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D&C - Aileen and Cameron Routh, parents of the late Avalanna Routh, 6, AT/RT

Aug 30, 2016|

One of our favorite members of past WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethons, Avalanna passed away at the age of 6 in September 2012 from a rare, aggressive form of brain cancer called AT/RT (Atypical Teratoid/Rhabdoid Tumor). Aileen and Cameron are now the proud parents of 7 month old Harrison Love Routh. An atypical teratoid rhabdoid tumor, often called AT/RT, is a very rare and fast-growing tumor of the central nervous system. AT/RT's are part of a larger group of malignant tumors called rhabdoid tumors, which can occur outside of the brain in the kidneys, liver or other locations. In most cases, AT/RT is associated with a specific genetic mutation (INI1) that can occur spontaneously or be inherited. AT/RT can occur anywhere in the brain but are most commonly found in cerebellum (base of the brain) and brain stem (the part of the brain that controls basic body functions).

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I've been really really looking forward to talking to Avalon Roth IR Maryland while bringing me back to you know it's. Wow you got married to Justin Bieber and also your misses Justin Bieber or why do you song he acts. Why did you sense he's not a guy I think if you are a little bit if I don't want a. Yeah I heard about. All I can confirm conference sound you. Who couldn't hurt girlfriend who could go to McDonald's. I miss her so much I just got the nicest present. Nice picture of all alone in me. I I got a text is that it's from Kevin from Bristol he said I love the radio telethon. It's awesome but just not the same without a miss. We all I just totally very much so but. Avalon is not here she's your spirit. Has always. But moment that are. Cam and their new addition Harrison Harry. Harrison Harris. What Reardon I think it's our name and strange knowing what I could Lockett boy what a blessing Harrison I don't know what that is holding you. He fit in an apartment now he's seven and Obama knows how many days one of them yeah actual month and a half yeah he's behaving too. That typically at this I think at this age problem was like telling stories making fun of me in campaign my nails and yet and you Wear wedding ring was hit I don't know that it adds and I put on that and I haven't taken a cents Q school that he did not only winning the but you've been here most years. Mostly after a year or two while but it's good to have you back and thinking that and Avalon remains star this thing by the way they ask you know we asked people for us. The one thing that remembers. And the warrior. Clip we just played she remains the stars. She upcoming. She never met him like a punch in how my movement and threw it into a massive Jeff because she was good attitude. To what's his middle name. In her middle name is lab his middle name named after his sister of won't be a problem junior and it's kind of voice find out. It's the Atlanta with my middle name. At that and that I like yeah. Works or is it cheaper now pink shorts teaching in the bloat I guess because productive Esteban Valencia on what's doesn't I think Carolina dad. We're no crying at all we could hit it. It and you know week and Avalon was diagnosed at 99 months old right. And so we do that we kids you know we're we're so blessed with Harrison but it was ten years since Saturday night film almost forces you plaster and it's still he's. Such enjoy it he really does healer and I think keen Avalon in new that we needed him before we knew event you don't need him and she's sentenced to life. Express so you can move that we are a very blessed and I'm very thankful of. When we first that you guys at the Clinton and Jimmy Fund clinic and obviously in a lot of stock of their two and you still. Show up I know Lisa was saying you sure you don't show that the hand do you bring bring ice cream you are you now be extremely. Well we we have a foundation accurate. And we've partnered with financially and every weekend somewhere I bring frozen. Am frozen yogurt the tropics of Houston clinic and I sat down you know most of what we do is is research because it's so important. But I sat down and have a list of the things that have around it really light and he's in the am frozen treats cupcakes and I always remember being in patient to being the digit in front of their fantastic they give you. So much. Tying the love and attention but. This sometimes Allison particularly that we were missing out where there are people we love to be out left it to be typically get. Second hospital room and so I'd be decided that. We should partner with them through credit with joins leaf and and we deliver those kids to hit the clinic once a week two on them where they love us its image gently. For you know room. Yeah parents you know we talked about the advocates who go to spring training and and sort of you know congregate in relate because they are of like minds you know each one knows how the other one feels because they're dealing with cancer. I assume that when you go into the clinic news you parents who were dealing with this there is an immediate connection. Whether you know their first name last name or who their child is or what the diagnosis is. Where parent. Who has a sick child can relate to another parent misses a chopper up more than anybody else in the world. I don't really. Him. Advertise the fact that these last level no but you can't quit there because I don't want to frighten the children and I don't understand yup it's that kids like with and I love them right I am very celebrated and they're so cute. Com and you know I got some mean Olympic middle of the day from the for the best as you can ever and I can't thank you and it's just that's beautiful ride the kids are beautiful and they continue to inspire me and I. It every day in income that was stories of kids in there so impressed. Now yeah amazing guests and army we we've we've talked to Lisa about all the various things we do in your involve lots on the Christmas party in the trips. And that is now. Title at the grieving parents crews. That the it bereavement very real life crisis and done that. We did it last year I am able to do it this year Q how did that it is actually yes and eat it it's. A lot it's a lot more upbeat than you would expect I was little nervous or. I wasn't sure who wanted to go and last here and we had a great time and the other. People there there's a bond but obviously saw a picture and you guys all look like you're having a blast that was to you we we crying earlier in an area there are others here on the use that to people had tears but it's. I think people just are relax everyone knows that. Kind of without detail knows that the other people there Kara bonds yeah now now. Did you know that you want to be parents again. And it was a process certain was that. I enough kids and yeah poppies and that evening if we had another puppy. I. I think you made the right choice hill kind of cutting Harrison is better than Fido illness we have a couple of are you bill. Yeah. And but now that it's it's great to be here and it's it's great. To continue to split the Jimmy Fund very huge fan believe that the banning their work and how did Jimmy Fund treats that should the children in there. I just can't emphasis enough at how important it is too. Colleen in honor of Avalon and make a donation again and that's what we got up at 4 AM this morning to be here because we believe in you guys and we really believe in the Jimmy Fund and. And I know you guys feel like every day for me. A leading camera do you do have clout with people out there because they know you and they and they they've shared her story in the understand and they fell in love with problem and they miss her very very much so win it those words come out of your mouth I'm I'm. Positive it's resonating out there and TV and radio land. Boy I hope so because the greatest gifts and you can give us is to remember Avalon and we never want her forgotten in and we won her. I just keep violent people to continue to be inspired by her bravery and her beauty and her humor and her grace and you guys do a beautiful job doing that Jerry races at Princeton volleys and I got mine on them and it news and as his onto an. It's just keeping her daughter's memory alive and her like a speed right and they're hoping here and sitting here today and allows us to that something you don't think. I made a promise to guys that after Justin Bieber went. A hosted level on the news was coming into play. Played candy land and he was spectacularly. Came up huge that we didn't and I said it would not yet if I was decried as thoroughly as that'll never make fun of McCain has hired to do what did you violate. I think they're highly touted everybody I do I get a text from them. Long bus after the last Pollack we not be good forever forever he did. Well I think it's that Republicans face and I think he has a listen to what happens that's gonna get disappointed in his son in law now now now have now. I gave me he Brad went on I was really sick really sick and delight was starting to get him. And we had never had that we had Alice had a rights are and how sick she was movement and when I colleagues to Austin and said you know that's not really doing well. The equipment would be. Come down again and come down again and he brought her back to life regressed this spirit was got my issues really. Started it was really taken a toll on her. In and certainly when she was within shouldn't have to eat should you have to sleep she had energy. And that's a gift. That's priceless so we had many more months with Avalon happy after that and and so you've got to keep. Yes a layoff here and play at. You gonna do that too perky and everything I won't try I will not I don't promised that I ever make fun at just a couple of days on the Arab allies and I'm descent I promise I will not an in Ottawa and diminish any messengers and mixed messages but I'm reading the card that you haven't monotony. Thank you for supporting pure AT RT in honor of Avalon. It's pure. AAR Clinton I'm sorry AT RT dot pork and all the information you would need would be right on the line. Thank you very intimate and I think most of everything we we do is donate to didn't harbor and to ensure out. Other money is going to research and save and her children and I am. In Afghanistan. And some of us you know spin cycle for a security act in others like. Can't just watch people's into. It's been Allen here I didn't mind our yeah yeah usually you're good for more than an hour. Or half whatever so that we have really pretty Delhi Indian iron and I think he's always talked about that's why don't respond for an hour to prepare especially a child. Well great to see you know we've just god bless your family and and handsome Harrison Harry. Perished Harry embarrassed and he looks like he might be a Harry though it apparently is that he is married. He had great theater installation a little ominous.

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