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D&C - Liz Hoenshell, mother of Kristen, rhabdomyosarcoma. In March, Liz's husband, Frank died of cancer at the age of 47. Including a call from Tom Brady

Aug 30, 2016|

Liz and Kristen are surprised by Tom Brady, who calls in to help #KCANCER. Liz Hoenshell (Littleton) and her family appeared on WEEI in 2008 and 2009. Her daughter Kristen was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma when she was 9-months old. It is a soft tissue cancer, which in her case, was located in the eye. She underwent immediate surgery and had to follow it with 43 weeks of chemotherapy and 7 weeks of radiation. She finished her treatments in March 2009 and has been in remission as of March 2010. Francis “Frank” Hoenshell, 47, of Littleton died at his home in March 2016. He battled bile duct cancer. Liz also lost both parents to cancer. Liz and Frank's children are Cathryn (13), Hannah (11), Kristen (8) and Thomas (6).

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When we talk about veterans here at the yet WB yeah on us and Jimmy Fund radio telephone anatomy like war veterans or servicemen and retirement veterans of people being here and done that the back a couple of times. Liz potent shelf from Littleton is one of those veterans good to see you again. Are you and your family were here in 20082009. Was nothing here between. Not end there plus yet it was on Maury air yeah I was I think it on the it must've been eleven the year I'll ask my pants right right at him with which leads me to count a sad question that are obvious when we all say it's a very easy thing to say. Cancer has touched all of our lives in one way or another I can't think of anybody I've ever encountered. Were cancerous touched your life Liz then then that what does happen to you it's it's unfathomable unfair. And unfair yeah. Somebody that's worse than me. Actually going to use them when you I try to you when you go to the hospital when you go out and wing lock rooms in the under lock into the hospital. Yeah I first time I knew I cracked to think there is okay I'm a look at the way outcomes gonna look at the wind up. On my momma going for her treatments. We doctor Horowitz who was amazing Dana Farber. She would be you know watching the clock she's old school they watch the clock there you know parking is gonna expire when have you. But I was had to tell you know someone needs it. Some money at their attention more than they're certainly not messing around and doing what they need to do but somebody needs them more than you at this very. And so I tried to remember that somebody has it worse than me not that I wish it on anyone but I do think that people. And then a little worse when you when you were first when we first met Kristen. Lovely daughters sitting right next you just turn nine was one I believe she was nine yet she was just I know that yet he was diagnosed at nine months. And she when we came on here the first time she was one yet she was eating the microphone bit threatened and a threat ever amendment that. And you brought them how's that remember that again we're socio out here today and she's now it's. Beautiful it's stuck in third grade soon in the sand. This is going to be an uplifting day that's it would Liz for change. And then we I'm sorry I didn't realize you lost your husband who was here last time. Can't husband was found it's funny because. Everybody always took pictures of Chris and I unity take the mom hold in the baby it. But we should took one pitch to frank because he was the rock of Kingman. And. In July of last 2014. His sister apparently. Was diagnosed with breast cancer that a mass chastised her own. And she is Pennsylvania. And I remember. Frank was you know trying to get information and I was very inquisitive he he asked a lot of questions he was back. And so I remember that doctor. Or cameras perception was mr. it's a frank just. Got in the car in July 4 went down there and helped his sister and then the first he said if you're donating our and that's what she did she had. Doctor Lin appeared. Nurse Mary. Who are great for her and then all of a sudden in November you know frank had a little indigestion. And I'm liking me and I thought it's an out and also on high tech I thought that was the worst case scenario and site kind of nudged him to go to the doctor. And then it just you know a little prayer being turned into about that cancer. In its we were diagnosed in November. We actually took Kristen in for her appointment at Mass. General because she was one of the candidates they've fallen with the proton radiation. So. We kept hearing it for her appointment and frank always checker for the appointments I after she was diagnosed when she did the 53 weeks he now in the seven weeks of radiation. We were a team and I did it. I had a very hard time bringing an actor because. Again. There's a lot of guilt when you walked into the building in your diet your daughter's gonna go in and leave and she's not getting treatment. So I have high time that and then I had asked my parents. So he was the one I was rider so that day match around. We went in to have. That's the throat chest and it's I'm trying to link on. And she had an appointment with her doctors. And we went upstairs and he was recovering and the doctor came in new castle rock Fermi you know I'm used to the Jimmy Fund status and doctors that kind of sit with you and talk to its spine he's good doctor just a little rougher. It is like I think it's cancer. And do it right well and Kristen was standing right there and she looked over Adams knows what daddy can have cancer like me. Witches. Creep past the worst thing you think chat today. The the expression. Liz is god only hand you what you can handle and and man I mean obviously you. You're doing fine person is doing fine but that's sort of pushing the limits in the in in my book just a few I guess you have maybe a couple you know so he. My husband is. Amazing. He he did his treatments. You know July 4 we do a road race was one of our fans on our friends who always gives to our right. And they're just good people and and member of that fourth of July. He wanted to do that wrote these. And you know it's just a couple miles and we picked up the rear and he was actually horrified that the crews are behind him had to be behind him as the end of the race. But he did it and then. You know that afternoon you know we went to their house and had a little cook out of what have you and then we went home many are limited for about. Three hours. And I remember calling his friend. And saying I'm not sure enemy directs me you know like. I think we're gonna happen he said no I'm gone fireworks and my kids and that was his mentality throughout the whole illness he didn't. Care about him or put himself earth. Losers somebody on the AT&T hotline that would like to say hello and offered you some encouragement sort of checked in here is we are in a number two of the fifteenth annual WB pianist and Jimmy Fund radio telethon. Quarterback of aluminum patriots Tom Brady joins us on the hotline good morning TB twelve. There. Good you're listening to these stories of and an aunt and when you hear the law I'm sure it's the same reaction I have and everybody else had you just wanna hug your kids and thank god for the blessings you do have in your life. Yeah. It's. You know it. It's a tough to hear some of these stories that minorities barely have gone through and there's also a lot of it is very inspirational because they're. I think Kurt said they show it Allen. You know as such it's up to ease and you know so many people have been affected by it. On an error buddy's family. You know it is afflicted with it and now I know a lot of people do great work out so they get integrate data call or just such a great. Tom we're here at the break we were talking loses. You know the next life she's had so much tough luck in this one. Who you've been in excellent votes and the luckiest person. You know I'm I'm it's in the car dash eons ago. They'll do anything and I was kind of Stew that's stupid and it didn't they don't do anything in the make hundreds in Africa as you collect that doesn't mean they're not lucky and you finish. Tom Brady is a pretty lucky guy I think you'd agree Tom do you realize that you know that like every day when it. You know which again on the pillow every night sedate him like got a pretty good deal going here. Well absolutely and I think that. And Arctic when you keep a lot of things in perspective. And future elsewhere like that all the blessings that we all. At this issue. You know a job at a healthy children and you know support family in our armed. Network brand and you know be a big pat. You know YouTube user back you reflect a lot of credit at stake you know. I'm I'm if I'm realize although it is well though it. I think a lot of these spam and art that bond group that are Xperia. You know I can only imagine how difficult that is. But again it. I'm sure there's a lot audited. You know think about it he's been well I know like you had detonate on today at 81 of the most positive people. But I know that they unit and we have gone through it. The support that they've gotten. You know art and and and I think we're right there with. But does a does change though Thomas as you get older and older you know for me 1015 years ago I could wrap my head around this and were about the same age you get older and older you know yet cage that your. Parents it'll be it family get older. You kind of begin to comprehend sort of the scope of it and try to at least. Advocate more experience here earlier more air. And figure out like experiences. Use. It or aren't is that obstacles. You know that you. Or your life whether either whether that topping our copper. And all the you know bring you close Bert. You heard it that being hurt the most important I prioritize. Earlier badly. You know it is huge part. Very. Or your right. At all it's more the I think a lot more reached if you become. You know Thomas we as we hear these stories that makes it difficult complain about the little things that are going on in your life and I told a story yesterday. Of of all the years that Jerry and I can and Kirk in the less fuel have gone to the Jimmy Fund clinic and seen the kids and seen the patience of the nurse practitioners and the doctors. It's sort of at least for the day or two kinds of chick kind of changes your perspective what matters what doesn't. Two as an example you know Callahan for like a day and a half after leaving the Jimmy Fund clinic will flip anybody off the traffic when it got to mob. Yeah. I don't know about I met Eric serious. A yeah you're right to bring a lot of respect. I. Yet here. Sitting here with these folks these kids especially. It just blows you away Kristen. Sitting here right now on nine year old Kristen Stewart's third grade on. On Tuesday right president. We just changed reference patriots you oh did she she let me guess we should favor Crist who's your favorite player. What was your share was assured memories here. Very. To say hi to Taiwan Christensen had a. The actual guy that you. The parts of life. Say hi to Tom. Chris I was diagnosed and nine months old she's now nine years old and she's doing great. Mercury. Very there are a lot of the other you know a lot of mental toughness and determination. As he certainly got. I can learn a lot. So talk before we let you go up please use your platform and your clout here on the airwaves of WB EI nest and to explain to people how. Money equals three search peoples cures and its people save lives. Absolutely and it's a lot of you know it's a lot of targets a lot of commitment while a lot of people. Doing you know so much great work. You know doing our work you know help. You know children and families overcome such subsidies so I'm. You know. You know be a part of it is a very small way and you Paris should be proud of what you guys continue to accomplish here a year so not keep up the great work. Tom thanks very much for taken some time hug the kids say hello to GA and will see a very soon. I think Tom Brady joining us on the AT&T hotline. Line I asked some pride in front nine. Wouldn't have been a good question polite Kirk on another microphone for the two NASCAR now being etiquette which the Christian you just met Tom Brady out towards. Celebrity. That was him. Which really where at times teachers in the first inning I budget constraint monopoly. Our that would hurt Tom would really. I think she's in the third moms different but this now now now now I think you. Joan Rivers at moms get. Yeah I don't think anybody and I gift that's for sure. I think you know my other three kids inning come but I quest on sale Oda in Anchorage and that Thomas and Catherine. I think it's hard to ask them to reopen the wounds and so for each network you know Frank's sister. Passed away last Sunday so we get ready for another one. You know and it's hard there's little nation you know my kids have seen more and enlighten. And I would. What bush on a full rounded out you know so I think she does pretty good but sometimes the rules you know. I think I'm not how to get out of bed I guess. I don't have a choice. If five levels agreed in our house and mine is the last you know when I have a son who is six. And you know just last ninety. They were drying cards in. You wrote sorry. Sorry frank. And I thought I was talking about our new puppy. And I only mean in what is sorry for and he says well I'm sorry died whom I'm really have a good answer that way. List thanks for much for sharing your compelling stories I know this is gonna make the phone ring I don't like to make you feel any better but we are raising a ton of money. So that people won't have to go through what you've gone through in your life Christine great to see you. And organic if you we have that a motorcycle ride oh good that we do every year yup we've done for eight years and here I am happy to see we raised 25000. Dollars for excellence in part of that money goes through research. So wait and it donate on our way out a thousand dollars from our right which is not a gift from. My family it's from every one that supports us via an amazing community of friends and family. And what do that. In memory of Baghdad that. Well done the whole until family from Littleton Massachusetts Liz and Christian publishers thank you thank you isn't it Kristen.

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