But there is there always. Are in step with each other so you have to repeat yourself I've ever they always know exactly what's going on. What you locking and they only depressed and bassist they see so many people like you feel like you have such a great relationship with everybody. You know I I've avoided at six so I know it five years or four years old. What Christmas turns into price tags are to really get into Christmas right seat on December 22. The refining other diagnosis I'm sure that sort of change Christmas for you that. It did you know but we we Ellis spent the night. In children's and they do an excellent job of bringing in things. You know Clay Buchholz funded foundation make Iran a stock president found us in Nashville so he's. You know we are all together you know that's most important thing to have and we again and we have we elected you know we have guys are real was able to come and and spent time with us. Don't wanna hear from momma momma is busy. Working new unity we've brought goes out now you kind of like you or. The assistant to the director. Yes absolutely I'm pretty well versed on how to best assist Asher a building that. That was one of the things it past the time when he was in patient using patient foremost in January. And he loves Legos I can't count how many differently got a sense he built when he was in patient and we finally. Where discharge anyone come home we had dozens it's. So. It's really. You know encouraged him in a way for us to pass the time together and to distract them from. A lot of the key things that go along with the treatments so are telling how about you being distracted user. You have the ability to remove yourself from the situation on the kind of take a breath. Or is it just a constant just grinding through the days and weeks it depends on the day in the week I think and sometimes the hour. You know my husband and I work really well together I'm so lucky to have him as a partner Nancy said. We're both local so we have family nearby which is incredibly supportive. We both were able to go back to work a few months ago in the arm players have been really supportive of us. And then as you said it's been a real leanings distraction at times. It's hard not to have tunnel vision bank that can also sort of be a black hole a little bet. He's done so well and in his doctors are so happy with his progress. And at the end of the day that's what's getting us there everyday. And he's going to get a guard yeah is doing better well enough it is yes schools actually he's actually starting kindergarten a week from today which is his expert. As well that's. Each day for mom now now I've already taken a day off yet okay thank you know for several reasons I'm going to be a total disaster that. I am where just so happy that he's been able to come so far thrasher was Oden and Fenway Park right early this summer Dixon swing grinned at bases yeah. Yeah we've got to experience that's been my van speeding through the generosity and our sponsor Ashley loveless who we've become friends list now. And he hit a bomb here to run the bases he's had some really amazing experiences. You know I'd ask him a but he answers lie I had. Legos Iowa the stickers goal right now this car's done this is almost as holds the future engineered a master builder or you could sense he's ignoring all of us yeah. There's something provision just to meet David and Goliath but it's a matter of survival action you know her credit it's amazing. Is it tension solo on that sort of the doctors telling you right now what to do what you're dealing with right now. Restored back to kindergarten that's a great sign Winamp what what's happen. Here. Is so right now we're actually nearing one phase of treatment that we've been in four out of their seats and soon it's gonna be a big time of transition not only he's turning six she's going to kindergarten it's an all new phase of treatment there really are happy. It's like magic as you know. And so we're really looking forward to the next fees it's going to be a lot less sort of time commitment right now. We're going in to clinic twice a week with ham hands no matter wag the shortest visit. Is at least half a day there. And right now involves. Two injections twice a week in this place. Okay we'll watch cookies that everybody is careful with the Lego you see here okay abuses. But it. You know everyone at the Jimmy Fund clinic is just so amazing. They all as my has instead they all know him so well. It's. It's always nice to walk in the doors whether he's feeling grief and mourning to play. Or an Andy is feeling really crummy we know that they're going to be able to take care of them you know it's. It's out of place at any kind of on. It's you know they need jobs have any sort of judgments and as a Stanley undergoing really challenging treatment at times it such a relief to walk in the doors. And know that we don't have to hold it any kind of francs or make any kind of apologies. For what we are feeling. Or how Hashemi. It's great you're on a great place and we saw you that day getting a treatment we wish you guys continued. Success sixth birthday coming up here in just another what week or so right. After another week and then we go to kindergarten always forget he's an illegal land it on as an illegal and I can't thank you yeah. Thanks very much they are here sharing App Store really didn't see you again I appreciate that you wanna drug dealer go to your phone but yeah. Your 58777381234. That's the number you need to call 8777381234.

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