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D&C – Curt Schilling talks about his battle with cancer

Aug 30, 2016|

Our friend Curt Schilling joins John, Gerry and Kirk to talk about his fight with cancer, why he regrets chewing tobacco, and why he feels for these families with children that have been diagnosed. . Help #KCANCER. Call 877-738-1234 to donate now!

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Giving us here at the broadcast site are proper Chile now I I really lost track of time. Was it just a year ago that you came on here or was it two years and years ago to two years ago you did that I spoke to challenge that they try to strike a serious challenge from a he was a skinny his Manhattan and did -- -- it has gotten quite a healthy now yeah healthy enough to be on awaken weight loss when eighty that's a player that right now they just offered him some banana bread and he politely declined and the press what did you do those two or three beautiful suit you got from Milton ball about forty of 42 long right those are going to might sixty year old and I'm certain that our yourself I'm good you're good you can relate to these. Richard caring I can and I cannot this is a very personal day for me obviously in his it is for anybody. But when I hear Carol and I hear the lives lives and I hear the stories I am hearken back to that time in the two things I remember. Most profoundly was walking out of the doctor's office after the diagnosis. And like. Not be able to understand how the world could continued his go on normally we I'm like. People are still getting fast food right and like I can't write an end and then being in it at with the angels it at Dana Farber and three women's in and seeing kids in realizing you know eyewitnesses. I almost feel guilty talking about it as a as a serious. Thing in my life and hearing the stories right. Where you hear it outside probably my faith is what got me through this. And very easily got me through his continued your people talk about missing kids and losing our parents and losing spouse and write it all in the same. Brett it's just I get your your was not a walk in the park you went through hell and back treatment in and yes in perspective right I mean. I remember coming back from radiation is what what did Meehan are not yet clear I was in the hostile throughout two and a half months on a feeding tube for about six months and I remember coming back from from radiation when it began to be very big problem for me. And and being wheeled into the room and my kids in into on or sit there and I really and it and it just came at a OK I did it I understand why it's me because there's no possible way and I couldn't door watching my kids are my wife go through when I know I'm going right right. My my first it is in August but first positive vote was. I'm glad Meehan none of them get in I don't know how I could handle them and and we do every when we're here's a look at these. Parents it's always point out that reckless one thing in common their priorities all change. You know they don't care about the little things don't care about you know their hair their clothes they care about their he would. And when you have your health you worry about a thousand things we don't you were able one thing. And when one member of the families have his or ill tell they were with the whole life is turned upside down and focused on one thing and one thing only. The two things that really were profoundly impacting for me was. What we've been working when they'll ask for like 25 years old so we didn't need and I always tell talked to my talked younger kids listed don't you know. Don't be. A cancer survivor to get perspective don't wait till someone your family has a pale loyalists to get perspective I understand what perspective is as you move forward. And and the other thing is it's just. The things that you see. You realize the human spirit. I'd have my feet got me through this I sat down shined about two weeks into the it to the radiation. An and I was very honest forthright and I am I see it in the same tone voice I'm telling guys say I told Burleson one to thing's gonna happen and deliver I'm gonna die. I am totally at peace with the either. I'm so lucky so blessed everything that I've been dividend experienced in. All the all the people in the events. If I die tomorrow I would have been given away more than ever expect and I wanna see my kids grow up I wanna see my grandkids. I want to walk my dog and on the all the things that parents why do. But my god I had nothing to be upset about because I put myself in the position I was in right because I chew tobacco and I got throat cancer and that's what happens when you chew tobacco. All of the attention on what you just said you know don't wait to get perspective wit to get cancer to have a perspective Jerry said this and on number vacations and that is. If it hasn't struck you personally. Don't you think Justin if you believe a little bit and karma you know already checked and say. This is worth it for me to send in whatever the amount happens to me because it hasn't affected I don't know what it's like to business I mean you don't know this right. Don't wanna note you don't want and that was the thing again when he worked he will have bail last they're given basically at this short now committed to crack and so you understand. I don't ever want to be I never want to be in that position where Mike it was diagnosed Layla and I would have sat my asked my whole life and then any right. And so it and then you go to Brigham and women's and you go to Dana Farber and you realize. I don't know of any other way to put it but the there are angels on earth in these people that though that the women in the south on the pal of care unit on the fifth floor over Brigham women's. I'll never forget those people as long as I live every single day living a life. For other people's comfort and and safety and security and act and it's just mind boggling to me that those people exist pleasure health today. But I'm really fat so yeah. I know I did notice that yeah now I I out I lost about 85 pound up when I went through everything I I had no problem putting him back on. Ha ha. Upstart that but it guard Curtis. What do you processes were and how well we have to go high right I'll go every six months. That's the thing that stuck with me was that there's the radiation kill myself very plans so in which causes tremendous problems that dental issues because you don't have saliva that backed currency you have to be very hypersensitive to all that stuff. And I I still have dry mouth and at night where when I see it but again. Am I feel guilty been talking about things like that when you see little. Nice wrote it it's sure of uncle right now but it did I know I'm doing good thanks for Austin and it's it's. I just chalked it up to another thing that that I was honored to be around the people I was around when I saw it went when doctor Ben was here we saw a guy walking on the street smoking a cigarette and pointed out to doctor Ben's injury to do wanna strangle the little harsh and occupants had to let the electorate the cigarette out of his mouth. When you watch a baseball game and you see guys who sip Chris de Chris Davis break a rule broke that Major League rule what are they throws not exactly been fortunately. It was an island Ry what do you think. I'm watching two things one obviously there was a lot of push behind jokers you all it was a very big. Part of my life for a lot of different reasons this was one of them it. Everybody wanted me to go and advocated against chewing tobacco and I tried to explain it I'm not advocating get some because understand what people do and I understand addiction highly addictive it's on in and you applicant was urinary displays OK here's the thing. I understand why people want is in the morning it's the first thing if they governor after mile after coffee and all the other things ago with that. So I'm not gonna tell you not to do what what I will tell you is that you're gonna get out cancer or neck cancer or had cancer in some way who. At some point it's not if it's when everybody on my floor. When I was in had cancer of the mouth had her neck which they will tell you very quickly your going to undergo the most painful thing you could possibly experience and having radiation. Above the shoulders everyone was a smoker or pure and I think half of them were were gone by the time I got out of hospital and a and I was the only one day and a part of my face removed I was in his face Chris Davis understands that this well will look pretty but August right. Knowledge and understanding that with too little thing. Biden I I met people would have to face and right people I have lesions. Precancerous leisure I have all of the things you did on your slow learner what movie makers Davis doesn't know that she is just part of the half walks out that's the dangerously addictive part of Abbott and like I said. It's the only thing I I went through a lot of different things were bleeding gums loss of pace and all the things it. The radiation in the pain that I endured in that radiation was the only thing read that I ever said I wish I had never started did you how was it was Jim Kelly the quarterback from bottles the same thing you had yes he watched portions of the jumped dead in and then Tony Quinn died while I in the hospital while. Cancer of the sell very gland but again it's. It if it did they've made it very clear doctor Dodd who it was my my doctor in the head of the team of angels that's a Jeremy was. Very specific and any committee told me. Packet is no reason it is so prevalent in Major League Baseball me you'll see bright pro football players don't expect there's a lot of them do hockey players doing all those good baseball writes I did it on it there when I was sixteen years old watched in high school. And I did it because baseball players do it. But you hated it the first time I know like didn't hate it I go up another once I got a little bit of applause or whatever you want it right bit. But I tried it because I knew. Baseball players bright and so eventually it was a do it anyway. Well in and and it was took 11 dip and I was looked at them be beyond the the role model situation following a baseball player is there a reason illogical reason based is that just because there's so much time to pass to sought to do well here's the thing I never you'll never ever see a video of me pitching with the diplomat never in my life Netflix I knew it wasn't healthy right so take about the logic you you're doing something you know. Is potentially fatal right. Multiple times every day of your life. There's that there's no logical train of thought there so the addiction piece which is what you begin understanding you notice. John going through this act I got I understand it right like I said I understand what people do written. I now on the other side of the exits Elliott you know I get it be you're gonna get him mouth to answer from. Kurt chilling great to see you thanks guys we are surprised before boom nationalism played the top of the Alan Jones and still didn't know that was Louis I was. I was really ever does had to scale what is that about. Did you get your two cents we know better I got like forty bucks I can forty bucks that. It recognizes right NM brother live in a country were people on the express themselves. That goes without saying no that she'll write but I figure was a gutless thing Padilla because of a lot of other ways. He could I I'm curious how much monies given to the movements like Michael Jordan to make a difference right matters that much damn. Then there are ways you can use his platform to do it otherwise and he knew curt Schilling's teammates what would happen whether I mean. Those are things you don't allow to go past yeah fatal happens now more than halfway through song I mean it just you don't do that and not. I don't. Believe you do that it as a because you're representing something bigger than yourself Jill good to see you thanks guys.

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